I didn't think my day would go like this. Ya see, I had things that anyone would ever want but sadly that wasn't the case for this huh. I ended up going to jail, losing the woman I loved dearly so what more could happen right? Ah yeah… that's right… I'm about to fall to my own death and my powers won't save me this time. Nothing could get any worse than that eh… In order to know my story, I would have to start at the very beginning… and when I mean the very beginning, I really do mean the very beginning.

I came from a different realm, a realm filled with demons. That's right, I said demons… hundreds of years ago, humans had thought they killed off all the demons but that wasn't the case, demons had just gone to another realm where they could live in peace though sadly, even that couldn't last forever…

"Minato, we have to get him out of here!" shouted a red haired woman. Her fox ears twitching with fear as her violet coloured eyes filled with fear and worry. She looked at the small bundle in her arms. The little baby was cooing softly, his blonde spiky hair held tinges of red in it though it was very faint. His little orange fox ears twitched from the sounds around him and his nine tails swayed slightly as his blue eyes looked around trying to figure out what was going on around him.

"I know Kushina, I found a way to get our son to safety…" said a man with spiky blonde hair like the baby. His blue eyes showed determination, determination to save his son no matter the cost. Turning away, he calmly said "I have managed to get the spell to work though it can only transport one… and that will have to be our son… I'm sorry Kushina but we won't see Naruto grow up."

A soft sob echoed through the area, but the woman knew that this was how it was to be. There was no way the spell could support three people… The only way for their son to be safe, was for him to travel alone and for that, he did feel a great guilt for not seeing their son grow up… But if it meant his safety and his life remaining intact then there was no choice but to do this. Then, he thought of something… he could send someone else that could look after Naruto… the spell couldn't send one other person, or in this case an adult because the spell wouldn't work… but, what if it was another small person? "Kushina… I know Naruto wasn't supposed to have… have a helper until he was a year but, maybe we could…"

Kushina seemed to have gotten what her mate was trying to say before nodding. In their home, it was tradition for the child of the leader to have a helper of sorts. In a way, sort of like a caretaker if necessary and originally they waited until the child's first year but because of their realm starting to disappear along with most of the magic they had no choice and at least this way, their child would not be alone in the world…

Once they made it to the shrine of their ancestors, legend had said that this portal was what brought their clan to this realm from their original one. Sadly, it had lost most of its power over the years and there had been no way for it to regain it unless they had a powerful enough energy which had also been lost to them…

Taking a deep breath, Minato stared at the baby within his mate's arms before giving a soft and gentle smile. "Kushina, you go to the shrine, I shall gather what I can quickly before we send him off. We have enough time…" Minato kissed the red haired woman before rushing off as fast as he could. He may not be as powerful as his mate's ancestry but he what he lacked with strength he made up with speed. He had to make sure that everything was in place for there was one other thing that he wanted to give to his son… He could give his son some mementoes of his parents before he would go away forever…

Though he just hoped that it would be enough for his son, he hoped that would be enough for him. There were so many things that he wanted to give to his son but knew that there were only so very few items that he could have. Breathing deeply, he ran through the home that he had built with his mate before having their son and grabbed two objects from the main room before rushing out and stashed them into his robes before rushing to the last thing he needed and that was to get his son's care taker.

After everything had been sorted, Minato rushed to the shrine and that was when he met up with his mate and smiled gently at her. Though he could see the tears in her violet eyes and knew that she was afraid for their son. Giving her a gentle smile, he reached into his robe and pulled out a necklace. The necklace was a bluish green crystal with two steel beads next to them. It was a simple necklace to those who would see it but it held a protection charm. Smiling, he had it over his son's head and around his neck before smiling.

"This will protect you while you travel son… I promise that whenever you're in grave danger this will protect you." He chuckled a little before placing small little knife (dull for the moment) with his son and smiled more. "This is a magical sword that has been infused with my blood and the blood of your mother. Like you Naruto, it shall mature and sharpen." Naruto blinked his blue eyes and gurgled happily and reached out for his father before Minato felt tears starting to roll down his face. "And, this is Kurama; he will be your caretaker…" He handed Naruto a small reddish fox. Like other members of this fox tribe, they grow to gain human appearances so they could help their ward though for now they remained in the form of a fox.

"Naruto, just remember… mommy and daddy love you very much." Said Kushina before kissing their infant son on the forehead and sent him away. The little boy reached out for his parents, wanting them to be with him on this journey. Before the protective seal took place, Kushina smiled as she added "you are destined for…" though the sealing finished, and blocked out all the sounds around him causing the baby to whimper as he watched his parents disappear from his sight as the portal closed.

Though, at the same time another baby had been sent away, a boy from another clan that lived on the other side of the realm from Naruto. A baby from the hawk clan, a clan that have been rivals with the foxes for as long as they can remember…

As he traveled, the infant blinked his blue eyes as he tried to get through the portal; the other protective sphere just flowed on forward as if it was trying to beat the fox baby. The fox sniffed at Naruto before tilting his head as if trying to think on what was going on though the only thing that it knew was that it had to protect his ward. In fact, the journey through the realms seemed short but sweet. It was pointless to do anything as they journeyed but somehow without the baby fox noticing, the hawk seemed to have zoomed in and hit the fox causing his protective sphere to go into another direction.

The hawk waved though it almost seemed like it had a smirk on his young face as he disappeared and appeared in a mansion below a Christmas tree… meanwhile, the fox baby appeared in a prison yard with all the inmates gazing around. The small fox peeked up at the people in orange suits. He tilted his head to the side and frowned a little as if trying to figure out what they were. He saw no ears like his own or anything else… they seemed odd to the infant…

One prisoner tilted his head as he said "can we keep him?"

The other prisoners thought about it for a moment, as if they were trying to see the reason for why they should keep this strange creature like a pet though at the moment it just seemed to work. Maybe they could train this child to do what they wanted? Maybe they could end up escaping from here though it was a long shot at this point. "What's with the ears? Are those tails?" said a prisoner as he pointed out the strange fox ears and tails. They thought that maybe the infant was some kind of mutant, would that mean that it would have some kind of super powers?

That would be very interesting…

Though they would still have much they would have to do in order for this child to do as they wanted for it was still young and would need special guidance. Nothing more and nothing less so until then, this child would be under their care though it would be hard for them to hide the baby.

The small fox baby blinked his blue eyes at the strange people before holding onto the reddish fox close to his chest, afraid of the strange men though it didn't show any sign of great fear, no in fact it seemed more nervous than truly afraid. This child was brave for sure, though it still puzzled everyone in the Konoha Prison for the Criminally Gifted as to what this child could be or what it is in the first place. For now, it was best to just train the child and let fate decide from there.

Smirking to themselves, the men all grinned and picked up the child along with his things before making their way back inside. Hiding the child and knew that this was how it was meant to be. In fact, they were able to sneak the child inside with them and it just made them think that destiny or fate was on their side for a change. Hell, it would be perfect if this child could break them out if they suspect of him being a mutant was true.

Soon, days had turned into months, the child grew at a fast pace, looking like that of a three year old, able to walk and talk slightly before using an amazing amount of strength that no one thought was even possible. The fox child had punched a huge freaking hole in the wall, allowing everyone to escape. Everyone cheered, not believing that they could have escaped this quickly but hey they weren't going to complain.

Meanwhile, the child and the small fox he kept with him were running outside as well, laughing like any other child would as if he had just done a good deed. Though before he could get far, a tall elderly man appeared before him and gave the fox child a disapproving look causing him to frown and whimper a bit believing that he had done something wrong. The man grabbed the small fox and grabbed a hold of the child's hand and started to walk on inside.

It seemed that with the prisoners escaping that a new one was placed in and it would be rather odd to have a child within prison walls but stranger things have happened in Konoha in the past. Which ones were true though was a different story though not one the old man was going to question at the moment. Though he hoped that he could reform the boy into a model citizen before he turned into something else.

Over the next few years or so, the child had been given some time off for good behaviour. The warden wanted Naruto to better himself so what better way than with him going to school. Though it seemed the child was nervous and didn't want to go alone so he had asked if he could bring his friend, Kurama with him. Pulling a few strings and it was made possible for the young child to bring the fox with him.

The boy wore a simple orange t-shirt with black shorts, the warden wanted him to at least try to be normal even if his nine fox tails and fox ears didn't help matters much.

When Naruto had walked in, holding Kurama in his arms as he frowned a little, his big blue eyes shining with fear and worry. As soon as he walked into the room though, he was surprised by what he had seen. It was a small boy with a strange mask on that hid half of his face from the nose and up. It was a simple black mask, nothing special about it though the small fox child could make out a pair of black eyes.

Everyone surrounded the black eyed boy as if he was some kind of celebrity and maybe he was. From what he had heard from the teacher, the boy was Sasuke Uchiha, the adopted son of the wealthy Uchiha family. That made him a little nervous as well, a boy that was rich and he, a boy raised in a prison. Everyone had to take a seat as they went around talking about themselves.

Getting a better look at Sasuke, Naruto saw that his shirt had two little slits through it, was that for something else? He knew that the boy was familiar but he couldn't think of where it was. Blinking his blue eyes, he also noticed that Sasuke had black hair with two locks framing the sides of his mask and the rest sticking out in a slight spiky style. His clothes were of a black shirt and matching black pants. How could someone wear so much black? He had no idea… Looking up, Naruto looked over at Sasuke and heard Sasuke saying that his gifts were mostly with his eyes.

Then to prove his point, the black haired boy grabbed a small bowl of pop it corn and held it out before he narrowed his eyes and lasers shot out from the boy's eyes causing the popcorn to pop and burst from the foil and flew everywhere. Everyone was cheering and eating the popcorn.

Naruto though just frowned a little. Had this guy been the one that was traveling with him from the other realm? Kurama was old enough to remember while he himself had failed to remember. Tilting his head a little, Naruto tried to think on what he could do or say… he had some gifts of his own though he couldn't really be sure if they would be enough to win anyone over for that matter. Wait!

When the teacher stared at him, she gave him this strange dark look on her face as she asked "and who are you and what if your gift?" Okay, this woman made him nervous so he had no idea if he should or not. Looking down at Kurama, the fox smiled up at Naruto and nodded his head as if telling him to go ahead and show them what he could do. Taking a deep breath, he carefully set Kurama down and pushed himself up and stood in front of the class and tried to get himself to calm down and relax.

Gulping a little, Naruto said "I… um… I'm Naruto Uzumaki… I have the ability to control fire and wind…" Then, he made fire appear in his palm and grinned like a child on Christmas. Then he started to flick his other hand around and make wind appear though it seemed that he had let it get out of control. Allowing the wind to move around the fire in his palm grew causing everyone to scream and panic. Eyes widening, Naruto tried to get the wind to stop, tried to get the fire to stop blazing in his hand before it hurt someone. Though before anything could be said, Sasuke had shot forward and wrapped his hand over Naruto's and put out the flames then grabbed him and sent him to the corner.

Everyone had cheered for Sasuke and as for Naruto, he just sighed. It went on for a few days, showing off his powers hoping that he could be good and get some friends… Though it seemed that nothing was happening in his favour, in fact during recess the one day, everyone threw balls at him for no reason. Some had hurt him badly leaving some bruises and someone threw a rock at him cutting his forehead. What really got him pissed though was when someone grabbed his tails and tugged at him too hard.

The fox child howled in pain before he reached over and punched him in the face with his super strength, the boy was knocked out cold even though Naruto had held back most of his strength. Picking up a ball, he shot all the balls with either his hands or his tails sending balls everywhere. One of the balls in fact aimed for the teacher without meaning to. In fact, he hadn't been thinking when he did that…

Sasuke rushed over and had managed to stop the ball before it hit her. Naruto stared in shock and horror at what he had done and before he knew what was happening, Sasuke had grabbed him and brought the fox child back inside without letting Naruto explain what had happened and sent him to the corner.

It just seemed like the same thing over and over again… No matter what he did he would always be seen as the bad guy… 'Is this what I'm meant for? Am I to be the bad guy? Hm…' he tilted his head as he stood in the corner. Kurama made his way over to Naruto and tilted his head before scratching at him gently to gain his attention.

"What's wrong Naruto?" asked the fox.

Naruto looked down at his best friend before smirking. His eyes shining with a mischievous look in his eyes. "Oh, everything is perfect Kurama… In fact, I found out my destiny…" he said and with that said, Naruto got Kurama to create a paint bomb made with some of the chemicals that were in the school. Before he would let it go off, the fox warned Naruto before the small boy rushed out of the room and watched as the paint bomb went off, covering everyone in orange and red.

Peeking up from the bushes, everyone looked out the window and glared at Naruto. As for Sasuke, he made his wings appear before lifting the school and carried it off. Naruto just laughed as the cops came and took him away. It seemed that he didn't care about being a villain; he just wanted to make himself worthy of something that he was good at.

Once he went to the warden and placed in a special sealed room, the warden said "what do you have to say for yourself Naruto?"

"Don't call me that anymore… call me… Crimson Fox."