Vile on the Streets

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Making a Home

JJ left Quantico. She wanted to get back to the hospital; she had watched Spencer get the confession from Elle. When Elle had said that all Mutch had to do was shoot Emily, she felt her blood run cold. Emily really should be dead. She wasn't going to miss out on this second chance. Her heart had broken when she watched everything that Emily had been through.

The nurse smiled at her as she went into the HDU. "Agent Jareau, we are reducing the morphine levels in Agent Prentiss's drip. She should wake up soon. She needs to have her pain medication balanced. She will need gabapentin or pregabalin for the nerve pain we expect in her hand."

JJ nodded in response, the nurse reminding her it was going to be a long hard road for Emily to get back to normal. She took the seat by her bedside and waited.

It was a slow transition from unconsciousness to awake. She was aware of noise, beeping mostly, and a soft voice whispering to her, telling her how loved she was. The next feeling was pain, she couldn't pin down if it was from her shoulder to her hand or her hand to her shoulder. Emily forced her eyes to open and for a moment all the pain was forgotten as she looked into sparking blue eyes

"Emily, baby, I need to call the nurse."

The nurse bustled in, Emily admitted to her pain in her arm and she was started on gabapentin. It was explained to them that it didn't work like normal pain killers; it slowed down the electrical impulses in nerves but needed to build up in her system. For the moment she was given a smaller dose of morphine to help. She then left them alone.

"You scared me when you called. I really thought I would never see you again. Don't you ever do that to me again Emily Prentiss."

Emily nodded at JJ not sure she could get any words out. She had been given ice chips to help her parched throat, but that wasn't the reason; it was the emotion that washed over her. "Jay, you didn't sign up for looking..."

"Emily if you finish that sentence, I swear to god I will kick your ass, injured or not. I am not going anywhere. Believe me, the last 24 hours have made me one hundred percent sure what I want, and that's you. I love you," JJ put every bit of love and caring into her eyes and she watched as Emily's defenses crumbled in front of her. Those brown eyes were so expressive and intense that JJ felt she could lose herself in their depths.

"Jennifer, where's Henry? Will hasn't..."

"Don't worry about Will; there is a lot you need to know, but not right now," JJ could see that Emily's eyes were starting to look a little vacant as the drugs started to take effect. "Henry's with your Mom, she has been amazing to me."

"She can't have you, you're mine. I can give you everything she offered and raise it with great sex," Emily slurred, sending JJ into a fit of giggles. She wished she had had her phone out to video that. Definitely worth some blackmail; loopy Emily was very endearing.

"Jennifer," Emily said, her voice slightly more urgent. "Find my keys, you and Henry, I want you to move into my condo. Please?"

"This isn't just the drugs talking?" JJ asked, her heart thudding against her rib cage. Was this too soon? They hadn't even dated yet. The blonde mentally scolded herself; she had almost lost Emily. Every day they were out in the field they could lose one another. She loved this woman, more than she ever thought possible; it wasn't a big decision.

"I want us all together... Jay I love you," Emily's words were getting more and more slurred.

"I will, Em... we will move in with you," JJ bent and kissed Emily's forehead. "We will be a family."

"Happy," was the last word Emily got out before she drifted off to sleep

The End

To be followed by the next part of the series: Recovery.