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Leah's POV

"Seriously Leah , you are annoying why don't you go hunt a bloodsucker ? Sam doesn't love you anymore so stop thinking about it because it annoys me." Paul spoke annoyingly .

Sam scowled slightly , Seth's face reddened in worry for his sister , Emily's face began to be more guilty , my face's face went blank , i quickly pushed Paul and ran away of that horrible place i was condemned to stay because of my 'wolf' part. i heard two person run after me , but Sam's voice stopped them. "Let her go."

Huh . Ironic , i didn't know who would care for me except my little brother , i still wondered who the heck the other person was.

i was useless and weak .

i was condemned to an unreciprocal love and because of what ? Because of that stupid impregnation thing who took happiness away from me . And guess to who that happiness belonged to now ? To my cousin , a cousin i considered as a sister , only to find her betray me as well like my boyfriend . Ex-boyfriend now .

I began to transform myself into a wolf and my clothes flew away , i ran and ran and ran , until i found the cliff when that damn Bella tried to kill herself when she was human.

I began to walk towards it , why not ? Why not ? I had lost everything that mattered for me , so i'll just do it and die , i wanted to erase that pain , and that was the right way to do it.

Even though i would go to hell for that , i didn't care , i was too much hurt for thinking about hell and heaven.

I kept on walking into my wolf form , until i reached the end of the cliff , i wanted to jump , but i couldn't , i didn't have the courage to do it , i cursed , turned my head off the other direction and ran into the forest , when i was near the beach , i transformed into a human again .

I walked towards a bush , i often placed clothes there in case if something like that happened , i wouldn't run into my wolf form eternally because wolves who patrolled could hear me.

A black bra and black short were here , i put them and walked slowly , i wanted to cry , but i refused to do it.

I couldn't take it anymore . I ran down the beach with my bra and my shorts , when i was on the beach , i walked instead of running .

I was angry , furious , you will pay me it Sam , Sam .

That name disgusted me .

Sam broke with me , and for what ? For my cousin Emily ! He left me heartbroken for someone i considered as my sister , and now i am forced to be here , reading the love he has for her , i used it as a torture for him , it was the only way for me to get back at him , but it got worse for me , the pack hated me only more , my friend Alexy was the only one who undertood , even when i was yelling at her when she didn't do anything wrong , she was still smiling at me like nothing happened , i didn't even deserve such a friend .

As i walked in the sand , i saw a tall guy lying down on a towel , surely tanning , he had sunglasses on his eyes , but as i was getting closer to him , he put off his sunglasses and turned his head towards me , with his beautiful blue eyes scanning me , it only made me angry . He suddenly got up and sat on his towel , i was a few steps away of him now , i stared at his body , hell , he's very , very hot , he had so more abs than the member of the pack , he even had an athletic body .

But who's that blonde guy anyway ? I had never seen such a cute guy in my whole life .

"Admiring the view , beautiful ?" He told me in a flirtatious voice .

I scowled at him and stopped walking , i was just beside him now. "I would rather admiring a wolf , at least it worth a look ."

He chuckled loudly , and smirked at me , a sexy smirk , so sexy that my heart is moving at my right .

"You think so huh ? But people tell me that i look like a wolf." He told me the whole thing while seeing me straight in the eyes , a weird tone in his voice , his smirk still in those soft lips .

"Who the heck told you that ? Surely some stupid girls who wanted to flirt with you only because you're very handsome." It was stronger than me , i told him it without thinking , his arrogance made me angry , but his smirk only grew wider .

"Ohoho." He said in a melodious voice. "So you think i am very handsome ?" I rolled my eyes at stupid hot blondie , he seemed to be eigtheen but still he was more tall than me. "Shut up." I walked away , but i realized that someone was following me , stupid hot blondie was behind me , smirking in all his glory , i could feel his breath on the back of my neck , i began to run but he caught me in his strong arms and we fell in the sand.

"Nasty , nasty." He smirked at me just like before , his face was so bright i could have swore that light was coming from him , i stared into his beautiful sky blue eyes , and did something i would never thought i would have done , i kissed him on the lips.

He seemed a little , really little bit surprised at first , but he kissed me back , i felt his tongue against mine , so warm ...

Unfortunately i needed to breath and i pulled away , when i met his eyes one more time i found him smirking , again.

"I wasn't expecting you to do that so soon after we met , but i don't mind , not even a little bit." He told me while kissing me once again.

Tears began to fall on my cheeks , hot blondie stopped kissing me and looked confusedly at me. "Why are you crying ?"

I burst into tears , crying , i felt hot blondie's warm arms hug me , his strong warm arms were surrounded around my waist. "Shh , don't cry , such a beautiful girl like you shouldn't cry." I continued to sob in his arms and hugged him back , placing my arms around his waist as well.

I closed my eyes and i fell asleep , my head against hot blondie's chest.

I had a weird dream , i dreamed about me when i was younger , memories filled my mind , me playing with Seth and Emily when we were little , me meeting Sam at high shcool and falling in love with him , Sam's depression , with made me stay away from him in order to give him space for his problems , Sam breaking up with me , me turning into a wolf in front of my family , causing the death of my father , me being forced to be a member of the pack even if i didn't want to , but it permitted me to have an eye on Seth , and to force Sam to suffer with me , me coming with the pack and the vampirs in order to meet the Volturi , me being hurt by Paul's words , me meeting that Hot blond guy ...

My eyes opened when i thought of hot blond guy , and i tried to get up from the bed i was on , but i traped myself into the covers and fell of the bed , my face found its way to the cold floor.

I heard a melodious chuckle behind me , and i turned to see hot blond guy sitting in a chair beside the bed , his eyes full of amusement , that made me angry that he made fun of me like that , so i got up and walked towards him.

"What's so funny ?!" I yelled in his face , and i noticed that his eyes were on my chest ... And i blushed when i discovered the reason.

Apparently , when i got up , the covers slipped away from me , and my bra was missing , it wasn't on my body anymore.

"Pervert !" I screamed at him in frustration , then i crossed my arms on my chest.

He frowned slightly. "Hey , it isn't my fault , if i didn't take your bra off , you would have been uncomfortable sleeping with it , your short didn't seem to be tight so i let it. You should thank me , not yelling at me , but with the little show you are giving to me , i definitely don't mind." He said winking at me with a cocky grin.

I wanted to kill him , but i would be punished by the police , so instead i walked towards him wth the expression of a serial killer;

Hot blond guy only chuckled at my behavior. "You should calm , sweetheart , a beautiful girl like you shouldn't act like that , here is your bra." He said giving me the black bra , i took it furiously , turned my back at him and put it on me.

I turned towards him , only to find him smirkind at me. "What is so funny ?!" I yelled in his face , he got up of the chair and walked towards me. "You."

I walked back but he was more fast and took one of my wrist. "Come on , beautiful , won't you give me a kiss like yesterday ?" I blushed a little bit , and raised my hand to slap him , but his other hand stopped me. "Don't." He warned playfully.

"Let me go." I said trying to pull away.

"Hum ... Let's see , first i took you to that hostel five stars here alone in my arms , took care of you when you were sleeping , second you woke up in a bad mood , try to slap me ... Do you think you deserve to be letting go ?" He said with a thoughtfull face , i rolled my eyes and glared at him , he only smirked playfully at me.

"Okay sweeth-"

"Do NOT call me sweetheart ever !" I screamed at him. He raised an eyebrow at that.

"Ever ? So you want us to meet again ?" He laughed and i tried to control my anger.

"Fine , since you do not seem to understand , i'll go." I said walking towards the door , but hot blond guy caught my wrist before i coukd go.

"I am sorry." He said finally.

I turned towards him and widened my eyes at him. "What ?!"

He sighed. "I am sorry , i didn't mean to make you angry , but listen , you can not go in the city in your bra , here take that gray top , it belongs to my little sister , but she won't mind. And it must be more than fifteen hours that you haven't eaten , so i'll take you to a coffee , we will be able to speak normally to each other , without you trying to slap me , what do you think about it ?." He said with a quick smirk.

I mused some moments , that would help me to be free of Sam , since i returned in the pack after the meeting with the Volturi because of Renesmee , maybe that guy was the one who was destined to me ... I shook my head , no , he was a majort flirt , there was no way in heaven that i would love someone like that , if one day there would be something between us , it would be pure friendship , like a gay friend , not more.

"Okay." I said finally , and he smiled , a normal smile for the first time in the time i knew him , it was a normal smile , not a flirtatious or a cocky one.

"So Leah , tell me about yourself." Fred told me while smiling charmingly at the pretty waistress who served us our coffee , i rolled myself at that , what a little flirt Fred was ...

I shrugged. "There is not so much to tell. My father died from a a disease , my mother is marrying the father of a girl i really hate , i have a little brother who loves life , and some people betrayed me in my life , but that's all." I lied , i didn't want to speak about Sam and Emily , i knew that i had accepted to be her bridesmaid , but the pain was still here , i tried to be nice with her , but with same around it wasn't easy , and i would never forgive them.

Fred looked sadly at me with an apologetic smile. "I am sorry for you , that wouldn't have been easy for you."

"Yes , that's true."

"You don't want to talk to me about the betrayal part ?" He asked softly and i looked at him , maybe he wasn't that bad ...

"No." I said coolly. I didn't want to say all my life to a guy i just met yesterday and in ... Weird circonstances.

"Like you want. But if you want to , i am here." He said.

"And you , what about you ?" I asked.

He chuckled. "Well , i have a lot of half-siblings , the best mother ever , a baby twin sister who hates men and who thinks she's older but who isn't , an impulsive father , and oh god , a horrible stepmother." At that moment , thunder came from the sky and i widened my eyes in shock , Fred only chuckled.

"Well , look who is here." A voice said behind us , and i looked behind Fred to see a man in a jogging , who looked a lot like Fred , but older , Fred was aslo more handsome , the man had dark curly brown hair and blue eyes , the same shade of blue as Fred.

Fred smiled seeying the man. "Brother." He said in musical voice , i am pretty sure his voice could enrapture thousand of women ...

"Who is the lovely lady with you ?" Asked the man , Fred smiled. "This is Leah Clearwater , a ... Friend."

"A friend ?" The man said looking between us and raising his eyebrows in suspicion. "Are you sure that she is only a 'friend' ?" He asked one more time.

Fred chuckled , got up and placed his arms around my shoulders. "Yes , this is my new friend , Leah Clearwater , she's pretty cute though." He said sending me a cocky grin , i rolled my eyes and took his arms off , making the man (brother) laugh.

"Well your 'new' friend doesn't seem to like you." He said smiling at me. "I am Henry." He said kissing my hand. "I am enchanted to see such a beautiful lady , it is just a shame that my flirt of a brother is gonna have her as a friend instead of me." I rolled playfully my eyes , those two were weird , but nice in a way , i wondered if all the members of their family would be like that.

"Heyyyyy , what are you doing little brother ! Don't steal me my friend !" Fred said taking my hand away from Henry's mouth playfully.

"Why don't you come to have a talk with us ?" Asked Fred to Henry.

"I can't , as usual , i am busy with my work , but maybe another day." He said smiling slightly at me. "Bye Leah ! see ya !" With that , he ran away fastly , Fred chuckled.

"What is the work that your brother does ?" I asked curiously.

"He is a ... Factor." Fred answered rather hesitantly , i raised my eyebrows. "A factor ?" "Yes."

Fred ran his hand through his sandy blond curls. "Do you want to move ? I can take you home if you want." I widened my eyes as i remembered the pack.

"No thanks , i'll go by myself. Thanks for ... Taking care of me." I said hesitantly , he smirked. "You are welcome sweetheart , but you are missing the better ride of your life !" He said walking towards his red Maserati car , that was true , i wouldn't deny it , he had a beautiful car.

"You are sure you'll be able to go by yourself ?" He asked through his window.

"I am not a baby , i'll be able to , Fred. Oh look , i am just gonna go , farewell !" I said running towards a bus , i knew that i had money in the pocket of my short.

I heard Fred chuckle behind me. "Good bye , sweetheart ! I am pretty sure we'll see each other !" He screamed before driving , which got me weird looks from the passers , i cursed under my breath , my so annoying and hurtful life was gonna change because of Fred , i was sure of that.

"Where have you been ?" Asked Sam when i came to La Push , i tried to not think about Fred , but it was really hard since he was the hottest man i had ever seen.

"I slept in a hostel because i was tired." I said coldly.

"Your mother was extremely worried for you." Sam pointed out , i only shrugged. I was still able to remember how she screamed some hours ago about me for leaving like that without even telling her.

"I talked to her , it is fine now." Sam frowned sligthtly , but didn't say nothing.

The days passed like that , monotony , we did what we did usual , i tried to not think about Fred , and i succeed thanks god.

Until the day i saw him sitting on a bench in a park four months later. He looked even more georgeous than before , he wore a blue shirt and black pants , black converse and a black jacket , and even if it wasn't summer anymore , he was still wearing his ray bans sunglasses.

When he noticed me , his grinned like a wolf.

"Leah ! I told you we would meet again ! Right ?" He said tapping the seat next to him. "Come here !" I did as he told me , i didn't know why but it made me happy to see him again.

"So , how are you since last time , Leah ?"

"I am fine , and you ?" I asked shivering a little bit.

"I am also fi- Wait , why are shivering like that ?" He said with concern in his voice.

"I am a little bit cold." I said , gritting my teeth a bit.

Fred raised his eyebrows and looked at me. "It is autumn , and you are wearing that ?" He said pointing at my red short and green tank top.

"Well ..." I began , well , when you were a wolf and dangers would come from nowhere , you couldn't take the risk of wearing decent clothes because you would tear them in your wolf transformation.

I suddenly felt something on my shoulders , and i looked up to see Fred placing his black jacket around me.

"But what are you -" He cut me off. "You risk to catch a cold like that." He said in a warm and kind voice , and i almost blushed , almost.

"Let's go shopping !" He said suddenly , taking my hand in his , i blinked. "What ?" He playfully rolled his eyes at me.

"You can't go wearing that , let's buy you something warm."

"Wait , i don't have any money on me-"

"It's okay , i'll pay."


"That doesn't bothers me." He said smirking at me. "Let's go !" With that , he took me to clothes shop , and i must say that i had fun with him , we tried clothes and all , we talked about stuff , we even ate a pizza , i just didn't notice that i was smiling the entire time , not like myself , and that i was holding his hand the whole time and that he held it tightly , it felt like a ... Date.

I ended up with blue jeans pant , a red sweater (that Fred forced me to wear since he liked red) and black boots. Fred paid everything , the clothes , the food ... Just like a gentleman , he even helped me to carry the bags , since he bought me many other clothes , even if i tried to say that it was useless , but he wouldn't listen to me and would do as he wanted to.

Maybe Fred wasn't that bad ... He was a majort flirt , but not a bad guy.

He took me to his red Maserati (too much red for me ...) car and drove me home.

"That was awesome ! No ?" He said through his window as i got up from his car. I smiled (woaw).

"Yes , i had fun , thanks , for the clothes and food also." I said , he ran his hand through his golden curls. "No problems."

"Can we do it again ?" He asked suddenly , looking at me with those beautiful icy blue eyes , i fet my heart race in an old way i refused to recognize since the last person who made me feel like that betrayed me.

"Yes." He looked at me with a wide grin and the most happy eyes i had ever seen someone have. "Thanks , i'll come to pick you up sunday at seven of the evening , does it suits you ?" He asked.

"Sounds perfect." I said with a weird voice , i looked at his wide grin , still on his lips , and i did a thing i would never have thought. I pecked him on the lips through his window and kissed his check , he looked at me with wide-eyes , but he smiled warmly at me after and i blushed a little bit.

"See ya , Leah." He said with a mysterious voice as i entered my home.

"See ya , Fred."

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