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Hello, everyone! This is the first installment of the SoF series...

As you might have read from the summary, this story will follow the events of PMD Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky... But with a lot of unexpected twists. So don't feel too comfortable when you, at any point in the story, think that you know how things will go on from there.

If you are a person that is looking for a lot or fighting scenes in their PMD-fics, then you are at the right place... There will be plenty of detailed fights that will hopefully satisfy your expectations.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - SoF - Twist in Time

Welcome, to a world solely inhabited by Pokemon.

This a different kind of world, where every Pokemon has a much greater potential than in any other world you might have been before.

The creatures in this world are able to learn as many attacks as they can remember... Abilities can be learned through training and various moves have been made acquirable for Pokemon that shouldn't normally get them. Each Pokemon's strength is determined by its skills and experiences.


What you are about to see is one of the many stories that took place in that world.

The continent of Treasure has a certain connection with one of the worlds most sacred places. Temporal Tower. It keeps time itself intact and is the home of the legendary Pokemon Dialga.

But a certain event has caused the destruction of the structure, plunging the world into an everlasting darkness.

Two beings have taken the task upon themselves to change that.

These series of events have happened in a lot of different worlds. Pokemon refer to it as... the Time Gear Crysis.

However, in the universe you are in right now... It's a little different.

Chapter 1 - An unexpected Reunion

Heavy rain was pouring down onto the forested landscape around Treeshroud Forest. Dark clouds were obstructing the nightsky while occasional bolts of lighting tore through the air, lighting up the land underneath them.

In the middle of this raging storm, somewhere inside the woods, a black figure was rushing through the forest.

As another lightning-bolt shot through the sky, the figure jumped onto a soiled pathway that led into the center of the forest and was lit up by the bright light from above, revealing its identity.

It was a green gecko with a red underbelly and leaves sticking out of its arms and rear. On its head was a single leaf, resembling hair. A leather backpack was strapped onto its back. The creature was a Pokemon, a male Grovyle to be precise.

But he was not just any Grovyle... The reason why he was heading into Treeshroud Forest was because he was on a mission. He had to acquire a certain artifact that was called a Time Gear. Threeshroud Forest was one of the places said to hold such a Time Gear.

'Alright... I'm almost there.' He began to walk on the path ahead of him and didn't care about the fact that the rain had gotten him completely soaked. The winds that rushed past him didn't faze him either as the only thing on his mind was his goal.

"AACHOO!" The Grovyle sneezed loudly and rubbed his nose with his claw, a groggy expression plastered onto his face. 'Ugh... I should make this quick.'

He increased his pace and hurried deeper into the woods while memories of a recent event rushed thought his mind.

"Hold on! Don't let go!"

"I can't!"


He orignally had a partner with him but an accident during their travels had separated them. 'I can't think about this now... I have to focus on getting the Time Gear.' Deciding to push the thoughts of his friend to the back of his head, he continued to run towards his destination.

When the Grovyle arrived at the center of Treeshroud Forest he was greeted with an unexpected scene.

"What the-" A huge wall, made out of what seemed to be raindrops, was standing right in front of him, the whole area behind the wall robbed of its color. When the grass-type stepped though the wall and entered the zone in which drops of rain floated in the air and not a single breeze brushed against his body, he realized what had happened and grit his teeth.

'Somebody was already here...'

Taking a Time Gear from its designated location had the unpleasant side-effect of a massive shockwave that would send everything that gets caught in its blast radius into a stasis.

The first person that came to his mind that could've been responsible for this was his partner. 'I knew she would do everything to achieve a goal but something like this would just be stupid.'

For the Grovyle it would have been no problem to outrun the explosion after taking one of the gears, however, his partner was a human and didn't have abilities like Pokemon did. 'What if she tried to take the gear and got caught in the shockwave? Dammit!'

The worry about his partner returned while he focused his gaze into an opening inside the treelines in front of him. 'If she's still there then-' Fearing the worst, he dashed deeper into the forest.

It only took him a few minutes to reach the center of the woods, which was a circular clearing with two giant trees standing in the middle. The spot between the two trees should've been where the Time Gear was located but to the Grovyle's dismay, he didn't find anything when he took his first step into the area.

'The gear... It's not here! She's not here either!' He inspected his surrounding, starting to look for clues of what could've happened before his arrival.

When he walked right in front of the spot between the trees, he noticed something at the corner of his vision. To his right, at the edge of the clearing, something blue was laying on the ground. 'What the-'

The grass-type slowly approached the object that had caught his interest. Once he was close enough, he could see that it was a blue, dog-like creature. 'It's a Pokemon...' The creature didn't move so he assumed that it was either asleep, unconscious or dead.

'Hmm, it still has color... That can only mean that it got here after the blast.'

He examined the Pokemon's features. It had black fur on its chest and blue fur on its arms and upper legs. Under its neck was something like a yellow collar. Its feet were black as well. It had a dog-like head with something like a black mask laying over its eyes and on the left and right side of its head were two appendages that looked like an extra pair of ears.

'What is a Riolu doing here? They usually only live in the mountains.'

He crouched down to inspect it a little closer. 'I wonder if it's male or female? Maybe I should look-' At that moment an inappropriate thought rushed through his head and he turned a little red. 'If it wakes up when I touch it and it turns out to be a girl, I'm dead.'

The grass-type shook his head and folded his arms, putting a thoughtful expression on his face while he planned on what to do next. 'Well, maybe this Riolu knows something...'

The whole time he was distracted with his thoughts, he didn't notice the faint glow that a symbol on the Riolu's right paw was giving off. It suddenly stirred, causing the grass-type to pay attention to it again. 'At least it's still alive.'

The Grovyle let out a deep sigh. 'I think I should take it out of here and ask it when it wakes up again.' He carefully picked the unconscious Pokemon up and threw the fighting-type over his shoulder. The Riolu was smaller than him so carrying it was not much of a problem.

'Alright... If this Pokemon doesn't know anything I'll just stick with my old plan and head to the next gear.' He was thinking about his partner and how he would hopefully meet her once he reached his next destination while he carried the unconscious Pokemon all the way out of the forest.

After a while, he reached the border of the forest and the end of the time-frozen area. As he stepped out of the zone, he noticed that the storm from before had stopped and the sun was about to rise. He could tell by the slightly red sky on the horizon.

He was about to witness a sunrise. This was special for him because it would be the first sunrise of his life. From where he came from, there wasn't something you could call a day and night circle... All he ever had was an eternal nightsky that was occupied with black clouds.

The Grovyle began to walk on the path that lead away from the forest, keeping his eyes focused on the scene in front of him.

As time passed, the horizon slowly got redder and redder. Everything around him got brighter and actual colors jumped into his eyes. The green from the grass and the leaves on the trees. The brown from the tree-bark. Everything was new to him, but the thing that impressed him the most was the sun itself.

The colors around it were just astounding to him. How the blinding yellow of the sun itself colored the sky around it into a bright red. From red to orange and then slowly to a normal blue sky.

When the first sunrays touched his skin, the grass-type was stunned for a moment as he had never felt something like this before. His leaves suddenly seemed to take in all the warmth and energy the sun was giving him, creating a funny feeling inside of the Pokemon.

The Grovyle sighed. 'I wish she could see this.'

He kept on walking on the soiled path, looking for a suitable spot to set up a camp and take a rest after running though a thunderstorm all night. That he now had to carry a Pokemon on his shoulder didn't really help his already exhausted body.

After a few hours he found a slim path at the side of the road that lead into a forest. The grass-type decided to follow it and fortuneately found a small clearing at the other end. 'This seem like decent spot.'

He placed the unconscious Pokemon next to one of the trees at the edge of the camp, leaning its body against it. The Grovyle then threw his backpack into the middle of the clearing and quickly picked up some firewood.

The grass-type was just about to set up a fireplace, when he heard a groan, causing him to look over to the Riolu again. The fighting-type was trying to move, groaning even more doing so.


My body felt like it was floating and a layer of fog seemed to occupy my senses while I slowly regained consciousness. After a while, the awareness of my limbs came back to me and the float-like feeling turned into pain. Every muscle of my body felt sore and numb at the same time and a headache joined the unpleasant perceptions...


When my senses slowly returned to me and I started to hear wind, rushing through the leaves of a tree. I was able to smell grass and wood and... Something else... I couldn't tell what it was.

The rustling of leaves and the smell of grass made me realize something. 'I'm in a forest? How did I get into a forest? The last thing I remember is-'

My brain wasn't able to give me an answer to the question. 'What the?! Why can't I remember anything? Who-'

I couldn't call forth a single memory. 'I don't even remember my name!'

Everything was blank, causing me to get a little frustrated.

'Dammit! Why can't I remember anything? I have to open my eyes.'

I tried my best to do so but my eyelids simply wouldn't respond.

My ears suddenly preceived the noise of footsteps. They were coming closer to me, meaning that somebody was approaching my half unconscious body.

For some reason, I immediately assumed that the person was male. 'Who is this? What will he do to-'

The last though made me realize something.

'I'm a girl... And if this is a guy..." In my head, anime-tears were running down my cheeks while my mind imagined very disturbing things about what this guy could do to my irresponsive body. 'What am I supposed to do if he's some kind of pervert?!'

My trail of thought was interrupted by a voice. "Hello? Are you awake?" To my dismay, it sounded male and more imaginary tears streamed down my face. 'I don't want to be molested!'

I tried to say something but I wasn't able to move my mouth, resulting in a few groans.

"Ah, I see, still not fit are we? Well just rest a little more, I'm sure you'll be fine," the voice responded.

My uneasy feeling faded when I heard the calm tone inside the voice. 'Well, he doesn't sound like a pervert...'

I tried to open my eyes again and this time with success. The only image I could register was a white blur because of the bright daylight that entered my eyes. I tried to cover my face with my hand but my muscles simply wouldn't respond, causing my limp to twitch on the ground.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the light. Everything was very blurry but I was finally able to inspect the image they were giving me. I was in the middle of a circular clearing, bushes and patches of grass growing along its edge.

What really caught my attention though, was the huge, green gecko in front of me, which was looking at me with its golden eyes.

"Hello," he said, giving me a smile.

Just then all of my muscles moved on their own, causing my body to jump while a yelp escaped my mouth.

The creature in front of me was startled by my sudden movement and jumped a bit too.

"Whoa, watch it! You should not surprise me like that," the gecko said in a stern tone.

My eyes were locked onto the creature in front of me, an expression of disbelief on my face. 'Instead of a pervert I get a huge gecko... I think I should be happy... He doesn't look like he wants to eat me or anything.'

Letting out a mental sigh, I decided to drop the inappropriate thoughts that had been flying through my head and focus on more important thing like where the hell I was and why I didn't remember anything.

"Wh..whe..?" I tried to ask where I was, however, my throat felt numb and the muscles of my mouth wouldn't respond properly.

My voice sounded strange somehow... A little higher than I expected it to. My mental voice had been a little deeper but all in all the female voice that left my throat sounded right to me.

Examining the weird creature caused my body to calm down again... Whatever he was didn't scare me for some reason as it felt like I had seen him somewhere before. His whole form was somewhat familiar with me and at that moment a name shot through my head.

"Gr-Grovyle?" I managed to say.

The Grovyle gave me a strange look. "Ah, you can speak... Can you tell me how you ended up unconscious in Treeshroud Forest?"

"Tree..shroud...Forest?" I said weakly before a cough left my mouth, somewhat clearing my throat. "I'm sorry, I don't remember anything..."

"What do you mean you don't remember anything?" My answer seemed to confuse him.

"Uhm... I don't even remember my name," I explained with a sad voice.

"Really? Are you sure?" he asked, giving me a look that told me that he didn't really believe me.

This made me try to draw out some sort of memory from my mind again but just like before, I found that everything was blank. "I can't remember a thing! Before I woke up here, there's nothing."

While the grass-type responded with a another look of disbelief, I noticed that his appearance was strangely familiar to me somehow. "Do you know who I am? I think I have seen you before."

That caused him to blink for some reason. "She thinks she remembers me?" he muttered to himself with a surprised look on his face. The Grovyle hesitated for a moment before he answered. "Ehm... No, sorry. I haven't seen a Riolu before."

"Riolu?" I repeated, very confused with his answer. "What are you talking about?"

"Wha-" He rose a nonexistent eyebrow. "You don't even remember your species anymore?"

That question made me look at my feet only to notice that something was off... They were black and doglike. I raised my left arm and looked at it to see that it was a blue paw with a white bone sticking out on its backside. My gaze then fell down onto my chest which was covered in black fur.

"What the fu-" That was definitely not what I had expected. My body somehow felt wrong to me... I was too small, my paws weren't supposed to be blue and the black fur on my chest seemed out of place as well.

The gecko looked at me with a suspicious expression when he noticed my strange reaction to seeing my own body.

"This is wrong..." I said, facing the grass-type again.

"What do you mean wrong?" he asked in a tone of slight confusion.

"My body...It shouldn't be this way," I explained, looking back down onto my feet.

His next reaction was a little strange. The grass-type's eyes widened for moment before he folded his arms and focused his eyes on me. He seemed to be in deep thought all of a sudden. After a while, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh before he opened them again and faced me once more. "Do you mean... not... human-like?"

"Human? What are-"

A sudden headache interrupted my sentence and caused my eyes to shut tight. Everything that happened around me faded into the background while visions of a familiar scenery flew through my head.

A street with buildings on its side entered my view. I was walking on the sidewalk, other pedestrian passing by me as vehicles drove on the street. My gaze wandered downwards while I pulled out my cellphone, checking if I received any messages. A muffled voice from behind me got my attention and caused me to turn around, however, the only thing I was able to see after I did so was a strange wall made of black smoke that seemed flicker like a TV without a signal.

The vision abruptly ended and I found myself back in front of the Grovyle. I blinked a couple of times while my mind tried to put together the new information. 'I... I remember... That was a city and those people...' My eyes went wide.

"Y-yes! I'm supposed to be human!" I was now sitting up, not leaning onto the tree behind me anymore.

The grass-type's serious look turned surprised again. "If she really is human... That can only mean that-" he muttered to himself, a grin slowly appearing on his face. "If she really is her then-" His grin turned into a wide smile. "You're alive..."

"Huh?" I could only watch him with a confused look while he kept muttering to himself.

"I think I do know you," he said with a smirk.

"R-really?" My eyes widened while I leaned closer to the grass-type, trying to soak up as much information as possible from his next words.

He let out a deep sigh and sat down in front of me. "Now this is going to take a while. First of all, your name is Riley."

"Riley..." I repeated, letting the name sink in a bit. 'Hmm... Strange name.'

"You are a human that was sent to our world to safe it from a catastrophe. Shortly after you entered our world you met me and we became partners," the grass-type began to explain.

He then told me about a dark future we were supposed to come from.

Even though I had no memory what so ever, my mind could still comprehend that time travel wasn't supposed to be normal... Turning skeptical by the whole idea, I interrupted him when he was halfway done.

"Wait a second... So you are telling me that both of us are from the future?" I asked, not really able to believe his story.

He responded with a nod. "Well... You just woke up as a Pokemon... What makes you think that time travel isn't possible?"

"You got a point there..." Although I still felt a little uneasy, I decided to continue to listen to him.

He continued with his story and told me about Dusknoir, the Sableye, Dialga and Celebi.

When he mentioned Celebi and how she helped us travel back in time, his expression was different for some reason... A smile was plastered onto his face the whole time he spoke about her.

Finally he told me about the Time Gears and our plan.

"You see, if we collect all the Time Gears and bring them to Temporal Tower we can stop the paralysis of the planet from ever happening at all. And that's what we are going to do now. As I told you before, we already found the location of every gear... Or rather your special ability did. It's called the "Dimensional Scream". It let you see visions of places connected to the Time Gears," the grass-type carried on before his expression turned sad all of a sudden. "Though I doubt that we will able to trigger it again, now that you have lost you memories."

"Uhm... Okay." My mind was still trying to process everything but his story made sense to me... It also made me happy. Grovyle had just given me the most precious things the amnesia had taken from me. The most important things where there again, a name and a purpose.

"Anything else?" I questioned.

He shook his head in response. "That was everything regarding our mission... Ehm... Now that you know everything... Do you want to finish the job?" the grass-type asked in an expectant tone.

"How can I not help you after everything you told me... I promise that I'll finish this mission with you!" I declared with a wide smile.

"Well, it's nice to have you back again!" Grovyle replied. "So... Any other questions?"

"Well, can you tell me a little more about me? How I looked and how I was like as a person would be good to know..." I replied, trying to imagine myself if I still had intact memories.

"Alright... Hmm... Well, you always said that you were an average girl. You had long, blonde hair, brown eyes and always wore those strange colored cloth things. You had a strange desire to keep your body covered up at all times," he answered, with a thoughtful look.

'I was a blonde? Strange... The picture I had in mind was like-' My eyes strangely focused on my blue paws for a second before I suddenly realized something. "Wait a second!" I interrupted him, repeating the things he said about 'cloth things' in my head. "Do you mean clothes?!"

My head slowly wandered downwards and I looked at my body once more while my left eye twitched nervously. "I'm naked."

I could feel my face turn red from embarrassment as I turned away from Grovyle, trying to cover myself with my paws.

He responded with a sigh. "You have fur that's covering everything now, don't you?" he responded, a little annoyed by my reaction.

"Uhm... Yes, but... I don't even remember how all of this-" I stopped there, not wanting to make this even more awkward. "Uhm... Please act like this never happened, okay?" I said nervously, rubbing the back of my head while I got back into my previous sitting-position.

Grovyle let out another sigh that somehow sounded different than the one before... "Okay, now to the question about how you were like...Well, if you started something you finished it. You always did everything to reach your goals, even if you didn't like what you had to do... And you told me that the thing you hate the most are friends that aren't honest with you," Grovyle explained, rubbing his chin with his claw. "Hmm... It's pretty hard to describe the rest of your personality though. You had a mischievous side but most of the time you stayed serious."

I nodded in response, comparing the way he described me with the way I pictured myself in my head. 'Does that sound like me? Well, I guess I would finish something if I started it... And who does like it when friends lie to you?'

"Uhm... Thank you!" I said, smiling at him.

"No, problem... Let's hope that your memories come back someday," he answered, returning the smile.

"Yeah, I hope so too but you just gave-" The grass-type suddenly interrupted and silenced me by putting his claw against my mouth.

"Did you hear that?" he asked as he turned around and looked into the clearing.

"Hear wha-" *rustle* Then I heard it too, several bushes around the clearing were shaking.

A horde of green doglike creatures with several yellow stripes on their bodies slowly stepped into our camp, growling at us with barred teeth. I strangely recognized them as Pokemon called Electrike.

One of them that was slightly bigger than the rest, caught my attention. Somehow I knew that this one was the leader of the group.

"You are trespassing out territory!" The leader growled, taking one step forward.

"Let me handle this," Grovyle said, getting up again. He took one step towards the electric-type and held his arms up. "I'm sorry, we didn't know! We'll just pack up our stuff and leave."

"I don't think so... You're the third group of explorers this week that decided to trespass here. Teaching you a lesson so you can warn your explorer friends at your base would solve this problem... Am I right, boys?" the Electrike replied to which his pack answered with a few snarls and barks.

"I'm sad if I have to disappoint you but we're not explorers... Just two travelers that happened to stumble onto your land by mistake," Grovyle explained.

"Travelers, huh? Well, it doesn't matter anyway... As long as you two deliver our message and those pesky explorers keep their business away from our territory." The leader tensed up and slowly wandered towards Grovyle and me, his pack following closely behind him.

My partner let out a sigh while he extended the leaves on his arms. "Don't worry, Riley. I'll try to make this quick."

I didn't know why but I decided to jump onto my feet and joined the grass-type's side. "You think I would let you fight all of those guys all by yourself?" Kneeling down slightly and turning my upper body sideways a bit, I put my left paw in front of me, pointing it at one of the Electrike while I baled my right one into a fist and brought it down to my hip.

"R-Riley?" the grass-type next to me seemed to be surprised all of a sudden.

Our opponents slowly came closer, keeping up their growls in an attempt to intimidate us. Any normal human that would've been thrown into a situation like this should have been scared or at least feel uneasy.

Not me though... What I was actually feeling was... Excitement. It seemed like I had been in a similar situation before. My eyes were swaying from one opponent to the next while my mind already thought of several ways to deal with them.

"What are you doi-" Grovyle wanted to ask but was interrupted when all of the hostile Pokemon dashed forward.

My muscles seemed to move on their own when I did the same and ran at the Electrike I had decided to to be my first target.

"Wait!" I heard my partner call out from behind me but had not time to focus on him as my opponent tried to pounce on me.

A quick sidestep to my left gave me an opening on the Electrike's side. Out of instinct, I threw a punch that was purely based on muscle memory into my enemy, sending the Pokemon flying.

Blinking a couple of times, I looked at my outstretched arm for a second. 'What the...? Have I done something like this before?'

Another Electrike that was just about to do the same thing as the last one interrupted my thought. I simply sidestepped again, this time sending the electric-type flying with a kick.

Just like before, my eyes were focused on my extended foot for a moment. 'When did I learn to fight like that?'

While I got back into my basic stance, I looked to my right to find that Grovyle was doing pretty much the same thing, only that he slashed his opponents with his blades, leaving deep cuts on their bodies and sending small splashes of their blood onto the ground. Several more Electrike were heading his way and surrounded him.

I couldn't worry for him for long because the same happened to me. The two Pokemon I had knocked out didn't get up again but five of their comrades and their slightly bigger leader were all around me now.

"You're better than I thought..." The leader let out howl while his body suddenly was enchased by a hull of sparks. The other Pokemon did the same, surrounding their bodies with electricity.

I grit my teeth and tensed up again. 'Dammit... Spark. I'll get fried if I touch them.'

One of the smaller Pokemon dashed forward. It approached me the same way its fallen comrades did, however, the sparks that covered the electric-type's body left me with no other option than to evade.

The canine immediately turned around after it landed and charged at me again, joined by the remaining Pokemon. Their leader only laughed while I struggled to evade the electrical hounds.

'God dammit! I can't counter while they are covered in that electricity!' I dodged another one, some of its electricity grazing at my shoulder. "Ugh!"

'The only way to win this is to dodge long enough for them to get tired... But I don't think I can keep this up...' Another Electrike managed to graze my left arm. 'Ngh... I can't win this alone.' For some reason I didn't like the idea of asking for help in a fight but my current situation didn't give me another option than to turn to my partner.

"Grovyle!" I shouted, dodging another attack. "I need a little help here!"

I could look over to him for just a split second, only to see that he had the same problem. He might have had his blades and for some reason I also knew that he had a resistance to their attacks because of his grass-type but their electricity zapped him nevertheless.

"Riley! You're a Pokemon now! Try using a move!" he shouted back, slashing another Electrike with his blades.

'A move?' Trying to understand what he could mean left me distracted long enough for one of my opponent to land a solid hit on my right arm, shocking my whole body and leaving a burn on my limb.

"Shit!" My left eye shut tight and I noticed that my arm had become numb, only trailing behind me while I continued to dodge my enemy's assaults.

The Electrike suddenly stopped their assault and surrounded me once more, their leader slowly stepping forward.

Clutching my numb limb with my left hand, I grit my teeth and prepared myself for another attack.

"Looks like you're having a little trouble with that arm of yours," the Electrike said with a cocky grin.

Just then, Grovyle's voice called from my right. "Riley! You have to try it!"

'Try it?' Everything around me faded into the background while a headache shot through my brain. Visions of what seemed to be a memory suddenly surfaced from my mind.

I found myself in a mountain-like landscape. The scenery resembled some kind of training ground as I could make out a couple of dummies on the side of my view. A muffled voice called out from behind me. "Try it again!"

A set of two black paws with spikes sticking out of their backsides entered my vision, moving together in front of me. Some sort of blue energy began to radiate around them before they moved apart and created something like a silver shining bone between them.

A black flickering fog suddenly obstructed my vision while another pair of muffled voices rang through my head.

"Can I break it in two to create two bones?"

"I'm going to teach you a technique called Cross Slash Finish... It's similar to moves like X-Scissor and Cross Chop but isn't categorized as a move because it's a variation of-"

The voices abruptly ended and I found myself back in reality with an Electrike that was just about to jump at me.

Not having the time to think about the new information in my head, I instinctively put my paws together in front of me, my right arm numb but luckily still responsive, and concentrated some strangely familiar energy into them. I then pulled both paws apart, creating a silver shining bone between them. When the weapon in my hands was long enough, I broke it in half, leaving me with one bone baton in each hand.

My eyes focused on my enemy's face while I pulled my left bone back. Now that I had a weapon to keep myself from getting shocked by its hull of electricity, I could easily swing my weapon straight into its face, sending the electric-type flying.

"Why, you..." The leader growled and grit his teeth. Two other Electrike decided to jump at me only to thrown back by two quick blows to their jaws.

A third Pokemon lunged at me, only to receive a bone to its side, dissolving the electricity around its body. Spinning my body around, I jumped into the air and launched the electric-type away from me with a powerful kick.

My gaze fell onto the remaining three Pokemon when I landed on the ground. The two Electrike that still were with their leader growled at me and dashed at me like the ones before.

For some reason I suddenly had all the knowledge of how to use the technique I had heard of in my memories. Deciding to test it out on one of my opponents, I dealt with the first one like I did with the ones earlier and focused on the last electric-type left besides the bigger one.

A quick upward slash pushed the Electrike's jaw upwards, leaving it's belly wide open for a follow up attack. I threw several strikes at the Pokemon's stomach, keeping it in the air with repeated vertical attacks.

'Here comes the Cross Slash Finish.'

Using the movements that were now in my muscle memory, I crossed my bones above my head and took one step towards my target, putting all of my weight onto my right foot. A full powered cross slash launched the electric-type away from me, the two bones in my hands busting into particles of blue aura due to the impact of my attack.

My eyes went wide while my gaze followed the flying Electrike with my arms stretched out behind me. 'W-whoa! My bones!'

The attack had left me wide open, leaving me barely able to notice that the leader of the pack was already in the air and about to pounce onto me.

'Dammit!' Turning towards my enemy, I quickly created a bone between my paws and brought it into a defensive position between me and the Electrike.

His teeth covered themselves in electricity and were ready to drill into my flesh right before I managed to bring my baton between jaws at the last second. The electric-type's weight and my lack of balance enabled him to push me down onto the ground, putting me onto my back with him right on top of me.

"Ugh! Get off of me!" My head had slightly hit the ground during the impact, leaving me a little dazed and with constant stinging at the back of my skull.

The Electrike's teeth were throwing sparks at my face which was now only a few inches away from my bone and his fangs. Keeping up my weapon was getting harder with every second while the electric-type tried to push its teeth down at me. I knew that my weapon wouldn't hold much longer as it slowly dimmed down and seemed to lose its energy.

'Dammit! I can't get him off! I have to-'

"Ugh!" One of the sparks hit me near my left eye, causing both of my eyes to shut tight from the pain that rushed through my face.

Just when I thought that it was over with me, the weight on me suddenly disappeared and a yelp echoed through the air.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Grovyle, looking at me with a relieved expression on his face. "Are you okay?"

My vision got a little blurry while I let my bone dissolve into a few particles of blue aura. "Thank you."

He reached his claw out to me and gave me a smile.

When I was just about to lift myself up to grab it, I began to feel tired and dizzy all of a sudden.

"Come on, let's get out of-" I wasn't able to hear his full sentence as the exhaustion from the fight and the shock from the near death experience took their toll on me. My eyes slowly closed and everything went black while my body fell back down to the ground.

End of Chapter 1

I hope you liked what you've seen so far!

So... I guess Grovyle has unexpectedly found his partner again. Unfortunately, they were thrown right into a fight. Something was strange though... Why would our protagonist remember how to use Bone Rush?

You will find an author's note, in which I tell you a bit about my thoughts of the current chapter at the end of every chapter and a trivia-section where I explain certain things about how moves and abilities work or how certain items function in the SoF-universe.

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Leaf Blade:

Move - Physical - Grass-Type

The user attacks their target with sharp blades made of leaves that are as hard as steel. This move is mainly used for repeated close range attacks. The blades can be used with a wide variety of fighting-styles and enable the user to execute a lot of different sword-based techniques.

Bone Rush:

Move - Physical - Ground-Type

The user creates a solid bone made of aura, giving it ground-type properties in the process. The user's experience with the move and the amount of aura that is used to create the weapon, can lead to various effects like different shapes of the bone, giving them the ability to use this move in many different ways. This move is mainly used for repeated close range attacks.

Cross Slash - Finish:

Technique - Physical - Ground-Type

The user attacks their opponent with a powerful cross slash.

The 'Finish' was added by a Lucario that mimicked the technique with its Bone Rush as the force of the blow dissolved the bones that were used for the attack. The technique is mainly used as a finishing move due to drawback of losing the used bones and being wide open and off balance for a moment after attacking.

This technique requires the user to have the ability to create two bones with Bone Rush.

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