Injustice Gods Among Us: Dragonborn

Summary: a rewrite of my Injustice/Skyrim crossover. Basically the Dragonborn lands in the Injustice universe and faces off against the various forces of both Regime and Insurgency.

A/N: Hello everyone and welcome to the rewrite of my Skyrim/Injustice story in which the Dragonborn lands in the Injustice universe instead of being found and helps defeat the Regime. Some of you will be asking why I haven't updated my first Skyrim/Injustice story, well I kinda wrote myself into a corner with that story and it just didn't look good enough to me, so I decided to do a rewrite of it, where instead of the Dragonborn being found in the Injustice universe, he lands in the Injustice universe.

The Dragonborn's equipment will be the staple sword and shield, namely a Skyforge steel sword and steel shield as well as magic and an enchanted staff and for armour and some daggers for last resort, he'll be wearing a combination of leather and iron armour like he wore in the premiere trailer for Skyrim when it first came out.

Of course a simple steel sword won't cut it against someone like Superman, oh no, so I'll be incorporating some items from the DC universe like Hawkgirl's Nth metal mace which the Dragonborn will plunder after he (spoiler alert!) literally snaps Hawkgirl's back, some equipment will be given to him like Shining Knight's magical sword and enchanted armour by Zatanna and Doctor Fate as well as Stargirl's star rod.

And some of you will be asking 'how can the Dragonborn be able to beat characters like Superman and Wonder Woman?' well if you read the Elder Scrolls lore a Dragonborn is literally unbeatable! It would take an army, a dragon or another Dragonborn to defeat one. Whilst it is tempting to have the Dragonborn overpower Superman and the Regime easily in a couple of chapters, that's just poor writing, so I'll be combining a mixture Elder Scrolls lore with the Skyrim game in which the Dragonborn will be powerful but it'll still be a tough fight at some points against the Regime and the Man of Steel.

And now some of you will be asking 'what's the romance pairing?' simple answer: Zatanna Zatara. I know some of you will say that it's been done but I'm not a particular fan of the Wonder Woman pairing route and while it can be done if it's written well, most crossovers with the DC universe usually go for Wonder Woman and it would be poor writing to say that Regime Wonder Woman left Regime Superman's sorry ass for the Dragonborn, so I pick Zatanna, because to be honest; she's way hotter! Something about the bowtie and the fishnets, ;-D.

But as I'm sure most of you don't want me prattling on and on, so let's get this on the way…

Now we begin;

Jerek Stormgard the Last Dragonborn had finally defeated his opponent Miraak at the summit of Hermaeus Mora's realm Apocrypha.

But the Dragonborn didn't expect was for all the power of the dragon souls that Miraak had within was to hurtle him somewhere else entirely.

"Where in the name of Oblivion am I?" Jerek asked himself as he looked at his surroundings; the buildings all seemed to be made of stone, metal and glass and reached higher than any other building he had seen in his travels.

There was an odd symbol plastered on some of the buildings and there were what appeared to be soldiers holding strange looking weapons patrolling the streets.

"Damn you Miraak for sending me to this place!" Jerek growled.

"You there! Identify yourself!" a voice said from behind him.

The Dragonborn turned to see a young man wearing some kind of uniform with an S on his chest.

"You first" Jerek replied calmly.

"I give the orders around here! So I ask again: identify yourself!" the boy demanded.

"That sounds more like an order than a request" Jerek retorted, the boy's face contorted in anger and his eyes started to glow red and Jerek could feel the heat emanating from the boy's eyes.

"I won't ask again! Identify yourself or be put down!" the boy growled as his hands clenched into fists.

"Look kid, I don't have time to play your insipid games, I just want to go home" Jerek said as he turned on his heel and walked away.

What Jerek didn't expect was to be blasted in the back by a blast of heat; Jerek growled and looked at the boy who was smugly grinning.

"You'll pay for that!" Jerek growled "With your life!"

"Bring it Conan!" the boy sneered.

Jerek drew his Skyforge steel sword that he had enchanted with the chaos enchantment and readied his shield; the boy struck first with speed that astounded the Dragonborn barely giving him time to bring his shield up in time to block the boy's punch.

Jerek felt the sheer force behind the boy's punch and thought to himself

'By Ysmir's beard! The boy's strong!' he thought and he then pushed back and slashed at the boy's chest.

"URGH!" the boy grunted as the enchanted steel blade cut through what passed for armour and a gout of blood gushed out and spilled on the ground and the enchanted flames cauterised the wound, leaving the boy in more pain from the feeling of enchanted flame burning him.

"Magic?" the boy wheezed as he touched the wound on his chest.

"And there's more where that came from!" Jerek stated and he used the power of his Voice that earned him the title of Dragonborn


"AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!" the boy screamed as the Fire Breath Shout burned him and he tried to beat out the flames that ate at his clothing and skin.

"C'mon boy, I've known bandits who were tougher than you!" the Dragonborn taunted, the boy took in a deep breath and blew a great gust of wind that pushed Jerek back and encased him in ice.

"You… are gonna regret what you just did!" the boy then said as he stood, his face and body covered in third degree burns.

"I was gonna tell you the same thing!" Jerek replied as he broke free of the ice holding him and launched himself at his opponent. The boy was surprised when Jerek charged at him like and braced himself against the warrior's charge.

Jerek slammed his shield into the boy's face and stabbed his sword into the boy's stomach; while the shield bash didn't do much it did stun the boy long enough for the Dragonborn to stab his sword into the boy's gut.


The boy coughed up blood as the steel sword entered his gut, forcing blood to be expelled from his mouth.

The Dragonborn delivered the coup de grace by pulling his sword out and sliced off the boy's head. The boy's body collapsed into a heap on the ground and his head rolled away a look of utter surprise on his face, blood trickling from his mouth.

Blood spurted from the stump where the boy's head was on his body and stained the ground.

"Freeze! Put your hands in the air!" a voice commanded and Jerek turned around to see some foot-soldiers who had been observing the fight "You are now under arrest for the murder of a Regime officer!" the lead foot soldier shouted.

"You and what army?" Jerek taunted as he readied himself for combat.

"He's resisting! Shoot him!" the foot soldier shouted and he and his fellow soldiers fired their weapons, Jerek ducked behind a statue and pulled out his enchanted staff and prepared a destruction spell in his left hand.

Giving his opponents a moment to stop firing, Jerek leapt and from his staff he fired a fireball which exploded at the feet of the first row of soldiers and from his left hand he fired an ice storm which blasted back the survivors of the first spell.

"Call for backup!" a surviving soldier shouted as he tried to crawl away when a booted foot stood on him

"Not until you tell me where I am!" Jerek growled into the soldier's ear.

"We can tell you that!" a voice said and Jerek turned to see three oddly garbed individuals; one wore some kind of red armour with gold accents and a lightning bolt on his chest, the second was a tall muscular man wearing dark robes and a glowing thunderbolt on his chest and the third individual was a woman wearing a hood and robe and had red skin and yellow eyes.

"And who might you three be?" Jerek asked cautiously as he levelled his stave at the three individuals.

"My name is Flash, and with me are Shazam and Raven, you are under arrest!" the clad man said.

"Under what charges?" Jerek asked.

"For the murder of Superboy, a Regime officer" The tall muscular man said "Make this easier on yourself and surrender" he said.

"And if I refuse?" Jerek asked.

"Then we will have to use lethal force to bring you in" the red skinned woman stated with an almost gleeful tone.

"Here's an idea: you three walk away right now and I won't have to kill any of you" Jerek replied.

"Flash? What do we do?" the dark haired man asked uncertainly.

"We'll have to bring him in" Flash said resignedly.

Jerek reacted first


The power of the Unrelenting Force Shout blasted the three individuals back, though the dark haired man was able to keep his foot but left deep furrows in the ground as he was pushed back.

"What the hell was that?!" Flash groaned as he stood up.

"I… am not sure" Raven replied "It is some kind of magic I've never seen before!" she said.

"Not likely to ever again" Jerek stated as he drew his sword and charged forward; Shazam flew towards the Dragonborn to punch him but the warrior's sword had longer reach and was able to cut into Shazam's cheek.

"Argh!" Shazam cried out as he felt the sting of the extraordinarily sharp sword cut into his flesh and he rolled away and touched his wounded cheek and pulled away to see a small smattering of blood on his fingers.

"What the hell are you?" Shazam asked the warrior who turned to regard him and replied

"I am Dragonborn!" he said and he charged at Shazam again and shouted three unintelligible words


Shazam was then encased in solid ice and actually struggled to break free of the magical ice that held him.

"Raven! Take him down!" Flash shouted. Raven nodded and conjured a blast of lightning at the Dragonborn who dodged the attack and switching to his staff, he blasted a fireball at the red skinned witch.

Raven was caught in the explosion and fell to the ground groaning in pain.

Flash then sped around the Dragonborn punching him at high speeds. Jerek grunted in pain as he was punched rapidly and he could barely keep up any defences and in act of desperation he stuck out one booted foot, hoping to trip up the speedster.

Flash gave a yelp as he was suddenly tripped up and sent face-planting into the ground, Jerek stood over his fallen opponent and prepared to deliver the final blow when he was punched in the back of the head.

Jerek fell to the ground unconscious, the last things he heard were

"He's tougher than we thought" a voice said.

"Let's get him to Stryker Island" another voice replied and then Jerek blacked out.

Jerek later awoke in restraints and he looked around and saw that he was some kind of prison cell and he was currently wearing orange clothing and a small set of numbers were on the chest above his heart.

"What the hell?" Jerek muttered.

"Hey! Buddy! In the cell across from you!" a voice said and Jerek looked across to see a young man watching him.

"What happened? Where am I?" Jerek asked the young man.

"You're in Stryker Island Prison" the young man replied.

"Who are you?" Jerek asked.

"My name's Anarky. And you're the guy that offed Superboy!" the young man replied.

"Is it a crime to defend yourself?" Jerek asked curiously.

"In some circumstances no, but if you kill a Regime officer, one of them Capes" Anarky replied "You're guaranteed to get either life in prison or the death sentence" he said.

"What are you in for?" Jerek asked.

"I stood up to Superman, tried to fight back against his Regime but I was caught and for my troubles I ended up in here" Anarky replied "I'm lucky I didn't get the death sentence!" he added.

"And who is this Superman?" Jerek asked.

Then there was the marching of footsteps and Anarky quickly said

"I can't talk right now!" he said "But if, IF, you get back here in one piece I'll tell you everything I know!"

Then an oddly garbed woman with long dark hair with a sword and shield over her back stopped in front of Jerek's cell and said

"You, the High Councillor would like a word with you!" she ordered as the door to Jerek's cell was opened.

Jerek went peacefully with the warrior woman, his hands were cuffed behind his back and he was frogmarched down the hallways of this prison, nearly everyone in their cells were whispering and giving Jerek glances.

Soon Jerek was brought into a white room where there was a steel table and two chairs and standing beside the table was a tall man with his dark hair slicked back and wearing an odd uniform of red and blue, an S on his chest and a long red cape that reached his calves.

"Thank you Diana, you may go" the man said to the warrior woman.

"Are you sure, Kal?" Diana asked "Flash said that this criminal possesses powerful abilities and was able to kill Superboy!" she said.

"I'll be fine, Diana. Now go, I want to be alone with our new prisoner" Kal replied. Diana gave Kal an unsure look and sent a warning glare to Jerek who returned it with cool indifference.

After Diana had left, Kal then spoke to Jerek

"Please, have a seat" he said, Jerek cautiously sat in a chair while Kal did the same and sat opposite him and looked at him carefully.

Jerek could tell that this Kal was troubled; something very bad had been done to the man to severely unbalance him and left him with some kind of issues.

"I gather by now, you must have guessed who I am" Kal said to Jerek after a moment of silence.

"No" Jerek replied "And frankly I don't care who you are" he said stonily.

A dark look crossed over Kal's eyes briefly before he spoke

"You should care, because I have the power of life and death over you" he said carefully.

"The last person who said that same line to me, I killed with my blade" Jerek replied.

"So you're not afraid to kill" Kal observed "That explains why you killed Superboy in cold blood" he remarked.

"To be fair, your Superboy attacked me first, so I responded in kind" Jerek replied.

Kal was silent for a moment before he spoke again

"Where do you come from?" he asked.

"Skyrim" Jerek replied.

"Skyrim?" Kal repeated.

"Yes" came Jerek's reply.

"And where is Skyrim?" Kal asked.

"It is the northernmost province of the Cyrodil Empire" Jerek replied plainly. Kal looked slightly confused before saying

"So you're from another universe" he stated.

"If you mean realm, then yes, I am from another universe" Jerek said.

"That explains your choice in weaponry and armour" Kal remarked drily "How did you come here to this universe?" he asked.

"It's a long story" Jerek replied.

"I have all the time in the world" Kal said.

"Just for one man's story?" Jerek asked "I doubt that" he said.

"If you tell me your story, I may be able to help you" Kal offered.

Jerek thought about Kal's offer and replied

"I tell you my story, you tell me yours" he said.

"You're not in a position to negotiate" Kal replied warningly.

"It's a simple request, I tell you my story, you tell me yours" Jerek said "Or is that too hard to do?" he asked.

"No. No it isn't" Kal said as he relaxed "So, regale me with your story" he then said.

Jerek then told Kal his life story of how he had travelled to Skyrim and how he slayed his first dragon and devoured its soul earning the name Dragonborn. Then Jerek told Kal of his adventures after defeating Alduin; everything from slaying vampires to defeating Miraak the First Dragonborn in Apocrypha and how absorbing all the dragon souls within Miraak's body had sent him here.

Whilst the tale seemed outlandish to Kal, he had no way to disprove it and he sat in his chair silently and spoke

"So, you really didn't intend to come here" he said slowly.

"Your turn now" Jerek replied which made Kal look up and reply

"I don't think you'd understand what I've done to get here" he said.

"Try me" Jerek said.

"I'll tell you when I'm ready" Kal said as he pressed a button on the sleeve of his armour and Diana re-entered the room

"Diana, take Dragonborn here back to his cell" Kal said to her.

"By your orders, High Councillor" Diana replied with a warrior's salute.

Jerek was then marched back to his cell and placed inside and the door locked behind him.

As soon as Diana left, Jerek heard Anarky's voice again

"You're alive, huh? Guess Two-Face owes me money now" he said in an almost gleeful tone.

"You made bets if I would live?" Jerek asked.

"No" Anarky replied "We were betting when you would come back" he said to clarify.

Jerek ignored that and spoke to the man

"You were going to tell me about this Superman" he said as though it weren't a question.

"Well you pretty much met the guy just now. That was Superman" Anarky replied.

"Any reason why he's called Superman?" Jerek asked.

"Because under Earth's sun, he has superhuman abilities such as being able to fly, super-strength, blast laser beams outta his eyes, invulnerability and a lot of other stuff" Anarky replied.

"And this… Superboy… I killed, was he Superman's son?" Jerek asked.

"Sorta kinda" Anarky replied "He was Superman's clone, so in a way, he was Superman's son" he said "And the fact that Superman hasn't killed you yet shows how lucky you are!" he added.

"So what's the story behind Superman?" Jerek asked.

"Basically, he's an alien from another planet that was destroyed when he was a baby and he crash landed here on this planet and when he grew up, he became Superman" Anarky replied.

"And now he rules this world?" Jerek asked.

"Not before the death of his wife Lois and their unborn child" Anarky replied. And so Anarky explained about how the Joker had tricked Superman into killing his beloved Lois and triggering a nuclear bomb that destroyed much of the city that he protected; Superman had killed the Joker in retaliation and went on the path of a tyrant and with the help of other heroes such as Diana who went by the name Wonder Woman and filled in the space of what Lois was to Superman, and after five years, Superman had finally taken over the planet and his word was now law.

"So he was justified in killing the Joker" Jerek said to himself.

"Yeah, I mean, I may be an anarchist but I would never trick a man into killing his own wife!" Anarky said.

"Are there any resistance groups out there fighting this Regime?" Jerek asked him.

"There's Batman's Insurgency" Anarky replied and he explained who Batman was.

After the explanation, Jerek was enlightened and he spoke

"We'll have to break out of this place" he declared.

"Good idea" Anarky said "But this place is a giant death trap! We wouldn't make it outside!" he bemoaned.

"Have any other prisoners tried to escape before?" Jerek asked.

"There are a few, but they always get caught by one of Superman's enforcers and are either killed, or put in the Hole!" Anarky replied.

"The Hole?" Jerek repeated.

"It's a big solitary confinement cell, no daylight, bare minimum of rations and putrid conditions" Anarky explained "They have Vandal Savage locked up in there permanently because they can't kill him!" he said.

"Why not?" Jerek asked.

"Because he's immortal" Anarky replied "He's been around for hundreds of thousands of years and he isn't dead!" he said.

"Nonsense, no one's immortal" Jerek replied.

"If you say so" Anarky said "But if anyone knows how to get outta this place it'll be Vandal!" he said.

"Then we'll have to get an audience with him somehow" Jerek stated.

"That's the easy part" Anarky replied "You just have to do something to get yourself thrown in the Hole" he said.

Then there was a loud buzzing sound and the cell doors opened and Jerek stepped out of his cell as did Anarky and every other prisoner in the cellblock.

"Feeding time" Anarky muttered "Let's go see what slop the cooks have made for us today" he said.

Jerek followed after the other prisoners and into the cafeteria where everyone grabbed a tray and lined up to be served their rations.

The rations consisted of some kind of gruel, a little meat and vegetables and some little carton that contained milk.

Everyone was watching Jerek carefully and whispering to one another; Jerek ignored their stares and sat down at a table with Anarky and ate his rations.

"Hey! You there! Are you the guy that offed Superboy?" a harsh gravelly voice asked, Jerek turned to see an odd looking man.

The right side of his face looked completely normal but the left side of his face was pretty much burned and rotten.

"Who wants to know?" Jerek asked.

"Name's Two-Face" the man replied "So are you the guy that killed Superboy?" he asked.

"What if I did?" Jerek replied cautiously.

"Then you haven't got long to live, Superman will kill you personally for killing his own flesh and blood" Two-face said with a grin.

"Speaking of which, I believe you owe Anarky money" Jerek said as he gestured to Anarky.

"Matter of fact I do" Two-Face said as he flipped a coin, looked at it and spoke

"Sorry, can't give your buddy my cash" Two-face said matter-of-factly.

"Why not?" Jerek asked.

"Flipped the coin and it said no. Simple as that" Two-face replied with a smile.

"What kind of idiot let's a coin decide for him?" Jerek asked.

"It's how he is, Dragonborn" Anarky muttered "He decides everything with that coin" he said.

"That's just stupid!" Jerek hissed.

"Well, I flipped a coin to decide whether or not to give Anarky the money I owe him and it said no" Two-face said smugly.

"How about I decide to put my fist down your throat?" Jerek asked threateningly as he stood up and easily towered over Two-face.

"I'd like to see you try!" Two-face retorted as he looked Jerek in the eyes.

Jerek slammed his forehead into Two-face's nose and was rewarded with the crunch of bone and cartilage and a spray of blood.

"ARGH! You… motherfucker!" Two-face growled as he clutched his broken and bleeding nose and launched himself at the Dragonborn who easily landed a hefty kick into the former District Attorney's chest and sent him flying across the room.

Two-face was left groaning in pain as he clutched his now cracked sternum and ribs.

"Who's next?" Jerek asked his voice dripping with menace, every inmate looked at the Nord warrior warily and slowly sat back down in their chairs and tried not to look the warrior in the eyes.

"Alright, what the hell's going on here?!" a loud voice demanded and entering the room was a woman wearing armour and on her back were an enormous pair of wings and she held in her hands a large mace.

"Who in the name of Oblivion are you?" Jerek asked.

"I ask the questions around here, prisoner!" the woman replied as she gripped her mace "Show some respect!" she ordered.

"I bow to no man! Let alone a woman!" Jerek taunted.

"Ooooooooh!" every prisoner uttered.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate" the winged woman said as she idly twirled her mace in her hand as she walked around Jerek sizing him up.

Jerek knew this kind of tactic; it was common in prisons that guards would try to beat some sense into a prisoner who would stand up to them and just when the prisoner would least expect it, the guard would then hit them from behind with their weapon.

The Nord warrior counted down the seconds before the winged woman would strike him

3… 2… 1…

The mace was swung hard at Jerek's head, but he easily ducked and used a leg sweep to thrown the woman off balance.

"Good try, but where I come from that's the oldest trick in the book" Jerek taunted as he stood over the winged woman and placed one foot on her mace hand pinning it.

"What's going on here?" a familiar voice asked and Jerek turned to see Kal and Diana had entered the room.

"High Councillor!" the wing woman cried "I was trying to teach this prisoner some respect!" she tried to say.

"It's alright, Hawkgirl, you were provoked, I saw what happened" Kal said reassuringly as he walked up to Jerek and looked him in the eye.

"Have you anything to say in your defence, prisoner?" he asked Jerek who replied

"I'll show you all respect once you show me respect, simple as that and I don't appreciate cowardly attacks from behind like what your guard dog tried to do" he said.

Diana bristled and spoke

"Show the High Councillor some respect, scum!" she bristled and threatened to draw her sword.

"I suggest you keep your bitch on a leash" Jerek said to Kal who raised an eyebrow, Diana lost her temper and swung her sword hard and fast at the Dragonborn who flipped Hawkgirl's mace into the air, grabbed it and blocked Diana's sword strike.


Diana was astounded at how easily the Nord warrior blocked her strike

"Impressive trick" Kal remarked "Not many are able to block Wonder Woman's attacks" he said.

"I've faced better warriors then her" Jerek replied. Diana's face contorted into anger as she clenched the hilt of her sword harder, Kal put a hand on her shoulder to calm her to which she reluctantly did and she slowly sheathed her sword again.

"High Councillor" Diana finally said to Kal "Perhaps putting this prisoner in the Hole for a few days will cool him down?" she suggested.

"Good idea" Kal said as he turned on his heel and left the cafeteria.

"And what if I say no?" Jerek asked, Diana quickly punched in the temple and knocked the Nord warrior unconscious

"Who said you had a choice?" she smirked cruelly and she ordered some nearby guards to drag Jerek to the Hole.


Jerek awoke with a groan and looked around; he was currently in a dark dingy place, there was barely any light illuminating the place and there was a faint damp musty smell.

"So, finally awake I see" a voice said from Jerek's side and the Nord warrior looked to see a large imposing man sitting on a stone bench with a hand rolled cigarette in his mouth.

"I take it this place is the Hole?" Jerek asked rhetorically as he sat up and leaned against the stone wall.

"Correct and you must be the new prisoner" the man replied "The one that killed Superboy" he finished.

"Dragonborn" Jerek said introducing himself "And you must be Vandal Savage?" he asked.

"Indeed I am" Vandal replied as he took a puff of his cigarette and blew out a stream of smoke, he then looked at Jerek and held out another hand rolled cigarette

"Want one?" he asked politely.

"No thanks" Jerek replied "I've heard rumours that you may know a way out of this place" he stated.

"And where, pray tell, did you hear such rumours?" Vandal asked in an amused tone.

"From someone called Anarky" Jerek replied.

"Never liked that little hooded punk myself, but you heard right, I do know a way out of this place" Vandal said.

"Then why haven't you escaped yet?" Jerek asked curiously.

"An observant one I see" Vandal said "You could say that I'm waiting for the opportune moment to make my escape" he explained as he took another pull at his cigarette and blew another stream of smoke.

"Have there been any opportune moments?" Jerek asked neutrally.

"I think I can see one approaching" Vandal replied coyly.

"Would you tell me how to escape this place?" Jerek asked.

"I could" Vandal replied "But… it'll cost you" he smirked.

"Name your price" Jerek said.

"Your life story" Vandal replied.

"My life story? You'll tell me how to escape if I tell you my life story? That's it?" Jerek asked sceptically.

"You're a newcomer here, and completely unknown to me, so I'm naturally curious about you" Vandal replied "But if you'd rather stay and rot in this prison, that's up to you" he said.

Jerek thought it over in his head: there had to be more to what Vandal was asking of him, this man seemed like the cunning trickster to the Dovahkiin, but what had he to lose by telling Vandal his life story?

"Made up your mind yet? Better hurry, or I'll lose interest" Vandal said teasingly.

"Alright, I'll tell you my story, but you'd better come through with your part of the bargain" Jerek warned.

"I'm all ears then" Vandal replied as he made himself as comfortable as he could be given that the only furniture he had was a stone bench.

So the Dovahkiin regaled the Savage with his tales of how he came to be and of his destiny and adventures in his homeland. Vandal listened on with interest of how Jerek had defeated dragons, vampires and other monsters.

Occasionally, Vandal would stop and ask a question about a subject in Jerek's story which the Nord warrior patiently explained to him in detail which was enough to satisfy the immortal's curiosity.

After a few hours, Jerek had finished his tale and Vandal looked at him carefully and spoke

"If I weren't an immortal and seen all manner of crazy things, I would've called your tale outright ridiculous" he murmured.

"You don't believe me?" Jerek asked.

"Oh I do believe you" Vandal replied "The question is whether or not to tell you how to escape this place" he said.

"If you won't tell me how to escape this place, then I'll just have to find my own way then" Jerek retorted.

"So feisty" Vandal mused "Very well, I'll tell you, so listen closely" he whispered, Jerek inched closer to Vandal's cell and listened to Vandal's whispering words of how to escape the prison.

To be continued…