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It was a bright,warm,mid summer Saturday in ponyland and along the banks of paradise lake a certain Cyan colored pony was a nature walk,as par her normal routine. "The lake is looking so much better since everyone stopped polluting the water" Brighteyes smiled fondly, catching a breeze that lightly rolled through her mane. "even the air smells more refreshing." It had been two weeks since the pollution incident that clogged the river and caused the flash flood...but since then most of the ponies in ponyland have been more cautious with how they treat the environment. as she was walking along the banks her eyes caught something glittering in the water a ways of from the shore of the lake. "that's odd" she looked out curiously "What's that in the water" she thought for a moment..."I really shouldn't swim out there...but what if its more trash? Its my duty to make sure the water stays clean!" ignoring her better judgement she jumped in and swam out into the lake and as soon as she was close enough she dove under the water *wow this lake is even deeper than I thought* Brighteyes looked down toward the bottom as she swam deeper only to find not trash but a very bright gold coin *Whoa! this is a 12 century gold Jangle* she looked out into the murky water and saw another one and yet another behind it *wow where did all these coins come from* she thought as she followed the coins...but as she swam on the undertow created a swift and very strong current that overtook her. *Uh oh* she tried as best as she could to fight it but it was too strong for her to swim free ,and she couldn't hold her breath for much longer. before she knew it she was dragged deeper into the lake as she looked on she noticed that the forcefull current led into a large crevice at the bottom of the lake,as it pulled her in. If not for being under water she whould have been screaming for help right about now...

as her air thinned she barely held on to consciousness as she was swept into the ground...soon after darkness settled in as she was rendered Unconscious.

about an hour later she came to...and found that she was very much alive, brighteyes stood up and looked around "is this...a cave?" she shook the water and sand from her mane as she looked back and noticed a pool of water that looked like it went rather deep. when it suddenly hit her "this must be an Underwater cavern...caused by the sedimentary erosion caused by the water. she smiled and breathed a sigh of relief..."but how am I going to get out now" she frowned. Deciding that there is no way to get out the way she came in, she did the only thing she could and followed the tunnel, deeper in the cavern.

as she continued walking she noticed another tunnel shooting off from the main one with a bright glow coming from it. "Daylight she smiled as she ran toward the glow only to be disappointed that it was just a large chamber with no way out...but her disappointment was soon over took with awe and amazement as she looked on...Everywhere, there was treasure! Gold coins,Gems of all kinds and Pearls even the stalagmites and walls of the cave seemed to have reflected their shimmering beauty, her jaw nearly dropped "THIS IS AMAZING" she said with glee "To think there was treasure right underneath the lake and we didn't even notice,wait till the girls hear about THIS!"

her gaze was then turned to something large apon the treasure, atop the mound of riches and precious stones there was a an oval shaped object with a bronze hew to it.

she galloped up to take a closer look. "what is this?" she looked at it curiously "..Some kind of pot or sculpture" she blinked "that's funny..it almost looks like...an E-"

the object gently moved and shook. ,knocking a startled Brighteyes back on her haunches. "what the..."

as it jiggled more violently it started to crack and in an instant the top half broke apart and flew up and broke as a little Scaly head popped out with tiny plated horns and big soft green eyes,it peered down at a shocked brighteyes and smiled

"Hi" it said cheerfully.

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