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"Ok kitten so, I'm going to try and let you in on everything I know about the Asahina men since I do follow every single last blog that even has a whisper about them and their careers. But, you've gotta be ready love because this is about to be a serious onslaught of information" Iyumi chuckled playfully poking Ema's flushed left cheek

"I'm ready" She nodded determined

"Good because when I'm done and you get home and open that drawer we'll officially be at war with those handsome mutts" Iyumi proclaimed fists clenched and her face pouted in determination also

"Let's do this" Ema growled sitting up straight to take in all the information ready to take charge armed with her best friends extensive knowledge of the Asahina clan

Needless to say that when Ukyo pulled up to the entrance of the convention center that the event was being held once it was over he didn't expect to see a beautiful black haired woman waving his car down happily beside a long blue haired beauty. Just who was this lovely lady happily waving him down as if she knew him? After parking in front of the duo he stepped out with a soft smile of his own, his eyes calculating as he looked over this woman's statuesque body while she beamed at him happily with her elongated canines shining in the bright lights coming off of the building.

"Nii-san it's me Ema!" She called happily gesturing him forward as she tugged the blue haired beauty along beside her

This curvy, delicious looking woman was his sweet little sister? The woman beside her finally turned her attention to him in interest when Ema had begun to drag her over and he could have sworn he saw stars in her eyes. Once they were directly in front of him he couldn't help but to drink her rather enticing outfit in hungrily. Whoever she was dressed up as was the perfect personification to her inner seductress because she wore that outfit as if it was made specifically to show off her gorgeous figure and bone structure, he had to admit he even liked how she had her hair dyed and styled. It wasn't the same sweet and innocent looking little sister he was used to, no this beautiful woman was seductive and he had a feeling that the ride home would be stopped short so that he could get a closer inspection before she reverted back to the normal demurely cute her. Looking over the girl beside her, whom he had automatically assumed was her infamous best friend; he'd begun to understand just where Ema had gotten her confidence and sense of style from. Not wanting to be rude he stepped away from the car and gave the girl a simple bow of greeting as he kissed her hand suavely, causing her to blush as she returned the bow.

"Nii-san this is my best friend Iyumi!" Ema grinned happily gesturing to the girl beside her

"A pleasure to meet you" Iyumi beamed

"I assure you the pleasure is mine. It's nice to meet Ema's infamous best friend. She's talked quite a bit about you"

"Has she now?" Iyumi grinned mischievously at her best friend "Well that's nice since I already know all about you. Most renowned lawyer in Tokyo, got a 94% success rate and a highly sought after eligible bachelor"

Ukyo's eyebrows shot up in utter surprise as she listed the facts of his life. Just how did she know such information?

"Yeah I know all about you and the rest of your hot ass brothers Goldilocks. I'm gonna give you the same message I gave them, if you hurt my kitten here I will hunt you down and castrate your ass are we clear?" She hissed glaring up at him with blazing blue eyes

"Crystal" Ukyo smirked quite liking Ema's friend

The girls were polar opposites as far as their personalities and attitudes were concerned and yet they seemed to compliment each other perfectly. While he had no intention on hurting Ema he definitely had some big plans in store for her and he had a feeling that her best friend knew more than she was divulging at the moment.

"You'd damn well better" She nodded resolutely before whipping around on her heels to face Ema holding her hands in her own "Alrighty kitten I've gotta get on the road ok? But don't forget to call me about what we talked about earlier when you're ready ok?"

"Of course Yu-chan" she blushed before crushing the girl to her chest happily "I had so much fun today!"

"So did I girl! Don't forget to tell Louis-kun to email me those pictures so that I can upload them onto my site and social media pages. As soon as I get home I'll start the wiring of the funds"

"Oh no you don't-"

"Shut it kitten. You worked hard today and you're getting every damn dime you earned. See you my love" Iyumi admonished before kissing Ema on the cheek "You really are the best fucking friend a girl could ask for"

"Ditto Yu-chan" Ema grinned waving goodbye as Iyumi made her way to her own car

After having watched the scene between the two Ukyo just smiled down at the blushing Ema who looked like sex on legs at the moment. Once she turned to face him again he watched the blush coat her cheeks prettily as she followed his eyes roving shamelessly down her body.

"After you Imouto-chan" He purred deeply opening the back door for her to slide in

Raising an eyebrow at him she chose not to question why he opened the back door and not the passenger door, instead just adhering to his implied request as she slid in herself. Once he got seated in the front and pulled out the lot she let out a small giggle.

"Just what's funny?" He asked with a smile tilting his pink lips

"I've never had a chauffeur before. I feel so important" She smiled back widely disarming him with the sharp canines that gleamed from her mouth

"Well only the best for you Imouto-chan" He chuckled "Did you have fun?"

"I had a wonderful time. People made me feel like such a celebrity I was taking pictures and signing stuff all day" She gushed excitedly leaning forward so that her lips brushed his ear as she talked

"So Louis stuck around for a while with you two?" He asked curiously looking at her out the rear-view mirror

"Yes and I didn't have any idea he was so popular! Louis-kun is so amazing!" Ema gushed squealing happily

Ukyo raised an aggravated eyebrow at the joy she exhibited in Louis's popularity and success at his own craft. Pulling over two blocks away from the house into the lot they usually parked their cars in her went to the top floor and cut off the lights. Ema jumped in surprise when he'd turned to peer down at her domineeringly over his glasses getting closer with each word he spoke.

"You seem fond of Louis Imouto-chan" He hummed lowly in his throat with his sharp eyes being the only thing betraying his hunger for her

"U-u-u-um I do but t-t-that's" She stuttered feeling herself tremble with an unspoken vibration of pleasure rolling through her system at the brief glimpse an image of dominating her in the back of that car

"Just why is that?" He continued to press slinking gracefully from the front to boring down on her in the backseat

She was caged between his arms and legs, as he'd somehow climbed with that hidden predator like grace that he had, to hover over her

"He's always very nice is all" She breathed fighting the urge to arch beneath him for some reason

Peering up into those bright cerulean blue eyes, having darkened to a deep sea pulling her to drown in their very depths Ema felt utterly spellbound. 'Kiss me' she thought so strongly as her fingers clutched tightly to stop her twitching fingers from pulling him to her.

"Is that so?" He purred moving so close she knew he could hear her thundering heart

"Y-Yes" She breathed her once widened eyes darkening with her own want

"Well I must confess Ema-chan" He paused before suddenly flipping her over and pinning her arms behind her back with his strong left as his right clasped itself around the base of the tail "I am not. I will ruin you" He purred so sinfully delicious that she let out a loud cry of pleasure

"Ukyo-kun" She whined loudly

Ema desperately wanted wiggle her hips as the hand slowly twirling the plug in place moved at such a snails pace she found herself salivating in her desperation. It felt so wonderful but he was moving at such a torturous pace she felt her eyes rolling in the back of her head.

"Do not move or you will regret it" Ukyo growled lowly in her ear releasing her wrists

Just as quickly as he released them his hands were back around them, using his tie to them up in a skillful knot with the other end tied up against the car handle on the roof above her head so that her back was arched so beautifully deep even in the tight corset. The long skit of the outfit was between her legs covering between her cheeks and what he just knew was a soaking wet virgin pussy, the tiny leather shorts being the only thing covering those long juicy legs. This outfit only made the situation that much more erotic. She was dressed as a dangerous, lovely, strong warrior woman and yet she was trussed up beneath him trying to still her rolling hips in her desire for him to take charge of and dominate her body.

"Such a good girl" He sighed pleased

Unzipping the shorts, he slowly pulled them down her thighs and over her feet to rest on the car floor forgotten. Slipping beneath her so that he lay on his back in the seat, his face beneath her dripping wet folds, he turned his long body so that she was staring down into his own clothed crotch, though his hard on had to be obvious as it throbbed against his zipper.

"I'm going to taste you. You are not allowed to cum. Am I clear?" He ordered


"Am I clear?" He asked again, though this time with his lips brushing against the sensitive lips with each syllable he spoke

"Yes!" She cried out loudly as her hips bucked desperately

"Good girl" He smirked

Suddenly both hands were caressing the backs of her thighs before they slowly traveled upwards, leaving trails of ice in their wake. When the tips slowly and gently crawled up her pussy lips she cried out loudly when they parted them in the ascent, his nose and lips following the trail until they left her pussy to travel up her quivering bottom. His mouth stayed put on her soaked lips, his tongue parting them once again so that he could slip it into her tight opening. Unable to think straight she could only lose herself in the pleasure of her current situation, only able to make strange new noises she were unaware could pass her lips. He always scrambled her brain like this and she loved that he could make her feel this way. Someone who didn't try to change her but to allow her to be her demure self and utilize it to their advantage. She didn't have to step out of who she was with Ukyo but explore that submissive side of her in true depth and LORD was he a master at it.

It was when his left hand stayed palmed on her cheek while his right clasped around the anal plug and gave it a sharp thrust at the same time that his lips closed around her clit and his tongue rolled against the hard bud that she cried out loudly coming undone. His hands and mouth stilled as he'd realized she had cum from the simple action.

"Ukyo-kun I-I-I" She stuttered loudly before gasping in shock when his teeth clamped down onto her inner right thigh so hard she knew there was a mark

It had hurt so badly and yet felt so good it almost spurred her into another orgasm.

"Did I give you permission to cum?" He growled his teeth still clamped on her thigh

Even from beneath her he spoke in such a way that she felt a shiver of fear from the repercussions of said action that she whimpered quietly in response.

"Such a naughty girl" He hummed, his left hand slapping her cheek so hard it jolted her forward with a yelp of pain "You're clit is going to be sensitive now. And you will not cum without permission this time or I will make you regret it when everyone goes to sleep. Do you understand?" He snapped giving her bottom another harsh slap in the same spot leaving a large, pulsing, red angry hand print

"Yes!" She cried feeling humiliated and yet still turned on

What the fuck was this? Without another word his mouth began such a torturous assault on her clit that she had to place her forehead on the window to try and cool her raging hormones. She needed to focus on something else in order to not cum before he was ready to but the way she shook and cried out above him showed that was a losing battle. What could she do to focus with tied up hands? Her unfocused eyes darted around and beneath her until they landed on the glint of his zipper. She could do this with no hands if she could focus long enough. Arching her back a bit further so she could crane her neck downwards enough she used her teeth to pull down his zipper so that his erection sprang from his silk red boxers to slap against her lips, the slit leaking his precum. A loud hiss left his lips at the contact before he groaned loudly as her lips wrapped around the tip tentatively making sure her teeth didn't touch it. He tasted different than Fuuto had, Fuuto was more on the sweet flavored while Ukyo was more on the smooth and tangy side. How lovely that no one man tasted the same and yet each taste was not only unique but delicious. As she arched her neck a bit deeper to take him even deeper into her mouth, cheeks closing down on him with each deep suck, slathering him up in her saliva as she took more and more or him into her mouth. He had no idea she was so skillful with her mouth as she took him in and worked to milk him for all he was worth as he also drove her over the edge with his own skillful tongue as it worked over her sensitized clit.

"Nii-sama please!" Ema cried out around his dick loudly her thighs shaking so hard it was moving the seat

"I have not finished my meal" He chuckled his right hand wrapping around the plug again

This time he used the juices from her soaked pussy to lather around the smooth metal when he pulled it all the way out reveling in the low moan that left her lips as the bulb escaped that first ring of tight muscles. Once it was lathered in her own juices he slowly slipped it past the ring of muscles once again allowing her tight walls to adjust before he began to almost ruthlessly fuck her tight pink little ass with it as he slurped sloppily at her hard clit.

"Do you want to cum that badly?" He groaned against her clit as she bobbed her head in agreement so deeply that he felt his tip pushing against her tonsils as he also felt an orgasm clawing at the surface

"Onegai aniki" She pleaded loudly trying to stop her hips from rolling against his expert tongue

He kept slupring at her for a full minute loving the way she trembled and shook above him, her moans around his throbbing dick turning him on all the more before he relented.

"You may come Imouto-chan" He acquiesced truly slurping and nibbling at her clit so beautifully she nould no longer focus on the dick in her mouth

She whimpered and screamed loudly as she felt her orgasm ripping through her with such force that the only thing she could do to stifle the cries was to shove him fully in her mouth, indulging herself in his own orgasm as his hips pushed forward to shoot his load over her tongue and down her throat. He'd come down from his orgasm first taking a deep breath before slowly sinking the tail back into her for the last time so that she could remove it herself later, gently lapping at her folds to lap up the rest of her juices. Slinking from beneath her and settling himself against the opposite side he smirked at her as he crossed his legs when she slumped against the window panting loudly with half closed lids.

"I must look rather beguiling all dressed up Imouto-chan...Would you like to be released from your bindings?" He asked with a teasing smirk tilting his lips

"Yes please...I'm so tired" She yawned lowly fighting to keep her eyes open

With the sexual tension between her and Louis as he got her dressed and helped with ehr styling, to the endless pictures and working throughout the event, down to the multiple orgasms she'd just endured Ema was beyond exhausted. All she wanted was to collapse onto her bed not even caring about taking a shower.

"You've been quite defiant why should I release you?" He chuckled watching the whimper of desperation shake her frame

"Please nii-san" She breathed feeling the last remnants of energy fleeing her system sooner rather than later

"Well you did bring me to orgasm. That alone requires my cooperation to a point does it not?"

Untying her hands, he allowed her to collapse against his chest with a sigh of relief as she finally gave in to her fatigue. Tucking the discarded shorts into the bag she'd taken with her to the event for her essentials he scooped her up into his arms and carried her over to the apartment. He was surprised to see all of his brothers up in the living room, with the exception of Fuuto who was on tour and Wataru who was fast asleep in Masaomi's lap, waiting for the two of them.

"Is she alright?" Masaomi asked fighting the urge to leap to his feet and check her over as the doctor he was

"She's actually wonderful, just exhausted. She's had a rather long and taxing day. I'm surprised to see that Louis-kun isn't in the same state" He challenged softly

"I was excited about the turn out of the booth after I'd left. We will talk about it tomorrow when she wakes. Goodnight my brothers" Louis waved sending Ukyo a look with eyes so dark he almost didn't recognize him as his aura projected that the game was on

As Ukyo carried her through the living room to her bedroom it was only until she let out a sigh of content and kicked her right foot that her thigh became visible to the other males in the room...not to mention the bright red indentation of teeth on the tender flesh. Every other male in the room bristled with fury at the deep looking mark that they knew for a fact was not there that very morning.

"Game on" They all hissed under their breath as they separated to their own rooms to formulate a plan to get the beauty for themselves

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