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Clara Oswald's life changed drastically. For better or for worse she had no idea. The only thing she knew was where it had all started and that was with the Doctor.

The Doctor had changed right before Clara's eyes and she didn't like it one bit. He had changed too much for her liking. She eventually left him to travel alone. The Doctor dropped Clara off somewhere in London; he didn't care where so long as she was out of his life. However, Clara knew exactly where she was. She was on Baker Street, right outside of the famous 221B flat owned by none other than Mr. Sherlock Holmes himself.

Clara looked down at the watch the Doctor gave her. It's November 23rd, 2015 at 3:03pm. Just then it started to rain, at first a little mist but then it turned to a complete downpour. She saw a cab's headlights staring her in the face. She moved out of the way. The cabby stopped the car next to Clara and rolled down his window. "Need a lift," the cabby asked softly and sweetly towards Clara. She nodded her head and got into the back of the cab. He was fairly young even though he was mid-to-late thirties. His hair was jet black and pulled back perfectly, not a hair was out of place. He was wearing a black suit, very unusual attire for a cab driver. "Jim," the man said quietly while reaching his hand out for her to shake it.

"Clara," she said as she was shaking his hand. His hands where soft but firm. She caught herself staring into his deep brown eyes, and looked away releasing their hands.

"Your dress is beautiful even if it is soaking wet," Jim said politely with a small giggle at the end. Clara looked down at her dress. She just realized she was wearing her favorite dress. It was red with yellow flowers outlined in a thick black. Her mother gave her that dress along with her favorite soufflé recipe before she passed away. Clara missed her mother more than anything in the world.

"Thank you," she responded. A tear had made its way down her cheek at the reminder of her mother. She hadn't realized she was crying until Jim had his hand on her cheek wiping the tear away. Her eyes had made their way back to staring at his. She could tell that they had seen conflict for that was the same look the Doctor had in his eyes. This time it was Jim who was the one to look away. He focused his vison onto the road. It was still pouring outside.

"So, where to Miss Clara," Jim asked Clara loudly and enthusiastically. It startled Clara a little bit as she was snapped out of her day dream about him.

"Oh, uh…um…well, I guess I don't have anywhere to go…. All of my family is dead and there is no one else that will notice that I'm gone. I'm so alone," Clara was moments from tears as she managed to speak those last few words. "Oh my goodness I just realized that I don't have any money to give to you! I'll just walk someplace." Clara was searching for money even though she had no pockets for the money. There wasn't ever a need for money with the Doctor.

"Nonsense, Clara! I can tell that you have a hell of a day so this ride is free on one condition," Jim turned back to Clara with a huge grin on his face.

She was nervous but her curiosity got the better of her, "And what would that be?"

"You let me take you back to my flat, give you a sweatshirt and sweatpants to change into, then I will make you dinner…. My treat!" Jim was ready to hear "no" but wasn't going to accept that as an answer.

"Yes," Clara responded quickly, maybe a little too quickly. Jim was slightly shocked but he started driving. This the first time the car has moved since Clara got into it. "But," she began. "It is only 3:06 in the afternoon. Don't you think it's a little early to be having dinner?"

"You're right. It is early for dinner. I have a plan to pass the time. I take you back to my flat, let you change, then we could head to the cinema, if you'd like?" Jim sounded confident yet shy.

"How do I know that you're not some psychotic serial killer?" Clara was slightly joking but serious for she had no idea what she was getting into.

"You don't know. You will just have to trust me for tonight, alright?" Jim smiled slightly but he had no intention of letting Clara know that he has killed before. He had no idea why, but he cared for Clara already. He could tell that she wasn't boring like the others . Clara paused for a moment before accepting his request for the second time. Jim continued to drive through the rainy streets of London back to his flat.