"I am sworn to carry your burdens," said Lydia with a sigh, her sarcastic voice filling the small bakery.

Dovahkiin nodded happily and dropped two more sweet rolls into the large basket she was holding.

Lydia looked down at the heavy basket. It was filled with nothing but sweet rolls. "My lord," she said, forcing the two difficult words out of her resisting throat. She gently chastised the Dovahkiin, "If we are to survive in the wild, we will need more than just sweet rolls." She forced herself to give a sickeningly sweet smile.

Dovahkiin turned his head away from the shopkeeper and gave her an inquisitive look. He stared wide eyed at her, with his cheeks still full of food and a half-eaten sweet roll clasped tightly in each claw.

"Nonsense," declared the cheerful shopkeeper. The portly man heaved a freshly baked batch of sweet rolls onto the counter. "A good sweet roll is all you need."

A flowery aroma wafted up and over from the sweet rolls, and the Dovahkiin snorted in the scent. The lizard finished the two sweet rolls in his hands and tossed several more into the overflowing basket. Finally, he grabbed three more to carry out; one in each hand plus one in his mouth.

The satisfied Dovahkiin waddled slowly out of the shop, leaving Lydia to struggle up to the counter and pay.

Lydia lifted the basket up to the counter and dropped it with a thud. The wooden countertop groaned under the excessive weight.

"That'll be three hundred septims," said the shopkeeper without emotion.

Lydia took the coin purse off her belt and slapped it on the counter.

Ignoring the woman's glare, the shopkeeper nonchalantly counted out her change.

Lydia snatched back her near-empty purse and with a grunt, lifted the basket off the counter. Still glaring at the shopkeeper, she murmured darkly, "This is my vow, baker. Once I am free, I am going to come back, and burn this store to the ground." She shuffled her way out the door.

"Come back again soon," taunted the baker, as he watched them leave from the door of his shop.