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King Yemma was sitting at his desk going through paperwork of who goes where in the afterlife. He scratches his head as he sees none other than The Legendary Super Sayain Broly standing before him. Picking up his documents he digs around the manilla folder. "Let's see.", King Yemma says aloud as he reads Broly's profile. "Age 38. Place of Birth Planet Vegeta. Cause of Death Son Family.", he mutters aloud as he scans the sheets. He picks up his 'HFIL' stamp and prepares to mark Broly's fate. Before he does he hears an all too familiar voice say, "King Yemma can I ask a favor?" King Yemma looks up to see Son Goku standing behind his desk.

"What are you doing behind my desk?", King Yemma asked his temper beginning to rise. "I can't let Broly see me. He'll go crazy.", Goku says. King Yemma shakes his head and grabs Goku by the back of his training gi. He then tosses Goku over his desk and he lands in front of Broly. Broly's reaction was instantanious. He screamed, "Kakkarot!", while his black hair became a gold color and spiked everywhere. His body grew in size and his eyes turned pure white. Broly then smashes Goku in the face with a shell of green energy. King Yemma growls as he reaches over hs desk and smashes his fist into Broly's skull with all his force. The result was Broly being driven into the ground like a nail, unconscious. Goku then asks King Yemma, "Can you give Broly another chance?" King Yemma looks sternly at Goku and says, "No." "But what if it was different?", Goku asks while King Yemma takes paperwork from the person behind Broly. King Yemma stamps the passport and hands it to the spirit. The spirit wanders off towards a door with two attendents by it.

Goku then hears King Yemma ask, "What do you mean?" Goku then elaborates, "I want Broly to be raised in a more stable enviornment. I want him to have a better life." King Yemma frowns and scratches the top of his head. Goku then says, "He could become part of the Z-Fighters." King Yemma submittes and says, "You win Goku." Goku grins as he becomes excited. "But...", King Yemma said. "But what?", Goku asks still excited. "You can't raise him.", King Yemma says. Goku stops smiling and asks, "Why?" King Yemma then says, "In case he remembers you." Goku nods in agreement. King Yemma also says, "If he doesn't prove as good as you say then I'm pulling the plug on this little project of yours." Goku frowns but he agrees to King Yemma's terms. King Yemma pulls out a third stamp and slams it into Broly's passport. King Yemma then tells Goku to leave, which Goku does. He then calls for another person. He looked exactly like Goku except for his clothes. "Bardock.", King Yemma says, "Bring Broly to his new home." Bardock was then handed Broly's passport and grabs the knocked out Broly. He then drags Broly through the door. To his new life.

- Scene Break-

There was a small two story wooden house that was pure white with a porch. There was also a large barn next to the house. A small field was behind the house. Not that far from the settlement was a large dense forest. By the house was a beaten red pickup truck alongside a pristine silver sedan. A large black and white beagel was dashing through the chest high grass. It runs up to the house at a rapid pace. A blonde haired woman was wearing a blue sundress and had a silver ring of her third finger of her right hand was sitting on the porch. She was smiling as she watched the cloud float through the sky. She feels someone's hands delicately touch her shoulders. She looked up to see a man with dark brown hair wearing a white shirt, filthy cargo pants, and worn brown boots. He was wearing a matching ring on the same hand. He then asks her, "What you looking at?" The woman then tells the man, "The clouds." She points to a medium sized cloud floating lazily close to the treetops. They see the cloud begin to descend rapidly. It smashes into the forest not that far from the house. The man looks at the woman and says, "I'm going to check it out." He grabs an axe he used to usually split wood. He sneaked through the trees before coming to a clearing. The grass was low cut and there was a giant crater in the middle of the space. The husband approaches the clearing and sees a man standing there. He was wearing an black and green suit that looked like armor. He also had a red headband and a green piece of glass over his right eye.

The strange man notices the intruder. He grins and asks, "Hey you live nearby?" The man nods and says, "Yeah so what?" The mystery man offers out his right hand. The husband takes a look and sees a black haired baby was in it. The mystery man tells him, "Take him and raise him as your own." He then placed the child in the husband's hands. "His name is Broly.", the mystery man said before he dissapeared. The husband walks back to his house holding the baby. When he got there his wife runs up to him and asks, "What happened?" She then sees the baby in her husband's arms. "I found a baby. Someone gave him to me. His name is Broly." The wife takes the baby from the husband and holds him up. "Broly.", she said smiling. Broly begins to giggle and wave his little arms around smiling. And so that was the day Broly had been reborn.

- Scene Break-

15 Years Later

Sitting at a bus stop, a lone boy was reading a book. Upon closer examination he was revealed to be asleep. The boy was moderately muscled and lean. He had on a leather jacket over a dark green tee and cargo jeans with dark sneakers. His clothing hung loosely off of his body. The boy had a green baseball cap covering a mess of raven colored hair. Beside his sleeping form was a duffel bag. He was awoken by a loud honking noise.

'What?', the boy thought to himself as he bolted into a standing posistion. He seen a bus in the middle of the road with it's door open. The bus driver , who was smoking, was staring at him before saying, "Get in." The boy climbs into the bus before sitting all the way in the back. He rubs his head as he looks around the bus. The only other occupant was a boy about his age. The other boy was looking at him. He looks away from the other boy and stares out of the window. During the trip Broly decides to do it. He discreetly reaches into his shoe and pulls out a small object wrapped in paper. He unwraps it to see a small sharp razor blade. He slides his pants down slightly on the left side to see a small clean patch of skin. He jabs the blade into his leg and jaggedly rips it across, causing crimson beads begin to form on him. He watches it bubble for a bit before pulling his pants back up.

He then hears the bus driver say, "We're about to be at Yokai Academy." The boy then grabs his duffel bag and slings it over his shoulder. The bus stops and the two boys get out. The bus driver stops the boys and looks at them, "Be careful boys. Yokai Academy is a verrrry scary place." The first boy pales and walks out the bus. The other boy attempts to leave and was stopped by the driver. "What?", the boy shyly asks the driver. "Watch yourself Broly." Broly freezes as he asks the driver, who's smoking was getting annoying, "How do you know my name?" The driver just shuts the door and drives off. Broly looks at the ground and sees the other boy's bag.

Broly walks towards the mansion in the distance. Along the way were skulls and gravestones. Broly sees the boy from the bus and runs up. He grabs the boy's shoulder and turns him around. The boy looks at him and asks, "What do you want?" Broly then holds up the bag he picked up. The boy's eyes widen as he takes it from Broly and says, "Thanks. I kinda forgot about it after the driver tried to freak me out." Broly frowns as he pulls the cap over his face and starts to walk off. "Wait.", the boy says as he grabs Broly's arm. "What's your name?", he asked as Broly looked over his shoulder at him. Broly opened his mouth and quietly said, "My name is not your concern." The boy nods his head and says, "My name is Tsukune Aono." Tsukune smiles as he says, "I'll see you around sometime." Broly walks off without a word. 'Is he serious? Could he really be kind to me?', Broly wonders to himself as he hears Tsukune yelp.

Broly looks towards Tsukune to see a pink haired girl standing over him helping him up while she was apoligizing over and over. Broly shakes his head as we stalks into the school building. After finding his way to his classroom he sits in the back corner, away from others. Everyone in the room was chattering to another or tossing things like books around. Broly examines the teacher, who had cat ears for some reason. 'Must be a cosplayer.', Broly thought. Broly lays his head on his desk and closes his eyes. He hears Tsukune say, "What do you know? We're in the same class." Broly groans as he retreats inwards. Tsukune sits beside Broly and puts his bag by his desk. Broly closes his eyes and tries to go to sleep. He then sees flashes of colors and people's faces. They kept shouting things at him like "Freak!", "Abomination!","Monster!", and "Loser!" Then came the beating. The last thing he saw was a knife descending. Broly jolts awake and very nearly screams out in horror. Before he does he realizes it was only a flashback.

After about fifteen minutes the teacher stands up and says, "Alright class calm down." The class settles down and the teacher says, "I am your homeroom teacher Shizuka Nekonome. You should already know this but Yokai Academy is a school for monsters." Broly notices Tsukune stiffen up as the teacher says that. Broly snorts and a student then says, "Shouldn't we just kill the humans. Or in the case of the girls molest them." Broly sees Tsukune's eyes widen at that comment. Broly says to himself, 'That would explain their energies. And in the teacher's case her ears.' This doesn't impress Broly neither does the boy's comment. It just pissed him off.

Broly growls as he says, "Shut it." The student who spoke up turns to Broly and says, "What was that?" Broly looks out the window and tells the student, "I told you to shut the fuck up. You bastard." "Just who the hell do you think you are?", the student asks as he stands in front of Broly's desk. Broly shakes his head as he says, "I know I don't like a bully." Broly stands up and meets the student's eyes. The student chuckles as he cracks his knuckles. Broly rolls his eyes as he demands, "Sit down and shut up." The student reaches for Broly's cap. The second his fingertips touch the green hat he was sent soaring. Broly sits back down and says, "Are you done?" The student growls and the teacher says, "Alright what is your name?" The student spits at Broly and says, "I am Saizou Komiya." Nekonome-sensei raises her voice and says, "Saizou sit down." Broly readjust his cap. Saizou sits back down and the teacher begins to talk again about humans and monsters. The farther along the speech went the paler Tsukune got. Broly hears footsteps and the door opens. Standing in it was the pink haired girl from earlier. She then smiles as she says, "Sorry about that. I got lost on the way to class." Nekonome-sensei asks the girl, "What's your name?" The girl says, "My name is Moka Akashiya."

Broly noticed every boy was staring at Moka. He also heard remarks of, "She's so hot.", "I wanna date her.", and some whistling. Moka notices Tsukune and apparently she got excited because she says, "Tsukune! We're in the same class!", while she sits down beside him. This earns jealous looks from all the boys except for Broly. He looks away and growls as the comments continue. 'This is beginning to piss me off.', Broly mumbled under his breath and began to reach for his shoe. He successfully managed to retrieve his wrapped savior. He undoes the binding and slides up his right sleeve, ever so slightly. He marked the area along his wrist with a series of horizontal cuts. They were deep enough for him to begin to drip blood on the floor. Nobody seemed to notice because everyone was paying attention to Moka. He decided to put the razor in his pocket for the time being.

The bell tolled and everyone began to leave. Broly stood up and walked away from all the noise of big crowds. He stalked his way to his next class. A lot of students began to pile in and nobody paided him the slightest bit of attention. Not that Broly cared. That is until someone decided to stand in front of his desk. He looks up to see a girl wearing a light green shirt and dark green skirt with light blue hair. He notices all the boys were staring at her. The one thing that stood out about her was that her chest wasn't exactly small. Broly didn't even blink as he asks her silently, "What do you want?" She cocks her head to the side and says, "I just wanted to know your name." Broly opened his mouth before they heard someone ask, "Would all the students please return to your seats?" The mystery girl decides to sit right next to Broly, who looks towards the door. Standing in the doorway was a middle aged man wearing glasses. He had jet black hair that was spiked up and eyes the same shade of darkness. He had on a blue hued suit and red tie with black loafers.

The teacher looks around before he says, "I am your literature teacher." A student walks into the classroom. Broly groans as he reconizes Saizou. Saizou sits in a seat near the front of the class. Far away from Broly. Just like Broly wanted him to, if only this girl who wouldn't leave him be was too. Saizou notices Broly and growls. The teacher then says, "Remain in your seat." Saizou gets up and stalks over to Broly. Broly looks up at Saizou who slams his fist on Broly's desk. Broly sighs as he tells Saizou, "Back off." Saizou shakes his head as he says, "I don't think so." The teacher then says, "Mr. Komiya return to your seat." Saizou shoots one last glare at Broly before sitting down. The teacher says to the class, "My name is Son Gohan." One of the students then asks him, "Son? As in Son Goku?" The teacher nods and says, "He was my dad." The class was buzzing at the news. Broly shakes his head and asks, "Who the hell is Son Goku?" The girl sitting beside him looks at him funny before she explains, "Son Goku is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, fighter on the planet." Broly raises his eyebrow and looks at Son Gohan. He was muscled well but Broly could tell he was more of an academic than a fighter.

A student asks Son Gohan, "Son-sensei.." The teacher tells the student, "Just call me Gohan." "Gohan.", the student asks, "Are you as strong as your dad?" Gohan says, "That isn't important." The class begins to chatter loudly. Gohan then asks, "Would everyone please quiet down?" The talking persisted despite Gohan's plead. Deciding enough was enough, Broly stands up and he walks to the front of the classroom. When he gets there he stops and he screams, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Everyone stops talking and looks at him. Gohan pats Broly on the shoulder before asking, "What's your name?" Broly quietly says, "My name is Broly." He looks over to see Gohan's face had paled signifigantly. "What's the matter?", Broly whispers. Gohan snatches Broly's forearm and begins to drag him out of the classroom. "Where are you taking me?", Broly asks as Gohan drags him through the school. They stop in front of a set of double doors and Gohan tells him to wait here. Broly crosses his arms as Gohan walks into the office.

After Gohan had dissappeared Broly lets out a disapproving growl. He reaches back into his pocket and gets back out the razor blade. He decides to mark a place on his abdomen. He pulls up the green cloth to see his mostly unscarred skin. He presses the tip against the top of his jeans and forcefully guides it upwards. Broly stops the cut after causing a gash all the way to his lowest rib. Readjusting his shirt, Broly rewraps the object and slips it under his heel inside the sneaker on his right foot. Immediatelly after he slipped his shoe back on, Gohan walked out of the doors. He tells Broly, "You can go back to class." Broly shoots Gohan a funny look before walking back to the classroom. He notices everyone was staring at him. When he started walking people would flinch away from him. Broly then seen almost every seat was deserted around his. Almost.

That weird girl was still there for some reason. Broly sighs and stomps back to his seat and trips over his chair. His hat flew off his head and he luckily fell on something soft. Only problem was, he landed face first on the girl who was sitting in the desk by his. Broly felt his face heat up as he realized where his face was pressed. The girl tells him, "If you wanted a closer look you should have told me." Broly scrambles back to his feet and offers her his hand. She takes it and pulls herself up. She sits back down and says, "So you are Broly. You look better now that your face is showing." Broly asks the stranger, "Why is that so important?", while he picks up his baseball cap. "I can see your eyes.", the girl says. "Not that!", Broly growls. She then elaborates for him, "Your namesake was a savage beast of a person. He destroyed entire planets." Broly grumbles and puts his hat back on. He asks her, "Shouldn't you be running then?" 'At least this will get her to leave me alone Just like everyone else I've ever met.' , Broly muttered under his breath. She laughs and says, "You don't even look like you could destroy a piece of glass. Much less a planet." Broly thinks to himself, 'If only you knew.' "My name is Kurumu Kurono." When Broly met her eyes he felt a sudden need to listen to her. He shook his head and tells Kurumu, "I didn't ask for your name."

Kurumu goes hmph as she crosses her arms across her chest and Broly felt his face warm up immensely. Kurumu asks him, "Are you ok? Your face is flushed badly." She reaches out towards him but he pushes her hand away and says, "I'm alright." Kurumu shoots him a questioning look before shrugging her shoulders. Broly opts to stare at the ceiling and count to ten. 'One... Two... Three..' When he reached ten he looks back down and sees Kurumu was staring at him. She asks Broly, "What was that all about?" Broly opens his mouth to respond but closes it and looks away. 'She's such an airhead.', Broly told himself. He asks her, "What do you want with me?" She says, "Oh nothing. Just messing with you." Broly grits his teeth right before the bell sounded off, signaling lunch. Broly couldn't help but subconsciously thank the heavens for freeing him from his torment. Broly dashes out of the room and slams into Gohan. The younger of the two rubs his head and looks at the teacher. Gohan tells Broly, "You should start eating alot more. You're too light." Broly shoves Gohan aside and strides to the cafeteria. He doesn't even get a tray but instead sits at a secluded table. He lays his had against his hands and closes his eyes. Then the memories began time far more vivid than before. Broly can suddenly see it all as if it had happened yesterday.

- Scene Break-

Seven Years Ago

A young Broly was sitting alone at a lunch table. He was slowly eating his meal, which was nothing more than a sandwich. Then people begin to surround him. The boy watches as a total of nine kids had surrounded him. The boy in front, who was slightly older than Broly, was giving him a look of disgust. He takes Broly's food and tosses it in his face. Broly just sits there as he stares at the ground. The leader says, "What's the matter? Freak! Are you angry at me? Aren't you going to do something?" All Broly does is stand up and walk away from them. Before Broly can get more than ten feet away something large and heavy smashes into the back of his skull. He crashes to the ground and sees it had been a textbook that someone pegged him with. He just calmly gets right back up and begins to leave again. This time somebody grabbed him by the arm and began to lead him off.

Broly didn't resist the person but instead slowly follows them. He was lead into an empty classroom that wasn't ever used. Broly was shoved down to the floor. The group once again circles him and begins to taunt him. "Look at him. He won't even do a thing." "What kind abomination are you?" "Do something about it." "You're a monster." and "You're nothing but a loser. And that's all you'll ever be." They were all holding some kind of weapon. Broly could see a book, chunks of wook, and a knife. The young black haired boy stands up and smashes his fist into the leader's jaw. What happens next can only be described as chaos. Pure and utter chaos. Broly had ended up breaking two boys' wrist, a girl's ankle, and the leader's jaw. Broly hadn't been untouched however. He had multiple bruises and cuts along his body. He then collapsed out of exhaustion and they pounced on him like a pack of ravenous wolves. They had ended up shattering his collarbone, causing multiple breaks along his spine and snapping most of his fingers. After that the leader held the knife above his head and brought it down. Right on Broly's chest. The weapon had penetrated deep into his flesh and went up to the handle into him. He stared horrified at the object sticking out of him. The group then dispersed, leaving him here. Broly had silently cried and tried calling for help. His voice wouldn't work. He had been there for hours. The only reason he was alive was because of a janitor coming to clean out the empty classroom. The attack had left him hospitalized for nearly a year.

- Scene Break-

Broly was snapped out of memory lane when he hears people sitting down. He timidly looks up to see Tsukune and Moka sitting there. Tsukune looks at Broly and asks him, "Hungry?" Broly shakes his head and looks around the lunchroom. Apparently word got out of his name, because everyone else was staying as far away from him as possible. Moka and Tsukune didn't notice or didn't mind because they were eating in front of him. He asks them, "Do you know my name?" Tsukune nods and Moka says, "It's Broly." Broly shoots them questioning glances and asks, "Aren't you scared of me?" Tsukune chuckles slightly as he says, "If you truly were The Broly, you wouldn't have helped me at all." Moka then tells them, "If Tsukune says you're alright then that's good enough for me." Broly thinks to himself, 'Maybe these people aren't as bad as I thought.' The idea of that got him to smile brightly, something he next to never did. Broly hears footsteps and sees Gohan standing behind them. He motions for Broly to follow him, which Broly does without hesitation.

They walk into Gohan's classroom and lock the door. Gohan sits at his desk and Broly stands in front of it. Gohan tells Broly, "Pull up a chair." Broly pulls up a chair and sits in front of the desk and sits down. "Broly what are you abilities?", Gohan asks him. Broly frowns as he begins to recite his powers. "I can fly, have superhuman physical abilities, I can sense energies, and I can shoot blasts of energy." Gohan tells Broly, "That isn't energy. That's Ki." Broly feels confused as he asks Gohan, "What's Ki." Gohan tells him, "Ki is basically a natural source of power. We'll leave it at that for now." Broly nods and asks Gohan, "What is this about?" Gohan takes a deep breath and says, "I believe you are indeed The Legendary Super Saiyan reincarnated." Broly nods, not even caring. This had proved everyone who ever bullied him was right. He asks Gohan, "Is that all? If it is then I'm leaving." Broly walks out of the classroom leaving Gohan in there. Broly finds his way to the outside. He walks the school grounds before finding a forest. He shrugs as he strolls right on in. After some walking he looks around. He had no idea where he was and he was aching badly. After retrieving his implement he leaned against a tree and closed his eyes. Broly takes a deep breath and places the blade against his elbow after rolling up his jacket sleeve. He watches as it glides through his body. When he reaches the tip of his finger he stops the cut. He watches as a red waterfall gushed down into the dirt he sat in. Broly closes his eyes and sits there. He eventually passes out on the spot.

- Scene Break-

Broly was awoken by someone trying to smother him to death. He flailed his arms around before he heard a voice that he was beginning to despise say, "That got you up." He then tried to say, "Get off of me Kurumu." She laughed and told him, "Stop that it tickles." He pried her off of his face and began to cough and wheeze. Broly was taking deep breaths attempting to get some air in his protesting lungs. After a moment of this he looked up and Kurumu then asked him, "Aren't you overreacting a bit?" "A bit? Hell no! I go to sleep and next thing I know some girl I just met today is attempting to murder me in my sleep! No I am not overreacting!", Broly yelled at her face. He asked her, "Could you get off me now?" She shakes her head and says, "Why should I? I just got comfortable." Broly barely supresses the urge to strangle her. He lifts her off of him and puts her down beside him. Kurumu gives him an interested look and asks, "Why didn't you tell me you were strong?" 'I'm beginning to get tired of her airheaded way of trying to do me in.', Broly thinks to himself. He reaches for his fallen baseball cap, but Kurumu snatches it off the ground. "Give me that.", Broly demands. In response Kurumu tells him, "Make me." Shaking his head, Broly stands up and says, "I'm going to my dorm." He walks away from the scene. He eventually gets into the main school building.

After wandering around a bit he runs into Nekonome-sensei in the hallway. She asks him, "What are you doing here at this hour?" "Don't know where my dorm is.", Broly tells her as he looks around. She then tells him, "Hold on a minute." She pulls out a huge book and leafs through it. Nekonome-sensei eventually says, "Here we go! Broly your dorm is over by the forest. You do have a roomate though." Broly groans out loud in disgust, the last thing he needed was someone living with him. Nekonome-sensei smiles and says, "Come on. Having a roomate isn't that bad." "Bullshit.", Broly mutters as he was handed a key. "That goes to your room.", she said as she put the book away. Broly spins around and stomps off towards the forest. Broly began to slice at his fingers to pass the time. He eventually found a small building in the woods. He walks up to it and unlocks the door. He pushed open the door and walked inside. The lights were on for some reason. There was a small room with a couch and a coffee table. There was also a kitchen, complete with microwave, stove, oven, and refrigerator. There was a couple of closets and a small bathroom. Broly decides to walk up the steps down the hall from the kitchen. The lights were on in here also. He seen that there was two doors up there. He pushed one open and turns on the lights. There was a bed and dresser inside. He tosses his bag aside and practically threw himself onto the bed. He closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

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