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I sighed in my wolf form.

The wind blew over my head as my paws hit the ground from their speed, stronger than ever. I merely looked at my left to see a white rabbit hidding itself in a terrier, surely not wanting to be a wolf's next meal.

"Leah, wait up." Seth's voice invaded my mind.

I diminished my speed a little bit to allow my little brother to follow me, knowing he was close.

"What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at the pack house, Seth!" I reminded him, worry lacing my tone.

He sighed. "For God's love, I am seventeen now! I can take care of myself, Leah!" he protested, and this brought a smile to my wolf lips as I restrained myself from answering him.

Seth had turned seventeen three months ago just when Emily and Sam had gotten married. It was really weird for me to see my kid brother growing up, but I had to accept it.

Speeding up, we arrived at the beach, where no one was to be seen. The sand was tickling our paws as the waves roared loudly against the sea.

"Let's go back to La Push." I said through our mental link. "Everything seems fine and there are no signs of blood suckers roaming in our land."

"Why are you so hurried to get back? Can't we just stay here longer? The view is so beautiful!" he whined.

I had to suppress a chuckle at his behaviour, but he was right. In front of us was a beautiful sunset and so many colours were mixed up in the sky: Red, orange, pink...

"Alright, but just a moment. We don't want Mom to scream at us for coming late at home, do we?" I asked as I remembered the way she'd act if something like that were to happen.

It had been two years now since the battle with the Volturi. Everyone seemed to have settled down. As much as it had broken my heart, Sam and Emily were married and she was even expecting a child. Jacob was happy with the way his relationship with Renesmee was improving. Paul and Jack's sister were also getting married and our peace with the Cullen seemed permanent.

To cut it short, everyone and everything seemed to be doing fine.

Everyone but me.

Even though I had been Emily's bridesmaid, I still refused to be anywhere near her and Sam. I was happy for them, though. But I didn't want and certainly didn't need to see their happiness with my very own eyes, I refused it. I still hadn't gotten over Sam after all.

Softly yawning, Seth walked slowly to my side and put his head on my white back as we laid down on the sand. He rubbed his muzzle against my fur, and I looked up at the sky.

I widened my eyes when I thought I was seeing a red car driving in the sky. But when I closed and reopened my eyes, the car was gone.

Great, now I had hallucinations.

It looked like my life couldn't get more miserable than that.

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