"Tsukki, why don't you help [Name]-chan out?"

Said blonde male gave his freckled companion a blank look, his eyes flicking back and forth between him and said female. The pair watched as she tried to reach for a library book on one of the top shelves, her arms outstretched far above her head in a vain attempt to snatch the piece of literature she needed. She was cursing quietly to herself, her fingertips barely brushing up against the book's cover. After a while, she decided to try hopping in place in another attempt to retrieve the book. It was obvious to the two of them that she would never reach it like that.

"I don't think she needs it," Tsukishima finally answered, his smug smirk making its way to his face. "She'll figure out what to do eventually."

"So mean, Tsukki," Yamaguchi reprimanded, though his voice also held a touch of amusement. "But if she doesn't get that book soon, we can't start working on our group assignment."

Sighing in mock defeat, Tsukishima nodded and made his way over to the short female, coming up behind her silently. She was reaching for the book again once he stopped a few steps behind her and he realized, with a smirk, that whenever she tiptoed, her skirt would raise a few centimeters higher. His eyes flickered down to watch it creep up her thighs.

"Need any help, shorty?"

Just as Tsukishima was about to reach out for the book they needed, [Name] slapped his hand away, fixing him with a glare. She looked at him defiantly before pointing at an unused chair nearby.

"If you want to help, grab me that chair so I can stand on it," [Name] huffed.

Tsukishima shrugged his shoulders before making his way to the chair silently, not wanting to argue with the female. He had to suppress his urge to roll his eyes at her ridiculous antics, not wanting to delay their progress on the project any further by ticking her off. Placing a single hand on the back of the chair, he noisily dragged it back to [Name]'s position. He watched as she placed in just in front of the shelf she was trying to reach, warily placing her knees on the seat of the chair before shifting into a standing position.

"H-Hold onto the back of the chair, okay?" She demanded more than asked, her arms waving around her sides a bit as the chair beneath her wobbled.

Grunting in response, Tsukishima placed his hands on the back of the chair, steadying it. His eyes, which had been staring down at his own hands for a brief moment, flicked back up so that he could tell her to hurry up, but his mouth only fell open in stunned silence as his gaze froze on the sight before him. [Name] was leaning up, still in need of some extra height in order to reach the book. Like before, as she tiptoed, her skirt lifted a tad up her thighs, but now it was happening right in front of Tsukishima's eyes. He couldn't help but stare as the fabric inched its way up, exposing more and more of a very intimate area. The tall male felt an embarrassed heat make its way to his face at the unexpected display and his heart skipped as he realized [Name] had worn her skirt far too high today. He swore he heard her giggle as she stretched even further to tease him.

Help him, her underwear was lace.