Chapter 1

It was a normal day at school, the same boring lessons with the same hilarious friends, the same short lunch breaks and the same rules, the same teachers and the same routine. Or so we thought. It was food tech for me and my friend Lucy. This week we weren't making anything, it was a safety lecture. Urgh, boring! Lucy and I were sending notes to each other about our sleepover next week while Mrs. Brady was going on about the ovens, "and always keep an eye on you're-" I looked up thinking she had noticed Lucy and I with the notes but, she wasn't there, and neither was the teaching assistant. "Where the hell did hey go?" said one of the boys. "They just vanished! I saw it!" said a girl behind me. I looked up at the clock and saw it had stopped at 11:11. I knew what had happened, it's just like the sparticle mystery, everyone over 16 gets taken to a parallel universe, and when they do, you're on your own. And its tough to stay alive. I dragged Lucy and raced out the classroom, when we were in the corridor kids were running about smashing things and screaming. "Chloe what's going on?" Lucy shouted to me over the children running in front of us. "Its like the sparticle mystery! All the people over 16 have vanished! We've got to go!" I replied with confidence. We both grabbed our bags and headed for the exit when our other friends Emily, Josh, Luke and Maddie were there with their stuff too. "Hey do you two have any idea what's going on?" Emily said in confusion. The pair of us explained to them what happened then hid in the bike shed from all the rioting. "So what are we going to do?" asked Josh. "Well, we could go and steal the keys for the minibus, drive it out of school and go to the mall and get supplies and whatever we want then go to someone's house for the night. Is that a good enough plan?" I said, waiting for the answer we all needed. There were mixed approvals and we got to it.