Rose did not want to go the dance, not really but she was expected to go as everyone else was going to the annual Broadchurch dance at the High School and she was after all on the school board of governors. Just five days to go, she had nothing to wear and no-one to go with - again, the same as last year. Last year she had an excuse, she was new in the town so she had got away with it, Ellie had said no-one thought anything of it but she had got chatted up several times, mostly by the same irritable excuse of a bloke Nigel and she wasn't that desperate even though she hadn't had a boyfriend since coming here almost two years ago.

Still, she could just make an appearance for an hour or so, chat to Ellie and her husband and also Beth and Mark so that would pass at least an hour, then she could sneak off again and no-one would be any wiser and no-one would miss her and at least she could honestly say she had been there and all would be well.

Just how she had been talked into the role of becoming a school governor, she couldn't recall but maybe it was because of her name - the famous Rose Tyler. Even in this quaint sleepy seaside town, or the back of beyond her mother had called it when Rose announced she had decided she wanted a change of pace from her office at Torchwood and had turned down other assignments to semi-retire and move down here to keep an eye on the south of England coastal town where several unusual reports had sifted their way through to her attention. After several attempts to persuade her stepfather to fund and set her up here, she had finally convinced both him and her mother to let her go out on her own. She was over moping around after a certain Timelord who she was never going to see again. While she would never forget him, always love him, never give up hope that one day he would find a way but even if he did, what then? See his image on a beach in Norway again so she could break down and cry again? No, she was over that.

Was she really though? Why hadn't she actually been able to tell him how she felt until all that was in front of her had gone and she couldn't even tell him face to face she loved him? She had only been able to tell his image through a tiny gap between universes. All the signs had been there, they had both been too stubborn to be the first to say something for fear of driving the other away. Would she have driven him away? Well because she was stupid enough not to say anything she would never find out, would she?

Her train of thought was interrupted as her phone rang. It was Ellie. "Watcha, Ellie, are we still on for lunch today?" She tried to sound cheerful for her friend whom Rose knew was breaking in a new boss today and was definitely not looking forward to it.

"Well yes and no, more like yes but I may have to either drag my new boss with me or come up with some pathetic excuse to get rid of him, your choice."

Rose stifled a laugh. "Aw, you poor thing. New boss driving you crazy already and it's not even lunchtime yet? Just drag him along I don't mind. What's he like? Is he single, good-looking and not a creep?"

"Rose, you really don't want to know. I suppose he might be your cup of tea if you like tall, skinny and can't be bothered tidying himself up for work. I mean the man doesn't seem to own a razor, looks like he's not shaved for a few days. Oh and worst of all, he's Scottish, no-one can hardly understand a word he says. Got off to a great start by making a drink for himself while he was stood talking to me and never even asked if I wanted one," Ellie half laughed.

Rose really did feel sympathetic but he sounded intriguing. She wanted to learn more about him. "So, invite him for lunch and just don't tell him you're meeting someone. I'll see you at one then, usual place?"

"Oh, I give up with you Rose. You've turned down almost the entire single male population of the town and you're asking me to bring my new boss around so you can give him the once over? Thanks a lot! OK but try not to make it too obvious when you're sorely disappointed you made me bring him for nothing. If you don't like him, you buy me my lunch for wasting my time bringing him and making me put up with him when I could have ditched him for an hour and got some peace."

Rose just laughed, told her she had a deal and said goodbye. She finished reading an article she had been sent by Jake and went to get changed to go out. She liked working from home, no dress code and come and go as you like and most of all, no work load and no more commuting to the office. Her spare bedroom was her office and you couldn't beat the view if you tried, her two bedroom cottage was almost on the beach. The cottage her dad had rented for her, all expenses paid in return for her input on weekly reports and articles she was sent to read plus her still generous salary but most of all her freedom. Away from the mother and young brother she loved dearly but her mother was smothering her with kindness, with constantly reminding her of her old life, back on the other world oh so long ago now. She missed her brother though, too much. She had grown up on her own, often wishing her mother would have remarried and that she could have a younger brother or sister but after all this time it had finally happened.

She had gone back home though for the Christmas holidays, Mickey up to his old tricks of trying to win her back, she wasn't mad at him though, he was probably just trying to cheer her up, make her feel at home, he had been there longer than she had but she wasn't interested in picking up where they had left off, not now. How could she go back to him after what she had felt for the Doctor?

She set off to meet Ellie, hoping she would have her new boss in tow and walked into the harbour cafe` and saw Ellie sitting with a tall man, his back to Rose and Rose smiled to herself and walked across the cafe` floor. Ellie looked up, pretending to be surprised to see her, stringing her boss along with a 'let's go grab some lunch and I'll tell you about the town oh and by the way, my friend is coming to meet us so she can look you over' and Rose went to sit beside her when they had both said 'hi' and Ellie had introduced her new boss - Alec Hardy.