Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - SoF - Twist in Time

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Chapter 47 - VS Team Charm - Let loose

Pain all over her back. Spinning images of a nightsky, a moonlit jungle from above, debris and ripped up pieces of white cloth.

Ri had drifted in and out of consciousness several times after Rizara had hit her with a fully-powered attack.

The only things she perceived was pain until the image of the jungle quickly became bigger and bigger and everything turned black again with a loud crash.


Ri's pain-ridden mind slowly began to register more sensensations along the pain and the rust-like taste of blood in her mouth. She was lying on her frontside, the left side of her face facing down. The blurry image of dimly lit up grass and dirt entered her blurry vision and the constant ringing in her right ear returned.

'Agh... Everything hurts...'

During her first attempt to move, her whole body flared up in even more pain, resulting in nothing more than a few twitches from her muscles.

'God fucking dammit, that hurts... How did I-?' Her eyes slightly widened when she was finally able to recall what had happened. 'That Lopunny... She hit me hard enough to bust me through the ceiling of the cave... and I was... I was fyling though the sky...'

The girl's vision slowly cleared up again, showing her that she was lying inside of a small crater that was filled with ripped out patches of grass and debris from the cave's ceiling. 'I... survived that...'

Although the pain was killing her, she tried to move again and managed to move her arms underneath her body to lean herself onto her elbows. Panting hard, the Lucario tried to get a grip on the pain before she would try to get back onto her feet. 'Dammit... I have to get up...'

Ri attempted to get on her knees, however, as soon as she inched her back forward, the pain all over her intesified tenfold, causing the fighting-type to let out a scream.

Her right eye shut tight while she began to hiss in pain with every breath she took. 'I-I can't move... It's... It's too painful...' It took all of her willpower to keep herself on her elbows. 'Calm down... Calm down... You've dealt with worse pain than that. You just need to get used to it and push through...'

Ri raised her head and inspected herself and her surroundings.

The lower part of the left sleeve from her jacket had been completely ripped off and a pretty nasty bruise could be seen on her forearm. She could still feel blood in her fur all over the right side of her face and two fresh trails of the red liquid that ran down from the sides of her lips.

She had landed somewhere inside of a clearing. Massive jungle trees were scattered all across the dimly lit area.

A cough forced itself out of her throat, causing her back to light up with pain again. She managed to keep herself from screaming this time but noticed that the corners of her vision seemed to black out from the strain.

Shaking her head to keep herself conscious, the Lucario let her head sink down again. Frustration started to well up inside of her. 'God fucking dammit... I've tried everything but nothing worked... Is she really that much stronger than me?'

Opening her right eye again the fighting-type tried to find some resolve to keep herself going. 'Can I really just give up like that? If I don't win then-'

At that moment, Ri realized something that caused her surroundings and all the pain over her body to turn silent somehow.

'I'll just get dragged back to Treasure Town. Wigglytuff is going to clear everything up there... And all we're going to lose is one or two days. There's practically nothing on the line...' It was a foreign feeling. She could clearly tell that, even before she had lost her memories, there weren't many times she had experienced something like this.

'I don't have to keep fighting...'

It was a simple thought. A simple fact that started to take away all of her struggles. She could just let go... Let all of the pain and exhaustion get washed away by falling unconscious. Wake up at her old room at Wigglytuff's Guild with everyone waiting for her. Laugh about Wigglytuff's antics once he explains everything to Team Charm.

It would have been so easy... If it weren't for the other feeling that had been building up inside of her ever since the first thought of giving up crossed her mind.

'But I still want to win!'

Ri slammed her right fist into the ground with gritted teeth while her eyes seemed to flash into a purple color for a split second. She didn't know why but a part of her still believed that she could win this battle. Some part of her didn't want to end it just yet.

'I have to get back up. Come on, move god dammit!'

This unexplainable resolve... It felt like a massive wave of power was building up inside of her alongside it.

'Come on!'

Adrenaline began to pump through her veins and numbed her pain.


The Lucario flexed the muscles of her back, forcefully fixing her spine back into place and solving the problem of her unmoving legs.

Luckily her vertebraes were made of steel and the discs between were reinfocred by steel-like tissue. If not for that, she easily could've caused more damage than there had already been.

Ri could feel her aura trying to flare up all over her body while she slowly got back onto her feet.

The girl suddenly took note of a presence in the distance. The massive pressure it was giving off immediately told her that it was Rizara, who had finally found her.

Ri lowered her head and smirked to herself. The power inside of her that was trying to come forth... The rising excitement as her opponent drew closer and closer...

She knew it, this battle was far from over.

"You're still alive after that one? Wow, I'm relieved!" Rizara called as she stepped up to Ri.

The Lucario didn't respond at first and kept her head lowered. She focused on the flame of aura inside of her... and with one last surge of power...

"Aura... Burst..."

Ri let loose.

~ BGM: Condemnation Wings II - BlazBlue - Chrono Phantasma

A pillar light shot above the trees of the jungle while a whirlwind was thrown into every direction around the Lucario.

Rizara had to cover her eyes from the blinding masses of aura that were swirling into the air from the spot her opponent was standing on.

The light quickly dimmed down again and the dust settled, slowly revealing the form of a Lucario that was surrounded in light-blue aura.

Lowering her arm, Rizara immediately noticed that something was off about her opponents form.

Black markings, similar to those of a Mega Lucario, had appeared on Ri's legs, face and her exposed left lower arm. Thin lines of light-blue aura were running through them as if the aura inside of her body was trying to surface.

An expression of surprise wandered onto the Mega Lopunny's face. "Those markings... Don't tell me you-"

It took Ri a moment to adjust to the massive amounts of aura and adrenaline that were running through her body. Raising her exposed left arm, she baled her paw into a fist and inspected the black markings on it. "Uhm... Those are new..."

'Aura Burst... All of the aura I stored up since the fight back at Crystal Cave... I feel amazing!'

"You really are special, love," Rizara called while she readjusted the glasses on her nose and put her right paw onto her hip, regaining Ri's attention. "I almost thought you had a Mega Evolution just now..."

Ri took a closer look at the blue lines of aura that were running through the black markings on her arm. 'They look exactly like Cobal's... But it's not a Mega Evolution... It feels more like my body wouldn't be able to handle that much energy if it didn't surface those lines of aura.'

The female Lucario put on a smirk and faced her opponent once more. "I don't think so... My body is just adapting to the amount of aura I'm releasing."

"Very interesting... But what good is a little more aura going to do you, love?" the normal-type responded with a confident grin.

Getting into her battle-stance and focusing her gaze onto her opponent, Ri let a part of yesterday's training go through her mind. 'Get into overdrive... Use twice as much aura and-'

Ri seemingly vasnished from Rizara's view and caused the ground she had been standing on to shatter with an explosion. The girl reappeared right before her opponent with her right fist pulled back, causing the Lopunny's confident grin to fade away while her eyes widened. She had actually managed to get through Rizara's guard, resulting in a punch that impacted straight into the normal-type's stomach with a massive shockwave of aura and pushed the mega-evolved Pokemon back several meters.

Ri got back into her battle-stance and gave her astonished opponent a smirk. "This."

The Mega Lopunny had to let out a cough of blood when she recovered from the impact.

'Hehe... So what I tried out yesterday wasn't for nothing after all. Trying to mimick Cobal's Zantetsuken turned into a pretty useful technique. In my normal state I probably only would've had enough reserves for three or four dashes like that but with Aura Burst I'm able to overclock my Extremespeed without risking to pass out from exhaustion!' Ri prepared herself for another dash when her opponent continued to talk.

"My, my... You really managed to get through my guard..." Rizara's confident grin reappeared as she wiped away some blood from the corners of her mouth. "I guess I should pay attention now."

"About time," the Lucario responded with a grin of excitement.

"Special Attack! Vanishing Dance~!" the Lopunny yelled, lopping her body forward like a wheel and suddenly disappearing from Ri's view with a burst of speed.

Ri's eyes went wide. 'Where did she-' Her instinct kicked in and forced her to overclock her Extremespeed to gain a slowed down perception of her surroundings. She caught her opponent just in time to see that the mega-evolved Pokemon was already to her left with a pulled back fist.

"Special Attack! Rapidfire Punch!" Rizara announced, stepping in one last step into close range and throwing her fist forward.

Ri was barely able to bring her left arm up to block in time. The first impact strangely wasn't any problem for her but the three insanely fast follow-up attacks were strong enough to lift her off her feet.

A shockwave shot into the air between the two Pokemon when the force of Rizara's punches pushed Ri to her right.

The Lucario managed to regain her balance after her short flight through the air. Unable to lower her arm from the blocking position due to the shock, she only turned her head over to her opponent. Her exposed left arm was giving off smoke and three new lacerations had appeared on her steel-like skin. "Dammit..."

'That was even stronger than before, is she starting to get serious?'

While Rizara got back into a casual stance, Ri did her best to get her arm to move again. The adrenaline that was coursing through her kept her numb to most of the pain but she could still feel that the last attack had left some considerable damage on her arm.

'I'm finally able to see her movements... The initial punch is just there to take aim for the actual attack. But even through I managed to dodge the Rapidfire Kick version of it, she still managed to hit me...' Ri visualized the previous attack in her mind. 'Maybe it's more like she's throwing out a cone-shaped 'line of fire' where she can dish out three attacks in an instant. I might have managed to dodge her foot but I was most likely still inside that line of fire last time.'

Finally able to move her arm again, Ri got back down into her fighting-stance and narrowed her eyes on the Mega Lopunny. 'I have to find out how big that line of fire is...'

The Lucario used Extremespeed to enter a state of slowed down perception when she noticed that her opponent had decided to move again.

"Special Attack! Morningstar Twister~!" Rizara dashed towards Ri and began to curl up the last segments of both of her ears before she rapidly spun herself around and turned her body into a black and brown twister.

Even with her buffed sight, Ri couldn't determine more than a blurry whirlwind that was approaching her at an immense speed.

'Shit!' The Lucario decided to get offensive and pointed her right palm forward. Supporting her arm with her left one, Ri quickly focused her aura into her hand and steadied her stance.

Just when the Mega Lopunny was about to crash into her, the Spirit of Faith released an Aura Burst-amplified Force Palm and shot a wide stream of compressed aura at her spinning opponent.

Blood splattered into the air while Rizara simply pushed through the air pressure and split the wave in two. The ground behind the Lopunny was shredded apart as the shockwave Ri had created ran through the clearing and sent a gust of wind into the jungle.

"Gah!" Ri's right arm lit up in pain from the recoil and caused her to take one step back.

At the same time the Lucario managed to regain her balance, the incoming twister reached her and Rizara ended her spin seemingly in an instant. The Lopunny now had her right, curled up ear thrown out behind her, ready to swing the 'morningstar' down at the fighting-type in front of her. "And Shooting Star~!"

'Move!' Ri grit her teeth, bit through the pain and jumped past the attack with the intention of a diveroll, passing by the normal-type.

Rizara's ear crashed into the ground, sending an explosion of dust into the air and pushing the upside-down Lucario away with the resulting shockwave.

After a rather rough impact with the floor, Ri quickly scrambled back on her feet to find a cloud of dust in front of her. The pain she felt from her wrist caused the girl to give her right arm a quick glance. 'What now?'

It wasn't Rizara's blood that had been thrown into the air during her Force Palm but her own. Her paw and the whole sleeve of her white jacket had a few lines of blood on them, seemingly coming from the black markings that were running up her arm underneath the cloth.

'Dammit, was the recoil really that hard?' She looked at her other arm where she could actually inspect the thin lines of aura that had surfaced from her body. She suddenly got a completely different feel from them and realized something. 'T-this form... This isn't my body adapting to the aura I'm radiating. I-It's more like it's almost ripping apart with all the energy that's running through me.'

She grit her teeth. 'Punches and kicks don't seem to be a problem but Force Palm probably pumps too much aura through my arms. I can't use it recklessly.'

"Your eyes should be up here, love!" A call from above her caused the Lucario to look upwards with a look of surpise.

Rizara had jumped out of the cloud of dust she had created with her previous attack and was now quickly approaching her opponent from the air with a flying kick. "Special Attack! Shootingstar Kick~!

Ri jumped out of harms way with another use of Extremespeed while the Mega Lopunny crashed into the spot she had been standing on.

Before the girl could even regain her balance, Rizara shot out of the second explosion of dust and launched her right foot into Ri's direction. "Rapidfire Kick~!"

'Now's my chance!' She kicked her perception into overdrive and pushed herself forward, stumbling into a jump that was aimed to pass right besides her opponent. The girl barely managed to evade the first kick her opponent threw at her previous position and turned her body forward to land with a diveroll.

Yet again in an upside-down position, the Spirit of Faith narrowed her eyes onto the mega-evolved Pokemon's leg and finally found what she was looking for.

'About a half-meter radius at the furthest point of her reach!'

While Rizara's three 'instant' kicks sent a whirlwind into the air, Ri completed her diveroll and slid on the grassy floor for a bit before she stumbled back on her feet. The female Lucario didn't hesitate and leapt forward with a burst of speed, pulling her right fist back to prepare a punch.

Rizara reacted by quickly turning her body into Ri's direction throwing her left foot at the incoming fighting-type. "Rapidfire Kick~!"

Ri kicked her Extremespeed into overdrive yet again to dash underneath the kick and closed in on her opponent with her body twisted to the side.

As Rizara's eyes narrowed at the way the Lucario had just passed right through her attack, Ri let out a battle-cry and slammed her fist straight into the Mega Lopunny's stomach.

Other than the resulting blast of aura, there wasn't much effect however.

The Mega Lopunny got pushed back slightly but not even a bruise appeared on her body.

Ri's eyes darted back and forth between her extended fist and her opponent's belly. 'It didn't deal any damage?! How is she-' It was at that moment that she noticed something and decided to keep up her assault with a follow-up attack.

The girl started another dash at a speed that went past her usual limit and jumped up into the air to throw out a kick with her left foot this time.

Rizara decided to get defensive and blocked by raising her right arm in the way of Ri's attack. Again, the only result was a shockwave of wind and aura.

'That twitch in her muslces just now!' Ri's eyes narrowed onto Rizara's arm before she continued her assault.

The girl stretched her right arm out underneath her, propelling herself upward with a regulated Force Palm to prevent another injury and spun her body around with an Aerial Ace.

Ri sent an axe-kick down at her opponents head, however, Rizara reacted in time and brought her other arm above her head to block.

Another shockwave shot through the air while the ground beneath the Mega Lopunny's feet shattered into pieces.

'There it was again!' The Lucario pushed herself off her opponent and landed back on the grassy floor of the clearing while the Lopunny jumped back as well to get some stable ground underneath her feet again.

A smirk spread across Ri's lips before she got into a casual stance and spoke up again. "I've finally figured it out... The reason why none of my attacks seemed to have any effect on you."

~ Stop music

Rizara turned curious to this and readjusted her glasses. "Oh, really now?"

"Where ever I hit you, your muscles tense up and gain a huge amount of density. I guess there's some energy involved as well, because you're able to increase your defense in places with almost no muscle tissue too," the female Lucario explained. "Uhm... I know you probably won't tell me but I'll ask anyway... How are you able to do it?"

"What good would it do you if you knew?" the Mega Lopunny returned while she put her right paw onto her hip.

The expression on Ri's face lightened while a hint of admiration appeared in her eyes. "Uhm... I'm just curious, I guess... To have such an amazing technique... It's must've taken years to master it!"

Rizara's confident smirk faded as well and was replaced by positive surprise. She thought about answering her for a moment before a smile spread across her face. "It's Defense Curl."

Ri nodded and noted the technique in her mind. 'It's such a simple move and she turned it into something such amazing!'

"Back when I was still a kid, I didn't have anyone to train me. So I decided to teach myself some moves on my own," the mega-evolved Pokemon began to explain. "The only move I managed to pull off back then was Defense Curl though... So I decided to go with it and completely focused onto that. I've spent everyday trying to improve the move... The way I curled up my muscles, the amount of energy I used... At first I was only able to use it in my limbs... Then I went to just a single muscle... After that I perfected the energy-related part..."

Rizara put on her confident smirk again. "And by now I am able to increase my defense at any spot of my body in an instant!"

"You're amazing!" Ri responded with even more admiration in her eyes. "All of your other abilities... Your speed, your strength... They're not even your strongest points."

The Mega Lopunny couldn't help but feel sympathy towards the Lucario after having such an expression of admiration aimed at her. Rizara suddenly wasn't sure anymore if the Pokemon in front of her was really evil or not.

She thought about it for a bit and spoke up again. "Love, are you sure you want to keep going? You don't seem as evil as everyone told us you are. I'd be willing to hear you out."

A look of surprise appeared on Ri's face. 'She would let us end the fight here? We... we could just talk things through and-'

A sudden impulse stopped that trail of thought and caused her to lower her gaze down to the grassy floor. There was a short-lived conflict inside of her but the side that wanted to continue quickly came out on top.

"Uhm... I know that this is a stupid decision but... I don't want to stop," Ri raised her head again. "Now that I finally got behind that technique I want to fight you even more!" she announced with a grin of excitement and a glint of purple in her red eyes.

A short moment of silence followed before the Mega Lopunny closed her eyes and clicked her tongue. "Alright, love," Rizara responded and put on a serious expression for the first time since they started their fight. "But don't say I didn't give you a chance to end this without being unconscious for the next couple of days or even ending up dead."

~ BGM: Will Power - Persona 5 (Extended)

Ri readied herself and focused onto Extreme Speed. 'I can win this... I just have to find a way to beat that technique of hers.'

Before the Lucario could even think to make a move, her opponent suddenly vanished with a burst of speed and reappeared right in front of her with a pulled back fist. "Rapidfire Punch~!"

Gritting her teeth, Ri dodged with a quick backstep. A litteral wave of pressure was thrown into her face when her opponent's punches shot into the air inches before her snout and caused her to lose her balance. 'She's even faster now! I almost ended up in her line of fire!'

Rolling backwards, the fighting-type got back onto her feet and overclocked her Extreme Speed. 'But I can go faster too!'

Ri jumped in close and threw a punch at the Lopunny's face, just to stop her fist at the last split-second and deliver a kick straight into the normal-type's side.

As a shockwave flew through the air, the Lucario pushed herself off the Mega Lopunny and found that, just like before, not even a bruise was left from her attack.

She landed back on the grassy floor and slid back a bit while she narrowed her eyes on her opponent. 'Her reaction time is insane.' A smirk spread across Ri's face. 'But the way she just moved her body to the side a bit to give herself that fraction of a second more time... She probably can't use 100% of her technique on two spots at the same time.'

The mega-evolved Lopunny suddenly threw her right ear out behind her and curled its last segment into a ball. "Special Attack! Morningstar Strike~!" Announcing her attack, Rizara closed the distance between them with a dash and threw her morningstar forward.

Ri immediately dodged with a quick step towards the normal-type's left side. Pulling her right fist back, the girl showed her opponent the intention of a punch but went for a jump into the air and jab at the side of the Lopunny's head with her left one as she passed by her.

But just like earlier, no noticable damage was dealt.

While Rizara's Morningstar Strike sent another whirlwind through the clearing, Ri landed back on the ground again.

'Dammit! It's still not enough! I can dodge her attacks and exploit their openings but she's still able to raise her defense.' The Lucario scanned her opponent one more time and let the small detail of Rizara's eyes following her during their exchange go though her head. 'She's able to follow my movements with her eyes. Meaning that she can read from where my attack is coming from even if I go for a feint.'

She took the short moment her opponent needed to recover to come up with some sort of strategy. 'I can't throw my bones fast enough to get them through her guard. Attacking both of her sides at the same time would only be possible with some improvised movements that probably won't deal any considerable damage and leave me wide open or off balance.' The Lucario bit her bleeding lip. 'I'd have to attack her with a fully-powered attack from two sides at the exact same moment. But how am I supposed to pull that off?'

Ri thought about it for a second before a memory from her room at Nagi Village shot through her head. 'Wait! I can be in two places at the same time!'

The Lucario's gaze shot down at the belt around her hip, focusing on the pouch that contained the Time Gear from Fogbound Lake. 'I can reach into my pouch and activate a Timeline Pull without her noticing that I'm using the Time Gear.'

Thinking further about the plan led to a moment of hesitation however. 'But I can only pull in random timelines... There's no way I can say what I'm going to get... It would have to be a timeline where another me has the same idea and is throwing out an attack at the spot my opponent is at the exact same time.'

Finding no other options, Ri decided to go with it and quickly reached into her pouch with her left paw. It took some control not to immediately activate the Time Gear with the aura she was radiating.

While her opponent turned around to face her again, Ri dashed forward with her eyes narrowed onto her target. 'My timing has to be perfect for this to work.'

Rizara decided to stay defensive and braced herself as the Lucario suddenly appeared in front of her with the use of another overclocked Extremespeed.

In her slowed down perception, the Spirit of Faith reached her right palm towards the Lopunny's side and waited for the very last moment to-


The transition seemingly happened in an instant. From one moment to the next, the whole area was covered in a green glow and the timeline Ri had summoned took shape. Trees began to clip into one another and two transparent Pokemon appeared out of nowhere.

Another Mega Lopunny was suddenly staring into Rizara's eyes and unbeknowst to the normal-type, another Lucario had appeared behind her.

Ri immediately analyzed the new situation and acted accordingly. 'Time to help myself out!' She placed her right paw onto the transparent Lopunny's right side and focused her aura into it while her other self mirrored her actions as if their movements were syncronized.

"Go!" Both Ris fired of their Force Palms at the same time and caused the Lopunnys from their foreign timelines to be shot through the clearing with a massive explosion of aura.

After regaining their balance, the two female Lucario gave each other a quick glance. This other version of Ri had apparently chosen to throw off her white jacket at some point and was only wearing the black battle-dress and her belt.

"Nice one, J!" she said as they shared a grin of excitement.

Ri cut off her aura from the Time Gear and let the timeline disappear. 'It worked! It gave me a timeline I wanted! My other self appeared right in her blindspot and-'

"Ngh!" Ri's right wrist suddenly shot out a thob of pain, causing her left eye to momentarily shut tight while she quickly inspected her arm. More blood had surfaced from the thin lines of aura that were running along the black markings. 'Again?'

Looking over to her right, into the direction her Rizara had been thrown, she narrowed her eyes onto a small cloud of dust at the edge of the clearing. 'I can't think about the recoil now. I finally figured out a way to get through her defense. Maybe imagining exactly what kind of scenario I want to pull in is the trick to controlling the Timeline Pull.'

A startled Mega Lopunny stumbled out of the dust and held her bruised side with her right arm. "What did you just do?"

There was some distance between them now, so Ri had to yell in response. "You should know... a woman has her secrets," she called with a mischievous grin.

The normal-type stayed silent for a moment, wondering of what to think of the situation she had just been in.

"You really are dangerous, love..." Rizara readjusted her somewhat misplaced glasses and brought her arms up to get into an actual fighting-stance. "I might actually have to get serious."

Ri was just about to do the same when her opponent suddenly vanished with a burst of speed and reappeared to her left with a pulled back right fist. "You're not gonna get another chance for that little trick. Rapidfire Punch~!"

'She got faster again?!' The Lucario still had her paw on the Time Gear, leaving her left side unguarded. Although she immediately kicked in her Extremespeed, there was no way she could block in time. Ri turned her upper body towards the normal-type and leaned backwards to somehow get out of the line of fire.

Focusing on an image of a timeline where another self of her was throwing an attack at the spot her opponent was standing on, Ri poured her aura into the relic again.

As Rizara's initial punch shot forward and barely missed the Lucario's snout by just a centimeter, the clearing covered itself in a green light once more.

~ Stop music

Ri found herself being pushed back by the created gust of wind and decided to recover her balance with another backwards roll. Her gaze moved upwards after completing the roll and took in a strange scene.


Rizara was standing in front of her with a pulled back 'monringstar', ready to be thrown forward, and the whole clearing behind the Lopunny was covered in white.

The Lucario registered snowflakes falling through her vision before she realized that she was about to be hit by follow-up attack. 'But I imagined-'

"Morningstar Strike~!" With the sound of breaking the sound-barrier, Rizara shot the curled up segment of her ear at her opponent.

Ri's eyes widened as Rizara's ear flew past her guard and hit her right shoulder with full force. She could her some cracking noises once the impact lifted her off her feet and sent her flying with a scream of pain.

The snow-covered timeline vanished instantly and returned the area back to it's previous state of a moonlit jungle clearing.

"Aaagh!" The Lucario crashed right into one of the massive jungle trees that were scattered all across the clearing, the force of her impact strong enough to break the bark. Splinters of wood and small drops of blood flying though the air after she bounced off with yet another sound of cracking noises and landed face fist on the grassy floor.

Ri could almost feel herself fainting again but somehow managed to push though and stayed conscious with pain all around her. Laying on the ground, the disoriented Lucario slowly opened her eyes again to find spinning images of dimly lit grass. Ri's right shoulder was hurting the most and any attempts to move her arm resulted in not even a twitch from her muscles.

Sharp breaths escaped her lips. 'God dammit...'

As her senses cleared up again, she noticed that Rizara was standing pretty far away from her now. The Mega Lopunny had just returned to a casual stance after the previous attack and started to walk towards her.

'Can't move my arm...' She closed her eyes and tried to calm her hectic breathing. 'Was it really just luck? I couldn't pull in the timeline I needed...'

Thoughts of giving up began to swirl around in her head. 'I'm able to get through her guard but she's still able to raise her defense... and the energy that's still left from my Aura Burst isn't gonna last very much longer either...'

At the same time however, she realized that another feeling was welling up inside of her again.

'But I'm not done yet...'

Frustration was the result of the conflict inside of her.

'Why?! Why does this feeling not go away?! I've been proven so many times that she's on a completely different level...' She grit her teeth. 'Why do I still feel like I'm able to beat her?!'

She could feel it... Even through all the adrenaline that was coursing through her... Every single cell in her body was suffering from the damage she had endured. Her body and mind were screaming at her to stop but the feeling deep from within her was still shouting the opposite.

'Why do I still think that I can win?'

It was at that moment that Ri opened her eyes again and noticed something at the corner of her view. The ripped up, red piece of cloth that had been tied to her right upper arm was lying on the ground in front of her. Her gaze fell down onto the black gemstone on it. The girl's eyes widened and her frustration was replaced with realization. 'I still have that... If I use it... I can win...'

A light of new determination seemed to light up in her eyes. 'It hasn't been too long since I last used it... I can contol Demon's Embrace if I use it now...'

Ri reached her left hand forward to grab the gem. A cough of blood forced itself up her throat but the Lucario didn't waver and forced herself back onto her knees. Balling her left paw into a fist with the Dark Gem inside, she got back onto her shaky feet and panted hard against the exhaustion.

Her right arm was completely exposed now, the remainings of the sleeve ripped into shreds. It was hanging loosely down from her shoulder, still not reacting to any attempts of moving it. "Dammit... It's dislocated..."

A call from her opponent pulled her attention back in front of her. "Love, I'm going to offer it again... We can stop now if you want to. That shoulder of yours is dislocated and your whole body is shaking from the blood loss." A look of concern could be seen on the Mega Lopunny. "If you keep going... You might not be able to survive this."

Ri did understand what Rizara was trying to tell her. She could feel dried up blood all over the right side of her face and some other spots on her body. Her whole body was shaking and the colors at the corner of her vision seemed to blur out. The ringing in her right ear was still there and continued to hamper with her concentration.

'I've been worse...'

Her battles at Fogbound Lake and Crystal Cave suddenly came to her mind... Those seemingly hopeless situations where all the odds were stacked against her...

A grin of excitement made it's way onto the Lucario's face while she raised up her left fist.

"That's what makes it interesting..." Ri said, shattering the Dark Gem.

A flame of black aura spread onto her hand while a feeling of anger slowly began to well up inside of her. She could feel it... The energy that had been locked inside the gem was flowing through her arm and-

A severe headache shot through her brain.


Her eyes widened while she let out a grunt of pain and the dark energy reached her torso. The world around her seemed to freeze in time and slowly faded into darkness.

Once everything had turned dark, the pain all over her suddenly seemed to fade as well. And from one moment to the next...

Ri found herself standing in the middle of a foggy street.

End of Chapter - 47

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