Ok guys I watched this anime about two months ago and fell in love with all the males so guess what? HAREM FIC! Don't like it don't read I write A LOT of lemony goodness and since I have so many males to choose from this will be even better (evil smiley face) Personally I hated Ema's choice so in this fic she wont be making one lol. Anyway guys I've seen and read a few of the M rated stuff for this anime and was sadly disappointed so I chose to write one of my own and I hope you like it! I'll be keeping a lot of the original story line the same but I'll be changing a lot as well to fit my pervy tendancies and make it more interesting instead of the cat and mouse game she did the entire series. So without further ado I hope you all like it and please leave reviews so I know what you think. Updates will occur weekly because the chapters wont be super long! Enjoy!

Ema was so nervous be living in a house with 13 other males but her dad assured her that everything would be fine and she'd warm up to them soon enough. He also said that they were all a little unique and that it may take her a minute to get used to them but he thought that this would be good for her since she was so used to being alone all the time he wanted her to see what it was like to grow up with a family. She could tell that he felt guilty for not being around as much as he'd have liked as she grew up but she knew he was around as often was possible and loved him all the same.

"Chii! Are you ready?" Juli asked from his place on her shoulder breaking her out of her thoughts

"As ready as I'll ever be Juli" She smiled down at her lifetime friend

Adjusting her outfit she couldn't help but to wonder if she was dressed a little inappropriately for a first encounter with 13 males she'd be living with. Would she give off a 'slut' vibe? She couldn't help it if they frowned on her clothing options but she really hoped that they wouldn't judge her just off of her appearance. Looking down at her outfit she couldn't help but feel self-conscious the more she thought about it. She wore a lime green frilly mid-thigh skirt, knee-high black socks, white flats, a black tank top that really didn't hide her ample c-cups and a small cropped white denim jacket over top of the shirt, a large white purse slung over shoulder.

"Maybe I should have worn something more conservative, ne Juli?" she asked with a sigh

"You look good Chii. Don't worry I'll protect you" Juli nodded happily

"Here goes!"

Walking up to the house she realized that outside the movers were driving away and that there were two guys standing outside seemingly waiting for her. Turning in her direction she hurried her walk until she was directly in front of them.

"Konichiwa! I'm Ema" She smiled happily at the duo

"Konichiwa. I'm Masaomi the eldest son and this here is Wataru the youngest" The tall light purple haired male spoke with a smile his similarly colored eyes shining

"Konichiwa onee-chan!" Wataru the adorable pale pink haired preteen smiled

With a smile Ema couldn't help but feel welcomed at how warmly they greeted her.

"I've had your luggage carried inside for you. Come…everyone's anxiously waiting to meet you" Masaomi smiled leading her inside

Once inside the house Ema looked around in awe of the spaciousness of it all. No wonder 13 guys could live here comfortably there was so much leg room. Suddenly she felt another presence behind her. Turning she spotted a pair of boys who looked oddly similar smiling at her.

"Hello! I'm Ema" She smiled

Without warning the silver-haired boy with dark purple eyes swept her up into his arms thoroughly surprising her and boy did he smell amazing! Standing there completely stiff due to just being startled at the sudden display of affection Ema couldn't help but widen her eyes and look at the other two attractive males who were standing in the room.

"It's nice to meet you" His deep smooth voice whispered into her ear

Suddenly he was knocked off of her by his brother with a shockingly hard blow to the head and Ema's eyes widened even further as she stared at the brothers. Looking up at the fuchsia haired boy who knocked the other off of her he offered her a genuine smile as he introduced himself.

"Sorry about Tsubaki" he gestured to the silver-haired boy getting to his feet "I'm Azusa please take care of me"

These boys may have been brothers but they looked strangely similar to each other she noted absentmindedly. As if hearing her thoughts Tsubaki grumbled about the painful hit before looping his arm around Azusa's neck so that their faces were side by side and asking that very question.

"Don't we look similiar?" He smirked playfully "We're identical twins" Azusa smiled

Suddenly it made sense and Ema smiled at the twins playful affection nodding that she understood. Admonishing the twins on their rambunctious behavior a golden-haired male with wire framed glasses and silver blue eyes walked in pushing a tray and introducing himself as Ukyo the lawyer. Juli growled and hissed at him before Tsubaki chuckled and crushed Ema to his hard chest again.

"What you doing in the house Tsuba-nii!?" A familiar voice bellowed from above

Looking up Ema recognized the fiery red hair of the boy glaring down at the mischievous twin currently crushing her to him before blanching as he realized the girl he was growling at Tsubaki about bringing home was her. Flying down the steps he faltered to words as he pointed at her. Bickering back and forth at each other Ema couldn't help but look over the sexy specimens now surrounding her as they teased each other about none other than her. How could a girl get so lucky as to live in a house with such fine men? Kami loved her dearly oh he just had to for this wonderful blessing!

"I wont accept it" the red hed growled glaring at her before walking off but Trsubaki wouldn't have it as he pestered him for answers

Well that one hurt. Ema frowned a little hurt that he just rejected her like that as if she even had a choice in the matter. It wasn't her fault their parents were doing the nasty! Why'd he have to take it out on her? So what if they were classmates! After placating to Juli that she was fine she heard footsteps descending the stairs. Dear God how many sexy men lived here! Another golden-haired male walked down the stairs in ceremonial prayer robes with chestnut colored eyes.

"We finally meet Imouto-chan...I'm Kaname" He whispered seductively kissing her hand earning a yell of outrage from the red-head "You can always come to aniki"

All of the siblings joined up in the living room and sat down on the large plush red l-shaped couch around Ema as she fidgeted with her clothes nervously. Maybe she really shouldn't have worn a skirt for her first meeting around so many sexy males.

"Is it too cold for you?" Masaomi asked concerned
"No I'm fine" Ema smiled back softly
"It's quite the opposite since so many people are in here ne Imouto-chan?" Kaname whispered leaning into her ear lowly giving her goosebumps
"I'm glad that I have a big sister now Nee-chan come play with me!" Wataru bellowed excitedly tugging on her arm

Pulling the pouting boy against him to calm him down Masaomi told him they'd have plenty of time for that later while Kaname informed her that there were two brothers at work and two who didn't live with them before flicking on the television. The singer Asakura apparently was their younger brother and just seeing his face caused a stir of random conversations about the boy to start between the other brothers. They had a famous brother! Kami! What did her father get her into with this eclectic lot!? Looking around the room Ema couldn't help but smile in wonder and think that she finally got the large kind of family that the had always dreamed of. Catching Subaru's eye he suddenly turned to look back at the screen as she caught his gaze. He was smoking hot too with that dark grey hair and eyes to match but what was his deal? Kaname caught her eye and sent her a wink. Were all monks this hentai? Ema swore that was just in anime but apparently not. Couldn't deny she kind of liked it though. I mean he was hot for crying out loud! Fighting the blush rising in her cheeks she took to looking down at her lap.

Suddenly her vision started to swim in front of her, becoming hazy as she tried to focus. What the hell was going on? Masaomi the doctor of the bunch could see her eyes closing asking her if she was alright. Her eyes fluttering open she assured him that she was alright before suddenly falling forward. It was only by instinct to throw her hand in front of her to stop the crash that her forehead didn't collide with the table. She really didn't feel so good. Faintly she could hear all of her brothers calling out her name but it sounded as if she had her head dunked underwater. She could barely feel the cool hand pressing against her forehead before she was out like a light falling into the arms of whoever happened to be touching her forehead, catching her firmly around the waist.

Hope you all like it so far as I've said I'll be changing a lot of things but I'll also be keeping a lot of things from the original anime. This is gonna get hot and steamy and I hope not to disappoint. Read and review!