Hi, everyone, I'm not dead! This story is written for the Cross Fandom Pairing Challenge, the link is on my profile. There is a slight modification to Harry Potter timeline, as the first Wizarding War would only be ending in 1989. Otherwise, it should adhere to canon, on both sides. This story is rated T to be safe. There will be some violence, since there will be a war (or mentions of one), but other than that, it should be pretty child friendly.

Fandoms: Rise Of The Guardians & Harry Potter
Characters: North & Nymphadora Tonks


She was seven when she first used magic, albeit accidentally. Well, that excludes the times she made her hair vibrantly violet because she could, or the times she made her nose become crooked like her grandmother's, or the times… well, all the times she altered her appearances, obviously.

She grew up being told to keep her head down and learn everything she could, to better equip herself, to prepare for the eventuality. What eventuality, she had no idea, but she did what she was told, dutifully, if only to make her parents less worried. They were always anxious, she noticed, but she never quite understood why. Sure, she knew that they lived in a world where a scary wizard controls everything, and that the scary wizard does not like their family, for some reason, but she did not understand why her parents could not be happy like her, why they always walked around with their heads down and a semi-frown on their face. They were strong and brave people who deserves to hold their heads high and they were the most powerful people she had ever known.

(Not that she had known many people at that age - her closest friend was her bunny, Mr. Hippity Hoppity Hop, and her kitten, Muppets. And there was the new boy down the streets, Jacques Tabot, the only one in their little town who would talk to her without belittling her, the only one who treated her as an equal, but she wasn't sure if he counted as a friend, because they only knew each other for a grand total of three days.)

It was the day before Christmas Eve. She had not truly understood what was going on, not when her parents came back from their jobs and woke her up in the middle of the night, telling her that she needs to get dressed and pack everything she could not leave behind. Not when they were reassuring her that everything was alright even though they were going somewhere else and might not be coming back for quite awhile. Not when they were telling her that she might never meet her newest best friend, Jacques, again.

Then again, she did not need to understand what was going on. When they came, wands drawn, she knew enough to understand that this was probably why her parents were always tense. They fought, of course, but the battle was clearly lost before it started. Barely half a minute after those creepy wizards and witches knocked down the door, her parents went down too. They cleared out, looking for something, when one of them noticed her. She knew that he shouted something, but she could not really hear him. She scrambled backwards, out of their reach, trying to get away. At that time, she had frantically wished that her parents would be safe and alright, until the big bad wizard was gone and the world was no longer in such a disarray. That was all she could truly remember up till then. Because, the next thing she knew, she was in midair somewhere definitely not in the vicinity of her house.

Correction - she was in midair, in a sleigh, face to face with Santa Claus. At least, someone who looks like Santa Claus, who was also riding in a sleigh drawn by reindeers. If she had not been scared witless barely a few seconds ago, she probably would have reacted with excitement and enthusiasm and pelted him with a few hundred questions. As it was, she was terrified, scared out of her mind and going into the 'overloaded' zone in her head. Everything happened too suddenly, went by too fast, giving her no time to catch up and it was too much for a seven year old still half in shock to comprehend. So she did what most people would do in her situation.

She passed out.

(Well, actually, she fainted. From the shock, or the fact that the first time she actually used her magic, she used too much, she could not tell. But she would never admit that she fainted. Truthfully, she only swayed a little, before passing out. Passing out, not fainting. Nymphadora Tonks do not do fainting, no, sire, she has dignity too.)

When she woke up the next morning, though, she was back at home, in a house with everything upturned, as if someone had let a gale sweep through it. Her parents laid next to her, unconscious but thankfully not dead. Not yet. The way they were, though, so still… She was scared for them. So she ran down the street to get help.

She ignored the incident in favour of the more immediate matters. Afterwards, she choose to forgot about it, pushing it to the back of her mind. She never wanted to picture her parents like that, ever again.

It was 1984, and she was on the train to Hogwarts. She was reading her storybook, Jack Blank, when someone knocked on the door to her compartment and asked her if he could stay there. Curiosity had her letting him stay, after which he introduced himself as Charlie Weasley. Despite being sorted into Hufflepuff whereas he was sorted into Gryffindor, they remained good friends. She was introduced to Bill Weasley, Charlie's older brother, and he quickly became a mentor to both of them. He had a sense of humour she liked.

Charlie taught her how to handle the nifflers and all the other pets Hagrid introduces them to, while she helped him in Defence against Dark Arts, helping him learn the spells. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement, and they were both content with it. Until they were both 13 and she realised that she had came to see him as more than a friend and asked him out, since it seemed unlikely that he would make the first move. Of course, he rejected her. It put a strain on their friendship, and they drifted apart.

Then it was the Christmas holidays and she was one of the only people left in school, since her parents did not dare have her home that year. It's been three years since she had celebrated Christmas at home, and she missed it. So she borrowed one of the school brooms and went flying. Swooping up and down, doing barrels and enjoying herself, she felt free. She could not understand why, but she always felt safe when she was high up. There's a reason her favourite spot in the school was the astronomy tower. There's also a reason she loved flying, even if she did not play Quidditch in her house team.

When she landed on the ground, though, all the euphoria evaporated and she felt sad. Which was an unusual emotion for her, she was always bubbly and happy, confused sometimes, sure, but she was never sad. So she made a wish to the stars that night, making one request for Christmas.

The wish never came true.

(She had hoped, but Christmas came and went, and it was school again, and her wish still never came true. The next year, she made the same request, going as far as to writing it in a letter and sealing it, but she never got around to sending it. It was left buried, at the bottom of her trunk, and she forgot about it the same time she stopped believing in the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus.)

In 1989, Hogwarts was introduced to the terror that was the Weasley twins. Tonks often assisted them, although her involvement was never disclosed to anyone else. Even though her relationship with Charlie was never like what it used to be, they were friends once more, and she got over her crush on him.

1989 was also the year Voldemort disappeared and the wizarding world rejoiced. Everyone spoke about the miracle, Harry Potter, the toddler who had defeated the most powerful wizard in the world.

It was the same year she went home to celebrate Christmas with her parents once more. She had almost forgotten how it was like, celebrating Christmas at home.

She worked hard, after Charlie became a prefect and she remained a student. She decided that, when she was older, she would become an Auror, because she wanted to be like her parents. She did not desist in her "misbehaviour", though, choosing to continue helping the Weasley twins prank unsuspecting victims.

On her graduation day, with her transcript of three Exceed Expectations and two Outstandings, she realised her dreams of training to become an Auror. When she did eventually become one at 21 years old, she was congratulated by both of her parents, and her father's extensive family. She could not remember most of their names, nor could she recognise them, but she was so happy, she thanked each and every one of them. After which, she went to her room, pulled out her trunk and started taking all of her items out of it with the intentions of keeping away the useless books to make room for her new equipments.

That was when she came across the sealed letter from so many years ago. The one where she had written one wish in, the one she had left behind in her childhood with her belief in Christmas.

Only, the letter was no longer sealed. Someone had read it, but the letter was untouched, dusty with the layers of dust accumulated over the years. Surprised, she picked it up, turning it around, casting a few spells she was taught, revealing no trace of any magic.

Then, her parents called her to go down for dinner, and she hurried downstairs, forgetting about the letter once more.

She had been so excited about her mission - it was her first one, she had the right to be excited about it. Of course, it would have to go wrong, since it was her and Moody's undercover mission to track down and uncover a smuggling ring.

They were so close to finding the head when they were discovered, by the janitor, of all people. Obviously, since he worked in the smuggling ring, the janitor was prepared for the eventuality that someone tried to break in. So, when Moody tackled him, he threw his mop and his bucket at her. She was left spluttering, completely drenched and freezing her behind off.

Because obviously, she could not have gotten hit by something normal, she had to be hit by a portkey which had left her disorientated in the middle of somewhere snowy, with miles and miles of expenses of ice in every direction and absolutely no sign of other witches and wizards, or even humans.

This is called the prologue because they have not met yet. This story would be a short one, probably only about three chapters long. Thanks for reading!