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Ch1 rebirth of a legend

deep in the reaches of space a large blue space craft was traversing the galaxy. the man piloting is a middle aged looking man with spikey black hair and a goatee. The man in question was wearing a pure white shirt, over that was a dark red jacket that basic jeans a pair of scarlet red and white shoes a pair of green wristbands and black fingerless gloves. the craft itself was large enough to house at the least 6 people comfortably, The design of the ship gave it several different layers and sections including 6 rooms with doors of assorted colors, one red, one yellow, one pink, one blue, one black, and one silver.

"decka activate full auto pilot and scan airspace for any planets emitting unique or potent energy signatures." the man stated getting up from the captains chair and walking to a secluded room. inside of the room was totally secluded except for a pedestal in the center of it. on the pedestal where five items a wrist mounted device with a star in the center, next to that was a unique key of some kind connected to a keychain that looked like a high tech gear shift, next was a metallic wrist band of some kind with a jet black gem placed in the center, The last two items seemed to be a part of a matched set a pair of built buckle like items each with a gold coin in the center the coins each had a unique symbol.

'I feel today may finally be the day that our search may reach fruition.' the man thought to himself.

'agreed tommy, I must commend you after years of service to the power rangers and housing the remnants of my spirit you have agreed to take the astro megaship across the galaxy in search of a power source that could revive the energy of the morphers.' an ethereal sounding voice rang through his head

'of course I did Zordon. after Kira and Adam told me how the sentinel knight was able to use his energy to temporarily reactivate their morphers I knew that there must be something that could be used to do the same thing on a long term level. sadly there was nothing currently on earth that seemed to be able to do the trick, so I had to travel the galaxy. Not to mention the little battle we had with...' tommy's thoughts were interrupted by the voice of decka the ships automated computer.

"Doctor oliver intensive energy signature found on secluded planet in star system" a with that statement tommy stepped out of the room. And back into the command center

"Decka analyze the planet see what may be known about it." tommy ordered looking at the planet that looks slightly like earth.

"Negative No information on secluded planet can be found in the database, scans do show that the planet has an atmosphere nearly identical to earth and ko-35."

Tommy grew a big smile with that statement. He proceeded to walk to the pink door way opening it to reveal a sleeping chamber of some kind on the side of it a key pad with the words cryo-sleep activated in bright red letters. tommy pressed a series of buttons on the key pad, the pod then opened to reveal a blond haired woman looking to be in her forties. The woman awoke groggily to the sight of the man she loved. "Hello Tommy"

"Hey Kat it seems we have a planet safe for us to be on normally I figured you would want to see it up close with me." tommy said smiling at his beloved wife.

'Tommy before you proceed there is something I must tell you I am familiar with this uncharted planet. it is known to the few familiar with it as planet Shinju, home to the sage of the six paths, his brother and two sons all of which where capable of near impossible feats including creating mighty and sentient life out of pure energy, if we can find the sage he may be able to help us on our goal, but we must be cautious mighty beasts of giant proportions also inhabit the planet along with the human life.' Zordon stated warning tommy of the potential danger of this planet.

"Decka scan for highest area of humanoid life and prep the astro megaship for take off." Tommy said helping kat out of her sleeping pod before an alarm began blazing out of control.

"Error un sanctioned activation of mega rider launch tubes." decka shouted over the alarm. Tommy rushed with all his speed to the hanger greeted with the sight of a slimy man with skin of a deep purple color adorned in black and purple robes preparing to go down the red tube.

"Ivan!" Tommy shouts rushing towards him arriving just short to stop ivan as travels down the tube shot down to planet shinju at near light speed.

Katherine ran in to see her husband stunned standing there frustrated in a room he doesn't even seem to notice is covered in slime. "tommy what on earth happened here?"

"ivan ooze...he snuck on the ship somehow and he is now escaping to planet shinju."

"ivan, but we haven't seen him since he tried to attack you back on earth, how did he get on the ship in the first place?" Katherine asked though tommy seemed to be ignoring her as he examined the damage ivan had done in an event to slow them down.

"With the computer jammed in here we cant even track his landing, the best thing we can do is take the megaship and hope to find the needed power source, if we do we can morph and try and take him down when he comes for us." With that tommy stepped into the mega ship Katherine following suit.

Tommy pulled from his pockets two of the morphers he had retrieved from the secluded room, The two buckle like items holding the uniquely designed coins. "Hold onto the power coins, if you find a power source or this sage of the six paths you can attempt to jumpstart these."

The two took little time at all to arrive on the planet just outside of the highly populated area which they noticed had a large entry way with a pair of large gate doors wide open. When they looked inside they noticed an interesting variety of clothing on the natives including a few people in uniform consisting of green flack jackets and headbands with a symbol reminiscent of a leaf. tommy and Katherine immediately concluding these

Katherine reached to her side pulling out a scanner of some sort before waving it through the air " Tommy the energy readings in the area is off the charts! There are even varying levels of energy coming from the people but its not on them like radiation it seems to actually be coming from them.

"we should tread lightly, ill try and find more information about the sage, you stay near the ship and scan the entire city for the biggest source of energy. Keep yourself cloaked ill be waiting to hear from you on my communicator." Tommy said as kat activated the ships camouflage feature.

With that Tommy walked through the gate being stopped by the front guards "welcome to konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves state your business. " one of the two men at the front gate stated seeming slightly bored with his job.

" I Need to talk with Hagoromo Ōtsutsuk it is quite urgent" tommy said before noticing the people looking more then slightly confused.

"um who?" the guard said this was strange to say the least they had no memory of anyone by that name having ever come to konoha, and they knew of pretty much everyone who had been to konoha for the last seven years.

"you may know him better as the sage of six paths." tommy said hoping that this was just a case of the man being better known by his title. What happened next can only be described as surprising the two guards suddenly began a fit of laughter like no other.

"um I'm sorry to laugh sir but the sage of six paths is a legend a piece of history, no one even knows if he ever existed." the chuunin looked at tommy taking the first good look at the man and seeing how out of place he seemed and not just in attire. Most people outside of a ninja village wouldn't even know of the sages existence, and those in foreign ninja villages wouldn't use that as their way of infiltration, the man didn't seem insane either meaning he truly was expecting to find the sage of six paths here.

tommy stopped to think to himself if the information on the sage may not be true then that means that tommy had no way of knowing what information he could rely on he needed to figure out everything he could and find out where the energy these people had inside of them comes from it might still hold the key to powering the morphers.

"look I know you have no reason to let me, but you must trust me when I say I need to talk to your leader." tommy said not even realizing he was glowing slightly for a moment the light seeming to release feelings of good.

the two guards couldn't explain why but they where compelled to listen they could feel this man meant good intentions and that whatever he needed was important. with that feeling compelling them they personally escorted the stranger to their leader the third hokage.

The Third hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi sat in his office taking a light puff of smoke from his pipe as he looked at what he'd never admit out loud was one of his favorite teams consisting of a young pale skinned dark haired boy with eyes darker then his hair, a girl with fair skin bright pink hair and emerald green eyes, and last of all was a boy with lightly tanned skin bright blond hair matched with bright blue eyes. These children where Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzumaki. They where accompanied by their jonin instructor a man with spikey grey hair and wearing the standard forehead protector as an eye patch and a mask covering the bottom half of his face, this man was Kakashi hatake. Hiruzen looked at the team as they awaited a mission. Hiruzen found one that was suitable for them when he was interrupted by the two chuunin normally on gate duty came in a man following shortly behind.

"Izumo Kotetsu what brings you in here in the middle of the day im assuming It is incredibly important." hiruzen said keeping himself composed though he was upset with the two for simply barging in.

"lord hokage it is very important that this man speaks with you immediately." kotetsu stated izumo franticly nodding in agreement.

"um lord hokage I am Doctor Oliver and I am in need of your assistance and strange as it sounds this could very will be important to the safety of the planet." tommy said hiruzen looked intently if not a bit skeptical "I would need to talk to you in private as this is sensitive information."

hiruzen looked skeptical but listened to the man none the less as he ushered the ninja to step outside "Kakashi ill make sure to speak to you and your team shortly please all of you just wait outside. kotetsu you and izumo return to your position." everyone bowed with the exclusion of Naruto who wanted to argue but was pulled out regardless.

"we now have the privacy you wanted so please dr. Oliver what is it that you need to speak to me about. "

"i know this will sound strange I am not from here, I am from a planet similar to this one in another section of the galaxy miles away." tommy said waiting for it to settle and the shock to register but the shock on his face never came "you don't seem surprised by this news."

"my dear boy I have sat through three wars with people doing things I'm sure would be considered unreal if I told them. my teacher and late successor were both able to manipulate the fabric of space and time you will find in my age I no longer find myself able to be stunned by information." hiruzen said his eyes full of sage wisdom.

"well id like you to wait till I've finished the story before saying that. On my planet a group made many times over known as the power rangers we have fought the evil that has plagued our world for years. I have been a member of this group 5 different times and now I am here on this world looking for a way to restart the power that I used to use to save the world, originally it was to stop the forces that plagued my planet. This has changed now that an old enemy of one of the founders of the rangers zordon is trying to use the powers of previous world destroying forces for a goal I don't even know. I thought I had stopped him a year ago but it seems he stowed away on my ship and is here now."

the aged hokage could do nothing but sit there frozen something told him the man in question wasn't lying meaning all of this is one hundred percent true and hiruzen could tell he hadn't even heard the whole story "well it seems there are some things that can still surprise me... Well doctor oliver I value this village each of its members are like my family meaning if what you say is true I will do everything I can to help you.

"thank you lord hokage, the first thing I need is information on this world then I need you to explain the energy your people have in them." as tommy was preparing to continue the conversation he heard the rhythmic beeping of his communicator on his wrist.

"come in kat whats going on?" tommy asked

"tommy! ooze men and tengu a small fleet of about 20 they are trying to take the morphers. I need your help." kat said as on her side she attempted to hold off the tengu and ooze men for as long as she can.

tommy stood in the hokages office looking distressed "my wife Is in danger I need to go to her quickly!"

the hokage nodded "take team seven with you to provide back up you may need them."

tommy nodded heading outside and looking at the children and there elder mentor assuming they where the ones hiruzen was referring to. "The hokage requested that you come with me its urgent."

Kakashi looked skeptical but still his team followed as they rushed to Katherine from the rough tops of the village. Kakashi was surprised to find that Doctor Oliver was capable of keeping up with them, and Tommy was still surprised that people could move with this much speed. it did not take long for them to arrive to the outskirts of the forest to see the fleet consisting of purple ooze like humanoid monsters with what looked like dreadlocks coupled with a large group of giant bird like monsters. two of the ooze men had gripped Katherine who was fighting just to keep the power coins out of their hands.

"gah! Kakashi sensei what the hell are those freaky things?" Naruto said looking creeped out

"i don't know Naruto but whatever it is we have to be careful. alright team get in position." kakashi said as he and his young subordinates got into their stances

"ok while they have that woman we cant use any lethal force Naruto you create clones to scatter their defenses, Sasuke you use your sharingan to move through the defenses and sakura you follow behind Sasuke once your in close get the woman out then I can finish them. " Kakashi said frustrated he needed to put his team in danger but he was still tired from a mission he had done earlier,

"got it!" was the unison answer from the team as Naruto put his fingers into a cross like position "shadow clone jutsu " he said as a large poof of smoke hit and from it ten narutos appeared as the charged at the opposing fleet pushing them back with his combined assaults.

as soon as the clones and tengu began fighting Sasuke triggered his sharingan the red eye with one tomoe in each one spun to life and the battle slowed down slightly as he rushed through too get to the second wave and get the hostage out "don't slow me down sakura we need to do this quickly" Sasuke said to his teammate as they moved usurping her to speed herself up.

Sasuke and sakura simultaneously jumped in the air delivering flying kicks to the two ooze men holding on to Katherine causing them to go flying back and the power coins to go in the other direction Sasuke then continued his onslaught using his sharingan to move through the enemy to get the two women out as they dispatched with any ooze men or tengu as they came at them. Unfortunately for the well coordinated team assault a tengu swooped from the air tossing Sasuke into the original Naruto causing the clones to disperse.

the two boys skidded to a halt next to the power coins they picked them up as they looked at the tengu ganging up not only on Kat but Sakura as well.

"sakura!" the two boys shouted their emotions causing their chakra to surge and flow to the power coins they where holding causeing something to trigger that simply could not be explained.

"Dragonzord" Sasuke shouted as his body became enveloped in green light

"white tigerzord" Naruto shouted as he was enveloped in a glow of pure white light.

when the light cleared the two were standing there in full body suits Sasuke's being green with white gloves and boots. He wore a helmet with a black visor he also had a golden chest plate strapped to his left leg was a dagger of some kind.

Naruto was in a white suit with a black torso and a golden coin in the center he also had a pair of white boots and white gloves, his helmet was white with golden trim on the front and a black visor as well. on his right leg was a short sword with a tiger head on the handle.

tommy stood there dumbfounded 'Zordon how did this happen?' tommy mentally asked

'it appears tommy that their energies were compatible with the morphers this caused them to be able to reactivate them.' Zordon stated curious to what this turn of events.

the two rangers looked at each other before racing through and dispatching of the enemies. Naruto using a series of lunge kicks lept from enemy to enemy slashing them with his sword as he lept.

Sasuke raced through them delivering quick compact blows as he did so. the tengu attempted to grab him but he used the momentum of his running to toss said tengu into the crowd.

The two pulled Kat and Sakura from the ooze men's grasp as they brought them to safety they transformed back without a word falling unconscious

Kakashi saw his opening building up energy into his hand as it cackled to life with electricity Kakashi then rushed through the remaining fleet before they could respond "lightning blade!" the attack pierced through them turning them all back into ooze as Kakashi panted but held himself up

'the power currently in the boys hands, the abilities people on this planet have, ivans little foot soldiers it seems we have a lot to talk about' tommy thought

Naruto leaned against Katherine awakening "oh good are you ok?" Katherine asked genuinely concerned as using the power coins not reactivated can be dangerous.

"yeah im fine nothing to worry about Katherine san" Kat looked surprised at this as did everyone else except Sasuke who was still out.

"how do you know my name?" She asked "i don't remember anyone saying it"

" not sure I just get the feeling like I've known you for a long time." Naruto said causing everyone to look at him strange

'indeed much we must discuss tommy.'

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