A/N: This crossover features Katy. If you don't know who she is its ok, Katy is just my OC. I'll explain who she is in this chapter although her powers are going to be scattered all over in here. Enjoy this story. Katy has pink eyes, light gray pants, pink highlights in her black hair, a skater jacket and pink shoes.

Katy's POV

Another boring day at Casper High, ugh. Well, boring for me anyway. Some kids might think that being a human, ghost, Griffin hybrid thing is cool but, it's hard. Lancer was droning on in the background. I think we were learning about Shakespeare. The bell ringing brought me back to reality.

"Mr. Fenton, Ms. Masters. A word with you please?" Lancer said. Danny and I nodded. Tucker and Sam shot us worried looks but we waved them off. After everyone left we walked over to Lancer. This was probably about our failing grades. Somehow Sam still managed to pass but Danny and I? No way in hell would we ever catch up with all the ghosts that have been showing up lately.

"I have selected you two for an exchange student program. You will go to New York while two of their students come here. Start packing, you leave tomorrow." Lancer said.

"Have you even checked with our parents?" Danny asked, annoyed.

"Yes I have Mr. Fenton. They agree."

"Wait, you said New York right?" I asked. It was taking a minute for me to process this.

"Yes I did Ms. Masters." Lancer said, raising an eyebrow at my question

"Ok." I responded simply. Danny and I walked out of the classroom to meet up with our friends.

"What did Lancer want?" Sam asked.

"Probably to give them detention." Tucker snickered. I growled and let my eyes flash to the black and red they were when I transformed into a Griffin. Needless to say, he shut up almost instantly.

"We're being transferred." Danny said.

"What?!" Sam and Tucker screamed.

"Yep. Although, you know how I'm from the dimension where this is a cartoon?" They all nodded. "Well, if all carton exist then I know a certain someone who should be there. His name is-" I was cut off by Lancer.

"I almost forgot to tell you two something. You'll be staying with the Long's." He said.

"That confirms it. I know exactly who we're staying with." Danny shot me a look. "Trust me, it'll be ok." I said reassuringly. Among the things I packed were my boyfriend's thermos (sadly he had to stay in there most of the time) and a pouch of Sphinx hair I managed to steal from Skulker. We got on a plane headed to New York at about 5 AM and landed at 7 PM. After grabbing our bags Danny let me lead the way, seeing as I knew who we were looking for.

"Hello." I said politely. "You must be Susan and Jonathan Long." They looked surprised that I knew them. "And you must be Jake and Haley Long. I've heard a lot about you Jake." He eyed me suspiciously but said nothing.

"I see you've done your research on us. How about you tell us a little more about yourselves." Jonathan said.

"I'm simple, had a cruddy past with my biological parents and was taken in by Vlad. Nothing more, nothing less. Although if you want to hear something interesting, talk to Danny." I said. Danny glared at me, his eyes flashing green. I waved bye as he was drug up to the front of the group by Jonathan. That left me alone with Jake.

"So how much do you know about me?" Jake asked.

"I don't know. Why don't you tell me?" I almost said dragonboy but I knew that would've hit a nerve.

"Just tell me." He said with a huff, obviously frustrated. I smelled smoke but, I assume that was from him huffing.

"Do you smell something? Kinda smells like a campfire." Jake looked like a deer in the headlights. "What?"

"Nothing." He said as he regained composure.

"Whatever. Just know that I know who and what you are. On the other hand, you know nothing about me. Don't go through my bag though. There's a nasty surprise in there if you do. I'm a friend not a foe. Hurt me or Danny, and you're dead... Dragon." I stretched the last word out. Jake looked at me with the deer in the headlights look again. My eyes flashed green as I looked at him. "I am much more powerful than you think. Tell anyone of what was said here and you both die. No one but you and me can know. Got it?" He nodded franticly. "Good." I said letting my eyes change back to their normal pink.

Jake's POV

I don't know who this Katy girl is but I am so gonna do research on her. She knows my secret. Aw man... The Dragon Counsel is gonna kill me!

A/N: So how'd I do?