Author's Note: Draco and Harry's first meeting! Finally! Any and all mistakes and solely mine. Feel free to correct me!


It was times like this where Harry could forget he was the Boy Who Lived and that there was an insane, evil wizard trying to kill him and take over the world. He smiled to himself as Ron and Hermione bickered beside him.

"Ron!" Hermione reprimanded, "I told Hagrid we'd meet him for class early today to help him set up, but now we might even be late for class!"

"Hermione, relax. We're not going to be late for class. So we're not going to be there early. It isn't going to kill us. Besides, I'm sure Hagrid didn't really need our help. He just wanted to talk and we can meet with him after class."

Hermione did not relax, "But I promised him! He'll be disappointed in us. And it's your fault, anyway, Ron."

"My fault?!"

"Yes! I kept trying to get you to leave, but you said we'd have plenty of time. And then went back to eating. Honestly, Ron. You ate like you were starving."

"Well I didn't have breakfast and I was hungry," Ron tried to defend himself, "And we would have had time if your bag hadn't ripped at the seams because you stuffed so many books in it."

"So now this is my fault, Ron Weasley?"

Ron realized his mistake and looked desperately at Harry for help. Harry gave him a look that said, "You're on your own, mate. Sorry."

Hermione continued her tirade, "I need those books! They are important to our classes and to my education. You could have offered to help carry them at least. Like a good boyfriend does."

"Oh, so now I'm a bad boyfriend! Hermione, this is getting out of hand. Hagrid won't mind. Seriously. And we can apologize after class. He'll understand," Ron tried to placate his girlfriend now.

Harry decided to chip in, "Really, 'Mione. It's not that big of a deal."

Hermione sighed and gave in with a roll of her eyes, "Oh, fine. I just really wanted to help Hagrid out today. I feel bad that we didn't visit him often during the holidays."

Sensing that everything was okay, Ron smiled and gave Hermione a kiss on the cheek, "You're just sweet, Hermione. Hagrid doesn't mind. Besides, we visited him on Christmas Day, remember. Spent the whole morning with him."

Hermione's reply was lost on Harry as he spotted a trio of Slytherins. A slight boy with two hulking brutes behind him. Harry could already recognize them. Draco Malfoy and his bodyguards, Goyle and Crabbe.

"Harry?" Hermione noticed Harry had fallen behind.

But Ron had already seen what Harry had. The three Gryffindors were now face to face with the three Slytherins.

"Malfoy," he spat the name out like a vomit Bernie Bott bean.

Malfoy ignored Ron, looking only at Harry.



[the previous night]

No matter what Harry tried, he just couldn't get to sleep.

He tried counting sheep. He tried focusing on his breathing. He tried to free his mind of any problems. No such luck.

At last he couldn't take it any longer; the room seemed to get stuffier and hotter with each passing moment.

He got out of bed, put on his glasses, and reached under his bed for his broomstick. A bit of flying just might help him clear his mind and help him sleep easier. It wouldn't do for Gryffindor's Head Boy to get caught outside the dormitory after curfew, so he brought out his father's trusty invisibility cloak, wrapping it firmly around himself.

Harry had reached his growth spurt the summer between his fifth and sixth year and he found he could no longer squeeze himself, Ron, and Hermione under it. With a bit of creative wiggling, he could, at best, manage to fit himself and Hermione under it. Like Harry, Ron had grown a lot over the years as well; he was a little taller than Harry.

Harry made sure the cloak covered his body and broom completely before silently easing his door open.

The seventh year's boy dormitories were on his way out and Harry couldn't refrain from checking in on them. He cracked the door open and stuck his head inside.

He could hear Neville's sleep mumblings and Ron's occasional shift in bed. Dean's bed was empty but Seamus' was curtained off and charmed. Harry shook his head at the two before shutting it quietly and heading towards the common room.

Even in the dark, Harry managed to maneuver his way through the furniture to the portrait opening. He had traversed this path many times.

As he moved the portrait, the Fat Lady came awake.

"Huh? Wha?"

Harry froze in place and the Fat Lady fell right back asleep. Harry sighed in relief and moved her back in place.

Harry made his way down the dark corridors to the quidditch pitch. He reached the area without running into Filch and was about to take the cloak off when he heard a noise.

A blonde boy was walking in his direction. Harry almost panicked, thinking he had been spotted, when he realized he was still under the safety of his cloak.

However, he almost gave himself away as the boy stopped, standing in a moonbeam, peering into the quidditch trophy case. It was Draco Malfoy.

The blonde hair seemed practically ivory in the moonlight and his eyes...what color were they? They appeared gray, but Harry had never seen such eyes. They weren't blue-gray like most gray eyes he'd seen; they were gray with a tinge of blue. Harry was still puzzling over Malfoy's strange eyes when the Slytherin suddenly twirled.

He was just as surprised as Malfoy when he discovered Dobby standing behind him. However, Harry noticed Malfoy's surprise quickly switched to delight.

Harry was now more puzzled than ever. First of all, what was Malfoy doing outside of the dormitories? And how did he know Dobby and why was he so friendly to the house elf?

At last Harry found the answer to his second one. Well, partially. Dobby had worked for the Malfoys before he had come to Hogwarts. He remembered the little house elf telling him that when they had first met. And although Harry didn't know why the house elf had suddenly appeared, he hadn't really questioned it at the time. He did now, though.

Harry felt slightly guilty listening to their conversation. But the Malfoy he was seeing before him was radically different from his preconceived idea. First of all, he was talking to a house elf. And he wasn't being condescending or cruel. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying his conversation with Dobby.

And then he had showed Dobby his socks. Harry's eyes widened. Dobby had given Malfoy socks? Harry had supposed that Dobby hadn't liked his previous masters; they were Malfoys. But Malfoy had Dobby-knitted socks. And he was wearing them. Harry felt a pang of guilt over never wearing the socks.

Then he heard Dobby after "Master Draco" a cup of hot chocolate. But not before he noticed Malfoy's sad smile. As the two walked off, Harry became aware that he needed that bout of flying more than after. He needed some time to digest what he had just witnessed.

Making sure the two were out of sight and out of hearing, Harry took the cloak off and mounted his broom. But as he flew, he could think of nothing but that sad, wistful smile that had adorned Malfoy's face before he had gone down to the kitchens with Dobby.


Harry compared that face with the one has was looking at now. Malfoy's face didn't even look like it could crack into a smile, as if it was made out of ice and such an expression with make it shatter into bits. Malfoy's blonde hair was gelled back to his head, not slightly tousled as it had been last night. And his gray eyes were flat like mirrors. And that mouth, which had curved gently into a smile before, now looked like it could do no such thing. It was a mouth made for sneering.

Which was what he was doing right at this moment.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Ron's voice did nothing to conceal his contempt.

Malfoy appeared to ponder the question seriously, "What do I want? Oh, what does anybody want these days? I suppose I'd settle for a chocolate frog right now. Or maybe a cup of butterbeer. Or perhaps a-"

"Malfoy," Ron stretched his name out in a warning. "What do you want with us?"

"With you two?" Malfoy raised an eyebrow as he ran his eyes over Ron and Hermione. "Nothing. I was talking to Potter."

Harry finally spoke up, "So what do you want with me?"

"Just wanted to introduce myself. I just had to meet the Boy Who Lived," although Malfoy's face looked sincere enough, his voice will anything but.

"Well, now we've met. Now, excuse us, Malfoy, but we've got a class to get to," Harry tried to walk past the blonde Slytherin.

"My name is Draco."

"What?" Harry stopped in his tracks.

"I said, my name is Draco," Malfoy repeated slowly, as if talking to four year old.

"I heard you," Harry snapped.

"Then why'd you ask?" Malfoy asked, as if seriosuly curious to the answer.

Harry silently repeated to himself that violence was never the answer and said aloud, "I know what your name is."

"I know you do; I just told you."

"Malfoy, what is your point? I have better things to do than talking in circles with you."

"The name is Draco."


"Oh, bloody hell, Potter. Are we going to go through this all again? I said my name is Draco. And I expect you to call me that."

"Why would I?"

"Because I told you to," as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"So I'm just supposed to do as you say?"

"Well you could, if you wanted, I suppose," Harry opened his mouth for an angry retort, but Draco cut him off, "Look, Potter, just call me Draco, okay? It's not that hard."

"Fine, Draco," he spat the name out more venemously than Ron spat out 'Malfoy.'

Draco nodded graciously, "Nice meeting you, Potter."

And with that the Slytherin and his two henchman were off towards Hagrid's shack, leaving the three Gryffindors to watch them depart.

"What the hell was that?" Ron finally managed to find his wits.

"Ron, language," Hermione automatically reprimanded.

"I have no idea," Harry was still steaming mad. "Honestly, all that fuss over his stupid name."

"Maybe he doesn't like his name," Ron suggested. "I mean, I would hate to have to last name Malfoy."

That got Harry to smile.

"Although," Ron continued. "Draco's not that better. I mean, who names their kid 'Draco'? Honestly, he's just begging to have a messed up kid."

Harry and Hermione laughed and Ron smiled.

"Come on, let's go to class."