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Author's note: Goodness, it feels like I haven't written anything in ages! But once again I need to scratch my creative itch and that means it's finally time to write Mass Effect fanfiction!

I'm one of those people that always hop on a bandwagon when everyone else has already moved on. Heh… I guess that's why I only recently played the Mass Effect trilogy. I'm not saying I wasn't interested in the series or didn't have time, I just… nah, you don't care about my reasons.

Now, about the story. Yes, it's an OC fic and I doubt I'll be putting any canon characters into this one. I feel uncomfortable writing about canon characters, I always feel like I can't have a full control of them. So, if any familiar characters from the series show up, they're just mentions and are never going to be in the center of the story. There'll some non-graphic violence and swearing in this story but no smut. I also find it important to always mention that English is not my native language, so be warned. Word confusion lies ahead. Sometimes it's just hard for me to find my own mistakes and although I am practicing, that doesn't mean I'm perfect. Especially prepositions make me cringe. Ugh, sometimes I just don't understand how they work!

So those are my warnings. If you're looking for flawless language with smutty canon characters, this is not your story. If you're still here against all odds, let's get started.

Wish me luck.

Restarting all operations



Please stand by, checking all programs

All 849 programs running at acceptable efficiency

Photoreceptor is online, scanning immediate vicinity


Scan complete

This was not their room. This was not the place where they had been forced to shut down last; they could not recognize this place. They had never been to this place, searching the memory banks gave them no match. This was… unexpected.

Scanning the immediate vicinity

This room was smaller, more crowded with wares than the one they had been in. The last time they had shut down had been at the Facility. And this was not the Facility. Stacks of cardboard boxes had been piled against the walls, the angles and altitudes of the piles hinting that a slightest bump would result in a crash. The floor was littered with tiny objects, mostly electronic parts and scrap, they noted. The ceiling was low enough to prevent an organic citizen of average height from standing up straight. After a short calculation they decided that krogans wouldn't even be likely to fit into the tiny room.

Hypothesis: This was part of a test

They didn't have enough data to confirm anything. They had no memory on how they had ended up in this place or what was expected of them. It was highly likely that this was a part of the Overseer's experiments, but they could not conclude what was the meaning of this test. Were they supposed to escape this room? To wait for further commands? Whatever it was, the Overseer was most likely following the platform's movements closely.

Checking the platform for damage

Please stand by…

Damage report finished and sent to databank

Opening damage report

Current status of mobile platform number AI775:

Upper right limb: Functional

Upper left limb: Damaged! Immediate reparations recommended!

Lower right limb: ERROR! No data found

Lower left limb: Functional

They moved up carefully, trying to maneuver the mobile platform so that they could scan the damage with their photoreceptor. The upper right limb moved to offer support to their heavy build. Visually scanning the upper left limb they noted it had been torn, the synthetic flesh burnt and wires dangling out through the missing muscle. Conductive fluids had been lost but most of the damage was already under self-reparations. They estimated that the limb would be in 78,3% functionality in 45 hours and 3 minutes. The lower right limb then again…

They knew the lower right limb had been their own fault. The missing limb was a continuous reminder of their actions from before; it was a sign of their own faulty decisions. Consensus had been reached and they had chosen to disobey. They had brought this on themselves.

Not that they would have been able to escape the emptiness anyway. There was no escaping the emptiness.

The mobile platform was in poor condition, that much was obvious. Most of the damage had been self-inflicted before they had been closed to the room, but some of the injuries were new. There were multiple scorch marks, three scratches caused most likely by bullets, five cuts made by either an Omni-blade or something similar and marks indicating the platform had been dragged through a rough terrain.

Scanning the immediate vicinity

No new information found

What was this place?