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"Talking in monster form"

Chapter 1 Yokai Academy

Chapter 1 Yokai Academy

Enter a boy with blue eyes and spiky blond hair, with six lines on his face that look like whiskers, he was about five feet and nine inches. Wearing a green Uniform with a bag slung over his shoulder as he was walking to the bus as he'd finally gained entrance into Yokai Academy, a school for monsters that teaches how to coexist with humans. The number one rule being that no humans are allowed at the school and if found, to be killed instantly. He walked towards the bus stop with a slow pace because the bus for Yokai Academy that would not be there for another fifteen minutes.

"So this is where fate has brought me after all the bullshit I had to go through?" Naruto wondered as he took a seat while scratching the symbol on his right shoulder "Those assholes finally gave me the clan seal, but I'm still going to kill them all" His eyes glowed a violent red as the bus arrived, he stood up and walked towards the door as it opened.

"So, you're one of the first year students enrolling at Yokai Academy?" The bus driver suddenly asked, glancing over his shoulder to look at the blond with one of his glowing eyes as he took a puff of the cigar in his mouth.

"Yeah?" Naruto replied in an emotionless voice

"Aren't you a little too old to be a first year student?" The bus driver asked as he blew out more smoke.

"Why don't you mind your own business" Naruto stated coldly as he walked towards the back of the bus.

'So that's him, the first half breed of that clan' the Driver thought as he looked at Naruto 'He's going have hard time at the Academy, I only hope that he's strong enough to handle them'

The bus driver didn't look away from him, yet somehow the bus stayed on the road. "Another boy will be joining us soon; I believe his name is Aono Tsukune. We're almost at his stop actually." Naruto didn't say anything else and instead chose to stare out the window. He didn't actually hear anything the bus driver had said to him, ignoring him in favor of letting his mind wander.

'The bastard is going to be there as well, I can't wait to rip him to shreds' Naruto stated viciously in his head 'and he won't have his father or those old ass elders to save him!' Naruto laughed to himself menacingly.

Before the blond could continue his musings any longer, the bus suddenly came to a halt while the doors at the front opened and a boy walked in with a bag in his hand. He had brown hair, brown eyes and wore the same uniform that Naruto was wearing except his pants were brown while Naruto's were green. Pretty much an average high school student.

"So you're Aono Tsukune?" The bus driver asked, his glowing eyes freaking the boy out slightly.

"Y-yes, I am." Tsukune replied as he gave the bus driver a nervous smile, he flinched slightly as the doors behind him closed.

"Well go and find a seat." Tsukune nodded and started to walk down the middle of the bus, but stopped after a few steps when the bus driver's voice reached his ears again.

"I'd suggest you don't make friends with that boy down there, I don't think you can handle the problem if people find out" The bus driver chuckled in a manner that sent a shiver down Tsukune's spine. "After all, Yokai Academy is a very terrifying place."

Tsukune gulped before he continued to make his way down the middle of the bus to see the blonde haired boy who was still looking through the window.

"Aono Tsukune." Tsukune said politely, ignoring what the bus driver told him as he offered his hand with a smile on his face. Naruto turned around and looked at the newcomer before closing his eyes and once again turning to look through the window.

"I don't like you, so stay away from me or I will kill you." Naruto replied in a voice that scared the crap out of Tsukune who quickly ran back to the front of the bus.

"Told you so" The bus driver laughed as the bus started to enter a tunnel.

"Good riddance, I hate humans" Naruto thought with his eyes still closed.

"You two best prepare yourselves." The bus driver suddenly said, gaining both teen's attention. "As soon as we exit this tunnel we'll be out the front of Yokai Academy." And as soon as the bus driver finished speaking they exited the tunnel before the bus stopped. Tsukune grabbed his things and made his way off of the bus, only to stop at the door to take in the sights. He was about to take off when he was pushed out of the way by Naruto, consequently landing flat on his face.

"Hey!" Tsukune shouted, but was ignored by Naruto as he walked away.

"You two have fun now, and do be careful." The driver said as the bus drives away.

"WHAT IS THIS PLACE?! WHERE THE HELL DID YOU DROP US?!" Tsukune shouted as he got up and really saw the place "I-it looks like a haunted mansion..."

'You have more things to worry about than the look of this place human' Naruto thought as he closed his eyes and walked towards the school.

"COMING THROUGH! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Naruto opened his eyes to see a girl with pink hair on a bicycle ploughing towards him. She had her eyes closed in preparation for a collision, but it didn't happen as Naruto jumped over the bicycle.

"I didn't hit him…" The girl said in astonishment when suddenly a brown haired boy came out of nowhere only to be mowed down by the bicycle.

"S-sorry about that, I got a bit dizzy from my anemia, I haven't had any blood for a while." The girl said before seeing the blood on the boy "Oh no! You're bleeding!" the girl pointed out, and indeed there was a small cut on Tsukune's cheek, leaving a small trail of blood. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a handkerchief to clean the cut but froze when an intoxicating scent invaded her sense of smell.

"T-This smell…blood…I can't…" she said as if stuck in a trance. The boy watched shocked as she snuggled more into his chest.

"I lose myself whenever I smell that scent." She explained as she moved her face closer to Tsukune's.

'W-What's happening?' Tsukune thought while blushing furiously.

"I'm sorry…but I'm really hungry." She said before biting into his neck and sucking his blood.

"EEEHHHH?!" Tsukune screamed, wondering just what the hell was going on.

With Naruto

'So she's a Vampire, I have to careful around her.' Naruto thought as he continued to walk towards the school.

"What are you doing here half-breed?" A very muscular boy with short blond hair, red eyes with fangs coming out of his mouth asked with a sneer on his face. "Your kind isn't welcome!" as he said this everyone turned around and started mumbling to each other.

"It's him the half-breed!"

"How dare he show up here?"

'How did they know? Only the elders and the clan heads know and they were sworn to secrecy!' Naruto thought, his brows furrowed in confusion as he looked around.

"Get out of here or die!" The muscular boy roared.

"What's going on here?" Tsukune asked as he and the pink hair girl pushed their way through the crowd. He laid his eyes on Naruto, his eyes lit up with recognition "It's him!"

"Do you know him Tsukune-kun?" The pink hair girl asked as she looked at her new friend.

"No Moka-chan, but we came on the same bus" Tsukune informed the pink hair girl.

"Kill that Half-breed Junya!" A boy shouted from beside them.

"What's a half-breed?" Tsukune asked Moka.

"Well a half…." the crowd roared as Junya attacked Naruto, preventing Tsukune from hearing what Moka was saying.

"Die half breed" Junya shouted as he threw a punch at Naruto who's eyes were red, he dodged the punch with ease as Junya followed it up with a spin kick that Naruto caught before slamming him into the ground; causing a small crater. Naruto gave a small snarl as he started stomping on him when a web covered the downed Junya, forcing Naruto to jump away.

"You're coming with us Half-breed" A purple haired girl said as she landed on the ground.

"It's Keito, she'll deal with the half breed!" a boy shouted.

"She's so hot!" another boy shouted.

"Marry me Keito!"

"He started it!" Naruto replied as he looked at the purple haired woman wearing a very short skirt with her white panties showing.

"A likely story." Keito replied as she shot another web at Naruto who dodged it by jumping into the air.

"Deshi" Naruto heard from above him as a Bo staff slammed into him, sending him crashing into the ground, causing a large crater.

"Web foam" Keito shouted as she shoots the foam at him covering him from head to toe.

"Good job Keito now let's takes him to the boss" The red head said as she landed on the ground.

"Deshiko, she's so hot!"

"Now they can get rid of that thing!"

"Stop and let him go, the headmaster wants to talk to him" Stated a woman with long green hair with four ponytails on each side of her head and brown eyes, she was wearing a white corset with a long brown skirt with frills at the end and high-heeled shoes.

"Yes Lucy-san" Keito replied as she gritted her teeth and walked way.

"Wait you have to free him first" Lucy said as the girl freed Naruto "Come with me Mr. Uzumaki"

"Whatever" Naruto replied as he got up and followed her.

'What is this place? What are those people? She shoots web, he fell from the sky and just gets up like it's nothing' a confused and scared Tsukune just stood there frozen to the spot as the bell rang and every ran into the school.

"HEY KID GET TO CLASS!" Keito Shouted

"Yes sir… I-I m-mean miss" Tsukune stuttered then he ran into the school

Head master's office

"Mr. Uzumaki, it's your first day of school and you're already fighting." The Head master said from around his desk.

"He called me a half breed then attacked me so I defended myself" Naruto replied in an emotionless voice. "And I'll do it again if anybody is foolish enough to attack me"

"I already know that I just wanted to hear what you were going to say" The head master replied as Naruto glared at him, as he was looking into Naruto's eyes he thought 'If I wasn't an all-powerful monster I would piss my pants just by the way he is looks at me.'

"Whatever" Naruto replied brushing him off.

"Naruto I want you to pick your fights carefully as a lot of monsters don't like you because of what you are, and there are some that are more powerful than you are" The Head master warned him

"I never back down from a fight, so let them come" Naruto replied as his power spiked.

'Such power for a half breed, he really is his son after all' the head master thought as he saw a blond hair man in his mind 'He's stronger than a lot of the monsters here'

"Mr. Uzumaki, why are your pants green when they are supposed to be brown?" The headmaster asked

"This is what the clan gave me to wear" Naruto replied as he left the room


"Hello everyone! Welcome to Yokai Academy! I'm your home room teacher, Nekonome Shizuka." She announced cheerfully "Now, I'm sure you all already know this, but this is a school built for the sake of monsters to attend."

'M-monsters?!' Tsukune thought as he gulped slightly. 'Wait a minute, Does that mean Naruto-san and the others that he was fighting are monsters too?' He took in a breath of air and calmed himself down.

"-Do you understand? It's a matter of being able to disguise yourself well as a human! This is the foundation of coexistence." Nekonome announced "You are never to allow any of your fellow students to know your 'true form'. Understand?"

"Hey sensei, wouldn't it be better for us to just eat those puny humans?" The student sitting in front of Tsukune with blond hair asked.

"Ah, but there's no humans here." Nekonome said. "This Academy is within a secret and sacred world, and even if humans do somehow manage to get here, we'll probably put them to death or something like that."

'I-I'm going to be killed if they find out I'm a human?!' Tsukune mentally yelled as he held his head in his hands, wondering why he'd even bothered to come to the school, seeing as his parents found a brochure after some weird guy dropped it.

"But Sensei I have smell a human scent since I arrive at the school" the Blond hair boy said making Tsukune fearfully flinches at this comment.

"Excuse me," a girl's voice called from the class room door. "After the entrance ceremony I kind of got lost in the school, sorry I'm late."

Nekonome looked over to the girl and smiled. "Oh, that's fine, just introduce yourself and take a seat."

"Ok," Akashiya Moka stepped into the room and introduced herself. Immediately the boys, and even some of the girls, were star struck. ''Hello everybody, my name is Moka Akashiya. It's nice to meet you'' She said with a smile.

"Who is she?"

"She's so hot!"

"How cute!"

Moka meanwhile was looking for an empty seat and found one in front of her friend. Moka's face lit up almost instantly before she glomped him, sending him off of his chair and onto the floor with her on top of him.

"Ah, I'm so glad we're in the same class, Tsukune-kun~"

Tsukune smiled at the vampire as his face heated up slightly thanks to their current position. "Yeah, I'm glad as well, Moka-chan." Tsukune said

The vampire's face heated up in embarrassment at the realization of what their current position was before she quickly scrambled off of him with a sheepish expression. "Sorry about that, I just got excited when I saw you."

"That's fine Moka-chan, don't worry about it." Tsukune said as he picked his chair back up, placing it back where it was while the other students went back to their own business.

"Now since it's the first day of school there wouldn't be an-"

"Excuse is this Nekonome-sensei's class?" Naruto asked as he entered the room.

"It's him!"

"The half breed's in our class!"

"Oh shit, he's hot!"

"I don't care if he's a half breed I would still have his children"

"Filthy half-breed"

"I want him now"

"Yes and you must be Uzumaki Naruto" Nekonome asked as she looks at him 'So this is the half-breed, he's pretty hot.' Nekonome thought to herself

"Yes Sensei" Naruto replied as she continued to look at him. 'Damn! Nekonome sensei is hot' He gave a look over as he took in her features. She had sandy blonde hair that was shaped like a cat's ears; she was wearing a white blouse, orange skirt, low heel sandals that showed off her sexy body and eyes that seemed to be closed. 'She looks familiar though'

"Snap out of it Nekonome, he's underage" The angel that appeared on her right shoulder spoke hurriedly to her.

"No he's not; you forget he was held back by his clan because of his condition! He's 18…" A devil that appeared on her left shoulder spoke in a soothing voice, sending a dirty look to the angel. The angel gasped and grabbed Nekonome's cheeks.

"Forget whatever I said and go for it!" the Angel replied with a squeal.

"Sensei, are you alright?" Naruto asked

"Oh yes I'm fine" She stammered out a reply as a blush appeared on her face. "Introduce yourself Uzumaki-kun!" Naruto gave a sigh before turning to the awaiting class.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto; my likes are eating ramen, playing basketball and training. My dislikes are monsters and humans who think they're better than me just because I'm a half-breed" Naruto introduced himself, his monotone expression never leaving his face.

'He's so cool"

"That teme thinks he's better than us!"

'So he hates humans like I do?' Moka thought

'Oh shit! I have to stay away from this guy!' a scared Tsukune thought

"Thank you Uzumaki-kun, now take a seat beside Kurumu-chan" Nekonome said as she pointed at said girl. Kurumu had light ocean blue hair, which was tied back with a purple headband that had one star on the side. She had deep purple eyes and thick eyelashes, and wore a plain long-sleeved white shirt with a red bow tie, plus a pale yellow-coloured vest and a light brown-checked skirt and plain black dress shoes.

'She looks just like her; I wonder if they're related?' Naruto thought as he sat beside her, he turned his head and spoke. "Hi, my name's Naruto"

"So this is the boy my mother told me about" Kurumu thought


"Kurumu-chan, there will be a boy named Naruto who will be attending your school and I want you to be nice to him" Ageha said

"Of course I'll be nice to him! Fu fu fu fu… ouch!" She pouted as she was rubbed the spot on her head that had been smacked by her mom

"Don't even think about charming him!" Ageha shouted at her daughter.

"But mom, how am I going to find my destined one?" Kurumu replied with a pout on her face.

"You can use it on anybody except him" Ageha said as her daughters face lit up.

"Fine mom, I won't use it on him" Kurumu replied with a smile "What is so special about him?"

"He's a half-breed so he's had a hard life" Ageha told her daughter

"But what does it has to do with you?" Kurumu asked as put on her school shoes

"I knew his mother" Ageha replied as she handed her daughter her credit card to use at school

"Fine, I'll be nice to him" Kurumu replied as she puts the card in her bag.

"That's my girl! And who knows, he could be your destined one!" Ageha replied with a smile.



"Kurumu Kurono" Kurumu replied with a smile.

"She is really nice and hot too" Naruto thought as he returned it with his own.

"Now as I was say, there will be no class today because it is the first day of school" Nekonome inform the class

"YEAH" They cheered

"But first I must explain the rules" Nekonome replied

1 Hour later

Moka had grabbed a hold of Tsukune and all but dragged him out into the hallway.

"Come on, let's go explore!"

"See you around Naruto-san; I have a harem to start!" Kurumu shouted as she ran out of the room.

"That's one weird girl" Naruto thought as he got up, he was the only one left in the class except Nekonome.

"See you tomorrow Uzumaki-kun" Nekonome said.

"See you tomorrow sensei" He spoke opening the door.

"Neko-chan, are you ready for lunch?" A woman said in an excited voice as she ran into the classroom as Naruto walked out.

"What the hell happened?" Naruto asked as he tried to get up, feeling something soft within his hands "Man this is so soft…" as he squeezed it again he felt the squashing of something soft in his palms accompanied with a moan of delight, opening his eyes he finally realized his position; him being on top of a very attractive woman and his hand currently groping the soft thing, the soft thing being her breast.

"Naruto-kun you are so forceful, we haven't had our first date yet and you have your hands all over me…" The woman moaned as a red faced Naruto jumped off her.

"I'm so sorry miss…."

"Ririko and I am your current math teacher" Ririko said as Naruto looked at her. She had dark brown hair and wore circular glasses over her eyes. She was wearing a white V-neck shirt with a wide collar that revealed some of her cleavage and a short dark skirt that were currently showing off her pink panties. "Now you're even staring at my panties, so want to tell me how they look?" Seemingly reaching a point not even the great Naruto can cross a tomato faced Naruto ran out of the classroom.

"Did you really have to tease him like that?" Nekonome asked, her hands on her hips.

"You know I love to tease hot guys" Ririko replied as she licked her lips "So that was Naruto Uzumaki huh? I can't wait to get him one on one..."

With Moka and Tsukune

"Hey, your name is Akashiya Moka, right?" They turned their heads to see the student who had suggested eating humans before in homeroom walk up to them; a smug smirk adorning his face as his eyes travelled over Moka's body. "I'm Komiya Saizo. So, what's a beautiful girl like you hanging out with this idiot?"

"Sorry but I'm not interested" Moka replied then she grabbed Tsukune's hand "Let's go Tsukune-kun" She began to walk away when Saizo grabbed her hand and dragged her towards him.

"No one says no to me" Saizo growled as Moka struggled to escape.

"Hey let go of her!" Tsukune shouted as he jumped on Saizo's back.

"Get off me you dumbass!" Saizo roared as slammed his back against the lockers.

"Arghhhhhhhhh" Tsukune screamed out as his back hit the locker before falling to the ground.

"You're going to pay for touching me" Saizo said as he grabbed Tsukune's collar, lifting the human off the ground with ease.

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" With no warning but high-pitched screaming a boy crashed into to Saizo, knocking both of them out and sending Tsukune falling to the ground.

"Tsukune-kun, are you alright?" Moka shouted as she ran over to her friend.

"I'm fine Moka-chan but what happened?" Tsukune asked as Moka helped him up.

"I don't know, he just came flying in" Moka replied as she saw a group of boys running passed them "What the h-".She wasn't able to finish as she saw Naruto walk from the direction that the boys were coming from.

"So he was the one who saved me" Tsukune said as he looked at Naruto who was wearing a pissed off expression.

"Let's go over there and thank him" Moka said with a smile on her face as she ran towards Naruto.

"Moka wait!" Tsukune shouted as he ran after her.

"Hey Naruto-san!" Moka shouted but Naruto ignored her and continued to walk "I want to thank you for saving Tsukune-kun's life" She huffed and ran in front of Naruto.

"Hm" Naruto replied as he sidestepped her and continued on his way.

"How about I treat you for lunch as reward, I'm paying" Moka said as she ran in front of him again.

"Like I would want to get lunch with a blood sucker and a human, now get out of my way bitch" Naruto said coldly before he roughly pushed her out of the way.

"That asshole." Tsukune growled.

"A human?" Moka muttered before a slight scowl came onto her face.

"What was that Moka-chan?" Tsukune asked, not hearing what she said.

"Naruto-san said that he didn't want to have lunch with a blood sucker and a human" Moka replied which made Tsukune nervous.

"What if..." Tsukune interrupted with a deep frown.

"No, you can't be a human. I hate those humans!" Moka said in a cold voice that made Tsukune flinch as if he'd been struck. "You know... I actually went to a human school up through middle school. I was so isolated... It was really tough. But, then you said that I was alright, even after you found out that I was a vampire and so... this is the first time in my life I haven't felt alone. So you ca-"

"What if I was one of those humans that you hate? Would you still be my friend?" Moka's eyes went wide, but he continued. "I'm a human, through some kind of mistake I ended up being let into this school."

"No... There's no way a human could be here..."

Tsukune's frown deepened slightly at her expression and he turned away. "So that's how you look at me now that you know I'm a human. Oh well, I shouldn't be here anyway."

Moka tried to grab the human's shoulder as he was about to leave. "Wait, Tsukun-"

She was once again interrupted as Tsukune snapped at her. "Let go! You hate humans' right?! Well then maybe I don't like monsters either!"

"Tsukune-kun!" Moka cried as the boy ran off.

With Saizo

"Oh my head, what happened?" Saizo asked as he woke up only to feel somebody heavy on him "Get the hell off me you idiot" Growling as he pushed the boy off him.

"Sorry Saizo-sama, it wasn't my fault!" The boy begged as he started to bow "It was the half-breed's fault, he was the one who threw me into you!"

"Damn half-breed, who does he think he is attacking a true monster" Saizo growled out "He should know his place!"

"And that's what we are going to do tonight. Will you help me?" The boy asked

"I can't right now, I have a date with a hot chick with pink hair but I will be there afterwards" Saizo replied as he got up.

With Naruto

Naruto walked into the lunch room to see Kurumu surrounded by almost all the boys in the school.

'She was serious' Naruto thought with a shocked expression on his face as he saw boys with presents and the others who were feeding her and massaging her feet. 'Well, it is the fastest way to find her destined one' He waved at her while walking passed, which she returned with a smile.

'Damn Naruto-kun is hot' Kurumu thought as she smiled and wave 'It's a shame mother forbid me from using my charm on him.'

"Kurumu-sama, can I do anything else for you?" One of the boys asked

"Yeah, get me a diamond ring" Kurumu shouted then turned to the next "Give me a manicure" As she barked some more orders as the boys ran around to get the job done.

'By the time the week is over I will find my destined one!' Kurumu thought, a smirk adorning her face.

At Night

'Where the hell is Tsukune, I've been looking for him all day' the vampire thought when suddenly she stiffened in surprise when she felt someone grab her wrist and waist, making sure she couldn't move. Almost as quick a voice mumbled in her ear, breathing hot air on her.

"So what brings a sexy thing like you all the way out here? And all buy yourself too!"

She turned to the familiar voice and saw a certain student she didn't want to see. "Saizo!?"

"That's me." He grinned as he licked his lips. "You look very sexy too night, how about we go to my dorm and I'll treat you to something special if you know what I mean" She shivered as he licked his lips.

Reeling in disgust Moka slammed her elbow into his chest, allowing his grasp to weaken enough for her to escape.

Saizo chuckled and removed his shirt. "Come on Moka-chan, I know you want it" as he licked his lips "I've seen the way you've been looking at me so I know you want me too!"

"You must be delusional; I've never looked at you like that!" Moka replied as she started to back away from him.

"You will be mine!" Saizo growled with a hint of lust in his eyes, making Moka cringe away as she watched as Saizo's hand gained claws and bulging veins while his tongue lengthened and hung out of his mouth.

With Tsukune

Tsukune was standing at the bus stop, looking back at the school. He was sad that he had to leave; he knew his secret that he was human wasn't going to be kept quiet for long. He was going to miss Moka, but he didn't feel that he should hide himself from them. He looked back to see that the bus was coming.

"Tsukune-san…" the creepy bus driver said as the door opened.

With Naruto

"I think that's enough training for tonight" Naruto said as he picked up his stuff and headed for home when suddenly he heard some noise in the bushes, he glanced over with an annoyed face. "Come on out, I know you're there."

"Ha, you must be proud of yourself half-breed" Stated a blonde haired, dark eyed and sweater wearing boy as he came out of the bushes.

"Don't be stupid! He heard these two idiot's voices!" A boy with light colored hair and wrinkles on his face said, the wrinkles making him look much older than he actually was.

"We're sorry Tadashi-sama!" The two boys shouted.

"Now half-bree-" Chopper was in the middle of speaking when Naruto started to walk away.

"How dare you walk away from us" Tadashi shouted at Naruto.

"Huh, you guys say something?" Naruto replied as they both glared at him.

"You're going to die Half-breed!" Chopper screamed as his face became riddled with rage. He tore off his shirt as his both grew to 20ft and became extremely muscular, his teeth became sharper and spikes now ran through his hair. "Are you scared half-breed?" He asked feeling superior but was mad to see that Naruto ignored him.

"You think you're tough?" Tadashi growled as his skin became green, his eyes turning yellow with a slit pupil, and his hair becomes red spikes/feathers. "Get him boys!"

"Hai Tadashi" The two unimportant boys transformed into lizard men to, before they also attacked Naruto.

"How pathetic" Naruto mumbled as his eyes turned red, his hands becoming claws as the two lizard men closed in.

"Die Half-breed!" They shouted as one of them threw a punch at Naruto's head, He ducked under it and delivered a powerful right hand to the no-name's jaw that sent him rocketing back into the trees.

He settled back into a relaxed stance with a bored expression. "Was that it?"

"Don't get cocky you bastard!" Roared the second lizard man as he attacked Naruto from behind, Naruto easily side stepped him before delivering a spin kick to the side of his face, knocking out all of his teeth and sending him sliding across the ground.

"You may have defeated my lackeys but you can't beat me!" Tadashi growled as he appeared behind Naruto.

"What t-" Naruto received a kick to his back that sent him towards Chopper who delivered a powerful punch to his face, sending him crashing into the trees.

"I guess we didn't need Saizo after all!" Tadashi chuckled with a victorious smirk.

With Tsukune

"That creepy bus man is right, I can't just give up!" Tsukune said to himself as he walked around the school, he sighed to himself. "Now to find Moka…" He was about to continue when he heard someone's shout pierce through the trees.

"Somebody help me!"

"That sounds like Moka!" Tsukune shouted as he ran towards the voice.

"I can't stop myself! When I start feeling like this, my body starts to ache!" His entire body transformed until he towered over Moka looking very grotesque. "When I come to this point, there's no stopping me... I just can't stay in my human form anymore!" He was about to move forward when somebody jumped on his back.

"Leave Moka alone!" Tsukune shouted, trying his hardest to keep his grip.

"You again!?" Saizo roared as he grabbed the boy off his back and threw him into Moka. In a moment of pure luck Tsukune accidental got a hold on her rosary as he crashed into her. He looked into his hand and was surprised to see the rosary.

"What the hell is this?" Tsukune asked when suddenly Moka threw him off her as he crashed into the ground "Moka what the hell?" He was stunned as he got up to see that Moka had changed. She had turned into a more beautiful, but deadly person. Her hair went from bubble-gum pink to a silver mane, her eyes turning red with hate.

"Hmph, so you're the one who released me?" The Inner-Moka said, looking in disgust at Tsukune who was scared shitless. "We will talk later human" He nodded as she turned her gaze towards Saizo.

"I-It's …a…a…S-class vampire" Saizo said, starting to shake with fear.

With Naruto

"Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Tadashi screamed out in pain as Naruto punched him in his stomach before delivering a savage kick to the face that sent him skidding across the ground before Chopper caught him.

"Let me show you how it's do-" Before he could finish he was pushed off by an angry Tadashi.

"I don't need your help"Tadashi shouted as he attacked Naruto again.

'He's gotten faster…' Naruto thought as he dodged a punch from behind him only to get a right hand punch across the face, Naruto returned it with extra power as they started to trade blows. With each blow Naruto continued to gain the upper hand and before long Tadashi coughed up blood and fell to his knees. "It seems like you've lost to a half-breed" Naruto scowled as Tadashi fell to the ground face first.

"I'm going to crush you and throw you into the winds Half-breed!" Chopper shouted as he charged at Naruto.

"Bring it on" Naruto replied as he jumped in the air to dodge the hammer smash technique that ploughed into the ground, causing a crater.

"You know what happens to a pole that gets struck by lightning?" Naruto said as a lightning bolt appeared in his eyes "The same thing that happens to everybody else" He whispered in a deadly tone as he vanished, appearing on Chopper's shoulder. Sparks started to accumulate from Naruto's eyes before traveling down his body and into the mass of muscle that was Chopper.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Chopper screamed out, his eyes going white from the excruciating amount of pain that his body was experiencing.

A few minutes earlier

With Moka

"Is that really... all the power you have? You are very disappointing." She disappeared from Saizo's view, only to appear once again in front of Saizo's face, leg wound up behind her. "You had better..." She lashed out and landed a brutal kick straight into the middle of his face. "…KNOW YOUR PLACE!" Saizo let out a roar of pain, his head caving in, before he was sent flying through several trees.

"A low class monster like you, is not even worthy of licking shit off my boot." Inner Moka said. She had just patted her dress when she heard something noteworthy.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Was heard through the area

'I'm sensing a very powerful Monster that could possibly provide a challenge' Inner Moka thought as she tried to pinpoint where it was coming from. 'If he can beat me then I may take him as a mate…'

'What is this overwhelmingly cold power?! She's like a completely different person from before...' Tsukune thought as Moka completely ignored him.

'I have to find this person' Inner Moka thought and was about to fly off when she fell to her knees, scowling in annoyance. 'If I push this body anymore I might kill us…' She turned her head as she got up and walked towards Tsukune and grabbed the rosary from him.

"You are lucky that Outer Moka likes you or I would have killed you myself!" Inner Moka growled as she placed the rosary back on, her hair turning pink again and she herself fainting into Tsukune's arms.

"Moka, are you okay?" Tsukune asked, a worried expression on his face.

"Yea just tired. Ummm, you smell so good…" Moka said, moaning out the last part.

"Wait, what?"


With Naruto

"Damn it! I ruined another shirt!" A pissed off Naruto growled as he finished ripping off what was left of the shirt. He grabbed his stuff and walked out of the tree line.

"Queen Kurumu"

"Queen Kurumu"

"Queen Kurumu" The boys chanted as they carried her.

"I should have started my Harem earlier" Kurumu said when suddenly Naruto came out of the forest. 'Sweet Kami' drool escaped her mouth as she got a full view of Naruto's toned six pack and pectorals that made them look like Kami herself, had chiseled them out of stone. 'Damn you mother!'

"Kurumu-san, you know it's not safe for a beautiful young lady like yourself to be out so late at night" Naruto said as Kurumu glared at him.

"I don't need anybody to protect me, I can do it by myself" Kurumu replied with a scowl.

"I never said you couldn't protect yourself, I just don't want anything bad to happen to you" Naruto replied as a blush appeared on her face.

"Whatever" Kurumu replied as she tried to hide the blush on her face "Beside I have lots of guys to protect me"

"If you say so" Naruto said as he walked away "See you in class Kurumu-chan" He smirked, noticing that Kurumu's eyes were glued to his butt. It's always so easy…

'Damn you mother! Damn you to the depths of hell!' Kurumu shouted in her mind.


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Technique list

Element: Lightning Release (Raiton)

Is one of the five basic elemental nature transformation techniques that allow the user to generate lightning by increasing the high frequency vibrations of their energy, allowing for piercing damage and fast movement. The electricity paralyses the target so that they are unable to move and leave them vulnerable to a finishing strike.