Harmonic Chaos Chronicles 7: The Return.

Well here it is the 7th installment and a dare given by a friend... probably going to be a story I regret writing... but a dare is a dare. Most of this Chapter is from the sneak preview in HCC6 but there is more to it so still worth reading!

Chapter 1: Shadow from the past

Even the most well known ponies have their secrets. Everypony has them and there is no denying it some darer then others. The Princesses are no different they have their secrets they keep even from each other. But there is one who's secret is known by one other and that is for her safety. Who knows her secret has yet to be known but this dark secret belongs to Princess Celestia... The only one who knows about it is her Sister Princess Luna for if it was not for Luna Celestia would not be the calm and collected ruler she was today. Luna saver her by locking away that dark force that caused it in her heart barricaded by magic so it may never surface again but nothing can stay locked away forever...

A new Day in Canterlot was started with an honorary Ceremony for Christain the Hedgehog. Christain who was once a great foe of the hero Rage the Hedgehog or better known now as Burning Rage had his dark powers stolen from him by Dr. finitevus. When he chose to give it up once oferred he became one of Rage and the mane 6s best pals. The rest of Equestria was a little unsure though kind of like they were after Luna was changed back. But through his time the ponies began to respect him and grew to love and respect him. Today he was being honored for all he had done, Rage was the one who was presiding the ceremony since he was the one to help keep Christain on the right track.

"Ponies of Equestria it is my great pleasure to honor Christain. He was as we all know not the unicorn as you know him today. Long ago he was one of my greatest enemies one I had to fight. But even back then I knew he had no choice he could not control himself. Even though we were as different as they come you now see where he has come to. Christain decided to stay without the dark powers he had grown up with even when he was given the chance to take it back. Now he stands before us one of my greatest friends and one of our best supporters. Today we the Royal Alicorns of Equestria name this day after Christain in honor of his heroic deeds." Rage announces for the closing of the Ceremony.

Some time later Rage, Christain, Celestia, Luna and Twilight were sitting with their friends. Cadence had to return to the Crystal Empire so it was a little quieter then normal.

"Christain the Unicorn." Celestia says to him "I am so happy to see how far you have come. You have inspired our whole land and saved it a handful of times and to that I thank you."

"It is no big deal Princess Celestia." Christain chuckles

"But it is." Rage says "You saved Equestria from the very being that you fell victim to. That is a feat that is not easy to get. You know Christain I had my doubts about you for a while but after that I knew you were sincere and would fight to stay the way you are... that is something I could have never done if I was in that position."

"wow..." Christain says "That means a lot coming from you Rage." he smiles as a clock rings signaing it was time to reutrn

"Aw man and I was just getting to the cake!" Pinky sighs

"Pinky you already ate 10 cakes!" Applejack laughs

"Oh yeah!" she says jumpin up and down

"You are so random Pinky Pie..." Rainbow Dash sighs

"Well I guess this is a good bye for now Celestia." Rage says "It has been real nice to have some time to talk without the fate of the world in the balance. Same with you Luna you have some great stories from when you two were fillies."

"Why thank you Rage." Luna says "I hope to hear some of your childhood stories some time soon."

"Let's plan on it!" Rage says walking out

(Palace of Friendship 21:00 [9 PM])

The group walks in the door of the large council like room where Discord was floating in the air watching an episode of a soap opera on a TV. When he sees them walk in he makes the TV and chair disappear before floating down and standing up right "How was your time in Canterlot?" he asks

"It was pretty plain." Christain says

"Yeah but tiring all the same..." Rage yawns

"I told you not to stay up playing Black Ops 2 last night!" Christain says

"Hay that 6 year old kid needed somepony to shut him up!" Rage says "And boy did I do it..." he simles remembering the way he hit the kid with a tomahawk from half way across the map for the winning kill. "Oh the way he raged..." he snickers before shaking his head "Anyways I am going up to bed."

"Okay we'll bee up soon too probably." Christain says

(Canterlot Castle~ Residential Wing 0:00 [12 midnight])

The whole castle was fast asleep with the night guards making their normal rounds. Celestia and Luna's bedrooms were the last two at the end of the hallway with guest rooms and guard rooms on each side of the hallway. Soon a shadowy figure in a black coat sneaks in through a window after a guard passes. It was not a pony but some kind of humanoid creature as it was walking on two legs. After it made sure the guard was far enough away it ran towards the two Princesses rooms. As it turns looks around a corner it shoots it's head back around before a guard's light could catch it. The creature waits for the guard to pass by before continuing down the hall. When it reaches the bedrooms of the two there were two guards stationed outside of each. The creature uses a magical ability to make a fake of itself and the fake catches the guards attention and causes them to give chaise leaving the rooms unguarded. The figure then slips over to Celestias door and uses magic to unlock it and slip in undetected quietly closing the door behind it to make sure Celestia did not wake or the guards come back to find something amiss.

The figure sighs silently and puts the hood on the coat down to reveal the face of a black wolf with no quills, dark gray hair with red linings and two amber eyes. It was Nix the same exact being that controlled Christain.

"Now that was too easy" he snickers silently waving his hand over the Princesses body who was still sound asleep. "Now then" he says silently "If I can't have Christain then I will take the ruler of this land!" he chuckles as he slowly begins to posses her but after he lost his physical form and was part of Celestia's body something stopped him... a barrier of magical energy in her mind. "Damn it I guess I will have to break right through it." he sighs breaking the barrier... he had no idea what he had just done...

Celestia's eyes shoot open with a insane look and blood shot eyes as she gets up and walk to her sisters room. Luna was on the balcony watching the skies and guarding the night as she head her sisters hoofsteps. "Something up sister?" she asks turning to her "Can I do something for you?"

"No I am not doing something its Who I am doing." she says in a seductive tone

"Sister cease this foolishness! We got rid of this eons ago!" Luna says to her sister smacking her across the face hoping to knock some sense into her. But this failed and Celestia leaps on top of her.

"If you won't be a good girl then I will be... more strict..." she says with a devious grin. Luna looks in horror before she was able to use her magic to slip out from underneath the deranged princess and fly out the window.

"I have to get Twilight and Rage they can help me figure out what to do," Luna says flying towards Ponyville.

(Palace of Friendship 02:00 [2 AM])

Rage and Twilight were fast asleep when a loud knock was heard at the door. Rage was the first to wake up and he roused Twilight.

"What is it Rage?" she yawns "it's 2AM..."

"someone is at the door... I think it's one of the princesses since the royal chariot is outside." Rage says and Twilight jolts up

"Oh no oh no oh no!" she pants "here now? But were aren't even presentable." Twilight pants

"Twilight calm down..." Rage says "It won't matter if Celestia is coming the middle of the night then it must be really important and how we look won't matter." he says as he walks down with Twilight

"You're right." she sighs as they open the door to see Princess Luna with a expression of panic and horror on he face. "Princess Luna what's wrong?!" Twilight asks "You look like you were attacked."

"Rage Twilight I need to talk to you in a secure and private location it is an emergency." Luna says looking around like she was paranoid

"If it's this important that you came to us in the middle of the night then we can discuss this up on Angel Island. We can talk in my home up there. I have a house in the ruins that has a cloaking device" Rage says signaling them to gather round him.

(Angel Island~ Rage's house 02:25 [2:25 AM])

Twilight and Luna were sitting at a table while Rage comes over with a platter of tea and sits down handing them each a glass. Rage figured it would help calm Luna down since she was looking so frantic.

"Now what happened?" Twilight asks her again "You look like you were attacked."

"That's because I was." Luna sighs sipping the tea. It was slowly calming her down and soothing her but the issue was to large to just calm down completely

"What by who?" Rage asks

"That's just it... my sister attacked me..." Luna says flinching at the horrible sighs

"Celestia?!" Twilight and Rage both gasp in horror

"Why would she do that?" Twilight asks

"It's not the Celestia we know..." Luna sighs

"what do you mean?" Rage asks "Like a dark Celestia thing?"

"No..." Luna says with a heavy sigh she had to tell them... there was no more hiding it...

"Then what was it?" Twilight asks

"Long ago... when Celestia and I were new to ruling Equestria Celestia had something weird happen to her... she changed... not physically but mentally... she changed from a regal ruler to some crazy Alicorn obsessed with..." Luna could not Continue

"With what?!" Twilight gasps

"With..." Luna was embarrassed to say it "sex..."

"What?!" Twilight and Rage both gasp outraged never before had either of them heard something any more insane

"I have never heard anything like that!" Twilight says "Rage you're en expert on all kinds of body and mental alterations what about you?"

"I have heard some crazy stuff. And I mean CRAZY but I have never heard of anything like this." Rage says

"she became what was known then as Princess Molestia... because she would literally rape people out of the blue... It wasn't until I used the Elements of Harmony to lock them away with a dark magic so strong only I would be able to break it." Luna says "But I didn't so now I am scared for all of our subjects. I am the only one who is still alive that remembers this besides Cadence the others are well long since gone, but how could this happen?"

"Nix!" Rage gasps "Christain told me about him... if he corrupted Celestia he would have had to break the magical blockade to do so! That meaning it released whatever caused it."

"So are you saying that this Nix fellow took over Celestia?" Twilight asks

"Tried... if Nix broke whatever was locking this away then one would have been forced out as two corrupting forces cannot occupy one body. So Nix is somewhere else and out of the question. Now it's how we can revert her back to Celestia." Rage says

"Luna do you remember how you locked it away the first time?" Twilight asks

"I didn't Star Swirl did... and I am afraid I do not remember the spell... But the more time we waist the more ponies she scars! Nopony is safe from her...we are all in danger here." Luna sighs "I do not wish to risk going back to the castle... Rage would you mind if I stay here?" Luna asks

"I don't mind Luna." Rage says "You're safer here anyways."

"We need to warn our friends." Twilight says

"Yeah let's gather them up swiftly." Rage replies

(Palace of Friendship~ Court of Harmony 07:22 [7:22 AM])

The eight friends were sitting in their chairs while Discord and Christain stood against the wall. "Okay Rage and I have some very important news about Celestia." Twilight says

"Some time last night between midnight and 2 AM Nix tried to take over Celestia. But he released a locked darkness inside her and she has turned into some form of lust filled maniac. Twilight, Luna and I are working to find a way to fix it but in the meantime keep away from her at all costs. I understand it sounds crazy but it's the truth... she attacked Luna last night."

"Is that why you two left in the middle of the night?" Spike asks

"Why yes." Twilight says "Thank you all for your time." as she waves goodbye

"Well then." Rage sighs before his ear twitches hearing a faint scream from the sound of a small fillie "Scootaloo?" he gasps "I think you know who got to her!" Rage says leaping up and looking at Twilight "I am going to go help her." he states before flying off at high speeds.


"Oh come on Scootaloo..." Celestia coos "you don't want to disobey your Princess do you?"

"You're not Celestia! Let me go!" she yells struggling SOMEPONY HELP ME!" she screams before Celestia covers her mouth.

Rage who was flying over turns back and lands between the two his face right up next to the crazed Celestia looking right into her bloodshot eyes.

"Rage!" Scootaloo cheers

"Princess Celestia of Equestria what in the name of all things equine are you doing?!" Rage asks her

"my my Rage you look so tense... guarding the lands and Chaos Emeralds must have you stressed out." Celestia smiles softly trying to get Rage's mind to wander

"Don't try you're tricks on me Celestia. I know all about this! You even so lay a hoof on me Im going to knock you out for you're own good!" Rage snarls in defense

"You look so cute when you are angry..." Celestia chuckles putting a hoof on Rage's face.

"That was a mistake..." Rage says before turning around and bucking Celestia with his back hooves sending her back a couple of feet until she hit a tree. "You thought I was joking about knocking you out huh?" Rage asks as she slowly got back up,

"come on Rage... loosen up..."she sighs

"One more buck?" Rage asks holding his ear up as if he had to hear her better before turning around "If that's what you want..." he chuckles kicking her again this time knocking her out cold. "Sorry about that Celestia but it was as I said for you own good."

"Thank you Rage!" Scootaloo says

"No prob now run on home." Rage syas and Scootaloo nods before flying off as Lunar Relic walks down the path

"Rage Twilight and Luna have made a breakthrough and want to see you on Angel Island." he says and Rage thanks him

to be continued