A/N: Okay, I guess I'm really doing this. I've read a lot of Chuck Fanfiction over the last eight months since discovering this site and I suppose it's my time to pay it forward (that and I'm running out of stories to read). I was actually working on another story when the idea for this one hit me after reading "Chuck vs the Just Deserts". The first part of that story illustrates all that the government is asking from Chuck and it hit me that Chuck gets nothing in return. I guess great minds think alike (or is it misery loves company?) since I wrote this on 25 July, one day before the story "What Would You Like" was published. If you haven't read it please go read it first as it is probably better than mine.

My story differs from that those two in that in my story Chuck has to demand the rewards and respect he has earned (with a little help from his friends).

Let start of by saying that I love the show, however after reading the stories here I have realized that if you people had been writing the scripts, the show it would still be on the air. I tend to rant a little bit, just ask Billatwork, so I'll try to keep this short. I have several beefs with the writers and producers of the show but one of my biggest is how Beckman and to a lesser extent Casey treated Chuck. Beckman almost never used his name it was "asset" this or "intersect" that. It drove me crazy! Now I know its fiction, I mean the whole concept of the show throws reality out the window (like downloading secrets in to a human brain, Shaw getting Sarah, etc). However, I do like my fiction to have a little believability and a basis in reality.

Anyway, this is something I wish I could have seen on the show. I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know either way by reviewing this.

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Oh, I almost forgot! Digital Dave is not my creation, but I am old and getting senile (according to my wife) and I can't remember which story it came from, but I really liked the character. If anyone knows who should get the credit please let me know!

A/N UPDATE! Great News! I was notified by fezzywhigg that Digital Dave was created by the very talented and generous Frea O'Scanlin. Before you waste time reading my story you REALLY should go read her stuff!

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Washington Dc

Intersect Update Center

2330 EST

'Deadlines are the bane of human existence' thought the weary programmer looking at the clock. 'What difference would another day or two make?' His superiors obviously didn't appreciate the complexity of writing code that was able to be uploaded into the human brain. He was the lead programmer in the Intersect Project, affectionately referred to as "Digital Dave" by his friends and colleagues. He was finishing last bit of code for the Insect update scheduled for the next day. He rubbed his eyes and wished for a Red Bull but because of a broken vending machine he had been without this particular "fix" for the past 8 hours. Because of this, and the fact he was coming to the end of an 18 hour programming session, he missed seeing a post-it note fall off the computer disc labeled "Intersect Surveillance" he just uploaded and coded images for. On the note was a handwritten message stating "Not for Intersect upload. File this in the archive." It was signed "D. B.". Finally finished with the update, Digital Dave saved his work and logged off his computer for the night and headed home. Later as the janitorial staff cleaned the computer lab, the errant post-it note was swept up throw away with the rest of the trash. The trash was sent to the incinerator room as was protocol for all trash from the intersect project offices.

General Diane Beckman was asleep in her home, oblivious to the night's events or the consequences they would have for her in the upcoming weeks. This was to be her last good night's sleep for a while, courtesy of one pissed off nerd herder and his equally pissed off and lethal handler. This was going to be a rough couple of days.

Chapter 1

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Burbank, CA

1130 PST

Chuck was sitting at the Nerd Herd desk thinking about the events earlier in the week, he was finally a Stanford graduate. He sighed heavily knowing he should be happier at this turn of events but the reality is he wasn't. 'What good is my diploma? Beckman won't let me leave the Buy More. It's like a kiss from your sister, nice but doesn't really have any passion, which in the context of kissing your sister is a good thing, but if passion is your goal it's not. Not that you want passion from a sisters kiss… oh God, even my thoughts are spiraling.' Sighing again he thought 'Kissing Ellie is a nice sign of brotherly love but kissing Sarah again, now that would be, WOW!'…

"Chuck! Hello, Chuck, you in there?" asked an angelic voice.

"Huh? Oh, hi Sarah, I didn't see you come in." said a blushing Chuck.

"I can see that, can I ask where you were?" she asked flirtingly.

"I was, uh, thinking about my diploma and how nice it is, but it would nicer to actually be able to use it and how it's like a kiss from… uh, never mind. Can I help you with something?" he said trying to change the subject.

"I just came over to remind of the update after your shift is over" she said suddenly all business.

"How does she do that?' he thought. 'It's like she has a switch in her head that goes from normal girl to spy'. "Yeah, thanks for the reminder. I should take some aspirin before I head down to Castle."

"Are the headaches that bad" she asked in the real girl voice.

"It depends on the size of the update" he replied. "Hopefully this is as small as the first one Bryce gave me" Since that first on he had received three small updates and one large one.

"I'm sorry to say but I've been told this one is pretty big" she said sadly. "Apparently Bryce has gotten a lot of Intel on Fulcrum."

"Grrrreat!" he said sarcastically. "Looks like I'll be spending the night in Castle. I'll call Ellie later and let her know I'm staying the night with you, if that's okay. I don't want her seeing me with an intersect headache, she'll order a CAT scan."

Sarah laughed "She is a mother hen around you. But yeah, it's okay to tell her you're with me." She then said the words that Chuck hated most. "It'll be good for the cover. Anyway, I've got to get back to the store, lots of frozen goodness to sell". She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss and turned and walked away.

"See you later" he called after her. She turned and flashed him a smile. Not just any smile, but THAT smile. It was the one that made his insides feel warm and gooey. 'How can a smile be that powerful' he thought. 'More importantly is it a normal girl smile or a spy smile?' the world may never know, but he hoped he would one day.

Buy More Parking Lot

1525 PST

His shift over, he was headed across the parking lot towards the Orange Orange when he heard Morgan call out to him.

"Chuck! Halo marathon tonight?" shouted his best friend.

"Sorry Morg, got plans with Sarah." Chuck told him

Not to be put off Morgan exclaimed "Aww man! But you are off tomorrow! It'll be epic! You know bro's before …"

Chuck yelled "MORGAN! We've had this discussion before! Sarah is not a …"

"Yeah, I know. Sorry man. I'm just going though Chuck withdrawal." Morgan said dejectedly.

"I know buddy, but I'll talk to Sarah and see what our schedule is like later this week and then you and I can get together, okay?" Chuck said to the bearded one.

"Awesome! Maybe get some sizzling shrimp?" he said excitedly.

"Wow, you really know how to close the deal." Chuck said laughingly. "See you later!"

Chuck continued walking to the double "O" at a faster pace. 'Oh man, I'm late!' he thought. 'After the day I've had, dealing with an irritated General and an even more irritated Major is all I need.' As he entered the store Sarah was waiting for him.

"Chuck we need to hurry, you're ten minutes late" she scolded.

"Sorry, but right before my shift ended I had the customer from hell on the phone and then Morgan grabbed me in the parking lot. It's not my fault!" Chuck answered defensively.

"Did you just quote Han Solo?" she asked suddenly smiling.

"Lando Calrissian said it too!" he said as he gave Sarah his million dollar smile.

"Nerd!" she said as she turned the closed sign on the door.

"It takes one to know one!" He replied

"I AM NOT A NERD!" she said in mock anger.

"Oh yeah? You KNEW who I was quoting!" Chuck said smugly, effectively ending the playful argument.

"Just get you butt downstairs before I remind you why you call me a "Kick Ass Ninja Girl" she said menacingly.

"Yes ma'am" he said knowing he won the battle but just lost the war. As they got downstairs he saw Casey, looking angrier than usual.

"It's about time Moron! Don't they have clocks in the nerdiverse? Generals aren't used to being kept waiting by the hired help." Casey growled.

"Since I'm not getting paid I don't think I qualify as "the hired help" he said using air quotes as he spoke.

"If you gentlemen are quite finished, I do have other important matters to handle" said the giant face on the TV monitor.

"Sorry General." both men replied meekly.

"Very well, is the asset ready for the update?" Beckman snapped.

"Yes Ma'am, uh how big is this update going to be?" asked Chuck.

"I'm told it should only take two and a half to three hours." She replied

"Wow, that's the longest update yet" Chuck said apprehensively

"You have something better to do, Moron?" Casey asked coldly.

"No, I just wanted to know how big of a headache I can expect if you must know!" Chuck said obviously getting tired of Casey's insults.

"Can we get on with this?" Beckman snapped.

"Chuck here is your chair, we don't want you falling on the concrete floor like last time" said Sarah soothingly.

Chuck calmed down as he sat in the chair Sarah had wheeled over to him. "Okay, I'm ready" he said once he saw that both Sarah and Casey had put on their protective glasses.

The display cut off and was replaced by a countdown timer, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and then the display was filled with random images flashing quickly across the screen. Chucks eyelids fluttered rapidly and he appeared to Sarah and Casey to be in a kind of trance.

"You got this Walker?" Casey spoke breaking the silence.

"Yeah, where are you going?" Sarah replied.

"I gotta cover a shift up top for the bearded troll." he grunted. "He covered for me a week ago when that mission came up and now it's time to pay up."

"Okay, see you at tomorrow morning's briefing." Sarah said as Casey headed up the stairs.


1845 PST

The update finished and the video monitor Chuck was watching went blank. A loud audible beep sounded letting Sarah know the update was complete. Sarah turned off the monitor and went to check on Chuck. As was normal after an update he was unconscious. Sarah rolled the office chair Chuck was sitting in towards the holding cells so she could move him to a cot so he could be more comfortable. Once she had placed Chuck on the cot she covered him with a blanket. She pulled out a bottle of aspirin set it down beside a bottle of water that she had placed on the nightstand earlier. As she looked down at him her hand towards his unruly curls but stopped before making contact. Sighing heavily, she exited the room.

Two hours later Chuck woke up with a massive headache. 'Thank God the lights have been turned down' he thought as he opened his eyes. Chuck saw the water and aspirin and smiled when he realized who must have put them there. Grabbing the water bottle, he took a long drink washing down the three tablets he had just popped in his mouth. He slowly stood and stepped out of the cell and starting walking down the hall when he heard Sarah's voice.

"No General, Ch- the asset is still asleep. This update seems to a have taken a bigger toll on him than the previous ones. Is there a risk of these updates harming him?" Sarah asked in her spy voice.

Chuck moved further down the hall careful not to make a sound to hear what was being said.

"Contact me when he wakes, we a have a few tests to see if the update was successful. My experts don't foresee any long term harmful effects to the asset, not that that is any concern of yours." answered the General.

When Chuck heard Beckman's voice a powerful flash suddenly came over Chuck. Suddenly two video clips were playing in his mind. The first was from his apartment 'Why is Casey in my apartment? WHAT? He's pointing a gun at me!' The second was from Casey's apartment 'Beckman and Graham ordered me terminated? OH NO!' Seeing these images caused him to collapse to the floor. He cried out in pain startling both Sarah and the General.