Gi suilon, mellyn!

How have all of you lovely people been? It's been a while, hasn't it? Maybe too long..

I am happy to announce that summer is finally here, so updating should hopefully start happening again! I know I said I was kind of burnt out with this story, but I have found a renewed vigor to at least finish it. That being said, I went back and started reading it to see where I had left off and what exactly I was doing with my writing, and I was not so pleased.

My grammar and spelling were just...I pride myself on being an okay editor, so to see so many mistakes in my own work made me kinda sad.

As for KeeLee's relationship, and I mean this in the kindest possible way to all of you wonderful followers and to my past self, but it sucks. I started this story back in the summer before 8th grade, when I didn't have a CLUE about love or relationships or any of that stuff. Granted, I don't really know that much more now, two years later, but I feel like I've watched enough TV and read plenty of fics to get a gist of what its like. Kili and Lenorah's story is so unbelievably rushed and has little context or sustenance. And there's hardly any detail, like whatsoever. I'm just flying through the story and not giving anything to it, not adding anything. I'm grimacing just thinking about it. And I wrote in the first person, which was a huge mistake. I suck at first person, and prefer third, so it's weird. I know I'm being critical of myself, but I hold me to high standards, so...

With all of that said, I wanted to ask you guys some questions:

1.) Would you guys care if I went back and changed it from first to third? I've already been going through to change grammar mistakes, so it wouldn't be hard or take too much time, but if you guys want me to keep it in first, then I will.

2.) How would you guys feel if I went back and added some more to the story, so that is has more substance to it and is a little more interesting? I know you've said you love it just how it is, and I am so eternally grateful for that, but I want to give you guys more, and if I go back I can do that. KeeLee's relationship would probably be a slower burn than it is now, but not by too much. I'll just add more in between their moments to give some more context to it and make it a little more believable that they can fall in love in such a seemingly short time.

Again, all of this is up to you guys, because I want to write what you want to read and enjoy. Let me know and I will get started right away on any changes you guys want. Thank you for being awesome, and I'm so sorry I've made you wait so long. Guren glassui!