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The bridge was always a place of refuge for Clark Kent.

Watching the water below continually move further down stream, Clark sighed as he mentally reviewed his latest attempt to get the girl of his dreams to notice him.

And how he had succeeded in the worst possible way.

He never understood why it was he couldn't get near Lana Lang without somehow making a fool of himself. It just always seemed to turn out that way.

His carefully practiced greetings and thoroughly planned conversation starters went flying out the window every time he got near her.

Clark Kent wanted Lana Lang to see him the way he saw her. And that didn't mean through a telescope! He wanted to spend time with her, he wanted to be the one to make her smile that beautiful smile of hers. He wanted more than anything to be a part of her life.

It seemed he was doomed to spend the rest of his life in Lana Langs world as the boy-next-door who was continually tripping over his own feet.

Bad enough he had problems that were so unique he couldn't tell his friends about them for fear of how they'd react.

But the look of sympathy he'd gotten from her as he'd made a fool of himself not once, but twice, had left him so embarrassed he'd wanted nothing more than to run away as far and fast as he ever had in his life.

Whitney had passed him a single paperback that Lana, beautiful, kind Lana, had missed as she'd helped him pick up his books from when he'd taken his first spill.

Only to watch as he'd lost his balance yet again and taken a second spill, dropping his books, again!

Who falls down when they're already on the ground? It's a wonder she even talked to me at all.

Clarks thoughts were interrupted by the sound of squealing tyres.

Looking around, Clark spotted a car that had come to a sudden stop in front of a roll of wire fencing. Must have fallen off the truck I heard go by a while ago.

At the sound of the car door opening. Clark looked up to see a man with the wildest shock of hair he'd ever seen in his life.

"Hey kid, wanna give me a hand with this?" He called out as he moved to lift the roll out of the road. Clark just nodded in reply as he crossed over to help out.

Ignoring the sound of the horn blaring from the silver-blue porsche as it sped past them. Clark helped lift the roll out of the road.

"Now that's just not very neighbourly." At the sound of her voice, Clark looked up to see a statuesque lady getting out of the passenger side of the car. Looking back to the porsche as it sped on down the road, he absently noted the porsche's license plate read 'LEX'.

"I don't think they're from around here." Clark offered in explanation to her, completely missing the triumphant look the man aimed at the porsche as it disappeared into the distance.