I had this idea today, so stick with me.

See, basically what happens here is that both the Shichibukai and the Strawhats get into the Fairy Tail world.

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(Fairy Tail World)

It was a bad day for the Team Natsu. Lucy knew it was gonna be a bad day when it started to rain at dawn. If it rains at dawn, you know that something bad is going to happen. She grabbed an umbrella and walked down the street to the Fairy Tail guild for another day there. The first thing she noticed was that the guild was very gloomy. Normally members would be drinking and having fun. But today, the rain brought sign of depression among the members of the guild. One especially gloomy was Natsu. He was pouting because he could not go out in the rain. Lucy set down her umbrella and sat down on a chair nearby. She took out her things to do and saw that she was supposed to go grocery shopping today. She could not imagine going grocery shopping in this weather. She doubted the shops were even open.

As she walked over to the bar, a deafening noise filled the room. She looked behind her to see someone open a magic portal, and a GIANT GREEN SHIP CAME OUT OF IT. Holy. Shit. The ship landed with a crash that was just as loud as the booming thunder behind them. As the ship crashed down, Lucy thought she heard someone say 'Dammit, Doffy, you've doomed us all!'. Lucy wondered who this Doffy guy was. Her question was answered almost immediately when a VERY tall, grinning man came out of the ship's wreckage. He was wearing a pink cape or something, and also orange pants. He was doing a sort of hunched over walk, and he had tan skin and a muscular structure. But most noticeable of all, he was like 10 FREAKING FEET. Erza drew her sword and charged directly at the man, when all of a sudden, the man turned around. He dodged her attack easily.

He then brought his middle finger down from his widespread hands so that it touched his palm. As soon as he had done this, Erza's armour cut open and she fell down. Natsu noticed the deep cut in her flesh where her armour got cut open. He angrily charged at the man, but this time, the man caught him in his hand. He grabbed him by the mouth and lifted him up to his face. And then the guy raised his leg a little. Natsu thought he saw his leg turn into steel before the guy kicked him in his stomach with the sharp edges of his shoe, immediately knocking him out. He then taunted: "Anybody else wanna die?" and did an evil laugh.