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"You really don't have to do this Harry." I said as he and I walked down the street to my parent's practice. A month ago my parents had told me I needed to get my wisdom teeth out. After my last check up they realized my wisdom teeth were growing in and would realign the rest of my teeth. They had talked it through and thought it was best for me to get them out right away. The only thing was someone needed to take care of me after I got out of surgery. Mum and dad had appointments all day and couldn't be with me. Harry at the last minute had agreed to take me.

"Someone needs to and since Ron would probably only make things worse I thought it would be better for me to take you." Harry said running his hand through his hair. It became even messier and my stomach did a little flip. I loved Harry's messy hair. It had taken some time but I had realized that I liked Harry. A lot.

"Well I guess I should say thank you." I said as Harry opened the door for me. My whole body shook and I bit my lip. I was nervous. Crazy nervous. And I had no idea why.

"Everything will be fine Hermione. Getting your wisdom teeth out is not a bad thing." Harry said his voice soft. "Its a very normal procedure."

"I know." It was true I did know that. But my heart was still hammering loudly in my chest and my palms were slick with sweat.

"Hey Hermione." A girl with blonde hair said from behind the counter. She looked slightly familiar but since I hadn't been here in so long I forgot her name.

"Hey," I darted a look at her name tag. "Cheryl hows university?"

"Oh its good." She said pushing forward a clipboard. I signed my name with a flourish and she smiled at me. Her eyes darted over to Harry who was standing behind me. "Whose your friend?"

"This is Harry." I muttered through gritted teeth. There was something about the way Cheryl was looking at Harry that made me want to smack her.

"Hi Harry I'm Cheryl Williams." She said flashing a smile.

"Hi... er come on Hermione lets go wait over there." Harry said pulling me over to the seats next to the fish tank.

I sat down nervously my hands shaking in my lap. Why was I so bloody scared? I had never been scared to go to the dentist before. Maybe it was because it wasn't mum and dad who would be working on me but their friend Dr Jacobson.

"Hermione." Harry said slipping his hand into mine. My stomach jolted like I was on a roller coaster and I looked up slowly. Ever since Harry and I had been alone on the Horcrux hunt when Ron left things between us had changed. "Your usually so sure of yourself what's going on?"

"I don't know." I said my stomach squirming painfully.

"Everything will be fine I'm sure." He said squeezing my fingers. A little jolt went through my body and my cheeks heated in a blush.

"Can you distract me with something?" I asked my heart stuttering in my chest.

"Er... Well you know how Ron and Lavender got back together after the final battle?" I nodded grimacing. Ron and I kissing in the hallway had been a mistake. We had mistaken a good strong friendship with love. After talking about it we had decided we were better off as friends.

Ron had ran into Lavender shortly after that conversation and realized she had changed. And in all honesty she had. After Greyback attacked her she had changed. Her priorities had changed and she no longer cared about her appearance. I was very glad for them.

"Well Neville told me that they are getting pretty serious." Harry said smiling. He had been doing that more ever since the final battle six months ago. His smile really was great. It always made me want to smile in return.

"Ah Neville, how is he?" I asked as Harry tried to rub some warmth into my hands.

"Good he and Ginny are really happy together." He said smiling brightly. Ginny had started dating Neville when we were on the hunt. When Harry had found out he took it in stride but honestly it didn't seem to upset him much. I think he lost some of his feelings for her when we were on the hunt. Ron had said it was something about the Horcrux they had destroyed together in the woods.

"I'm glad." I said smiling timidly and somehow I felt myself relaxing.

The door on the other side of the room opened and a nurse with a clipboard came out. "Hermione Granger?"

I jumped and slowly stood to my feet. Harry grasped my hand and I turned to him surprised. "Everything will be perfectly fine. I'll be here when you get out."

I nodded and followed the nurse down a long hallway. She was chatting happily at me but I could barely respond. My stomach was churning so much I was afraid I would get sick.

"Here we are." She said gesturing to an open door. A few people were bustling around the room and I looked around my eyes wide.

"Okay Hermione." Dr Jacobson said smiling. He was an older man with graying hair and it made me feel better. It meant he knew what he was doing. "Please sit down."

I sat in the chair and nervously twisted one of my curls. The nurse clipped something on my finger and my heart beat sounded through a little machine. Now everyone could hear how fast my heart was beating. "A little nervous Hermione?"

"A little." I whispered as they pulled out a face mask and placed it over my mouth and nose.

"Now Hermione I need you to breathe deeply." Dr Jacobson said holding a large needle. I took in a large lungful of air and let it out. When I was breathing out the needle was pushed into my arm. I hissed in pain but couldn't bring myself to say anything. The anesthesia was working quickly and I was feeling very out of it.

"I feel really weird..." I said trying to watch my surroundings but everything was starting to blur and my words were slurred.

Dr Jacobson smiled and gave a little laugh. "It happens."

Harry POV

I absently flipped through the Quibbler trying to find a story to occupy my mind. Nothing really stood out and I finally stashed the magazine in my back pocket. Hermione had already been gone for forty five minutes and I knew it would be a little longer till I could see her again.

"Harry?" I looked up surprised. Mr Granger was standing in front of me a small smile on his face his eyes tires.

"Mr Granger." I said standing slowly. We shook hands and I gave him a little smile. "Have you heard anything yet?"

"She finished a little bit ago. They said everything went well and that you should be able to go back and see her soon." Mr Granger said.

I let out a breath I hadn't realized I had been holding. "Thank Godric."

"Take care of her today Harry she'll probably be out of it for the rest of the day." Mr Granger said smiling nervously.

"What do you mean sir?" I asked my eyebrows drawing together in confusion.

"The anesthesia they used on her will make her a little, er, out of it." Mr Granger said awkwardly. "I should get to the back I have another patient."

I watched him walk away and frowned. How weird would Hermione be when I could finally see her? I mean I had only seen her drunk once and it hadn't turned out well at all. I had never seen her so free in my life and she had only had one shot of Firewhisky.

"Mr Potter?" I stood up quickly. The same nurse from earlier was standing in the doorway.

"Yes?" I asked walking over to her.

"Please come with me and bring all your things." All I had brought with me was my wand and a copy of the Quibbler. I followed after her and she led me to a little room with a straight back chair and a dentist chair. "Please take a seat."

"Thank you." A moment later she was gone. I sat quietly and stared at a painting of swirling colors.

A small squeaking sound made me look up and my eyes widened. The nurse was back and leading Hermione and her IV into the little recovery area. She looked dazed and had gauze in her mouth and something wrapped around her head to keep her mouth shut.

"Come on Hermione in you go." The nurse said helping Hermione into her seat. Hermione was in and out of consciousness for the next half hour muttering thickly around the gauze in her mouth. Everything she said was unintelligible but I nodded and tried my hardest to understand what she was saying.

The nurse came back in and smiled at me. "Hows Sleeping Beauty?"

"Out again." I said looking at Hermione. She had nodded off again and was making a soft snoring sound.

"Good the next time she comes around she should be a little more coherent." The nurse said before walking away.

I pulled out the Quibbler again and started reading. It was getting hard to concentrate and I rubbed at my forehead where I usually got my headaches. I darted a look at my watch and sighed. It had only been fifteen minutes.

"Haiw-ee." I looked up surprised. Hermione was staring at me her eyes slightly drooping. Her words were muffled by the gauze but she was a little more intelligible than before. Or at least I could tell that she was attempting to say my name.

"I'm here." I said pulling her hand into mine being careful of the IV that was in her arm.

"Haiw-ee I love you." She whispered thickly before her eyes closed again. My eyes widened and my heart stuttered painfully in my chest. Good Godric my best friend was in love with me.

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