"Terminally ill."

Rapunzel tried to block out the words. She could still hear everything they were saying.

"Treatment is possible."

"Will it work?"

"It's very unlikely."

Her throat grew tight and hot tears began to prick at her eyes.

"Well what do we do?"

"We hope."

Hope. Hmph. She was far beyond hope, far beyond treatment, he had just said it himself. The only reason the doctor was giving this false hope was for Jack's sake and she knew that all too well. And she was grateful.

It had been just a few months ago when she found out, and at that point they were telling her it was completely treatable and the survival rate was fairly high. And now they were saying that she was going to die? Just like that, in the span of two months? How could everything change so quickly? It was like she didn't even get a chance to blink before it all came crashing down.

The door opened. She already knew it was Jack.

"Hey, Rapunzel? You awake?"

She rolled over and met his eyes. They were blue, like always. But they were watery now and she knew why. "Yeah. Is everything..."

Jack walked over and sat on the edge of her bed. He pulled her into a hug, softly stroking her hair as he spoke. "Of course. You're gonna be okay."

Rapunzel smiled.

He was a terrible liar.