I know this story is crap, and that someone (or two) might be angry with me because I've deleted the sequel. Both of them, to be exact. The truth is... I was tired of it, and through a helpful review or message (I don't really recall), I decided to delete them. Best decision I've made in a while.

The only reason I kept this story here was to remember that I can (and will) at some point finish something. It might not be great, hell, it's not even good. But there are some things I love about it.


There's my explanation.

And by now, I don't really want to write fanfics. Original stories are on the way, but not really. I like to write small things, stuff I come up at the most strange times.

- SeekingLove (and I'm not even interested in love anymore. Sure, I like to read it, but write it? Nah. Friendships all the way. The world is lacking of them.)