I remember watching the car peel out of the garage and drive away, I didn't understand what was going on. I walked out of my bedroom and down the hall. I could hear Papa crying that wasn't a good sign. I stood in the doorway and waited to see if he would notice me. He did. He came over and scooped me up, plastering on a fake smile and carried me back up to my room. "You should be in bed chere." He said putting me on my bed and covering with my duvet. I smiled up at him, if he was happy I was happy. He kissed my forehead gently and turned to walk out. "Why did mama leave papa?" I asked. A foolish childlike question from a foolish child. He just turned around and the smile faded. "She don' love us anymo." He said, another tear slipping down his face. I didn't like seeing my Papa cry so I got out of my bed and wrapped my tiny arms around his legs. "I love you papa!" I said shooting him a smile. He crouched down and hugged me. "Love you too chere, what do you say we take a trip?" he asked. I nodded enthusiastically. So we packed a few essential things and hopped on Papa's motorbike and drove all the way here.