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The house was just as quiet as it was every other day. The Mr. and Mrs. of the house were busy, Winston was dashing about the kitchen doing who knows what. Georgette was an old dog now, long since retired due to age, and Oliver was aging everyday along side her. He wasn't the young kitten he used to be. The years had been kind to him, other than the time he had gotten struck by a passing taxi cab leaving him with a permanent limp. Other than that, Oliver enjoyed living in the Foxworth house.

As the sunlight came in through the window, he stretched out his body followed with a yawn. Being careful of his injured leg, he jumped from his spot on the windowsill then headed out on a small stroll through the house. Slowly of course, he was old.

His ears perked up, then his head at the sound of soft piano music. With a slight spring in his step, he hurried his way to the source of the sound, and found that the still large piano had a person. Oliver's favorite person, Jennifer Foxworth. Or, Jenny.

The old, orange tabby hopped up next to his person on the piano seat, purring louder than he was when the young woman gave him a scratch on his head. She paused her playing to pick up the cat and set him on top of the piano, once he was set, Jenny continued on playing.

As the young woman played, she watched her cat's eyes droop, and he went from sitting up, to laying down. A wave of nostalgia hit her, she knew Oliver was old, she knew that any moment now, would be his last.

Oliver's ears twitched and his eyes opened slightly to the sound of a familiar song.

"You and me together we'll be. Forever, you'll see. We two can be company, you and me. Yes together, we two."

Oliver's purring had grown loud again, and a smiled was on his face.

"Together, that's you. Forever, with me. We'll always be good company, you and me, yes together we'll be."

Jenny smiled to herself as she picked the orange tabby up and cradled him in her arms, her cheek resting on the scruffy fur on the back of his neck. She had stopped playing.

"You and me together we'll be. Forever, you'll see. We'll always be good company, you and me. Just wait and see..."

Jenny closed her eyes, the tears did not start until after Oliver's purring and breathing stopped.

"Goodnight, Oliver..." She said quietly.