Barney Ross was more than just angry, he was scared.

His teams had been disappearing: everyone he knew, even Stonebanks, had vanished. Hadn't been captured, or killed, no. They had just. . . disappeared.

Lee Christmas walked into the bar, and spotted Ross, and walked over.

"Where is everyone?" Christmas asked him, and Ross shook his head.

"I don't know. Are you aware of something called Cedocore?" Ross asked his friend, and he shook his head, no.

Ross had opened his mouth to reply, when the door to the deserted bar opened and permitted someone to enter.

The stranger had a tattoo covering his face, of his face. More specifically, of the bones of his face. It was on his visible hands, and on what was visible of his shoulders. He sat down, and spoke without preamble

"I know where your mates are, chap," and in an instant, Christmas had a knife at his throat and Ross had a pistol to his head.

"Where are they, what have you done with them?" Christmas demanded, almost shouting. The man with the skeleton tattoo tried to push the knife away, but he found resistance and settled instead for talking.

"I said I know where they are. I never said I was responsible for what happened to them," he said, "I can get you to them, but I can't guarantee a ride back," he finished, and Christmas let him down.

"Before you send us after them, what's your angle on this? Why would you want to help us? And who the hell are you, anyway?" Ross asked the guy, who massaged his neck.

"First, call me the kid with the skeleton tattoo, and as for why I want to help you? I don't like Cedocore, the folks that sent your folks to somewhere else. I want to mess with them, so, here I am. Are you in?" the guy asked, and there was a moment's hesitation before Ross spoke for both of them.

"Let us kit up, then we'll go and get our Expendables."

"I've already got anything and everything you want, in an hoverboat out back, including," he set something on the table in front of him, "you're lucky ring."

. . : Some time later : . .

Ross and Christmas stood in front of the bar, in full combat outfit, with backpacks filled with ammunition and essentials.

The kid with the skeleton tattoo stood lazily, making sure that everything was ready. When he was sure the others were ready, the hovercraft disappeared.

"Hell on the skirt, but it gets a job done," he said.

"What was that?" Ross asked, rather stupidly, the others thought.

"You can call it magic," he responded, and continued, "Don't worry about me, you might even see me on the other side. Best of luck boys, give Cedocore a good punch on the nose, and find your Expendables."

Without any visible action on the kid's part, the other two disappeared.

AN: hello young bloods, here is something that is, hopefully, going to be utter trash.


I cannot do large numbers of characters, as my previous crossovers have demonstrated, so I'll try to just focus on a few Expendables at a time. Still ties into the Cedocore universe, and any response is appreciated.