Disclaimer: This is a Sam & Cat fic for Jade and Freddie but I have this under iCarly/Victorious crossover as Jade and Freddie are not characters listed in Sam & Cat. I guess that is a good thing, as this is story kind of AU to Sam & Cat as I am considering that Sam is a senior and still is going to the online high school she was in Sam & Cat, Cat and the rest of Hollywood Arts clan are high schoolers and that the characters actually remembered each other from Keenan's party. Basically I am trying to rectify the weird cannon issues between the parent shows and the baby show that existed. I am clarifying this so nobody is confused that watched both shows as both shows had the same portrayals of most of the characters (though Cat was more in need psychiatric help in Sam & Cat than she was in the later sessions if Victorious.) To me, it was just the continuity of the shows that is the problem.

I also do not own iCarly, Victorious or other DanVerse shows.

It has been two weeks after the day that Sam was supposed to jump her dirt-bike over the 25 foot pool filled with water and the deadly Kansas Razorback Tuna Dice won in the after-hours card game at Bots. Freddie Benson and Robbie Shappiro recovered from their injuries when Cat Valentine replaced her roommate Sam Puckett for the jump but crashed into the scissor lift Freddie and Robbie were in, while Sam was boarded up in the closet at their apartment in Venice. After being released, Freddie briefly moved in with Robbie as he was already graduated from Ridgeway. He had the credits and after Carly moved to Italy and Sam moving to Venice (and rooming with Cat) he had no reason to finish out in June like everyone else. Freddie sat in a booth alone at Bots. His first date with Sam continued where they left off a year ago, a disaster. As dinner came, Sam got mad at one of the waiters for something out of their control and leaft in a huff. However this time, Freddie stayed at the restaurant. Freddie was debating if he should order dessert.

Like Freddie, Jade West was heart broken too. The week prior to the day when Sam and Jade met properly (compared to just singing karaoke at Keenan's house,) she broke it off with Beck for good. The two have been a couple pretty much since both came to Hollywood Arts as freshmen in ninth grade with a week off in tenth grade and a longer term break in eleventh in to twelfth grade. However the issues that led to both break-ups returned. Beck didn't stop girls from flirting with him and Jade questioning this at every turn. Jade came into Bots looking for an escape being Sam had the date with Freddie and Cat was out again with Robbie seeing the latest unicorn movie. The break-up was only recently being admitted by Jade. In fact at the tuna jump, Jade said was still dating Beck to Cat's Nona.

That was when they saw each other. Jade looked at the brown haired boy she previously saw at Kennan's Party and again two years later in the events that led to Cat trying to jump the pool of tuna rather than Sam. Feeling he was being stared at, Freddie looked up from his plate to see the supposed mean girl of Hollywood arts with jet black hair with green extensions. He looked up and saw her looking back at him. Fearing the wrath of the mean girl as hearing the stories from Cat, Robbie and Tori, he ducked his head and looked down at his empty plate.

Jade smirks and walks over to Freddie's table. "Mind if I join you?" The raven haired goth asks.

Freddie looks up from his plate to see Jade. Freddie has an even look on his face knowing that Jade can be scary and due to the failed date with Sam. Freddie nods and responds, "I was actually wondering if I should have dessert here or somewhere else."

"Oh," the raven haired goth teen rolls, raising her pierced eyebrow. "What happened to Sam?"

Freddie groans before stating. "It is a long story..."

"Well it is a drive to Freezie Queen. Want to join me?" Jade proposes with a smirk.

"You aren't going to kill me are you?" Freddie inquires.

Jade's smirk didn't disappear. In fact a slight laugh comes out of her mouth. "Only if you get on my nerves," the raven haired girl replies raising the attention of the Seattleite. "Though I don't see that happening."

Freddie sighs, "OK, Fine I'll join." Freddie gets out of his booth. "How much do I have to leave?" Freddie pulls out his wallet.

Jade looks at his plate and the entire order Sam left. "Well don't pay for the dasher (referring to Sam) but it looks like you got the French Dip so it should be 12.59 with tax and because robots aren't people just leave $13.00," Jade explains to which Freddie shoots an eyebrow of his own. "I've come here enough before Sam moved in with Cat to know the French Dip price."

Freddie pulls out three singles and two five dollar bills. "But Tori warned me about when you drove her out into the desert on the drive to school when she came to visit Robbie in the hospital," Freddie states as he walks out of the restaurant with the goth girl.

"She visited you?" Jade grunts in frustration. Freddie nods his response as she walks him to her black sedan. "Uh, she is toooo nice."

Freddie shrugs his shoulders and queries, "What is wrong with being too nice?"

"It's a weakness. I mean I casually watched iCarly when it was on but I know you harbored a torch for Carly and because of that you let her walk all over you. You even let Sam do whatever to you because you knew she was Carly's best friend. And I remember she abused you on the show except when you two dated. She still abused you here when she took your wallet in the hospital after you fell into the tank of tuna," Jade explains. "You should know, you lived it." Jade unlocks the car and opens the driver-side door.

Freddie opens the passenger-side door. Jade's words stung but they were all true. Freddie was the nice guy and most of the time it burned him whether it was with Carly, Sam, or Valerie. Freddie exhaled a deep breath before responding, "I never saw it that way but, you are right. It is a weakness. I guess I am just too considerate."

Jade bit her lip as she put the key into the ignition to turn the car on. "I'm sorry," she comforts the brown-eyed boy with her wits and a reassuring hand on his shoulder. Freddie looks into her blue eyes and she looks into his brown eyes. "It was mean. I said it too strong. It's just. I know what you are going through."

Freddie looks confused and inquires, "What do you mean, I thought you were still dating Beck?"

"Were being correct. I broke it off with him... again," Jade corrects before turning away. She withdraws her arm on Freddie's shoulder as she turns the engine on. She put on her seat-belt and looks back at Freddie. "I am not sure if you can trust that I am a good driver or not but put your seat-belt in so we don't see any problems if I get pulled over for some bull-chiz excuse. It is the end of the month after all."

Freddie nods and out on his seat-belt before saying, "Don't worry, I was about to anyway." Jade raises her pierced eyebrow. "My mother."

"Ah that gank," Jade replies as she puts the car into drive and pulls out of the parking lot. She looks at Freddie briefly and realizes her comment may have been too rough about his mom. "I'm sorry if that is too rough on her."

"No, she's as crazy as she seemed when she would show up on iCarly. There's no way that can be an act," Freddie explains with some humor. "I know she loves me but after what she has done to me, if she was anything else than my mother, I might just call her a gank too."

Jade breathes a sigh of relief before stating, "As I was saying, Beck and I weren't working out... again. So we broke it off again right before the project that forced Cat to introduce me to Sam. I came over to her apartment to work on the project to get away from the heart ache, if only for a little while and we all know where that ended up."

"Yeah I still have bite marks, don't remind me," Freddie deadpans causing Jade to giggle. "What made you two not work out this time." Jade clears her throat not really wanting to have an in depth discussion with a guy she has only really known for a few weeks with this being their longest conversation due to her anti-social behavior and Freddie's face being covered in bandages. Freddie picks up on this with the silence. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Jade moans before saying, "God, You and Vega would be perfect for each other if sheer would just open her eyes like she should with Andre. Uh!"

"Wait, you think Tori had a thing for me?" Freddie questions.

Jade answers, "I don't know what Sally Sweet Cheeks actually thinks. Maybe she does but she is so janking stupid to not realize it or to act on it. That is always the case with her. She could have dated Beck if she didn't think she was my friend. I know she liked Beck. Hell, she even went on an opposite date with him and they took his dog to the vet."

"An opposite date?" Freddie responds with another question confused.

Jade groans, "It's like you dress-down instead of dress-up because it isn't a date." Freddie nods in understanding due to some of the weird dates he was a part of in Seattle with Carly being unique despite her military father. "But yeah Tori could be with so many guys if she just opened her eyes. There's Beck, I'd let her date him, Andre who is like her best friend at Hollywood Arts, you…" Freddie shoots Jade a look that she catches out of the corner of her eye. "Don't act like you don't know. I mean you had to have girls chase you. Plus you have the nice guy thing going for you. I think her problem is that she is just blind when it comes to guys."

"If only it was that easy," Freddie confesses. "Sure there was Webicon but they were super fans I would never see again that were only into the celebrity aspect of me rather than being with me. Then there was also the Moonlight Twiblood craze but that was because they thought that the pale Edward Cullen with a slow speech pattern was hot."

Jade clears her throat before commenting "As cute as you were, the pale vampire look of Fredward Cullen doesn't work for me. As for the girls, I really don't care about that. I said you are a nice cut of boy when I saw you at Bots with Cat. The rest of them whether it is Sam, Carly or the others, they just don't see the real you. I mean you were with Cat because you thought Sam was hurt. Even if you may not always get along with Sam, you had to be there for her."

"Were you and Beck perfect?" Freddie asks trying to dig more into Jade than Tori despite the revelation that maybe Freddie could date Tori. Not because Freddie doesn't like Tori, he just thinks she is a little too much like Carly and that she would just be second best to Carly while Jade is something different.

Jade huffs, "No. We fit for most of high school, but I think as senior year gets closer to ending, we realized we grew to much apart and we wouldn't work out with college, acting gigs and that." Jade tries to concentrate on the road to prevent herself from crying about how she and Beck got back together only to break up a few weeks later.

"I'm sorry to hear that," Freddie attempts to comfort the driving goth girl.

"It's fine, I'm fine," Jade sighs trying to reassure herself more than Freddie. Jade decides to stop talking and concentrate on the drive to Freezie Queen though she is getting closer to their destination. The ride goes quiet for a few minutes due to Jade's frosty reply to Freddie. After a few minutes, the silence gets to her and she turns on her car's stereo and sets it to the radio. A Zero Gravity song came on Freddie started bobbing his head to the music. Jade smirks. "You like them?"

Freddie smiles before confiding, "Yes. I like a lot of their music. My mother somehow let me see them in concert a few times with Carly and Sam when Cuddlefish weren't in town. They actually were on the radio during my first kiss."

Jade raises her pierced eyebrow intrigued about his past for some reason she just cannot put her finger on.. "Oh, do tell ," Jade commands.

"You're not going to yell at me for it are you?" Freddie questions. Jade shakes her head before Freddie continues. "Good because when Carly found out that Sam kissed me while under laughing had at the dentist, she freaked."

Jade shakes her head. "I wanted to know about the kiss, not the aftermath of it," Jade barks. Freddie frowns and Jade catches this out of the corner of her eye and regrets her typical snaps. "I'm sorry, it's reflex."

Freddie nods before explaining, "It was after the iCarly Sam admitted that she never had a first kiss either. She came up to the ledge and I said what she did was nice and we agreed to kiss each other for our first kiss. We also promised to not tell anyone about it but that didn't happen." Jade nods. "When was your's?"

"I was 12, it was a guy named Seth and it was no big deal. No fireworks, no knee pop, no bells, no sparks, nothing. It was just a simple French kiss," Jade states as she pulls into the parking lot.

"So why do it?"

"Likely for the same reason you did it with Sam, just to do it and get it over with," Jade tells the brown haired boy. She parks the car and notices Freddie having a treat in his eye. "What's wrong?" Jade asks showing an uncommon side of concern she shows only a few people including Cat.

Freddie errors away the tear feeling it fall onto his cheek before replying, "It's nothing."

"C'mon Freddie, we both know that's Bullchiz. I know it and you do. I know I am not the warmest person but I care for you. I guess because Sam and I are kinda friends," Jade confides.

Freddie looks into Jade's for the second time that night, the first time it is up close and responds, "It's about Sam. I can't listen to Zero Gravity's biggest song without thinking of her because we kissed to it and while we dated it was our song and now, she and I are done because she went off the handle again while we were on a date."

Jade looks back at the conviction showing in Freddie and can't help but shed a few tears of her own. The girl that many at Hollywood Arts thought didn't have a heart, was showing she had one, with a relative stranger no less. She shares a hopeful smile with him before taking her hand of the steering wheel and puts it on Freddie's hand. Jade sees the same thing in him as she did looking in the mirror, a mere few weeks ago.

"I know the feeling. I can't listen to Care Bears on Fire any more," Jade explains. Freddie shoots his eyebrow up not knowing who they are. "Riot grrrl pop punk. Don't ask me why, Beck loved them. I now can't listen to anything of their's without wanting to break something." Freddie laughs causing Jade to laugh as well before gripping his hand tighter. "You will be fine Freddie, it just takes time."

Freddie nods and lifts Jade's hand up and kisses it. Jade is taken aback and uncharacteristically blushes at the actions of the brown haired boy . Freddie lowers the hands and shares a smile with the goth girl before him. Freddie mouths, "I know. I just need to find the one who is worth waiting for."

Jade's blush slowly fades as he opens the door into Freezie Queen. Jade smiles and walks in first with Freddie follows suit. They order their ice creams. She ordered a cherry sundae while he got a hot fudge sundae. After getting their orders, the two looked for a seat but no of the seats are open. Freddie looks annoyed at this while Jade smirks. "I got this," she reassures the brunette. Jade walks over to a table in the corner with a group of kids who have finished their ice creams but haven't left the table yet and stands at the head of their table and just stares at them. The group flees and Jade looks back at Freddie. "Our table's ready."

Freddie doesn't know what to think because while Jade did something nice for the two of them, it came at the extent of another person. Sure the kids were done and should have left when the store was full but it was on the mean side. Jade takes her seat and Freddie sat on the other side of the table. Freddie digs into his ice cream and so does Jade but she realizes Freddie isn't happy about something. What exactly, she can't tell.

She just knew that behind the even expression on his face, something had settled the boy.

"I'm sorry if that was too much. I just hate when people sit at booths when they are done and people are waiting," Jade professes.

Freddie looks up from hot fudge sundae and comments, "I do too but that was mean and uncalled for."

"I know it was. I get irritated by somethings. Haven't you seen my 'Things I Hate' series on The Slap?" Jade asks. Freddie shakes his head in response. "Well I don't like when people supposably instead of supposedly or fustrated instead of frustrated." Freddie smiles that Jade is some what of a word police like he is. "I don't like when dogs jump on you and your owner says, 'It's okay, he's friendly,' cilantro, fish smells on a hot summer day, the word mist, front hooking bras, wearing lobster bibs, the saying 'everything happens for a reason,' parades..."

"Weren't you in a parade?" Freddie interupts.

Jade raises her eyebrow at being interupted but lowers it. She nods and confirms, "Yes, the Parade Parade. God, I hated the outfit I wore in it too. Is there anything you hate?"

"Actually there is one thing I truly hate, Nevelocity. I dislike asparagus, mushrooms and when my mom gets overprotective of me," Freddie explains.

Jade smirks before commenting, "Nice. I am impressed." Jade pauses to take another bite from her cherry sundae. "What about things you love?"

"Oh you know, Pear products. I worked at one of the Pear Stores in Seattle. I also like Pini's and coconut cream pie," Freddie professes worrying that Jade will think he's a nerd for his various likes.

Jade swirls her spoon around her ice cream cup and complains, "That can't be the only thing you like. I won't judge."

"OK, I also love Galaxy Wars, World of Warlords, fencing, baseball, and model trains," Freddie states. Jade giggles and Freddie senses "I also like Celebrities Underwater."

Jade's giggle stops and she cowls before whining, "WHY?" Freddie shoots her a look. Jade extends her hand towards Freddie and looks into his blue eyes. "I don't say this often but I thought your nerdy tendencies are cute. That's why I giggled." Freddie smiles "That said, I just can't do Celebrities Underwater. I'm sorry. You'd have to watch it with Tori because somehow she likes that show too."

"That's fine," Freddie concedes. "What do you love Jade?"

Jade plays with her spoon while thinking veggie replying, "I love scissors, The Scissoring, coffee, bunnies, being mad, the color black, feel-good movies that bomb, and I got a little bit of a thrill from scaring those boys just by staring at them." Jade takes a spoonful of her sundae before continuing, "That's not a bad thing is it?"

"No," Freddie agrees while shading his head feeling a little afraid.

Jade rolls her eyes as and comments, "Great, you're afraid now. That's the last thing I wanted."

"What do you mean?" Freddie asks confused, furrowing his brow.

Jade runs his hand and grips it. "I knew this is probably bad timing and this isn't something I usually do or say but, I like you. I have a crush on you Freddie,"

"You have a crush on me?" Freddie questions taken aback by the goth's revelation.

Jade blushes and nods her head. "I do. Why else would a man girl like me, say you, a boy I barely know is a nice handsome chunk of boy?" Jade asks raising her pierced brow.

"I... I don't know, maybe being nice," Freddie stammers out barely making a response.

"Me nice, hardly. I am one of the coldest people you can meet," Jade says with sarcasm in her voice.

Freddie's thumb runs against Jade's hand absent mindedly. Freddie looks up at Jade and comments, "You're rough around the edges but you are nice. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a crush on you. But are you sure this is a good idea, we are both herring over people we loved. Shouldn't we wait?"

"I know but where are you going to stay, I mean didn't you finish school and have no ties here besides recovery?" Jade questions.

Freddie nods and agrees, "Yes but I was thinking is nice here. The roads are nice and I am near the Pear Complex and Dingo Studios."

"Wait, didn't Totally Teri writers gank your skits from iCarly?" Jade probes.

Freddie remarks, "Yes but they now own Galaxy Wars and Marble Comics." Jade rolls her eyes. "What I was figuring I could use my iCarly experience to intern with one the other and I was looking at colleges here in SoCal so getting a job and moving here isn't exactly a bad idea. With my grades, I can go to any school."

"Oh yes because you are a nerd," Jade replies with more sarcasm.

Freddie sucks out his tongue before sighs, "Only if Sam didn't change the answers to an application to New Electronic Research and Development Camp. Didn't you see my blog post?"

"No I'm not one those fangirls who you would see at WebiCon or making comments on SplashFace. I was a normal fan. Those Creddie and Seddie fans scared me and those Cam fans freaked me out."

Freddie smiles and confesses, "Yeah, those fans were nuts especially the guy yelled 'Seddie' at Webicon and the iCarly I kissed Sam during." Freddie looks into Jade's eyes again. "But yeah I am staying here. There's nothing for me Seattle except my mom. I'm sure you saw Carly moved and Sam well I don't think we'll be on speaking terms for a while."

"Well, we can figure out what we want to be," Jade comforts cupping his hand before getting up from the both and kissing Freddie's cheek. "Now come on, we got a movie to watch."

Freddie rolls his eyes and queries "It's not The Scissoring is it?"

Jade shrugs her shoulders. "Well you'll find out soon enough," proposes.

"I have a bad feeling about this," Freddie says. Jade giggles and kisses his cheek again before leading him out of the Freezie Queen.

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