Its been eleven years since the Kushan Exiles reclaimed their homeworld of Hiigara with the assistance of the captain and crew of the Time-Space Administration Bureau Spaceship Arthra.

Much has changed since that day, the first being the collapse of the Taiidan Empire after the death of their Emperor and his closest allies. A massive schism took place between those whose loyalty remained with the dead emperor and those who join the rebellion that shook a sector of the Galaxy to its core. It took nearly two years for the Taiidan Republic to rise from the ashes, its citizens being optimistic for a new age that wasn't tainted by the many sins of Riesstiu IV the Second. It was but a few months later that the Republic restored once broken relations with the Bureau, despite the misgivings and suspicions many had of them. They have managed to gain the trust and partnership of several majorities among the Turanic Kingdoms however at the same time they had territory which was now being contested by the Vagyr.

During that time, the Hiigaran Empire had been reborn with the help of the Bentusi, the TSAB, and brilliant minds such as Karan S'Jet. The latter of whom became a prominent and legendary figure among the masses of the Hiigarans. The Hiigarans had also begun slowly re-familiarizing themselves with magic as their knowledge on its power was lost when they were Exiled many generations ago. The journey they had revealed much more about the galaxy than anyone was originally aware of such as the existence of the Xenophobic Zealots known as the Kadeshii, the remains of a starship whose purpose was long since unknown, and the revelations of the Bentusi's actions that preserved their race. To this very day their civilization continued to flourish and had once again joined the Galactic Council which was a decision welcomed by most.

Although not all of the inhabitants agreed with this, such as the remnants of the Taiidan Empire's loyalists. The remaining loyalists pooled all of their citizens, resources, starships, and assets together to form the Taiidan Imperialist faction so that one day they would eventually restore the Empire to its former glory. This group has performed acts of terrorism against their enemies and in some cases have rallied those sympathetic to their cause to attack the fleets of the Bentusi , The The Bureau, The Taiidan Republic, The Hiigarans and even those who have nothing to do with the conflict such as multidimensional traders and mercenaries.

The revealed Kadeshi continued to exert control over their dominion with much more overzealous fervor than before their encounters with the Hiigarans. Because of their belligerence, territoriality, and xenophobia the Galactic Council had laid warning buoys from a safe distance outside of the Great Nebula and had declared a quarantine of the area. Very few took the risk of entering their territory including the likes of the Turanic Kingdoms who had lost many lives to those damnable zealots.

Speaking of the Turanic Kingdoms, there was a cultural and political divide amongst them. Some kingdoms continued to remain loyal to the Taiidan Imperialist faction due to the many generations of fear and servitude to them. Some of the more honorable kingdoms joined the Taiidan Republic for better treatment and trading opportunities, despite the skepticism and suspicions from other civilizations of the galactic council. The rest either didn't care or they just attacked those who would be easy targets for raiding and looting regardless of their factions or their loyalties.

Meanwhile the Time-Space Administration Bureau watched their activities from afar, only wanting to intervene in the case of a discovery of Lost Logia or a massive galactic civil war that relied heavily on magical weapons. Both possibilities while terrifying were nearly unlikely at the moment. Although outside of Non-Administrated Galaxy M-51 there were multiple near-catastrophic events that involved the threat of Lost Logia, all of them were resolved by an unlikely group of new allies who would eventually become the most powerful mages of the TSAB: Takamichi Nanoha the Ace of Aces, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown the Ace of Lightning, and Yagami Hayate, the Queen Of The Night Sky. All three of which were once enemies but now are comrades in arms (And in Nanoha and Fate's case, Lovers.) who continue to perform their duties as mages of the Time-Space Administration Bureau.

However, a new threat is emerging from the shadows one which threatens the existence of the Bureau, the planet of Mid-Childa, and everyone ally, friend, and family member that the aces hold dear. New allies would emerge to fight this darkness and from places least expected...Such as the case of an orphan who was taken under the wings of the Queen of the Night Sky.

Six Years Ago...

Outpost TU005-Turanic Kingdoms, Non-Administrated Galaxy M51.

Outpost TU005 was a home to the people who lived in it, despite the fact it was a somewhat overcrowded space station kept afloat with near-obsolete technology. For any other space faring race it was obviously a death warrant for non-military fleets because it belonged to the nomads known as the Turanic Raiders.

The Turanic Raiders had been a bane to many civilizations in the Galaxy, even the Taiidan Empire which kept them on a tight leash had reasons to be suspicious of their motives. Most of the time they attacked cargo ships belonging to the ancient Bentusi Exchange for anything they could use for their own survival such as food, water, clothing, and important components for ships or space stations. However, when they received orders from their Taiidan masters they would do so without hesitation even if it meant bloodshed.

But the Taiidan Empire was no more, the Hiigarans officially returned after nearly four-thousand years of exile on the desert world of Kharak. With the help of the Bentusi, The Taiidan Rebels, and a few sympathetic agents of the TSAB they managed to end the artificial lineage of Emperor Riesstiu and shatter the empire once and for all. The Turanic Raiders simply retreated back into their territories and went about their business. A few of the Turanic Kingdoms had begun slow attempts at diplomacy with the TSAB and the newly arisen Taiidan Republic but the rest of them were loyal to the remnants of the old empire or they stayed neutral of all conflicts for the most part. Outpost TU005 happened to be populated by members who were just going about their business.

For one young boy on the outpost, it simply meant getting the privilege of staring out the windows of one of the hallways and watching the natural wonders of space as the station slowly drifted about from its current position.

He was young, about nine-years old with lightly tanned skin with a messy brown head of hair that matched his chocolate-colored eyes. He wore a maroon-colored T-shirt, a dark raggedy cloak that went down to his knees, and a pair of dirty khaki shorts. He blinked once, twice, thrice as he saw the unique gaseous shapes that made up a nearby nebula...letting out a small noise from his mouth that indicated fascination among other things. He turned his head to the left and smiled as he caught the sight of a group of interceptors and corvettes passing by. He gave a wave to the ships as they streaked by with their yellow ion trails and cheering as he saw the procession of dart away from his line of sight.

He always wanted to fly on one of those ships, he thought they looked so cool as they flew so close together...He even saw them fire their weapons at an asteroid that strayed in front of the station!

As he was about to run to the other deck of the station, something caught his was obviously not a spaceship, nor was it an asteroid or part of the nebula that was in his sight. It looked almost like on of the engineers he had seen outside in their spacesuits but it wasn't the usual dark brown or mustard yellow ones he had seen, it was a sleek purple colored one and it was flying too!

He had seen the engineers fly slowly through the air as they did repairs outside but he hadn't seen anything that fast before! It was almost as if it were- Before he could finish thinking about the engineers or spacesuits outside he felt the floor rumble beneath his feet. Startled, he lost his balance and fell on his buttocks with a short grunt.

He shook his head out of confusion and tried to regain his balance only to feel another rumble beneath his feet that was so strong he heard the creaking of the bulkheads. He pressed himself against the wall so he wouldn't fall over, casting his gaze to the window and his eyes widened at the sight of a fighter flying by the window with fire coming from its cockpit as it streaked by.

What's going on? What's happening?! Those two thoughts entered his mind as he heard the loud wailing from the sirens throughout the area. He had only heard it once when he was three-years old, it didn't help at the time that he was being raised by other crew members rather than his long-absent parents.

"FULL ALERT! FULL ALERT! ALL HANDS ON DECK! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! I REPEAT WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!" As soon as he heard that he began running down the hall to the shelters, watching as crew members sprinted past him to various parts of the ship yelling things that were indistinct with the rumbling and the sound of the sirens. He ran to one of the stairwells and saw from the large pane of glass the sight of the figure in the purple suit being chased by three interceptors, dodging the blasts from their mass drivers before turning about and firing a blast of energy that annihilated the leader, while one of the two tailing her caught on fire and crashed into the nearest ship.

He climbed up the stairs until he caught sight of the red hatch that had the number four messily emboldened on it. He turned the handle for it and sprinted through, not minding that he left it open as he darted towards the shelter.


He shook his head, entering the so-called 'shelter-in-place' which was actually the storage compartment for the pressure suits that the pilots used. Quickly, he grabbed the suit that was close to his size, tore off his cloak and jumped into the small pouch in the back of it. It took a bit of a struggle but he managed to pull his head out of the neck of the suit and then push his limbs into the respective sleeves and legs of the suit. He then pulled the built-in hood of the suit over his head, with a mask like portion of it adhering to his face before sealing itself onto the rest of the suit. He slowly turned a small dial on his right shoulder and it started to tighten around his body. As uncomfortable as it was, it was a safety feature that would make it easier to place a repair patch if part of it was torn.

Taking two, three deep breaths he began running out the door to the hangar. Hopefully he would be able to catch a ride on one of the corvettes rather than having to try his luck on finding an unused escape pod.

Just as he was about to make his way to the level three bulkhead, an explosion from in front knocked him on his back. He shook his head in attempt to rid himself of the concussion he was dealing with but instead he caught sight of that same person in the purple spacesuit just a few feet from him.

It wasn't a guy like he had assumed, it was a women with purple-colored hair and two metallic protrusions coming out of her head. On her face was a mask with a transparent plastic visor that revealed her yellow eyes and the rest of her facial features in a scowl. He backed away, shielding his face with his right hand in an fruitless attempt to protect himself but fortunately she paid no heed to him and walked behind him and effortlessly tearing out a nearby hatch and throwing it aside before glowing wing-shaped devices in her wrists and ankles sprouted out and she flew through it.

Before the boy could thank the gods for his fortune he saw a fire forming in front of him, he managed to get back on his feet before another fire formed behind him and to make matters worse a piece of debris from the ceiling fell down and pinned his body to the catwalk.

"Help, anybody! I'm stuck!" He cried, as he tried to pull his arms and legs out of the debris with no avail.

"Somebody, please! I-I don't want to die in here!" But no one came.

"Oh Sajuuk, somebody help me!" He thought that he was going to die, and he began screaming with all his might, tears coming out of his eyes. He tried to keep his eyes open but he was failing.


Before he could fully close his eyes he saw a bright white light seemingly pop out of nowhere...he could see it taking the shape of a person and not just any person, it was a mage! He had heard stories about them and he had seen pictures of them wearing their barrier jackets and wielding strange weapons that not even he knew existed and now one was standing in front of him! He didn't move an inch, he didn't know whether to be afraid or relieved because he still couldn't move his aching body. The mage in front of him was saying something to him but it was being muffled by his suit so he couldn't understand what she was saying.

The first thing he felt though was a weight literally being lifted off his shoulders as the debris was lifted with a white aura and then tossed into the fires behind him. When she bent down to him, he got a better view of her...She was wearing a white barrier jacket with a black armored dress with golden plates on her thighs, a white hat on top of her short brown hair and strangely enough she had four black wings coming out of her back!

He felt her grab his limp form and lift him over her shoulder, once again she said something that was muffled by his suit but he didn't mind it now...For some reason he knew he was safe...and slowly he descended into unconsciousness.

Hayate Yagami was worried, not only because this was the second time a powerful Lost Logia was intercepted by an unknown third-party but also the second time a disaster has occurred because of it.. Not to mention this was the first time it happened in a non-administrated system that was home to multiple space-faring races such as the Bentusi, the Taiidan, and the Hiigarans. She was also worried about the boy she rescued on board the outpost, from what little data the crewmen of the Asura were able to pull off, the boy was an orphan by the name of Vega. His mother was a Turanic Raider who died shortly after giving birth to him leaving him with his father. However, his father was a Taiidan Interceptor pilot that disappeared after his squadron disappeared in the Great Nebula...The same area where many space-faring races including the Kushan Migrants dealt with members of the territorial Kadeshi and their Swarmer vessels.

Once she made it back to Mid-Childa, she would adopt Vega into her extended family that consisted of herself, Rein, and the Wolkenritter. She didn't mind having another mouth to feed and she doubt that Vita, Signum, Zafira, or Shamal would have any objections.

Although, there was the issue of whether he wanted to join the TSAB or a space-faring fleet but if she remembered correctly the Taiidan had an academy that trained young men and women how to pilot or command vessels that are native to their home galaxy.

She sighed to herself, adjusting her nightgown as she decided to take a good long rest. She needed to be ready for whatever happens, her request to assemble her own unit to deal with similar incidents such as what happened today was being slowly processed by members of high command. As she slipped into bed she vowed that she would protect those she loved and treasured the most from this new threat, no matter the cost.

She would be ready for anything including kaiser help her, total war...Especially, if the warnings were true.


Long-Arch, Mid-Childa.

Near one of the decks of the base known as Long Arch, an orange-haired teenager watched the commander of Riot Force 6 leaning against the railing with a relaxed posture but it seemed as if she was waiting for something...

"Private Lanster, how can I help you?" She snapped to attention with a salute as she met the commander's smiling visage.

"C-Commander Yagami, I was told I would find you out here. I finished that report you asked for, I sent it to Rein to hold on to it until I-"

"Its alright, Private I'll take care of it when I get back inside." Hayate gave the private a small smile before turning back to the view.

"Is there a problem, ma'm?" The mistress of the night sky chuckled for a moment and shook her head.

"No, I'm just waiting..."

"Waiting for what, exactly?"

"You'll see right about..." She paused before they both turned towards the left where they heard a soft boom in the distance.

"Now!" And before the lower-ranking officer could say anything she saw a streak of white and red fly over them like a bat out of hell with four more similarly colored shapes following close behind it.

"What was that?!" She turned her head towards the sky to see who or what burst past them, as Hayate chuckled again.

"Those were interceptors from the Taiidan academy, Teana. They're doing some practice flights and I happen to know one of the pilots who told me he was passing by."

Teana didn't question her superior further and instead watched the craft above as they went into an X-shaped formation. While she knew of the Taiidan, she hadn't actually encountered their strike craft before. The interceptors were jet-shaped fighters with two tail-wings pointed diagonally upwards above the engine, one tail like protrusion on the bottom of it that lead to some exhaust vents, two wings on the bottom left and right sides of the craft, a large cannon on the right hand side of the craft, and in front of the cockpit mounted on the nose was a oval-shaped cannon. She watched them spiral about in their formation, noting that they were painted a bright silver with ruby-colored stripes, the colors of the Taiidan Republic.

After what seemed to be a long set of barrel rolls in the air, they suddenly halted and quickly turned about in the opposite direction before forming a broad formation with their white ion trails fading through the air behind them. They strafed about in their formation with near-perfect accuracy but she did see a few of them having trouble staying together in the tight-nit formation. As they finished their roundabout overhead, they started to slow down and the four wingmen pulled behind the lead interceptor to form a somewhat sloppy delta formation.

Teana had been so caught up in the show that she didn't notice Commander Hayate Yagami opening a communication screen in front of her.

"Enjoying yourselves?"

The person on the other was one of the pilots, who was around fifteen with short brown hair covering his ears and part of his forehead but not hiding his solid brown eyes. He was wearing a form-fitting silver flight suit that had the words 'TRAINING SUIT' embossed on the arms of it as a gray plastic face mask obscured his mouth and nose.

"Sorry about that, when I said we were coming in close I didn't think our wing leader was going to have us go in THAT close!" He said, laughing with Hayate as he flew over head.

"Are you guys finishing up for today?" The pilot nodded.

"Yeah, we were just doing some practice runs for the basic formations...we're still having trouble with the broad and delta! I'll tell you more about this once I get home!"

"Alright then, I'll see you at dinner tonight!"

"Roger that, see you then!"


When the communication window winked out of existence, Hayate Yagami gazed towards the interceptors as they flew off into the skyline letting out a happy sigh as she walked back into Long Arch with Teana in tow.

"Commander, who was that?" The first thing she got was a chuckle, which puzzled the orangette before her commanding officer continued.

"That was Vega Yagami, he's a cadet at the Taiidan Academy outside of Cranagan and he also happens to be my son."


She looked towards the sky with a small smile on her face, she was confident in her preparations for whatever challenges she, her family, her friends, and her unit would face in the future.

"Wait a minute...HE'S YOUR WHAT?!"

Well, that was at least one challenge she wasn't prepared for...

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