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Phantom Cars

Chapter 1: Regular Day

Beep! Beep! Beep!

A hand smacked down on the annoying alarm. The owner of said hand groaned. Blue eyes opened to look at the time. "Ugh… one more day, then it's the weekend…" the teen boy moaned.

The boy sat up and ran his hands through his messier-than-normal raven hair. Sighing, he flipped the bed sheet off, turned to hang his feet off the side of his bed, and stretched his aching limbs.

" Danny!" a girl called from behind his bedroom door. "Hurry up and get ready!"

"Okay, Jazz," Danny answered. The teen slumped out of his bed and went to his closet. After he dressed in his usual white and red T-shirt and baggy jeans, and rushed downstairs.

He walked into the kitchen and went to the refrigerator to get milk. Plopping that on the counter, the teen opened the cabinet and grabbed the cereal box, not bothering to look at the brand. Pouring them in a bowl, he collapsed in the chair next to his red-headed sister.

"Where's Mom and Dad?" Danny asked while he was eating. As if on cue, an explosion sounded from below the house.

"Where do you think?" Jazz asked before taking a bit out of her apple. Danny smiled slightly and yawned. "Did you get any sleep last night, Danny?"

Her brother arched his head. "No… Box Ghost, Ectopus, and troubles with Valarie."

The older teen sighed. "Danny, you need sleep."

"I'm well aware, Jazz." Danny stood from his seat and dumped his dish in the sink. Quickly, he brushed his teeth, splashed some water on his face, and went downstairs. "Bye Jazz," the Halfa said as he put his shoes on, grabbed his backpack, and ran out the door.

Five minutes after he left, he arrived at Casper High. Kids were either walking into the school or hanging out on the property. Danny walked into the school and went to his locker.

"Hey, Dude!" a boy called behind him while he was putting his books and backpack in the small locker. The raven-haired teen turned to the sound of his friends. A girl in a dark outfit and a geeky-looking boy were walking towards him.

"Hey Sam. Hey Tuck." He closed his locker and turned towards the two.

"You okay, Danny?" Sam asked. "You look like you got hit by a truck."

The dark-haired boy sighed. "More like a box."

Sam smiled and fixed his hair to its normal look. "Did you even do your hair today? You're not gonna get any girls with a Bed Head hairdo."

Tucker snickered. "I'm surprised you care about him getting girls, Sam," he joked, earning an elbow to the ribs. "OW!"

Danny rolled his eyes. "Yah, like that's my first priority."

"Should be!" Tucker said as the threesome walked down the hall. "Oh wait!" The techno geek rushed in front of them. "I was thinking last night-"

"Oh no!" Sam teased. "Are you hurt?"

Tucker rolled his eyes. "Har har har. Are you gonna let me finish?"

"What, Tucker?" Danny said, really not wanting to have to break apart another fight.

"Okay, so I was thinking that we should have some secret pattern," he said with a smile. "Like, if it's something important and we're in public, we'd whistle it or knock on something. That way, we'll know it's a ghost thing."

Sam raised an eyebrow. "Okay… What would this 'Secret Pattern' be?"

The dark-skinned teen paused. "Um… I was hoping you guys would think of one…"

The Goth crossed her arms. "Hm. Should've seen that one coming."

"That's actually not a bad idea," Danny spoke up. His friends looked towards him. "It be like a signal. For danger or something."

"Okay… but what is the pattern?" Sam asked again.

"Um…" Danny looked up and thought for a second. "Oh! It could be one, one two. You know, like the syllables of Team Phantom."

Tucker smiled. "Dun Dundun. I like it!"

Sam smiled slightly. "Fine, now you have your little signal. I doubt we'll ever find a use for it."

"You never know, Sam," Tucker said as he walked to the nearest locker. He knocked the pattern on the metal and smiled.

"Um, you think you can open the locker?" a voice called from inside it. Tucker yelped and jumped back.

Danny sighed. "Hold on, Mickey." He walked up and turned the knob a few times until his sensitive ears heard a click. Opening the locker, he helped the red-headed nerd out.

"Thanks, Danny!" he said and ran down the hall.

Danny smiled. Looking at his friend, the smile turned to a smirk. "You think it was the Locker Ghost, Tucker?"

"Shut up!"

Before he could retaliate, the warning bell for their first class rang. The three separated to go to their first period class.

~Hey. I know some of you didn't read the A/N… Get back there you rebels!~

Danny stared jadedly at his arguing friends across the lunch table. Like every day, they were fighting about meat and vegetables. He really didn't want them to be fighting. Not just because they're friends, but also because he just took care of the Lunch Lady and had a headache from lack of sleep and fighting ghosts.

"I would rather die than eat a poor, defenseless animal!" Sam yelled.

"Well what would you do if you were lost in the woods?!" Tucker yelled back. "Go searching for carrots instead of fishing?!"

"I know what plants are good or bad to eat! What would you do if there were no animals?! If you had to look for edible plants?!"

"I would starve to death!"

"You'd die anyway without the vitamins from vegetables!"

"Same to you without the protein from meat!"

"It's called TOFU!"


"Which tastes like dirt!"

"How would you know?!"

"I've been pushed to the ground plenty of times to know what dirt tastes like!"


The two friends looked towards Danny. "WHAT?!" they yelled at the same time.

"Would you two just shut up for one day?!" Danny told them, rubbing his temple. "I've been hit by boxes and lasers at night a food during the day! Your yelling really isn't helping."

The two looked at each other, mumbled a sorry, and continued eating.

"Hey," Sam broke the silence. "How about you two come over tomorrow? We can watch Zombie Dinner Party at my place."

"That came out?!" Tucker asked.

"Well, sort of." The Goth took a bite of her salad. "My dad was able to get it, no matter how much he didn't approve of it. I can be pretty convincing."

"Alright," Danny said, straitening up a bit. "What time?"

"Come around… 2ish. That way I can get some snacks and drinks before you come over."

"You know we can bring some stuff too, right?" Tucker spoke up.

"I know, but it's my house and you'll be my guests." Sam rolled her eyes. "But yes, you can bring what you want too."

"Well, we'll be there." Danny stood and walked away to throw his left over lunch away.

"Danny, can you throw mine away while you're up?" Sam asked.

The Halfa walked over and grabbed their trays. When he came back the bell rang again.

~Please, read the A/N! THANKS~

School was finally over and Team Phantom had to split apart to go home. Danny was a little more awake now as he walked back home. It was a nice day; sun was out, not many people walking around. All in all, peaceful.

A blue mist escaped from the teens lips. 'Spoke too soon…'

Before he could run into an ally way, a green net was shot from behind him. Wrapping around him, the ends tied together to seal him in. When Danny was trapped, the net electrocuted him, draining the boy so he couldn't "Go Ghost."

Drowsily, the Halfa lifted his head at the sound of laughter. A large metal man stood over him, his green Mohawk and goatee moving like fire. The man smiled at his prey.

"Don't worry, Whelp," Skulker told Danny while he fought to stay awake. "I'm not here for your pelt. Someone has a better plan for you…"

Laughter was the last thing Danny remembered before he passed out.

Danny: Why didn't I see that coming?!

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