Mr.?: Hey readers out there, Mr-Unknow here to give you given you a story I thought it could be fun to try, as this is a kamen rider crossover with the Justice league, or D.C comic universe but mostly dealing with 'Young Justice'.

Other self: (So superheroes with masks heroes?)

Mr.?: Yea, is that so hard to think about?

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Mr. ?: Now onto the story

-Full Summery-

As a successor of a hard-boiled (or half- boiled) Detective and Great Kamen rider, the young Rider continued his work of solving crimes, and fight against monsters.

As this Detective gotten an Anonymous call from someone, a tip of Giga memories at a Cadmus Labs at Washington D.C, he take the case, find the lower level, and meet some young heroes. His night of awakening start there, and soon become something bigger than a kamen Rider.



(You pick)


Super-girl (Not a female vertion of Superboy)









Or anyname you may suggest

I will suggest if the any of the girls that is pick, should have a Rider system as well? Also if any ties then it's a tie

-Story Start-

July 2th: New York City (Down Town) - Hard-boiled Detective Agency

Crime never rest, within the city that never sleeps. It's never too easy for a guy like me, I run a business that help people, find lost people, Track down a few criminals, and one time finding a lost dog, for a case like that it was simple as the Dogs loves meat.

Robert Royal, age 16, 5'8 blue eyes, light brown hair. This is who I am and many would ask how I got where I am today? Easy to tell, very smart for my age to graduate high school at 14, and within 2 years a bachelor's degree of law certifying all with help of course, but let's start where it began for me, it was about the time I escape from an Orphanage.

I never grow up with a family and I always run away from orphanages as not everyone is treated not even if it's a 2 star hotel, the people running it are crap and never treat no one fair, the school have a poor education teacher who ether mostly high on drugs or just intoxicated with booze. I get away from that place and live on my own after a couple of days before the police find me and send me back.

Anyways this one time I gotten out of the orphanage through easy lock windows, which they should be change by now, but none the smartest around, I ran into someone, someone I saw as a man with guts, and courage as I saw this man as he was Skull, kamen rider Skull.

Taken a short cut out of the area, I ran into a fight between a spider creature and Skull figure wearing a white fedora, as I didn't know who he was before, but what I saw was something I couldn't say in my own words. A woman who was in trouble as well stuck in a web and the spider seem to be the villain and then I hear the Skull man say, "Count up your sins." And soon the fight ended with Skull using a power I never seen before I seen the justice league fight and they got nothing on him as I saw the skull guy using a skull made of energy and kick at the spider and soon the fight was over.

Soon enough the spider guy turn into a guy with something coming out of his neck and exploded, and the skull change into a man who was still wearing the white fedora, as he helped the girl get free of the webs, and soon walked away. Soon I follow, but I didn't know who the guy was as he found me fast as he took a corner and follow through next thing I knew I was held at my shirt.

We soon talk after that asking why I was following him and such and all I said I wanted to know the skull man. He told me to go home… I told him I don't got one and I was an orphan, then he told me to go back to the Orphanage then, and then I told him I won't go back to the orphanage because how bad it was. As I told him my story, he did felt bad but nothing he could do and just told me just go back and face it as a man. Face it as men… how can I? I'm not strong, I'm not fearless, and I not even big. I ran to him as he walk ahead and soon asked… no begged him for me to stay with him, teach me how to be a man, and soon I was his protege and he became my Boss as I also nick name him.

That may have been 8 years ago, but from that day as he took me in… well not really of adopting me but more of him being my guardian, things were looking up. As he let me stay at his office/home (Think of the office in KR'W') and I was truly felt happy, and free. Sometime after that, I laughing my butt off when I heard the people at the orphanage was arrested for child abuse and drug smuggling. In a way I knew the people who show up at the orphanage won't people looking to adopted kids like me. Heck it wasn't even possible for anyone to know until I meet, 'Boss'. He did his own research of what was happening there and ask for a help and soon the whole operation of drug smuggling was gone. I looked my boss as a hero, more of a hero than the justice league.

A few months after he sends me off to school; a real school with real teachers and not alcoholic person or drug addict. I learn hard, well and open my mind to things as I thought if I ever wanted to be like 'Boss' then I'll think like him, I'll be Hard-boiled student, and maybe a great kamen rider, as I take it 'Boss' uses two devises as one was the 'lost driver' and the other was a Gaia memory of skull, as he told me different of memories of T1 memories and T2 memories as one was raw making while the other is refined, but with them he became kamen rider Skull. As my time in school goes by, I was skipping grads and went to middle school to high school in 2 years and got out of high school within 2 years as well.

'Boss' was proud of me and said I would soon to be a true hard-boiled… if I can figure out a way to not burn coffee beans, as I mostly take it as a joke for he want to roast his own beans but he keep burning them, but he also tell me when I do become hard-boiled he'll give me his hat and my own T2 memory. During my time with him as I come to the place empty, leaving a note saying he'll be gone for a few days, as I know he's working a case with him as the kamen Rider. He tells me numbers stories of when he is kamen rider skull and what kind of business he runs even have a personal policy of never getting clients in danger.

Anyways as I was saying before, I find the office empty and find a note that tell me 'Boss' was on a job, and also telling me that someone would watch over me as well, and I got to say I meet a lot of bosses Friends… if I could even call them that as they were kind of weird. I meet a guy named Wally West saying he own the 'Boss' for saving his life and I respect that, he was somewhat of an easy guy to get along with, but for some reason he has an impatient problem like time was against him or something, heck I even see his foot moving fast, and it was looked to be a blur and got annoying fast.

The next person I meet that 'Boss' knows was a man with glasses called Clent Clark, as he saying he knew 'Boss' while he work a case in metropolis as I know that true, as 'Boss' did take me there once because he could find a baby sitter for me and needed to work an important case. He told me he work for the daily planet that was a news organization, as I ask him, has he even done great news before? Clent told me he work stories about Superman and as how he move like a speeding bullet, can leap building in a single bound, and strong as a hundred bulls.

When the time 'Boss' couldn't find a baby sitter he takes me to where his job took him and a few of them came to Gotham where crime was higher than anywhere else and he drop me off at a mansion where I meet a billionaire Bruce Wayne, which was so cool, he was famous and well repeated, as I understand he didn't stay home much because of work which I have no idea what he does in the first place, I also meet his butler, Alfred Pennyworth, a nice old man who calls me young master, which made me feel somewhat special. We talk and I tell him about time in school on how I skip grades, push back bullies, and talk about 'Boss' when I see him fighting monsters called Dopant.

The 3rd person I meet while in Gotham was a kid a few years younger than me, and calls himself called Dick, which I couldn't keep a straight face about, as it was a name of a male organs, as he got mad at me for saying, 'Hey Dicky', but gotten used to it… sometimes. It was fun being there, other than that Bruce give off a feeling of something dark, which put a chill down my spine even time I look him in the eyes, that show me there something about him to be truly fear, but I couldn't understand what it was.

We came back to New York a few days later but before we left, Bruce Wayne gave me a book and says, it will come in handy, as he given was a book of basic karate and he was right about it coming in hand as when I've gotten out of high school, 'Boss' took me on my first job, thinking it would be just a catching a theft, but he was more trouble than boss thought, tricking 'Boss' and running away I caught up to him and the guy had a knife and so with the basic form of defends I learn from the book. Side stepping from a cut and hit him in the rubs twice and kick his chest to put him down, as 'boss' catch up to us, he says that was dangers, but I saw he was proud of me.

Soon enough he took me around to do a few cases and I started to learn how 'Boss' does it. Looks at the area, does his research and he only looked up objects and a person history and he solves the case in just a few days, as he may make mistakes he told me you can't get them all, but sometimes you can get them later.

It was nice working with 'Boss' on some of his jobs, but there are time that I'm busy trying to get into college and he just leave me be and I thought he'll be good by himself, but its seem I keep forgetting… we're all human, as one night a knock came at the door of the office.

-Flash back-

The wind was blow slightly outside with the rain as well it seem just a friendly storm, as I was reading some books on college education and a few Martial arts and it was silent other than the wind blowing outside and then, 'Knock knock', closing my book and heading to the door as it was knocking again but faster and harder.

"Alright already, I'm coming." As I said and when I open the door, my eyes widen to see 'Boss' holding a kid around my age while covering a spot on his white coat which was crimson red. "Boss!" I went to his side and I said to Him, "Help to the couch." as we and the boy who seems to be helping 'Boss' but he was worn out already as he drop down as when I drop "Boss' on the couch.

"Boss, what happen? Why did you do it alone? I could have helped." as I said to him and he just laugh a bit and said, "You have more important things to worry about." He started to cough and blood spat out from his mouth, as when I saw that I was about to reach the phone as I said, "I'm calling an ambulant." But I gotten a tug on my shirt and it was Boss who was holding me back from reaching the phone.

"No... We still have a job to do." As he said weak and I just knee to him and said, "Come on 'boss', your shot, your bleeding out." He didn't say much of anything but he took off his hat as he move close to me and said, "I'm done Robert, but now it's your turn." as he said when he place the hat on my head, I quickly took off the hat and looked at it and I remember what he said to me long ago and then I looked at 'Boss' and said, "But I haven't deserve it yet."

He smile one last time and then he pull something out from his coat he said, "Finish the Job, then you… deserve… it." His hand let go of the object he had in his hand as it drop to the floor and his eyes lost his light. "Boss?" I said as I shook him slightly. "Boss?!" I shook him harder and then he body fell to the side. "BOSS!"

On the floor was two objects one was the lost driver and the other was a T2 Gaia Memory of 'Joker'.

-End flashback-

That night was the last time I saw him alive, finish his last job, and the hat 'Boss' gave me… I couldn't bring myself to wear it. My night of beginning, as well a partnership with the guy 'Boss' Brought in things were different. As I gotten to know the guy name was Phillies like the baseball team, but I call him Phil.

The Case 'Boss' was working on was a mass produce of T1 Gaia memories by an Organization called, 'The museum'. It was somewhat simple, shut them down and beat the bad guys and for some reason Phil was a side project , 'The museum' was working on called 'The Gaia library ' that says holds all of the world knowledge even if was history or recent events. I didn't know what they wanted out of him but 'Boss' saved him for a reason and I treated him like a client and keep him out of harm's way, and the job was done but it was the last I heard of them as I found report of other factories of other area, I don't know of or can't find them at all, all I could do for now was wait and hope to bring down the whole Organization for good one day but until then I had to close down the Agency.

Mouths after the job I was attending college alone with Phil, and thank to him I've gotten the bachelor's degree while he gotten master degree in literature, for me I was thinking it was the 'Gaia library' helping him out most of the time, but anyways soon enough I re-open the Agency, and it was back on its feet within a few days, thanks to Phil as he the one with the info, I just find clues with him solving a piece of a puzzle with me holding the other piece, but sometime there are some job I did alone for reason I would say are personal.

'Riiinnng!' The phone was going off and I went to it and said, "Hello"

. . .