Chapter 11: Eulogy

Gothom City University, January a year and a half later

Guy Kopski stepped into the sunlight, blinking owlishly. He sighed heavily as he looked at his watch. Once again he had pulled an all-nighter in the physics lab without realizing it.

The snow lay thick on the ground, obscuring the landscape. Few students were out making trails through the fresh snow, barely marring its beauty.

Guy took a deep breath of the frigid air, promptly doubled over in a coughing fit as the air hit his underused lungs. His books landed on the ground with a slushy thud.

Breathing shallowly Guy held onto his knees for another minute before reaching for his books. While he was looking down another hand joined his to help pick up. It was a nice hand, slender fingers that could easily hold small things in place.

Looking up Guy was startled that the young lady holding the books out to him was a cutie. Blond hair, blue eyes, smartly dressed. Not the kind of person to that normally talked to him.

"Uhhh. Thanks." He smiled enduringly at the girl. "I'm Guy Kopski, by the way. Just so you know I'm a physics major, so if you want to run away, now would be the time."

The girl burst out laughing, almost dropping the books she held. "Actually, I want to run away less now than I did just a minute ago. I'm Harleen Quinzel." He thought the way she almost hesitated before saying her name was a bit odd, but dismissed it. She continuted, "I'm majoring in psychology, so you may be the one to want to run away before I try to analyze you."

Guy shook his head. "Nah, but a hot chocolate in this weather with a pretty girl would be great." His eyes widened a bit at his forwardness, he was never this forward with people, much less girls.

But instead of giving a negative response, this one special girl smiled. "If I can have a coffee with your chocolate, it's a date. I know this great little café that's in walking distance…" She trailed off as if expecting him to turn her down.

He held his hands out for his books. "It's a date."

Chloe smiled happily that night in her room. With the money Lionel Luther had set her up with she had been able to afford a single room apartment near Gothom University. She thought back to the last time she had seen Smallville, it had become like a distant dream. The plane trip had distanced her from that past. When she landed in California she had left the airport, boarded a bus and headed east.

Sprinkled though the suitcases had been enough cash in unmarked bills to help out. Halfway across the United States she finally decided on a destination. Gothom City had been known for its high-profile oddities, and a person like her could easily disappear there.

The only drawback Chloe could see for her new life was the knowledge Lionel Luther knew who she was. It was a risk she had to deal with for now. Without resources she could do nothing to change the situation. For now.

In Gothom City Chloe had managed to find a nice place to live and eventually decided to go back to school. Working at a fast food joint really was not all it was cracked up to be. At first she looked into the University's journalist program, but the very sight of the program in the catalog had filled her with such horrible memories she was almost physically sick. In the end she went in as an undecided. During that first semester as an undecided the only class that truly held her interest was the Psychology 101 course.

Even the beginner's course made her feel able to deal a bit better with the issues she had with her life. It made horrible events in her life seem somehow less. And she wanted more of that feeling. Understanding brought control. It was different that investigative journalism, more personal, but in the end it came out the same. Understanding in a muddled world.

The sound of the microwave finishing her Roman Noodles brought Chloe out of her reminiscences.

The past was gone now. A new, clean life was hers. And that boy, Guy, seemed really interesting. It was a chance, but the loneliness of the past year or so was wearing thin. Maybe this time it would be different.

And she really needed to stop thinking of herself as Chloe. It was Harley now. Harleen Francis Quinzel.


Notes: In case someone reading this didn't pick up on my non-subtle hints, the way I wrote this story, Chloe became the infamous Harley Quinn, that crazy girl in love with Batman's Joker.

Incidently because of moving and such I have not been able to watch Smallville since season 3, so I must remind you that this story is old and anything that happened since mid-season 3 has absolutly no place in this story's universe. Sorry.

No, I don't think there will be any more on Clark or Lex in this story. Primarily this was a CHLOE story, told mostly from her point of view, about what happened to her, not anyone else. I don't know what happened with Clark and Lex after they left the Talon that day. And no, in my little universe neither Clark nor Lex was able to find Chloe again, at least not until after she became Joker's girl. But that's another story...maybe. And no, also, Lionel did not bother the poor girl again.

The character Guy Kopski is from the Harley Quinn titled comics. He was Harley's college boyfriend who was killed.

So yes, in my universe Chole Sullivan ends up as Harleen Quinzel, psychotic girlfriend to the Joker and all that jazz.

As they say, "That's All Folks."