Pillow Talk

"Is this a good spot?" Ash asked as he carried the blanket pointing to a small clearing.

"It's perfect." Serena said happily hugging her pillow.

He was like her personal teddy bear. His embrace was warm and comforting it was like a dream made real. The sensation she felt was indescribable with words and filled her with a sense of safety and comfort unlike any she's felt before. She looked forward to resting in his arms again.

Serena was still losing sleep from that incessant nightmare that plagued her. Before, she kept it to herself, but since she discovered her teddy bear, she would meekly request his assistance while trying to hide her blush. It was awkward to at first to ask, but it started to become routine for her to request his aid when she felt the need to sleep after the first few days. And Ash being Ash, was more than happy to help a friend in need.

It wouldn't take long for her fall asleep in his arms. His warm and comforting embrace made the nightmare seem like some far off memory if even for that short two-hour nap. Ash would also fall asleep with Serena in his arms and that would be it. Serena would often wake up first and would hear Ash gently snoring behind her and on some occasions muttering something no doubt about a Pokémon battle. She couldn't resist the urge to take a peek at his sleeping face. It was always so peaceful as if free from worry. Serena would take due care not to stir too much lest he wakes up and bring an end to this blissful embrace prematurely. Sometimes she would snuggle closer to him and he would instinctively tighten his hold on her. He really was like her teddy bear.

But, like all good things, it had to end sometime. Though she felt somewhat refreshed, she couldn't help but feel sad when it came time for them to continue on with their travels. Her teddy bear was no longer holding her, she wasn't in his warming embrace, and the image of Miette and Ash holding each other always came back to bother her.

As usual, Ash set the blanket down and allowed Serena to be the first to lie down. He would then lie beside her and tenderly embrace her, upon request, as she faced away to hide the blush that would cover her face. If only he knew how much it comforted her.

But today, things were a little different this time around. It wasn't the day's events that led up to the nap, but it was what was going through Serena's mind. No matter how much Ash would be by her side while she slept, she didn't exactly feel assured that Ash wouldn't be taken by that cursed blue haired girl. Serena wasn't sure how to go about it exactly. It didn't take a genius to figure out he wouldn't pick up on anything without anyone outright telling him and Serena wasn't the best when it came to words to tell him either. Serena could only sigh lightly.

"Serena, is something wrong?" Ash asked with concern hearing her sigh.

"No, I'm fine…" she replied with a small bit of distraught.

"Serena you can tell me." Ash said almost wanting her to tell her. Ash was almost too caring for his own good. She wanted to tell him, but she felt just a little nervous to tell him about the dream. How would he react? Would he return her feelings? Maybe he already chose Miette over her? But thinking about wasn't going to help.

"Well, um…" Serena started as she tried to find her words. "I was wondering..."

Ash was listening attentively.

"What do you think of Miette?" Serena blurted out.

Ash broke the embrace and sat up. Serena turned to see Ash with a rather confused look.

"What does she have to do with-"

"Just answer it." Serena said with a hint of anger as she sat up. Ash was a little taken back.

"Well…" Ash started rubbing the back of his head. "I guess she's kind of…nice?"

"Do you think she's…cute?" Serena said with a little quiver in her voice.

Now Ash was completely confused.

"I guess?" Ash asked trying to make sense of the situation. "Serena, wha-"

"Do you think I'm…cute?" Serena interrupted with a blush on her face.

"Well…um...I…" Ash stammered as blush appeared on his face. "I think you are." Ash said quietly clearly a little embarrassed to own up to it.

Serena blushed even harder. She lay back on the pillow and turned her face away.

"I was just curious." Serena said quickly. "I'm ready to sleep now."

Ash sighed still not understanding what just transpired, but he lied beside and as always wrapped his arms around Serena dismissing his thoughts.

A few moments of silence passed between them.

"Ash…" Serena said quietly.

"Hm?" Ash asked.

"Did you mean it?"

"Mean what?"

"That you think I'm cute…"

"Well yeah…I did." Ash said unsure where things were heading this time.

Serena turned to face Ash in his embrace with a blush on her face.

"Would you leave me for Miette?" Serena asked anxiously.

"Why would I do that? I enjoy traveling with you too much." Ash said before flashing his heartwarming smile.

Serena smiled before doing something she's always wanted to do: snuggle into Ash's chest. Ash was taken back at her actions.

"S-Serena!" Ash said as he felt his cheeks heat up.

"Ash, stay beside me." Serena said looking into Ash's eyes.

Ash stopped and gazed into her eyes. Maybe it was the way she said it or the distraught look in her eyes that got to him.

"Okay." Ash said reassuringly, but a little embarrassed. "I'll be right here." Ash tightened his hold on the girl.

Serena smiled happily. She once again lost herself in Ash's tender embrace. She didn't want it to end. By now Ash was ready to go to sleep, but Serena had one more thing she wanted to do.

"Ash…" she whispered.

"Hm?" Ash said opening his eyes.

Serena planted a quick kiss on his cheek. Serena's face was bright red as she buried her face back into his chest. Ash was dumbfounded.

"S-Serena what was that about?" Ash said as his face was turning red.

"Ash, I'm trying to sleep." Serena said innocently with a smile.

She always dreamed of doing that. But this had to be a dream. Serena drifted away to sleep expecting to wake up to Ash holding her from behind as usual. But when she awoke, she awoke face to face with a sleeping Ash; she couldn't help but feel happy…and slightly embarrassed. How was she going to explain this to him? How would he react? Questions like those raced through Serena's mind.

Ash awoke looking Serena in the eyes with a warm smile made her blush.

"We could stay a little longer." Ash said before kissing Serena on her forehead.


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