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Summary: Dite, Ares, and the other Greek gods decided they have to assist in the fight against Glory. Their champion? Xander Harris (Crossover with Greek Mythology: Hercules/Xena Style) Rated PG/PG-13

Author's Note: (1) Knowledge of Xena/Hercules is probably not needed, but a basic familiarity with Greek mythology maybe helpful. (2) I want to thank White Werewolf for his encouragement with this story.

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Chapter 1: Choosing a Champion

"Oh, I can't believe it. Who does she think she is!" Aphrodite fumed. She folded her arms determined to figure out how they can stop Glory from ruining all of their plans. Most had not seen the blonde love goddess worked-up. She usually played the dumb blonde act to the hilt, but her close family knew better.

A dark blue light flashed in; leaving a dark man dressed in black leather. "Hey Sis, you are sending off some bad vibes." Ares smiled at her. "That's suppose to be my job." He joked.

Dite was in mood for joking. "Arr., have you seen what that hell bitch Glory is up to. We can't let her get away with that."

"Well, what do you want to do about it? We're not really in a position for an all out fight with her." Ares reminded his sister.

Aphrodite bit her lip and looked up at her brother. "We need to send one of our Champions."

"We will need to discuss this with the others." Ares sighed as he called out to the rest of his family, the ones that had survived Xena and the twilight and the ones he and Aphrodite had managed to bring back.

In a few minutes, his sister Eris also known as Discord, son Cupid, aunts Hestia and Hecate, Uncle Hades and Persephone, and nephews Strife (Eris' son), Asclepius (Apollo's son), and Autolycus (Hermes' son) had appeared. They made up eleven of the twelve of the new Olympian Parathion. When matters were of the utmost importance, Gaia herself would take the twelfth throne.

They hadn't saved everyone, not even everyone they liked. Hephaestus, Aphrodite's husband, being a glaring example of those of those missing.

Of course, minor gods survived as well. Much to Ares displeasure Clotho, Lacheis, and Atropos better known as the Fates still survived, as did the Furies, the Muses, Helios, Selene, Eos, and others. Happily, Cupid's son Bliss also survived.

Once the eleven had gathered, Ares explained to his family that Glory was trying to bring the Hell dimension to earth and needed to be stopped.

"I believe we need to send one of our champions. Suggestions?" Ares put out.

"Well, I can send my Charmed Ones. We just need to contact Leo, their Whitelighter to get their help." Hecate, goddess of witches responded.

"I could send my horseman, Methos. He and Glory have a past. I am sure he could work something out." Hades suggested.

Ares snorted, "Methos has more of a past than most of us here. Is there anyone he doesn't have a 'past' with?"

Eris, Dite, Persephone, Hecate, and even Hestia all blushed.

Ares looked stricken and mouthed, 'et tu, Aunt Hestia?'

Cupid and Strife began laughing. Even Hades looked like he enjoyed Ares discomfort.

"I think we should send Duncan MacLeod, after all he was our most recent millennium champion." Persephone pointed out.

Hades glared at her, "when we can send Methos?"

"Chill, she just likes his long hair and Scottish accent." Dite threw in absent-mindedly causing Seph to blush and Hades to scowl.

"Batman - we should send Batman." Eris announced as if it were the only logical conclusion.

"As if, Mom. We should get like my fav. Spike. He can handle it. No problem." Strife said proudly.

"He thinks Spike is the answer to everything." Cupid shook his head. "I think I should go."

"No!" Ares and Dite said in unison. Neither wanted to risk their son in a fight with a hell goddess.

"But . . ." Cupid tried to explain his position only to be cut off by his mother who in a warning tone said "Eros." He knew to give up fighting when Mom used his rightful name and slumped back into his chair.

"Okay, let's review. Hades suggested Methos, Persephone - MacLeod, Hecate - the Charmed Ones, Eris - Batman, Strife - his boy Spike, Cupid forfeited his suggestion," Ares smirked at his son. "Grandmother (Gaia) always suggests her friend Captain Planet. I personally think there is something going on there. Any one else notice it?" He looked around the room to see Dite smile, Cupid smirk, and a number of nodding heads. "Okay, Let's see who else?" Ares paused to look around the room again. "Aunt Hestia?"

"How about SG-1?" The goddess of the hearth replied. All of the rest just looked at her.

"What? I am goddess of home and hearth so you thought I would suggest who? Hazel? Maybe, Alice from the Brady Bunch? Or how about Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons?" She said giving them one of Ares' sarcastic looks, which broke them all up again.

"Okay, moving on." Ares said as he composed himself. "Ace?"

"I don't know. MacGyver? No, Aunt Hestia already suggested him when she brought-up Jack O'Neill and SG-1." Asclepius paused to think a moment. "How about Angel and Cordy?" The god of medicine suggested.

Cupid interjected, "Yeah they are a good choice, one of my favorite matches. I have worked hard to get them together. First Buffy got in the way, then Doyle, and Groo, and if only I could forget Darla." Cupid was getting himself worked up.

"Chill cuz, their together now." Strife said in a calm tone.

Ares rolled his eyes. "Right, who have we missed. Oh, me? How about the X-men or the A-Team? Now, who's left? Autolycus, your vote?"

"Well, I don't know. Brisco County, Jr.? Jack Stiles? Ash Williams?" He suggested.

"Can't you ever think of anyone else you narcissist?" Eris snarled.

"Hey! Watch with the references! Echo was a friend of mine." Strife protested as Ace nodded his head in agreement.

"Sorry, but he knows what I mean." Eris continued, but Autolycus merely shrugged.

"Oh, I have one. How about Jim Ellision and Blair Sandburg or maybe Peter Caine and Kermit Griffith?" Cupid suggested.

"Yeah, right! More like Kermit the Frog." Strife snorted.

"Don't forget Miss Piggy." Eris added giggling.

"Now sis, I thought we weren't inviting Gabrielle." Ares said softly trying hard not to laugh.

This comment started waives of arguments. Everyone extolling the virtues of their chosen champions.

"Xander," Aphrodite said softly, but determined.

The room became silent. When she spoke like this they had all learned to pay attention. It was at times like this when they were all reminded that despite her adopted status as Zeus' daughter she had actually been born of Uranus, cradled to adulthood by Gaia in the seas, and was a primal force.

Now that she had everyone's attention she repeated again. "We need to send Xander."

* * * * *

"Aunt Dite? I hate to point out the obvious, but he is already there." Strife said as he gave Cupid a look that said are you sure your mom is entirely home.

"I know, but I believe he is the only one that can do it." Dite explained.

After a moment Discord broke the silence, "Well, he has always been one of my favorites. He loves to mess up all of the prophecies." She sounded like she was proud of him. "He's got my vote."

Ares gave a good-hearted laugh. "True it has been long time since anyone has been able to spoil the wicked three's fun so often." Everyone knew he was referring to the fates. "It's okay with me."

"Guys, does he have to keep putting himself in danger? Doesn't he do that enough living on the Hellmouth?" Autolycus asked. He has been oddly quiet since Dite had suggested Xander.

"He would do anything to protect his family." Hestia said softly glancing at Eris before locking eyes with Autolycus. "Those girls have become his sisters and Ripper is the father he has never known. I cast my vote for Xander."

"He's always looks after my Tara and her lover." Hecate said fondly. "If we are going to send a champion, it will be good to know he is watching out for her. He has my vote."

"I still say Spike can handle it on his own." Strife announced.

"Well, the boy has an annoying habit of keeping people from my realm," Hades began with a scowl, "but," he began to smile, "I like him anyway." He looked to his wife Persephone who smiled and nodded. "I think he meets with our approval."

"I still don't know, but Mom is usually right when she makes these pronouncements. So, against my better judgement he has my vote." Cupid informed the group. "But, I think we should consider sending someone else as backup. Perhaps, Angel."

Ares looked up at his nephew, standing in the corner. "Ace, you've been quiet. What do you think?"

"I believe it is always dangerous to send a mortal into these situations, but it is particularly so with this one. He is special, but if this is his destiny then he shan't be denied. I vote for Xander." Ace stated calmly. "However, as his 'Scooby' group have fallen under my care as god of medicine more times than even I can count, I feel I have a little insight to him. He is a very capable young man. We have seen numerous instances of it, but he lacks self-confidence. I think he will need help if he is to succeed in this task without undue injury to himself."

"Well, if you are all determined that he goes," Autolycus paused and looked around at the members of this family, "which it seems you are. I'll go. It is only right that I help him."

"I still say Spike can handle it and we don't need anyone else!" Strife proclaimed.

"Very well it is decided. Alexander will be our champion against Glory. Autolycus will help prepare him." Ares declared, as was his right as the reigning king of Olympus.

"Unc?" Strife interrupted.

"Fine," Ares gave in. "If it becomes necessary we will include Spike in the plans." He sighed and turned to his nephew, "happy?"

Strife grinned at him. "Sure Unc. Spikey can handle it!"

"Hey Pop. Not that I am complaining, but don't we need to discuss Autolycus going?" Cupid asked.

Ares looked to Autolycus who understood Ares unspoken command.

Hestia walked over and placed her hand on Autolycus' shoulder. His eyes locked on his favorite great-aunt silently thanking her for her support.

"No, we don't need to discuss it." Autolycus began. "I claim a father's right."

* * * * *

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