it is has been a month since Jason got off rook island. One day Carly and Sam were filming icarly and they brought Jason as a guest and asked him questions and vass showed up. Vass yelled all of you on the fucking ground and he took Jason Freddie Sam Carly spencer and mrs benson. 5 hours later they got on the island and Carly asked Sam what do we do. Jason said kill them Carly said no vass came in started talking to the pirates. Sam asked vass to shut up numb head vass chuckles and says no not like that more like this shut the fuck up

Freddie's pov

I never heard language like that in my life I said my mom told me to not help jason when he starts killing

No ones pov

Jason found a knife in his back pocket and grabbed and cut himself free e also went and stabbed the guard and mrs. Benson got mad at Jason. She said why who'd do that Jason said did you want to die. She said well no

Jason cut them all free and stole his AK-47. Freddie cried holy shit you can do some damage. What your mouth young man said benson. Carly was running to a boat and she screamed