One Week Later

Erica and Nyota were sitting in the amphitheater of Starfleet Academy again. It had a certain poetic justice to it, Erica thought. All this craziness had started there, and it was coming to a conclusion there, too.

Everyone had changed, even in that short span of time. Erica, Nyota, Sulu, Chekov, and Dr. McCoy were no longer Cadets Reed, Uhura, Sulu, Chekov, and McCoy. Instead, they'd all received officers' commissions. She and Chekov had become ensigns, while Nyota and Sulu had become lieutenants, meaning that Erica had to call Nyota sir. It was definitely going to take some getting used to.

James Kirk was out in front of everyone, but this time, he wasn't getting called on the carpet.

No, he was getting something infinitely better.

A beaming Admiral Barnett stood in front of Captain Kirk. "This assembly calls Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Your inspirational valor and supreme dedication to your comrades is in keeping with the highest traditions of service and reflect utmost credit to yourself, your crew, and the Federation." He motioned to an aide, who opened a velvet box, revealing a shiny medal. Admiral Barnett took the medal and pinned it over Kirk's heart. "By Starfleet order 28455, you are hereby directed to report to Admiral Pike, USS Enterprise, for duty as his relief."

Kirk walked over to Admiral Pike, who, even though he was still stuck in a wheelchair while the therapists tried to get him walking again, still managed to look calm and dignified in his dress whites. Both men were beaming. "I relieve you, sir."

Admiral Pike smiled proudly at his former pupil. "I am relieved."

"Thank you, sir."

Admiral Pike had one final benediction for the Captain. "Congratulations, Captain. Your father would be proud of you."

Erica spontaneously stood up and started applauding. A few seconds later, Nyota joined her. Then Scotty. Then, Dr. McCoy. All Starfleet Academy was applauding Captain Kirk.

Erica had never felt happier in her life.

"Ensign Reed."

Erica jumped- she had absolutely no clue how Spock could sneak up on her that easily. Probably some sort of Vulcan ninja thing. Shakily, she turned around- and the words tumbled out of her mouth. "Yes, sir? Is this about what happened before I got kicked off the ship, because-"

Spock held up a hand. "I came to ask you to explain "jinx," but the events you refer to are also a relevant topic of conversation."

Erica swallowed hard. She knew Spock wouldn't hurt her, but she had been dreading this little chat. "Commander, I am aware that my behavior constituted insubordination, and I acknowledge that you were well within your rights to maroon me. However, I did what I believed was right, and I don't regret it."

Spock nodded. "Nyota said you would say that. At that moment, you were being much more logical than I. You made an excellent point in saying that a captain must keep an open mind, and while your method of expressing your sentiments could have been subtler, your heart was in the right place. I reported the incident in my log, and Starfleet Command has decided not to court-martial you." All the worry left Erica in that instant- she was going to keep her new commission. "However, they did decide to put an official reprimand in your personnel jacket." Erica's shoulders slumped. She was probably never going to accomplish her dream of becoming a chief engineer now- not with a reprimand for insubordination on her record. Then, Spock continued to speak. "Accompanying the reprimand was a note commending your good sense and substantial moral fiber, signed by me."

Erica's jaw dropped. "Spock, I-"

"It was logical to insert all relevant information into your personnel file so that the reader could gain a balanced understanding of the event in question. Now, would you mind explaining the custom of "jinx" to me?"

The Next Day

The door to the turbolift hissed open, and Erica turned her head to see Captain Kirk, in a brand new command gold uniform, walk onto the bridge like he owned the place. He wore a slight smile on his face, and his piercing blue eyes scanned the bridge, finding everything to his liking.

Sulu turned to him first, a wide smile decorating his fine features. "External thrusters and impulse engines at your command, sir."

Chekov gave his report next. "Weapon systems and shields on standby."

Kirk nodded, then turned to Uhura, who made her report without a trace of contempt in her voice. "Dock control reports ready, Captain."

Dr. McCoy was standing nearby, a skeptical look on his face. Kirk slapped his shoulder in a friendly manner. "Bones! Buckle up."

Bones just shook his head.

Kirk took a seat in his chair and opened a channel to Engineering. "Scotty, how we doin'?"

The Scotsman's cheery voice piped onto the bridge, bringing a smile to Erica's face. "Dilithium chambers at maximum, Captain. Get down!" Erica giggled as she heard Scotty berating Keenser.

"Mr. Sulu, permission to engage thrusters."

Just then, Spock walked onto the bridge. "Permission to come aboard, Captain?"

Kirk smiled at Spock. "Permission granted."

Spock stepped forwards. "As you have yet to select a first officer, respectfully I would like to submit my candidacy. Should you desire I can provide character references."

Kirk's warm grin fairly lit up the bridge. "It would be my honor, Commander. Maneuvering thrusters, Mr. Sulu."

Sulu nodded. "Thrusters on standby."

Kirk nodded, leaning forward in anticipation. "Take us out."

Sulu's fingers danced over the controls. "Aye-aye, Captain."

The ship glided forwards, and Kirk turned to Erica, ensconced in her station near the turbolift. She was absorbed in her work, a blissful little half-smile on her face as she checked readouts and tweaked power levels here and there, keeping his ship running at maximum efficiency.

"How we doin', Velma?"

She looked up from her work long enough to playfully glare at him. "All systems nominal, Captain. And don't call me Velma!"


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