Danny sighed as he looked around his room before hugging his knees close to his chest, He couldn't cry, He wouldn't, not even when his dad was trying to brake down his bedroom door, He hugged his knees as he huddled into the corner trying to hide, He couldn't use his powers ever since it happened, since she died at least that's what the police said, And he believed them after awhile it was then he began to loose hope his friends had left because they couldn't cope his mom had left too not because she wanted to but because jack won the custody battle between him, mom and Vlad. Danny sighed again and began thinking 'I could run away, No jack would find you, That or Vlad, but maybe I can escape if I run far enough, wouldn't work you don't have enough money, hmm what if when he falls asleep later I sneak into her room grab anything I need and do the same from Mom's and my rooms, That... Might actually work Danny" Danny grinned at the conversation, after jack began to beat him he developed a sort of connection with Dan, who when he found out about the abuse immediately took on the role of big brother which Danny found he liked having another sibling but NO ONE! could ever replace her, Not ever, Not jazz "Thanks Dan lets make a list of what I'll need to take" he replied while quietly grabbing a notebook and the two began plotting Dan: the necessities and Danny: Things he felt he would want or need, After half an hour Danny put their plan into acction