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A/N- Inspiration for this story happened in an odd way. I was reading a story in which Harry is a male Veela. There are no male Veela in the books so I went to the Harry Potter wikia to read what there was about Veela. There was very little. Veela are like Amazons, always female. That's canon. But where do they come from? The origin of these Veela is, to my knowledge, the product of my brain and my brain alone. As you might know if you read my other work, I love Greek mythology. I took an idea and then ran off with it.

Now that the inspiration is out of the way, this story is an homage to DriftWood1965. One of my favorite stories is Harry Potter and the Champion's Champion (if you haven't read it you totally should) and so as I wrote this story I decided an homage would be nice. It's not the same plot but I do borrow some of their lines. If you've read that story you might notice them and I promise you that is entirely intentional because I was falling over myself with laughter when I read them the first time (and second, and third, and...you get the idea). Enjoy!

P.S. I've never read a story in which Hermione is a Veela so for all I know this is completely original except for being fanfiction and an homage and...well it doesn't sound so original when you say that does it? lol

Veela didn't hit their sexual maturity (when they came into their powers) until they hit 15. That was intentional. Men trying to have sex with an eight year old girl was not particularly desirable and since Veela were sexual creatures…well that's why the sexual maturity was 15. By that point the Veela could, generally, defend herself. Now how a person became a Veela…well that was not known. At least, not to the wizards and witches of the world. Veela knew. And they would never tell anyone who wasn't a Veela.

It was when Hermione Granger was at the Quidditch World Cup, her fifteenth birthday coming up in September, that she first met a Veela. One of the Bulgarian ones pulled her into a bathroom before the match, "You're Veela," she said. "Britain is not known for being supportive of magical creatures. I have for you a book, little Veela. You must read and understand it."

Hermione just stared, "I'm…but…but I'm Muggleborn. How could I be…"

"Veela are the daughters of Apollo. He has chosen you, young one. When you turn fifteen your allure will begin. Mastering it is difficult but the beginning steps are in this book. I have for you also a pendant," she pulled a necklace that had a pendant that looked like a lyre on it, "Pray to him for guidance should you need it. When you turn fifteen you will find you come into your own body my dear. It will seem to happen almost overnight. If you need to use your wand to repel suitors because of an accidental blast, do so. And do not be afraid to write to me. My name is in the book," she smiled at the young woman. "One last thing. Your sexual maturity is when you hit fifteen. Your urge to mate will be incredibly strong. However when it comes to fertility Veela are only fertile once they're in their thirties. Another safeguard from Apollo," she gave Hermione a hug, "wear the lyre and read the book. And don't be afraid of your feelings. That is how they control you. We are sexual creatures of dance, music, art, and celebrators of life. Enjoy it. Being a Veela…it is something special."

With that the Veela left the bathroom. Hermione quickly slipped on the necklace and hid it beneath her shirt before shrinking the book and putting it in her pocket. She quickly used the restroom and washed her hands before looking in the mirror. Hermione was a Veela. A Veela whose abilities would become clear at the age of fifteen. And she had two male best friends. She groaned. That was going to be difficult. But then, maybe they could withstand the allure. She'd heard about the allure. Well she'd have to find out.

Up in the stands Harry had left the seat next to him available. She sat down and he looked at her, "What's wrong?"

How he did that was something she didn't know. Hermione gently squeezed his hand, "I'll tell you later Harry. It's nothing bad, I don't think," she said. Harry nodded and squeezed her hand back. She knew Harry would always accept her at her word. It was what made him so great. And added to her feelings toward him. Feelings that had been changing since that ride on Buckbeak they had together. But then, Harry would never see her like that. So she kept those thoughts to herself.

When the Veela took the pitch to perform the pre-game mascot show Hermione got her first view of what the allure could do to people. Ron was tearing up his hat and trying to climb over the banister. Fred and George were flexing their muscles. Percy was puffing his chest out and if he was a peacock Hermione would have said he was preening. Bill and Charlie were also going out of their way to impress the Veela. Arthur, though, was calm. In fact he was holding Ron back with help from Ginny. She looked over to the other side of the box to see that Lucius and Draco, along with the Minister, were all trying to get to the Veela too. Narcissa Malfoy looked ready to kill her husband and son. The Bulgarian minister caught her eye and shrugged before winking and smiling at her. "They are fun to rile," he mouthed.

She smiled back at him before looking at Harry who was watching them through his omnioculars. She was actually dreading his reaction. Harry stood and went to tear at his rosette that was pinned to his shirt when Hermione placed her hand on his. Harry looked at her and she shook her head, pulling him back to his seat. "Did I do something wrong?" He asked. "You look sad."

"No Harry you didn't do anything," she said.

Harry, though a little dense, knew that something was wrong and it had something to do with his behavior, "Hermione what did I do wrong? Please tell me. I can fix it."

Looking into those green eyes that were filled with worry for her Hermione was feeling her resolve start to vanish. She took a deep breath, "I'll tell you when we have some privacy. Just the two of us." Harry nodded his head in agreement. He could wait until she was ready to tell him.

To Harry's frustration he and Hermione weren't alone together from the World Cup match to them boarding the train to Hogwarts. And then they were joined by others and Harry was again left not knowing what was wrong with Hermione. Hermione, meanwhile, was relieved that she had extra time to read the book. She'd read it three times in the previous weeks. Thanks to the book she understood the changes that were upcoming in eighteen days. And she understood that it was going to be difficult for her. But the time spent reading and digesting this knowledge, and coming to understand that sudden bouts of anger that push a woman into physical altercations was the sign of a Veela, as was the ability of other Veela to spot one of their own, mature or otherwise, had her ready to plan more about what she would do. Unintentionally blasting her allure was a concern. She just hoped she could control it. She wouldn't know until her birthday.

Her more imminent fears had to do with telling Harry. How would he react? Would he even want to be her friend anymore? And there had been a part of the book about mating…Veela could be with anyone they wanted and that worried her. She was well aware that she had a deep crush on Harry but unlike other girls hers was built on their friendship. Subconsciously she might end up blasting her allure toward Harry and causing all kinds of problems, including robbing him of his free will. That would kill her to do.

Harry was determined to get Hermione alone and finally managed it once they were in the castle. Unseen by their friends Harry dragged her into a broomcloset and instinctively Hermione put up the locking and silencing charms as he spoke, "Talk."

She sighed, "Harry it's…it's a rather big thing."

Seeing that she was upset Harry softened and pulled her into a hug, "Hermione you're my very best friend. Nothing can change that."

"I'm a Veela," she whispered.

Harry didn't relinquish his hold. It felt like she was testing him by confessing this and so he wanted to prove himself. "Are you sure? I mean, you don't do things like those Veela at the cup," Harry said.

"Veela come into their powers at fifteen," she answered. "So on my birthday…"

"Your powers manifest," he finished. "Well I don't care Hermione. You're still you."

"But think about the others like Ron! Veela can't control their allure at first. They have to learn how to do it and I'm in a school with half the population being male!" That was a problem, Harry admitted. Still, he let her keep going. She seemed like she needed to vent. "And worse what if my allure is used to get the attention of the boy I like? What if he only likes me because of the Veela? What if…"

Harry shushed her, "Well I don't know about who this mystery guy is but liking you for you has never been hard for me. If he's a complete idiot then maybe he will but if he's at least as smart as me then he'll still see you."

"Harry, I…"

"I was going to not ask this until I had worked up the courage to be rejected but I reckon I should ask it now since there's a timeline and I want no misunderstandings. Hermione I really like you and I like hugging you and you're the only person I willingly hug and I was hoping that maybe you might…well…will you be my girlfriend?"

Of all the ways their conversation had gone in her head, this question had never made an appearance. Rejection, disgust, acceptance, and assistance had all made an appearance. Harry being interested in her was shocking but incredibly exciting. She might be nervous about coming into her Veela-ness but with Harry by her side she knew she could do it. "Yes!" She kissed him and Harry returned the kiss, his hands moving to her waist as her arms slid around his neck.

They exited the broomcloset holding hands and smiling as they made their way into the Great Hall as all the students were still entering. Harry leaned in and whispered, "If you're worried about controlling your allure I bet we could round up some guinea pigs to test your control over it. The twins and Neville would help."

She smiled and leaned against him. Harry slid his arm around her waist, "There's other stuff I have to tell you," she whispered.

"I'm always happy to listen."

Content for now Hermione sat down at the table with Harry. It was not surprising that Ron didn't save them seats. Food was Ron's first and deepest love. They sat down opposite the twins who smirked, "Well Georgie it looks like there's a new couple in Gryffindor."

"Krum transferred in and is dating Ronnikins?" George asked.

Harry and Hermione laughed at that. Fred rolled his eyes in mock annoyance, "No my less intelligent twin. A certain Miss Granger and a certain Mr. Potter."

George seemed to have an epiphany as he gazed at them, "Oh! Congratulations you two."

"Thanks George," Harry said, "I'm just glad Hermione thinks I'm worthy of being her boyfriend."

"Well you don't have much competition. Ronnikins is still heartbroken over Krum," Fred said.

Hermione laughed and leaned into Harry, "Do you think Ron will write him letters?"

"I can just hear his efforts at being a big fan coming off as amorous fanboy," George said before trying to imitate Ron's voice, "I would love to go for a ride on your broomstick!"

"I'm happy to polish your wand! Or we could polish our wands together!" Fred cut in.

Harry wasn't about to be left out, "Do you have any special techniques for gripping your broom?"

The twins fell all over themselves laughing until Hermione stepped in, "Oh Viktor I'd love to carry your balls and polish them!" All four dissolved into laughing fits.

Ginny, who had heard their conversation, was laughing so hard she was crying. She wasn't upset about Harry and Hermione being a couple. She liked Hermione and it was obvious that she and Harry were meant for each other. She'd be happy to defend them. Gryffindors stuck together.

The Sorting was good, Harry and the others cheering for the new Gryffindors. And dinner was as always excellent. The announcement of no quidditch had ruined the meal but they'd all been interested in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Once they were in the common room Harry stood up on a table, "Oi everyone!"

The house turned and stared at him, "Look I know that Gryffindors stand together so I just have to say this. Hermione and I are now dating and I'm sure that some people will want to give us problems or spread lies about Hermione. Anything like that happens and I'm personally taking offense and going after the person starting it. Which is probably better for anyone trying it since Hermione's more vindictive than I am," he said. "That's all I have to say." He hopped down off the table and kissed Hermione only to receive applause from every corner of the common room save for one redhead.

One fuming redhead who was about to do something rash when he found himself being dragged to a corner by three other redheads, "I swear Ron if you think for a minute Harry or Hermione will tolerate you saying anything negative about either of them you're mistaken."

"But she's supposed to be mine!"

Fred, Ginny, and George all exchanged confused glances before Fred spoke, "Ron, you're consistently rude to her and quick to pick on her for her studious nature when she's saved your hide in class plenty of times. You're unappreciative, rude, ignorant, and have a bad temper. That is not something girls go for."

"And besides Hermione and Harry are really good together," Ginny said. "You're supposed to be happy for your friends. Otherwise one day you're not going to have any friends Ron." The three redheads went over to talk to the couple and left Ron alone. Ginny hugged Hermione and told her she'd definitely be supportive of their relationship.

When Harry went to bed that night he was quite aware that Ron hadn't said a word all night. He was rather relieved. Dean and Seamus decided Harry was a hero for having the courage to finally ask a girl out and were asking for tips. Harry just rolled his eyes while Neville laughed at the scene. Harry had to begrudgingly admit that he rather liked being popular for asking Hermione out instead of killing Voldemort. At least this he'd actually done and done under his own power.

Harry entered the common room the next morning to see Hermione sitting by the fire. He smiled and walked over, kissing her gently, "Good morning beautiful."

She smiled and shifted so he could sit next to her on the sofa. "I have something else to tell you," she said. Since they were alone in the common room she quietly whispered, "Harry when Veela come into their powers the desire to…to mate can be overwhelming."

Harry frowned in confusion. Hermione sighed. Boys could be so dense. "Sex, Harry. I'm talking about an intense sex drive."

"Oh…Oh!" Harry's eyes widened, "Well if you need to I mean of course I would want to I mean…I'm not good at this," he hung his head.

Hermione cupped his cheek, "I want it clear. There is no one I would want to be with more than you. But I also understand our relationship is new and so it's not as easy to talk about it. Plus our age. But the good news is Veela don't get pregnant until they're in their thirties."

Not risking having a baby was a very good thing, to Harry's mind. He sighed in relief, "Look Hermione if the alternative hurts you you know I'd do anything to help you." Hermione smiled and Harry continued, "I've never really been shown love before but I wouldn't have asked you out on a whim anyway. I take us seriously. Maybe it's too soon but I can see us getting married one day. And I am, after all, a teenage boy. We'll make it work."

She smiled and leaned in to kiss Harry again, "And you said you're not good at this. Each time we talk about this you leave me feeling better about things." Harry grinned in response. Maybe this dating thing wasn't so hard after all. Why were other boys so scared?

In the days leading up to Hermione's birthday Harry set up two dates. The first was in the kitchens after Fred and George told him how to get through the portrait and the second Ginny and Neville helped him set up by arranging a picnic along the Black Lake for them as a surprise for Hermione. She enjoyed both dates and they snogged frequently in broomclosets.

Gryffindor had decided en masse to support their relationship. Harry was glad because this meant Hermione being a Veela, or becoming one (he wasn't sure how to describe it properly), the lions all would still have their backs. At least he hoped they would. The only person who wasn't supportive was Ron. He glared at them quite a bit and sniped at them, insulting one or both of them every chance he had. According to the other three Weasleys Ron wrote home for sympathy from his mother but instead he found that his parents were quite happy for Harry and Hermione. That had served to only make him even more bitter and angry. He could often be found mumbling that 'Potter has everything I want.'

Studying without Ron led Harry to realize he wasn't the dunderhead Snape accused him of being. And with Hermione's reward system, snogs for good grades, his grades were off to an excellent start this term.