Read before continuing. This is a random Idea that I thought of while at work. I have always loved the ideas of Disney Crossovers so I thought Belle and Aladdin would be perfect for each other. I admit, there was a certain photo I found on Pinterest that inspired me. The theory was that Aladdin and Belle were meant for each other because she had been reading about him in her books all along. I kinda ran with that idea. I am going to try and update everyday. I hope that everyone enjoys this little guilty pleasure. Also, excuse my lack of knowledge when it comes to Belle's time period. Also, I made Cinderella and Aurora in the story as well. For fun of course. I also didn't know if either Disney Princess had a last name. If anyone knows their last name please comment and let me know!

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Chapter One: She's Nothing Like The Rest Of Us

It begins with a dream. The sizzling sun planting kisses along the soft ample skin along her forearms. Her hair, free and wild, dances with the wind's harmony. Her back lies against the warm hot sand as she dares to stare into the sun's blazing glory. Oh, this place she's visited so many times in the safety of her dreams. She longs for far off places, magic lamps, and true erotic romance. She used to believe she'd only find these places in the lines of her storybook. How delighted she was when she realized, these beauty unknown places, followed her into her dreams as well.

She arises softly feeling the warm substance under her fingers. It glides through her fingertips recollecting back on the ground below her. She turns her head as she sees a camel roaming in the distance. Her lower lip slowly purses as her vision becomes wider. She had read about this creature in her dad's studies. Yet, as it comes closer her wildest imaginings couldn't have constructed such a beautiful creature. She reaches out to touch it but stops as a man, dressed in midnight, comes from behind the large creature. She screams moving backwards in the sand. Her hair flies across her eyelashes, her pulse rushing like a raging river. The man crouches next to her the only thing shone is his vibrant dark brown eyes. Those eyes are dangers, a lion amongst a lamb, but she's not afraid. She's only intrigued, desperately wanting to know the man behind the mask, the man possessing such mysterious eyes as these.

"Who are you?"

Her voice catches inside her throat. He doesn't respond. He merely places his thumb against her lips as if he wants her silent. Her breath hitches as her vision blurs.

She falls back to reality back to the darkness behind her lids.

She awakes with the roaster's loud croak thumping against her ears. She sighs, placing a soft feathery pillow above her head. Her books, which were littered across her blanket, fall to the ground with a loud thump. She would read countless stories before bed. Only the lovely images inside her mind would soothe her racing mind. She'd fall asleep knowing that places, grand thrilling places, existed and maybe one day she'd see them. Belle had a racing wild heart and only the thrill of travel would soothe her racing madness.

She had always been different than the other girls. While her peers would sip tea and practice their curtsy, Belle, a wild eyed young woman, would challenge the young boys to races, promising she'd 'kick their hinny.'

Her mother didn't seem to understand why she was cursed with such a barbaric daughter. Elizabeth, Belle's mother had always wanted a poised daughter, just like herself. She would flinch and cringe when her daughter would hitch up her skirts, running along with the boys.

Sometimes, she'd stay in the woods secluded by all the trees and wildlife. That's when she'd go to her small hill, overlooking the glistening river and the tips of the trees. She lay there, daisies collecting in her russet hair, and watch the sun slowly fade. Colors, pastels and oranges, dancing along her vision. As the sun would set she'd feel this beautiful realization that maybe, one day, she would find where she belonged.

She lifts the pillow off her head with a sigh. Her duty for the day would be to go with her father to tea with his friends from university. The entire idea makes her skin prickle with displeasure. She would simply sit there while her father and his friends talked about all their different ideas, politics, which of course she wasn't allowed to talk about. The worst part is that she would be placed with other daughters. Buffoons who would snicker at others less holier than them.

She hears a slight tap on her door. She looks towards it,

"Belle, are you ready dearest. Our carriage will arrive shortly." Belle holds in her breathe.

"Yes Papa. Almost ready," she lies.

Belle loved her father because despite all else he understood her. He had been a well-traveled man in his young days. He dared to learn about different cultures and document them in his journals. He was fascinated by the foreign and yearned to learn the truth about why people do what they do. Belle believes this is where her yearning for the unknown came from. All of that stopped when he met his fair lovely wife Elizabeth. He had told Belle that it was like an arrow pierced his heart and only Elizabeth's lips could resuscitate him. That is why he was heart-broken, completely shattered, when Elizabeth contracted consumption and died only months later.

Belle did everything she could to fix her father's broken heart. Yet, she knew that time would be the best medication. That is why she puts on a fake smile, dresses in fabrics way to itchy to scratch, wears hats larger than her head. It's all for him because sometimes true love goes beyond the affection of romance but for the love that a daughter has for her father.

Belle immediately saunters towards her closet rummaging through the small amount of fancy clothes that she possesses. After her mother's death her father lost his job, due to depression, as a professor. He took up creating, making the randomness of nick-nacs. Yet, despite his yearning for creating he couldn't replicate the one thing he wanted most his darling Elizabeth.

"Dearest, the carriage has arrived!"

Belle curses under her breath. She grabs a yellow colored dress believing this will have to do. It was her mother's she knows it will never bring her back and she will never live up to the perfection of her mother. Her skin will never be as glistening, nor will her hair ever be as tame, but she will try. Oh God, will she try.

The summer day is quite lovely. There's a slight breeze that hits up against the seated crowd around her. The young ladies, two petite blonds, sit gracefully as they fan themselves with their elaborate fans. There is fresh iced tea placed in front of them and Belle desperately wants to gulf it down. She must try to be a lady she tells herself. It is only one day of pretending.

Her father and his friends reminisce about their days at university. They chuckle to each other as they show off each of their daughters like prized ponies. The one shorter haired blond places her gloved hands on her lap. She is wearing a silken lovely light blue dress that fits her heavenly. Her pleasant blond hair is pulled up into a tightly wrapped bun. Her name is Cinderella, but, most people know her as Cindy.

"Have you all witnessed the most loviest of gossip?" The blond purrs as she leans in towards Belle and the other blond named Aurora. Belle is bored of the topic and turns her attention towards the small group of young men who are playing a game in the well-trimmed grass. The young men were the sons of her father's friends. They were properly introduced to the females therefore, it would be decidedly improper to speak with them. "The boy, you see him, over there." Cindy murmurs she places her fan over her lips only exposing her crystal blue eyes. Aurora does the same looking in the direction of the tall muscular male with dashing features and collected ebony hair. Belle notices the tall muscular man as well. He towers over the slender men around him. He's wearing a dark red shirt and black pants. "This man was said to wrestle a bear with his meek hands."

"It cannot be," Aurora breathes in rather loudly.

"Ay, it is true."

Belle rolls her eyes.

"Do you deny my pivotal information?" Cindy asks.

She lowers her fan and Aurora does the same. She is challenging Belle like a prancing pony about to gallop in front of a crowd.

"I simply cannot believe that a mere man could challenge such a wild beast."

"Ah, but look at his strength. See how the sun glistens off his muscles."

Belle wants to gag.

"He is quite stalwart." Aurora chuckles.

"What a lovely creature, wouldn't you agree Belle, or do you challenge this declaration as well?"

Aurora raises her fair colored eyebrow. She twirls a ringlet of gold around her finger.

"Yes, he may be easy on the stare, but is he chivalrous, is his mind as lavish as a library—"

"Poppycock." Cindy pouts. "No such man exists only in storybooks."

Belle bites her tongue.

"Ladies," Cindy's father turns to stare at them. He's a rather older gentleman with graying hair. His beard seems to be nicely trimmed for the occasion. "How extremely rude I have been. I have not yet introduced you to the gentleman." He waves them down and the young men begin to walk up to the ladies like strong soldiers. Belle can hear Cindy and Aurora's voice catch as they chuckle towards each other.

Belle, on the other hand, would much rather be reading.

The men come up and stand in a straight line each of them eyeing the woman like wild animals. "These fine young men are my dearest sons friends from university."

"Sister," the red haired boy looks towards Cindy. "Why don't you introduce us to your lady friends." Cindy nods her head standing up. Her posture is perfectly erect and flawless like a ballerina.

"But, of course." She points to Aurora and she stands as well. "This is Aurora Bellatite." Aurora curtsies.

"lovely to meet you all," she coos.

"And this is Belle O'Hara." Belle curtsies as well despite her desperate wishes not too.

"Lovely," the black haired man says eyeing Belle far too long for her comfort.

"And what about your names gentleman?" Aurora bashes her eye lashes.

"I am Adam, Cindy's brother." The red haired male says. He places his hand on the tall dark haired man. The one who supposedly slays bears with his naked hands. "This is Gaston, my friend from university." Gaston smirks eyeing each women hungrily.

"All such beautiful creatures. Adam, if I knew your town had such marvels I would have ventured here sooner."

Aurora and Cindy giggle to themselves. Adam introduces the other two gentlemen as Henry and Phillip. They all hold small conversations about meaningless things. Belle cannot stand it any longer. She meekly excuses herself.

"Such a funny girl that Belle," Cindy snugs.

"A beauty but a funny girl." Aurora chimes in.

Gaston follows her with his eyes as she walks alongside a bond the sun glistening down on her russet hair.

Belle admires the flowers and swaying grass along the pond. This silence is so much more intoxicating than the meaningless babble that she was witnessing. Nature has such purity about it something that she finds people no nothing about. She gets farther away from the crowd noticing a small a small long placed against the collecting of a river. It is shaded underneath a rather large Oak. She finds this as her moment of escape, a treasure among the everyday monotony. She grabs the skirt of her dress and runs towards the log. She runs so quickly that some wisps of hair fall from its prison dancing free in the wind.

She sits atop the log taking out a book that she had brought for her sanity. She slides her fingers across the rough edges of her book. It had been given to her by her favorite book keeper. He had promised her it was filled with dangerous lands, mysterious strangers, and princes in disguise. Her anticipated fingers flip open the book as her eyes dance across the pages. Each sentence a portal transporting her to another world.

"You seem to be in love," a hoarse voice shatters her perfect reality.

Only her eyes peer up from her book. "Your book," Gaston points towards it inside her hands. She doesn't want to comment she wants to be left alone. Yet, she knows her father would want her to socialize. Be normal, like the rest for once.

"It's quite the lovely book. Do you read?"

"I find it silly to preoccupy the mind with wasteful babble." Belle closes her book with delicacy as if it's a small infant.

"Then you sir, I feel quite sorry for. If you'll excuse me." She says as she tries to walk past him. He grabs her hand swinging her around to stare at him. His brutish eyes capture her physique. She tries to wiggle free. "You will unhand me sir." Her voice is final.

"You are such a rare beauty. So unlike the rest of them, you see how they stare at me." He inches closer, "I saw you staring as well."

"Unhand me," she screams.

He tries to place his poison of lips on her skin. But, before he can do so she slaps him hard across his cheek. He lets her go baffled by her unusual strength. He places his rather large hand along his cheek. Belle begins backing away her chest heaving up and down. "You sir. Will never touch me again."

She runs away and he stares at her realizing this Belle is nothing like the other girls.