Title; Vile on the Streets

Author; Magrat 70

Rating; T sexual violence suggested. Rape trigger.

Disclaimer; not mine or JJ and Emily would be happily married somewhere in DC or Virginia. Spoilers up to JJ, Maybe Valhalla/ Lauren and 200

Author's note; this follows directly behind The Great Zombie Hunt. Although stand alone cases for relationship development it probably helps to read in order.

Thank you to Sao 21 for all your help and listening to my crazy ideas.


He tried to fasten his gaze on the blonde in front of him, he wouldn't have to use roofies tonight, she seemed more than welcoming of his advances. He couldn't understand why he felt so out of it. He had had only 2 beers, nowhere near enough to make him feel light headed. The court case had been hard, he thought that this time his luck had ran out, but the majority verdict had been in his favour. The look on her face as she dissolved into tears had almost been as good as when he had fucked her.

The blonde he was with pulled him by the wrists out of the club into a dark alley. He spun her around against the wall. "I am going to fuck you until you scream and bleed." Pulling her hair hard enough to hear her cry. The next sounds sent ice down his spine. The unmistakable sound of a gun being cocked and the feel of a muzzle at the back of his head.

A soft whisper in his ear told him he was going to be fucked until he bled. The black dildo in the blonde's hands shook him. She was giggling as she undid his belt and pulled down his trousers. He realised she was insane as the foreign object was shoved deep inside him. The pain was incredible and he was begging them to stop.

"Okay," the gunman agreed with their soft whisper and discharged a bullet straight into his brain.


What JJ hadn't expected as she arrived at Garcia's house was Emily pulling up behind her. The raven haired agent helped her in with her bags as JJ carried the sleeping Henry into the apartment buildinh. "How did you know?"

"Morgan called me, I was worried after you were throwing up this morning. I needed to see with my own eyes that you were okay. I don't want to intrude. I'll go home now that I know you're okay and Henry's okay." Emily tried to shrug it off. Morgan's call had terrified her. She was worried that Will would be violent towards JJ. Then she would have to hunt down and kill his sorry ass.

"Don't be silly, Garcia will go crazy if you drove all the way over here and didn't come in." JJ argued, she needed to tell Emily about the baby, get it all over in one go." I want to tell you what happened."

"JJ..." whatever Prentiss was about to say was lost as Garcia opened her door and ushered JJ, Henry and Emily in to get apartment.

JJ took Henry through to Garcia's bedroom where there was a crib that he could still fit in. She settled him down, her goes pouring her heart out to her two best friends she thought. As she walked in she caught the end of the conversation, about Seaver attempting to kiss Emily, who had decided that discretion was the better part of valour and had left rather than shoot down the young, inebriated, agent, if she had tried to press the issue. JJ felt the green eyed monster appear and didn't know quite what to do. She had no hold over the brunette, she wanted to though, those intense chocolate eyes turned her to jelly. Whether Emily would have an interest in a single mother going through a break up with another baby on the way; that was a whole different ball game.

Her two friends smiled as JJ entered the room, the blonde was hugging her body and her eyes were puffy from the tears she had cried on the way over. Not over Will, over the fact she was scared, scared to be a single mom bringing two kids up in this world; she knew that in whatever capacity she would need these women.

"I had important news to tell Will, he wouldn't pick up the phone... I left a message trying to let him know what was going on. When I got home he was drunk and had wrecked the house, all the while Henry was crying up stairs."

Garcia hugged JJ, she couldn't understand why Will had reacted this way, he couldn't believe the baby wasn't his.

"Em... Garcia already knows...I think I might be pregnant."

JJ was waiting for a disgusted look on Emily's face, instead she was greeted by one of the dark haired profiler's huge grin. "Jennifer, that's amazing, you're a great mom. Henry will be so excited."

JJ hugged the beautiful brunette and for the first time since working it out, she was actually excited about the prospect of the new life growing inside her.

After pulling out of the hug Emily splayed her hand across JJ's stomach. "If there is anything you need, anything at all, call me. I will be there for you."

"Thank you, tomorrow if I make a list do you think you and Morgan can pick up some things for me?". JJ wasn't up to seeing Will anytime soon.

"I told you anything you need. I have to go home I still hadn't fed Sergio and he is probably going crazy," Emily said, kissing JJ on the forehead, and giving Garcia a farewell hug.

Garcia waited until Emily was gone. "Spill, what is going on with tall, dark and intense, because she got about a million times more intense and sexy just then."

"I...don't," what the hell thought JJ, I might as well get everything out. "I think I'm in love with Emily... it's not pregnancy hormones, I have felt things for her for a while. It's been growing and growing. I can't stay away from her Pen; what am I going to do?"

"Ssshh kitten, I know our brown eyed girl would do anything for you. I don't think you have to worry about how she feels about you. She is deep, if you're going to go there make sure you mean it; if you play with her and go back to Will, I think you will destroy her."

"I mean it, Pen, I really do. It's not a game. I'm in love with her." JJ admitted, feeling better for getting everything out in the open.


The next day Morgan and Emily got in and out of the house without being spotted. To Emily's disappointment, Morgan had offered JJ one of his fixer uppers that he had just finished. The team helped JJ get the things she needed to start living there, the blonde was so grateful that she had a piece of privacy to get herself together and work out how she was going to proceed with her life. Emily had gave her the information for a great lawyer who turned out to be the brunette's godfather. She was told all her fees were taken care of, all she needed to do was tell him what she needed. Little by little the blonde was falling deeper and deeper for the raven haired profiler.


Emily was listening to some soft music when she heard pounding at her door. She opened it up to the very drunken form of Will.

"Where's my wife and kid," Will demanded.

"She isn't your wife and they aren't here," Emily answered as coolly as she would a question posed about an unsub around the conference table.

"I don't fucking believe you dyke, you've taken her from me."

"JJ is her own person she doesn't belong to you and she certainly isn't mine." Prentiss finding it hard to control her temper, she found it hard to believe that this piece of drunken garbage had ever laid his hands on the one she was besotted by.

"Keep telling yourself that she will come back, begging me to take her back," he made an obscene grab at his crotch. "I have something you'll never have and I know she likes it."

"Really that's the best you can do? Think because you have a penis, you are superior. I can satisfy a woman in ways you can only dream about boy. Get out my house." Emily let him see her contempt for him.

As he turned, he swung his fist catching on the lip, cutting her bottom lip with a glancing blow. She punched him hard in the nose, breaking it with ease and felt a deep satisfaction at the blood that ran down his face. She grabbed him by the throat. "Don't come near me or I won't be responsible for my actions. Now get the fuck out my house."

He left feeling fear for the first from the brunette, her eyes had been almost black and he could see a killer in the depths of those dark eyes. Her needed a new strategy.

Emily had only managed to start putting ice on her lip when the call from JJ came. They had a new case in New York.