Hey guys, this is my sequel to Winter Never Stops (so, if you haven't read that; check that out first before reading this one) and it picks up where we last left Elsa...

Chapter One: Abduction

She was alone. The Ice Queen. Dressed in white, she made the gloomy graveyard a bright and wonderful place. She had blue eyes that were like the seas of the olden days, long platinum blonde hair and pink lips which made her rosy cheeks even more rosier. She walked alone in the graveyard. She was trying to gather what was going on around her and what happened in the past couple of days. Frozen for two thousand years and the world went about it's way like she wasn't even there. As she walked around, she soon discovered a bench which she sat down on to think about the death of a new friend. He only tried to protect her and yet he died in the most painful and slow death. To protect her. She had to be important for the world if somebody who had a normal life unlike her would sacrifice himself to save her. She didn't know what was worse, HYDRA had Anna and Olaf under their powerful iron fists or letting Flatts die without anyway to save him.

By the time she was done thinking about what to do next, it was night time. "I need to find Steve and ask about that..." She spoke gracefully until she stopped. She saw something truly odd. A unearthly human-like figure. It just felt to her unearthly. It looked at her and waved it's hand to the sky. Why would someone do that? Elsa thought about that for a moment before a sudden bright light lit up. She tried to look at the light but couldn't. She was slowly getting lifted towards the light. She tired to grab on one of the tombstones nearby but she lost her grip. She was being abducted by something but what.

Meanwhile, a blue man who was bold and had some-kind of metal implant on his head. He was kinda chubby and in his right trouser pocket, he holds a golden dart. "All right boys!" he shouted in a western accent as he looked onto his alien followers.

"Here's our new...stuff...from..." He continued to get his fellow followers excited until one of them gasped in shocked. The blue man looked behind him to see the junk that his ship brought in. A broken tombstone, a trio of golden rings, a skeleton, a lot of dirt and a woman who was burred in the dirt. The blue man looked worried. It seemed simlar to something that happened twenty six years ago.

"Don't just look boys!" The blue man shouted to his followers in his western accent as his followers looked in shock. He continued to command his followers by shouting "Dig it out!" as they removed the rubble off the woman. It was Elsa.

She started to cough out some soil and looked at all of the people on the ship. "A Terran Woman!" one of the blue man followers shouted in shock as the followers began to panic. The blue man began to whistle. The mass panic turned into silence. The golden dirt was floating in the air then the blue man grabbed it and placed it back into the holder in the right side of his trousers. "Let me do the talking fellas." The blue man commanded humorously.

"What are you?" Elsa asked in awe and in shock. "What are we?" The blue man repeated in a sarcastic tone as his fellow followers laughed. "Aliens my dear." the man answered. Elsa looked scared. Unearthly beings but yet, they looked human. She tried to pull her together and softly asked in a quiet and graceful tone "May I ask who are you?" "She finally speaks!" the blue man proclaimed in a joking manner then he answered her question "I'm Yondu my dear." The other aliens on the ship began to snicker.

"What's your name?" the blue man asked before Elsa stood up and began to defend her self "Why should you know?" she demanded before Yondu walked towards her and showed her the golden dart on it's holder on the right side of his trousers. "See here, lady! I had another Terran just like you. He came on here twenty six years ago. I had to deliver him to his jackass father out here in space but he grew on me. Just recently, he saved the universe from Ronan and a powerful artefact which he stole from me! You see, there's no way that you can return to Terra now. You're with me and my Ravager boys..." Yondu explained as Elsa stood back and fired a blast of ice onto the pile of stuff Yondu abducted from Earth. All of the Ravagers jumped back in fear. Even Yondu took a couple of steps back.

Elsa began to run for her life. Yondu looked pissed. "Don't let her get away!" he shouted in his western accent as the Ravagers got their attack gear and began to chase after Elsa. She tried to explore the ship to find a way back but sadly, Earth was long gone. Anna, Olaf and Kristoff...Gone. She had to find her way back. She looked around and saw a futuristic spaceship that was painted grey with a couple of blue lines that was docked with Yondu's mothership. She continued to run but now, heading for the ship. She jumped into the ship trying to find a way to start it up and get it out of the mothership. She pressed many buttons and moved many levers until the ship began to start up and left the mothership. Yondu and his Ravagers got there a little too late. They saw Elsa escape. "She stole MY SHIP!" Yondu shouted as he turned to another ravager who seemed to be his first mate and commanded "We're going after her boys!" as he grinned.

This time I've finished writing this one before posting it up. There's gonna be a chapter per day starting from today and I should say this is slightly shorter than Winter Never Stops. There's only about 6/7 chapters in it (I can't remember exactly).

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