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Raising Hope





Rebekah Mikaelson drove as fast as she could from the small cookie-cutter house she had been staying in with Hope. The road was passing by in a blur as Rebekah applied more pressure onto the car's gas pedal, trying to get more acceleration. In the back of the car Hope was crying wildly, but Rebekah could do nothing at the moment. All she needed to do was get out of town.

Klaus always had a backup plan; just in case Rebekah got caught in a snag that jeopardizes Hope's survival. If someone found out about Hope being with Rebekah, then Rebekah had to take the next step. She would have to leave Hope in the care of someone who hated Klaus, but secretly had an affectionate side for the hybrid. Someone who wanted a family, but she could never have one. That's were Caroline Forbes came in. Klaus gave Rebekah specific instructions that if she failed, Caroline was a desperate move. If only absolutely necessary. Rebekah had that snag.

Rebekah failed, and this was indeed absolutely necessary. She failed her brother yet again, and knew he'd be disappointed in her. In honest truth, Rebekah would rather be frowned upon for failing and getting daggered again than actually getting Hope killed.

Hope was now five months old. They had been living in a home close to Caroline, a few towns over. Caroline lived in a small town in Texas, whilst Rebekah lived right out of Arizona. The first sign that Rebekah had been found was when a witch appeared from nowhere, now dead though. Rebekah knew though that others had to know that Hope was alive, so for now Rebekah had to convince that Hope was dead and get her cloaked. That can wait until after she's safely delivered to Caroline, who was now only about five minutes away.

"1285 Willow Road." Rebekah muttered to herself, glancing at the crying infant in the back if the car. "Hey baby girl, it's all going to be okay. Aunty Beks is going to keep you safe."

With the sound of her voice, Hope seemed to calm down a little bit. The cries more of small whimpers as Hope curiously gazed up at Rebekah through a little mirror on the set that Hope stared in usually. Rebekah originally bought it because it seemed to distract the infant when they were on the road. Offering a sad smile Rebekah looked away, pressing in the brakes when she finally reached a house on the edge of town. It was beautiful.

It was a simple brick house that was one story. The front yard was luscious with its grass that was greener than green. There was a simple white picket fence that Rebekah dreamed of having, but that dream wouldn't be coming true. Quickly using vampire speed to get to Hope's side of the car and unlatching her car seat, swiping the mirror and grabbing the dipper bag- Rebekah made her way up towards the front door, cautiously glancing around.

Caroline answered with in two minutes, opening the door and pausing then frowning. "Rebekah, what do you want?"

"Can I come in please Caroline?" Rebekah asked, glancing down at Hope. "I can't explain out here."

Caroline eyes trailed down to the baby, eyes widening. Then her head snapped up and she narrowed her eyes at the blond original. Suspicion crept in, but Caroline nodded- stepping to the side to allow Rebekah entrance. Rebekah quickly stepped inside, closing the door behind her. She took in the living room, which was neat and cozy. Leather couches, a television and a piano in the back.

"Okay, I just need to know now. Did you hijack a baby and now need a lovely babysitter?" Caroline sneered, crossing her arms over her chest.

Rebekah shook her head, "No to the hijacking but yes to the babysitter. A long term one."

"How long?" Caroline inquired curiously.

Rebekah sighed, "We are talking about years." Then she set the baby carrier down and unbuckled Hope, carefully cradling her. "Caroline, I'd like you to meet Hope Mikaelson, daughter to Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall."

Words could not describe how surprised Caroline was. It was like being paralyzed, not being able to move because she just couldn't believe her ears. Klaus had a baby with Hayley of all people. Hayley who had been Tyler's friend, the Hayley who swore never to become one of Klaus's 'sired bitches', but she wasn't sired. She was the mother to her enemy's child.

"That's not possible. Vampires can't procreate." Caroline whispered, seeming not have been able to find her voice just yet.

Rebekah nodded, "True, but werewolves can. Listen Caroline, I don't have time to explain everything to you. Klaus gave Hope to me to protect since New Orleans is not a safe place for a baby at the moment. Hope is wanted dead there by the witches. There are rumors that Ester and Mikael are back." Rebekah sighed and shook her head. "That isn't the point at the moment. Someone knows about me, that is why Klaus instructed me to give Hope up into your care Caroline. Klaus trusts you to raise his daughter until it is safe for her to come home."

"You can't honestly expect me to raise her Rebekah. You're asking me to put my life on hold!" Caroline exclaimed.

"I know Caroline! But if you don't do this Hope will not survive at this rate! Di you want to be responsible for a little baby's death? This is a chance Caroline, you get to raise a baby, be a mother-."

"Until when though? Hayley will want her back and so will Klaus." Caroline retorted. "How will people not know I have her?"

Rebekah sighed when Hope started to cry, gently rocking her, "Please Caroline, I just want her to live. We can figure that out when the times comes but please. Please take Hope, raise her as your own. If she stays with me she will never have a home, have a life. I know you can give that to her Caroline. You're practically mother material."

Caroline sighed, defeated. She glanced at the baby in Rebekah's arms that looked over at her and gurgled. That's when Caroline's undead heart skipped a beat. Caroline looked up at Rebekah, seeing the Original's heartbroken expression.

"I always wanted a family. The white picket fence, the loving husband and the kids. I can never have that though Caroline. I have enemies, they will find me. They will find Hope and they will kill her. Let me tell you something, when Hope was first born- the witches killed her mother while she held Hope, but because Hope is a hybrid, she sired her mother. Hope turned her mother." Rebekah smiled sadly. "She'll be powerful Caroline."

Caroline smiled at Rebekah warily, "I'll do it. I'll watch over Hope."

"Thank you." Rebekah blinked at a tear fell down her cheek. "Thank you Caroline. Please take care of her, tell her stories"

"I will."

Rebekah breathed out deeply, kissing Hope's forehead. This is what Klaus felt giving her Hope, how did Hayley feel? Rebekah felt heartbroken and a sense of loss, "Take care Hope." Then Rebekah moved and carefully placed Hope into Caroline's arms, before quickly turning around and going towards the door.

"You're going already?" Caroline asked, holding Hope close.

"I have to Caroline." Rebekah smiled but it didn't reach her eyes, "In her bag there are two letters. One from Hayley- give that to Hope when she is old enough. The other is from me, it's a bed time story, but it explains the problems in New Orleans. You'll understand." Rebekah paused, before looking Caroline dead in the eyes, "You aren't that bad as I remembered Caroline, and if it means anything- I know you'll be a great mother to Hope."

Then Rebekah was gone and Hope started to wail. Caroline smiled down at the infant, who had the bluest eyes. She was Klaus's daughter, Caroline knew that by that sparkles in Hope's eyes. Gently rocking Hope, Caroline sang a lullaby she knew by heart.

"Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop

When the wind blows, the cradle will rock

When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall

And down will come baby, cradle and all"

Hope's crying died down, and that's when Caroline decided to read Rebekah's letter. Carefully grabbing the bag and putting it on her shoulder, Caroline took Hope to her room whilst grabbing the baby carrier since Caroline had no crib for Hope. She fastened Hope into the baby carrier, searching for the letter in the baby bag, finding one with her name elegantly written on the front. Caroline tore it open, pulling the pages out.


Thank you again for taking Hope under your wing, it means the world to me and my family that Hope will be safe- even if it is not with us. Family means the world to us Mikaelson's. She is our family's hope. Fitting that Niklaus named her Hope. She is our Hope.

You are probably wondering why we had to get Hope out of New Orleans or why her life was endangered. People believe Hope is an abomination because she was born as the Original Hybrid's daughter. She is part witch, werewolf, and probably part vampire as while. We can't be sure just yet though. We didn't really check, or at least I didn't. Hope is like a normal baby though, but we can't tell what she'll need getting older.

Besides that fact, Hope can't be found out about. I trust you to keep her a secret, but of course your little group of friends will find out one way or another. If you do take Hope to Mystic Falls, I advise keeping Tyler Lockwood away from Hope. He knows about Hope, he found Hayley when she was pregnant and took Hope's blood when she was still in the womb. He isn't trust worthy and I believe he'd do anything to rail up Nik, even hurting his daughter. The second friend I have concern about is Bonnie Bennet, but since Hope is a witch she'll have to learn magic. Just watch Bennet carefully.

There are many reasons that Hope cannot return home, for I cannot explain them all. Just know never bring her to New Orleans.

Now for our story time Caroline.

Once upon a time there was a majestic king. He was blessed with a beautiful baby daughter, for whom he wished only peace. Still the king had demons that would pursuit him. There was a ruthless beast that wanted to take the kingdom as her own, armed with a pack of untamed creatures. She drove the other magical beings from the land.

And there was this wicked sorceress with enchanted stones that weakened the king every full moon. Seeing his shadows his enemies cast upon his home, the king was driven to send his beloved princess away. Convincing all who remained that she was forever lost.


Rebekah Mikaelson





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