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30 JANUARY 1966


"Where do you want to go next, Ben? It could be 1950, always loved that year, or, how about Barcelona? The planet Barcelona, not the city in Spain." I told my companion.

""How about, uh, the Moon?" He replied

I then told him "Alright, then. Setting co-ordinates. Ben, could you hold down those switches?"

"Okay. Thermodynamic stabilisers, gravity simulation, brakes, and multidimensional geo-location targeting circuits activated." He told me, while pressing several buttons.

I noticed he did something in that sequence the wrong order, but what he did wrong, I don't remember.

"Good work! We'll be off to the Moon in no time flat!" I congratulated him.

We were. In 10 seconds, we were on the Moon. I opened the door, and we were outside with the Earth way out there. It really is kind of indescribable. However, I just noticed something – That's not Earth. I call over my companion, Ben Allen-Gibbons, and waited for him.

Eventually, he came over, and I could tell him.

"Sorry, I made a mistake in the co-ordinate plane computer. We're nowhere near Earth. This is an area of space that even the Chronarchs have no idea exists. We've got tons to explore!" I said, getting more excited the longer I talked.

"Yes, but, we have no way of getting home, Jules," he said.

"Didn't I say not to call me that? Anyway, I'm sure we can, Ben," I said back.

I looked into his large light grey eyes. They seemed to indicate that he's lost, a bit of confused, and scared. Definitely scared. I walk over to him, and try to tell him it's okay. He decides to agree, and we decide to go into the TARDIS. Unfortunately, we didn't really notice the impossibly strange black horse walking around the natural satellite, which may or may not be called the Moon. I try to tell him that it's a whole new Reality to explore! However, he's not too enthusiastic about going into the unknown for the 416th time.

I tell him that there's nothing to be worried about, and that this is a great learning opportunity. He reluctantly agrees.

I tell him to re-start the dematerialisation process. He agrees, and I set the co-ordinates for where Earth would be. More specifically, 'Liverpool, England,' 18 June, 1954. The TARDIS takes off, but something strange is happening: We're both REGENERATING, That mystical glow of snow white covering our bodies. That shouldn't even be possible, because Ben is a human, not a Chronarch.

Well, we pass out, and now that I've woken up, he isn't awake yet. I try to get up, but my co-ordination isn't the best. I look at my hands. Well, I no longer have hands; they're, like, hooves. Huh, that's strange. Oh, looks like I'm a girl now... I then notice something on my back. I then reached back there with my, uh, hoof, and somehow felt something even though it shouldn't be possible. Well, then again, I am a horse or some other hoofed species now. I feel a sort of second pair of arms where the strange object is. Huh, I wonder… Yep, I believe those are wings.

I take this time thinking to look at Ben. Huh, he got a horn.

Anyway, we're stopped in the Time Vortex, and the TARDIS dimmed the lights for us. Good girl.

Thanks, Jules.

You too?

What? You're kind of cute when you're all angry like that.

Where are we?

Liverpool, 1954.

Wait, wings? A horn? What?! Horses, wait, lets see, he's about 4'8 tall on all fours, so, ponies. With wings or a horn. What?! How is that even… Wait, we're in Reality Eight, aren't we? Right...

*Loud laughter* I always knew you were a girl, before you were one! Ha! Anyway, good on you to finally figure out.

Wait, you've known this entire time?!

Yeah, I am how you got here, remember?

Oh, yeah.

I walk to the TARDIS closets, put my clothes away (including pants and trainers), and look at myself in the mirror. In my reflection, I see a tan-ish yellow coloured Pegasus mare, with a grey spectrum mane. I actually look pretty good, 9/10 would pork. Sure, that's not how I'm supposed to be standing in this new body, but I'm sure it's fine, strangely had no discomfort so far. Wait, do I have a hard on for myself? Anyway, got to find a new outfit.

Well, I found one. I like it. It's a slightly-too-big-for-me white button-down, and pattern open undercoat, trousers, and very wide tie. The pattern, more specifically, is a multicolour flower pattern with a white background.

I walk over to Ben, and, oh that's good, he's about to wake up. He wakes up, and kind of freaks out. He panics so hard that he's flailing around. I watch him for a while, not even trying to stop him, because it's kind of funny. So, he knocks himself out, and I kind of laugh.

Anyway, I walk over to the library, and look for a dictionary. Ah, there it is, my Liverpool Vocabulary Dictionary. Wonder why I never read through this, even though it would have come in handy all the other times was in Liverpool.

-Two Hours Later-

"Liverpool, Merseyside"

18 June, 1954


I walk over to the console room, and see that Ben's again about to wake up, hopefully not going to panic again. He wakes up, and looks at me. I can tell he's kind of interested, not just because he's visibly attracted. I take this time to really pay attention to what he looks like. He's a dark desaturated brown, with a blue-silver mane, and ruby eyes. He's wearing a plainer version of my outfit, but with more black. God, it looks like he's going to a funeral. I bring him a different outfit, a navy blue suit with a royal blue turtleneck. I even bring him different pants. Looks classy. I leave and he changes, and mid-change I can't help but peek through the door and look down. He's definitely well endowed. I kind of want, but he notices, and is now just staring at me, blushing intensely.

"Never thought you'd be interested," he says nonchalantly, while I walk in fully, as if he was expecting it.

"I-W-... I-It's-"

And that goes on for two minutes, after which he stops me with a hoof to my mouth. I start to blush even harder than I was, and walk back into the other room for him to finish. He makes a mock disappointed 'Aww, man, almost had her.'

Now that he's in his new outfit, I walk into the room. Aaand he's put his trousers on so it's all outside them. Just great. I walk out again, blushing harder, and he sighs, and puts everything on right. Finally, I get to the console room, and thank the stars; he's finally put some trousers on correctly.

"Finally, mate, having no trousers is bad. Actually, I don' know how ya got it in there, like. ya threads must be chocka, lad, I guess you put it down one o' ya trouser legs. Any other way than that, Ben, and yeh'll look proper divvy, mate. Well, anyway, wanna get some scran?" I say that as I start to very slowly unblush, the picture of him still stuck in my mind

"Beer after?" he replied, taking mental notes not to try to impress me yet.

I reply with a smile and a simple "If yeh're up for it, lad."

He grins widely, and says, "That'll do. Gram."

"Hey! Ya got a proper grey mane as well, though!" I counter his playfulness, blushing a bit more, because I know I look kind of old.

"I haven't got a spectrum of grey. Plus, mine is silver!" Well, he does have a point. Well, two, in fact.

I shake my head, smiling. He knows he's gotten to me. I walk up to the console to unlock the door, when I realise the TARDIS regenerated also. It's now all dark brown-orange and there is wooden abstract sculpt-I mean pillars everywhere. There's even a mirror over there.

Anyway, I walk over to the console, and unlock the doors. They start to open, and I open it fully. I motion for Ben to come over. He agrees, and we exit the TARDIS running while holding hooves, me pulling him. We're kind of laughing at this point, the fresh air making me realise the situation we're in and it's still funny. I offer a ride on my back, and he agrees.

He climbs on my back, and I take off. Huh, he's surprisingly light. He's amazed at the view that can be seen that far up. Anyway, I start to get tired, and I fly back down, having been up there for 25 minutes. He's light, but not weightless. It's still impossible for that to happen.

"Hey, mate?" I say, as we're headed for a restaurant

"Yes, what is it?" was the response

"D'ya like me?" I say as I lean my head on his shoulder.

"Kinda, why?" he asks.

"Well, I kinna like ya," is my reply. I really kinda do.

We get to the restaurant, and he takes our order. I have a feeling he was flying by the seat of his pants as to what we were saying. Kind of fitting, since he's a Pegasus.

He's kind of intrigued at my appearance, but more of the "You're a fiction book for young adults" kind of way than an "I want to bang you on the spot" kind of way. Well, it's a bit of both, but more of number one, plus a pinch of "Why are you wearing pants?" and "You're standing strangely, love" Anyway, we sit down, and as soon as that happens, we get rained on. Well, good thing we didn't get anything that gets all soggy and stuff. Hate when that happens.

We eat, and as we're walking around town, I accidentally trip on someone, due to the fact that I'm unable really to see below me. As I'm getting up and apologising for my clumsiness, I look at them, and notice they look exactly like me, or rather, we look the same. We both stare at each other in confusion, after which I ask for her name. She says her name is "Umm, what was it again? Oh yeah, AK Yearling." The loss of name memory makes me think it's fake. Huh, almost sounds like JK Rowling... It actually does, huh. She asks for my name. Damn, I don't have a fake name. I say "M'name is, erm, Sundial. Yeah, mate" Well, I'm stuck with that name now.

"Blimey, is it just me, or do we look like each other, except for the fact that yeh're standing on all fours and aren't wearing psychedelic clobber?" I ask.

"We do, Sun," she said, "And, what's clobber?"

"Threads, mate. Like, clothes," I explained, "By the way, do ya have an address?" I asked.

"Sure do. I live at One hundred twenty-three Main Street, Ponyville," she says.

"Ah. Well, in a bit, kidda," I say, as I walk away.

I nod. Ponyville, Really? That's like saying Chronarchia, maybe Person Avenue. I have a feeling that she's given me a fake address. Of course, she's only pretending to trust me. I radiate trust, and she's not taking it. Especially since I now look exactly like her.

Now that that's over, I just realised I'm proper skint. Wait, did I just think that? Huh, weird. Anyway, we get back to the TARDIS, but before we're able to leave, we spot it in the sky.

A spaceship, headed for... this place. I don't know, and don't particularly care what the planet's named. His ciggy almost fell out of his mouth, as both of us felt the "We're fucked, aren't we?" feeling. We ran into the TARDIS, and I ran around the console, pressing buttons and flipping levers.

We landed in the spaceship, and I walked out into the room we materialised into. I looked in, and told Ben that he can come out now.

He did, and we walked deeper into the ship. I see a couple of them, shape-shifting into a more equine form. In their natural form, they're kind of like bird-people.

Furries are what come to mind.

I run from my cover and ask them the 'Three-Ws,' the three generic questions: What are you, where are you from, and what are your intentions.

They respond to the questions with "Ophals, Sheunides HD-10, and to conquer by force." They ask that I answer the same question.

I respond with "Chronarch, Gallifrey, and because I had a suspicion you were going to say that, lads. You're proper antwacky, mate."

They seem slightly confused at my vocabulary, but over all, seemed to understand that they're in some deep shit right now. I remember now, they have sensitive ears. I turn on my Sonic and set it to 'stun.' They are now blacked out.

Some guards capture Ben and me as we try to escape, and my captors are ordered to take me to the captain.

Ben's captors are told to put him in confinement. I don't even try to escape, all hope's lost so far.

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