"A storm's a'brewing!" Uncle Henry boomed over the howling wind.

Dorothy opened her eyes that were facing up towards the ceiling. Toto sleeping right next to her, breathing deep quietly. A sudden dread start to fill her up from her toes, tinge with a pang of slight guilt. 'Did I close up the chickens...?'


Went the wind, crashing its force upon her window. She shot up with a jolt, causing Toto to spring up from his sleep with a surprised yip, as she was facing the outside world.

It was a dark.

Darker than usual.

The sun nowhere in sight and yet not a single star was out. The tree that stood in the ground behind the leaning fence, was bending far with the relentless wind, causing it slightly uproot. The sky was a dark shade of grey, black clouds coming from up ahead, covering the moon's pure light and coming fast as it rode the wind.

"Didn't I?" she thought, thinking the worst.

She got up from her bed, dressed in her night gown still, grabbed her slippers from under the bed and tiptoed quietly through her bedroom and towards the door. She could still hear the mumbles from her Aunt and Uncles bedroom door as she opens her own and poked her head out through the old, musty smelling hall. As the light from their bedroom disappeared, followed by strangely enough quick snores, she inched her way through the slanted hall towards the spiraling stairs.

Descending downwards, carefully stepping over the ones that creaked the most, Toto scurried behind her and then right ahead of her, down the stairs and waited by the door she has to open to get to the outside yard. Dorothy grunted sightly in annoyance for she wishes was that quiet.
'Although how he manages to get anywhere with those stubby, lil' legs, I'll never know!' she wondered mentally.

As Dorothy stepped over the last creaky step, she strained her eyes in the darkness to see the shape of Uncle Henry's lantern, right on the dinner table. She made her way over and grabbed the match box that were located right next to the lantern, stroked one match (particularly difficult to do in the darkness), and lit it up. The glow slightly illuminating the room, creating better vision. She quietly went over to the door Toto was patiently waiting by, panting in anticipation as her hand went to the knob and turned to find it unlocked.

She gently drew the door open, sending Toto to bolt out aimlessly into the upcoming storm.

"TOTO!" she yelled in surprise, shock overcoming her by his sudden action. She dropped the lantern and ran after him, following his urgent barks that were fading away from her more and more.

On the Grand Balcony of the Emerald Palace, overlooking the never changing landscape of the field's of the Emerald City, stood the Great and Powerful King of Oz.
His staff tightly gripped in his gloved hand in slight anxiety, awaiting for that mass to come at just the right distance so he could destroy it in a few seconds flat.

"Sire...?' said a little and timid voice shrouded with cautious weary.

The King slightly turned his head in response, his thoughts interrupted.

"S-Sire, as you know the army is approaching rapidly.. word from one of your scouts has said that it being lead by... what seems to be a.. jester. "

"Mombi's errand boy..." the King droned out in slight disgust. His voice scratchy, thin and dead.

The little Munchin stiffed, being that was the voice belonged to. He carefully continued.
"So it seems... what are you going to do, Sire?"

The king instead of responding, walked closer to the edge of the balcony, staring at the mass of men coming closer to his city.
He could almost feel the vibration of the many feet marching across the deserted plain. He narrowed his eyes, finally seeing a glimpse of a ridiculous hat of a jester, leading them all...

To their deaths.

"I'm going to let them come." he finally said with a dark chuckle.
He then ordered the Munkin to head inside the palace. Not for his safety, no.

The king knew Munchkins get squeamish when they see bloodshed.

The king continued to stare at the mass of hooligans silently, his thoughts raging.
'So the little red-headed witch doesn't wish to soil her hands this time. How foolish. Surely she knows of the consequences of defying me with such a notion?'

The king raised his head to look up at the sky. The sun was starting to shin again. It usually does when a ''special event'' such as this is occurring. This so-called battle will be nothing but a short nuisance. All are both men and women from various of different revolting districts and angry villages.

Just farmers and housewives.
Who can barely hold a sword.
Oh, the poor little children will be orphaned.

This will end swiftly.

Along with their lives.

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