Takes place after the movie, and to those who have not seen the movie yet I only have this to say to these unfortunate souls: what the heck is wrong with you?!

If I really owned anything to do with this gem of a movie that near kiss would have ended with a lot less knife to throat action and a lot more passionate kissing.

I also have not written anything really new in an extremely long time. I honestly didn't think I'd ever be able to again but hey if cosmic overlords can be taken down with an impromptu dance off than anything is possible.


Why couldn't anything ever be simple?

Granted their little rag tag group consisted of a genetically engineered raccoon, a sentient tree confined to a small pot, a towering mass of muscle with a metaphor complex, a green skinned assassin, and a half human semi reformed thief.

Alright yeah... This situation really should not have surprised Peter so much. It did not take away the embarrassment and utter mortification he was currently feeling.

The fact that Rocket was currently doubled over on the floor from laughing so hard was not helping matters at all. Peter hoped he got a concussion when he fell from his crate.

Drax and Groot were at least more behaved, they acted like they found it funny too but were far more subtle about it. Groot especially. Peter was not sure if the tree man could even laugh.

Gamora was sitting on the opposite side of the table Quill was sitting at. She was glaring down at the tabletop where her hand was. Her entire body dripping wet with water.

Right on top of Peter's own hand.

Which he could not pull away.

Now normally holding hands with a gorgeous woman like Gamora would have been something of a dream come true. In this situation it was more akin to a living nightmare. The glare on her face was almost enough to melt the flesh from his hand to get them apart.

The flesh melting from his bones would have probably been mercy.

She was not particularly fond of public displays of affection, especially non mutual ones. Such as right now. Maybe if Peter and her were actually a couple she might be a teensy bit more mellow about it but alas they were not. Yet here they were essentially holding hands.

In Peter's mind he could already envision a person looking at him and saying something along the lines of "Peter pull your hand away before the merciless assassin cuts it or other sensitive areas of your anatomy off."

Completely rational advice right?

Well unfortunately pulling his hand away was not an option. Oh no don't get him wrong it wasn't that he couldn't pull it away for some heartfelt, sappy, or equally stupid reason.

His hand was glued to hers. No not "oh I just can't pull it away because part of me doesn't want to", nope. His hand was literally glued to hers palm to palm.

With a small quiet groan the "infamous" star-lord let his head fall to the table with a loud bang. How could this happen?

Oh right... Trying to be a hero. Maybe a teensy bit trying to impress Gamora too...

Frickin figures.

They had stopped on this small town for a quick resupply. It was a bit like one of those trading post Peter heard about from history books of the old west. He had been wondering if the town grew out from it when he noticed the smoke down the street.

Rushing down the street he saw what the commotion was. A large nearby building was on fire, and going up quick. It looked to be a warehouse of some kind.

There was two people out front holding back a third from rushing in.

"My son is in there!" Let me go!" Hearing her screams Peter thought for a moment about rushing in (against his better judgment). Especially since this town did not seem to have anything resembling a fire department.

It was the next sentence he heard that made his blood run ice cold.

"That green skinned woman already ran in there several minutes ago!"

Peter was already moving before he realized his body was moving. No one expected the terran man to come running from the crowd like Thanos himself was chasing him. None even had a chance to get in his way as he made for the burning building.

With a quick tap to his earpiece he closed his helmet and activated his radio for a moment to send a message back to the Milano where he hoped the others were already at. "Burning building, Gamora in trouble, going in."

A piece of burning debris had fallen and blocked the main door so Peter opted for a different path. Making for a somehow unbroken window he jumped and activated his rocket boots to give himself just enough lift to crash through. Tucking himself into a roll he landed inside and instantly found himself surrounded by the intense heat of the flames.

Definitely a warehouse of some kind. The room he landed in was some kind of storage room lined with metal shelves of various containers. Not pausing he made his way for the door. Lifting his foot and one heavy kick later the door was busted open into a large hallway.

The left side path was blocked by burning debris just like the front door making Peter do an instant turn making a mad dash down the hall calling for the missing green assassin.

"Gamora! Now's a really bad time for hide n' seek! Where are you?!"

From the crackling flames to the occasional sound of falling pieces of the building he did not have much faith in hearing her voice but yelling made him feel slightly better.

Stopping to try to figure out his next move, a snapping sound from over his head made Peter look up at the ceiling. Just in time to see a large crack form overhead. Forward and backward was not an option. Judging by the size of the quickly forming crack he had no chance to outrun it, the entire hall was about to go.

A nearby door proved to be an excellent plan B. Instead of kicking this one open like the first Peter instead charged the metal barrier and crashed into it with all his weight. The door jamb instantly gave way but Peter's momentum caused him to also fall through the doorway just as the ceiling behind him gave way.

Rolling over onto his back Peter looked at the burning pile of rubble that covered both the doorway and the way he came.

"Definitely no going back," Peter thought as he scrambled to his feet to look at the room he landed in. It was just a small entry room for the stairs leading to the second level. Scrambling to his feet Peter made a dash up the stairs. He still needed to find Gamora, the other missing person was only a secondary objective. It was in that moment as he made his way up the stairs Peter realized something.

Even if he did find Gamora he did not have any form of escape plan.

Oh well, he was the great star-lord. If he could defeat Ronan the Accuser using a dance off then surely rescuing a friend from a burning building should be child's play. Very hot, tiring, and painful child's play.

After going up several flights, one where he had to use his rocket boots to jump onto, Peter went through a doorway into another hallway and saw something that both relieved him and terrified him at once.

Gamora in all her green skinned and deadly glory.

Hanging over an edge barely holding on, a fatal drop below her.

For the second time Peter found himself dashing foreward before he even formed the thought. "Gamora!"

She seemed to hear his voice and looked up toward him. Peter noticed something else when she did. Her body seemed to be covered in some kind of black dust or powder including her face. "Quill? Is that you?"

She was looking right at him. Why would she need to ask that?

Peter shook away the thought as he reached her and pulled her back up. He noticed that she was not looking at him. She was looking toward him or past him. "Gamora?"

Her face instantly snapped toward him again. From up close Peter saw that the powder was not just all over her, it was also in her eyes.

"Quill... I can't see... Anything..." Gamora was normally very collected and stoic but now she was anything but. From as close as he was Peter could even see her shaking slightly.

They would have to worry about her blindness later. For now there was still the matter of the burning building they needed to escape from.

Throwing caution to the wind Peter decided to do one of the craziest things he had ever done. Perhaps even crazier than challenging a near god to a dance off.

He grabbed onto Gamora's hand.

She stiffened instantly from the touch but instead of pulling away he laced his fingers with hers and spoke softly. "Hey Gamora it's just me, i need you to trust me. I'll be our eyes."

Peter could see her reluctance but she did not speak, just simply nodded.

Trying to reassure her a little he squeezed softly then looked around. The morons who build the place must not have taken fire into account because there was only the one staircase. If Peter had done his math right they were at least on the fourth floor. Jumping out window was not an option.

The former thief's thought were suddenly interrupted with another snap like the one he heard earlier. Following the sound Peter saw the hole Gamora almost fell into was widening. Extremely fast.

"Quill..." Gamora had started, she must have heard the noise but Peter instantly cut her off with a yell. "Run!"

Making a sprint down the hall Peter pulled the assassin along. She adapted to his speed instantly and was more than keeping pace with him even without eyesight.

Pete had to admit she was doing amazing. Were he in her position he would be freaking out, she was spooked but only about eight percent what he would be. As he needed another reason to admire the beautiful assassin keeping step behind him.

Soon they outran the collapsing floor but there was still the dilemma of what to do. Ducking into another room Peter looked out the window looking for something outside or in the room they could use.

Gamora just silently followed but Peter did take notice how tightly she was squeezing his hand. It was as if to reassure herself that he was real and was still there.

Something outside the window caught Peter's eye. Outside the building next door there seemed to be what resembled a dumpster but this one was full of what appeared to be old clothes. Or maybe it was trash, either way it gave Peter an idea. He turned to Gamora to find her gazing off into space.

"Gamora..." Her face like lightning followed his voice but before he could continue she interrupted him.

"I know that tone, you have a crazy idea."

"Well yes but..."

"A potentially fatal idea."

"I need you to trust me," Peter's words made Gamora freeze. Peter knew she had serious trust issues, hell they all did but this was the only way out. The building was going up fast.

Gamora very slowly nodded again.

"Great now I have to give you a piggyback ride," Peter spoke but she only looked at him in confusion. "A piggy-what?"

Peter just slapped his forehead with his free hand. He would have to explain later. "Just climb onto my back wrapping your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck."

She was definitely skeptical but did as he said following his directions with some metaphorical stumbling. The whole time she never once let go of her hand. That was fine with him, he only needed one hand free for his idea. Once she was fairly secure on his back he used his free hand to draw his gun. With a single shot he blew out the window taking out all the sharp glass in one shot.

It was probably a good thing Gamora was temporarily blind. If she knew his plan she would kick the crap out of him. Yeah... she was probably still going to later. Oh well, one bridge at a time.

Taking a few steps back ward Peter was instantly hyper aware of Gamora's face buried into his shoulder and the position of her arm and legs. Were they not in such a life and death situation he would dare say he was enjoying this.

Now came the part she would kill him for later. Peter sprinted forward and jumped out the window. Gamora instantly noticed when they were no longer standing on solid ground. That coupled with the sudden sense of falling made her tighten her hold considerably.

With his spare hand Peter quickly activated his rocket boots to slow their decent. They barely had enough power to lift his body alone but with the two of them together it would not stop their descent, but would slow it though. Until his boots suddenly stopped working.

Unfortunately the dumpster he was aiming for was still coming toward them too fast. Well time for plan B once again. He really hoped he contents of the dumpster was soft. Twisting his body forward he moved himself so that he was between Gamora and the contents of the dumpster. At worst she would be mostly fine, at best they would both survive the fall.

Landing hard in the dumpster Peter realized two things. Yes it was laundry of some kind and second it reeked worse than a broken septic tank.

"Ugh what's that smell?" Gamora said as she quickly untangled herself from Peter but still did not release his hand.

"That would be a large pile of dirty laundry," Peter responded but was quickly laughing. Before he she could ask Peter continued. "That actually worked! I was wondering if we'd survive a fourth story drop."

Oops, he really should not have said that if Gamora's glare was any indication. Then cue her heavy punch to his ribs that made him go "oof".

"It worked didn't it?"

"I don't care! You're lucky I can't see where I'm hitting!" She hit him in the stomach next. Fearing she was going to aim lower he quickly tried to pull away but since she had yet to let go of his hand he only ended up pulling her with him. Making both fall out of the dumpster with her on top of him.

Now any man with a beautiful exotic woman like Gamora straddling them would consider themselves in some form of heaven. However for Peter Quill it was hell instead. She was soon raining hit after hit to his chest and upper body. None of them were actually damaging but they still hurt.

"You two finished yet or should we come back in an hour?" The voice from the side made both Peter and Gamora look over to the side to find the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy standing watching. Even a pot bound Groot was in Rocket's hands. The small furry mercenary was currently trying to hold back a laugh, trying and failing miserably.

Gamora must have realized their suggestive position because she suddenly flew backward to pull away unfortunately pulling a surprised Peter with her, reversing their positions.

"Alright hold on a sec, does anyone have a bucket of water we could splash on Gamora? She got something in her eyes and can't see." Peter looked to the other three as he moved so that he was sitting beside Gamora and not on top of her, she herself just sat up.

Before Peter could stop him Drax had a nearby bucket of water in hand and splashed its contents all over Gamora's face. Peter's eyes instantly went wide.

"Not literally you idiot!" Peter cried out but Gamora was already jumping to her feet with a yelp or surprise. Or at least she would have but having one Peter Quill as an anchor pulled her back to the ground and threw Peter himself off balance so that the duo landed in a heap together again.

Gamora seemed to be able to see again because she looked straight at Peter and simply said "Quill can you let go of my hand now?"

Peter looked at her in disbelief. Wait wasn't she the one wanting to hold onto his hand? Why else would she not let go this whole time. Peter pulled his hand back toward himself but only succeeded in pulling a surprised Gamora toward him yet again.

Both looked down at their entwined hands and unlaced their fingers. Their palms however were not separating.

Uh oh.

So here they were back on the Milano in the common area trying to figure out what to do about their predicament.

"I am Groot?" Groot's voice from his pot caught Peter's attention. Whatever the talking plant said made Rocket laugh even harder.

"Rocket! What did he say?" Peter growled to the cackling animal on the floor.

Rocket's laughter seemed to die down a little bit just enough for him to wheeze out a few words. "He asked... if either of you can... regrow limbs." The moment the words were out of his muzzle the talking raccoon resumed laughing just as hard.

"NO!" Was both Gamora and Peter's in unison response.

"You two are even staring to have the same thoughts! Just kiss it out already." Rocket managed to say between laughs on the floor.

Peter's face reddened slightly and he thought he caught sight of a darker tinge of green on Gamora's face. Wait... was she blushing?!

He did save her life so he knew she was not going to kill him for the stuck hands part but he felt that asking about a possible blush might make killing him worth dragging his dead corpse around by the hand.

"Rocket please we need help here," Gamora snarled at the raccoon who was finally starting to get up from the floor. Chuckles still racking his small body.

Wiping a tear from his eye Rocket took a small breath. "Alright... Alright, start with what happened before Quill found you."

Gamora took a breath and explained what happened. She had heard about the man trapped in the building and ran in after him. She found him on one of the upper floors and helped him out an escape ladder but before she could follow the room gave way forcing her to retreat back. While looking for a different escape a shelf fell, she dodged it but not the shelf's contents. Multiple containers of chemicals and powders had fallen on top of her. Most bounced off but one hit her head and broke dusting her with the black powder. From there she was blinded and stumbled around until the floor gave way beneath her and she clung to the edge for dear life. That was when Peter arrived to pull her up.

"Wait, was the black dust in a star shaped glass container with a bright red label?" Rocket questioned. Gamora thought a moment before nodding.

"Well good news and bad news, which would you two love birds prefer?"

"Rocket!" Gamora and Peter again spoke in unison.

"You're only proving my point! Any way good news is it's not permanent and won't need limbs removed."

Peter let out a sigh of relief, he was quite attached to his arm and hand.

"The bad news is it will be three days or so before it flakes off and you two can pull apart."

"Three days?!" Gamora practically yelled. "I have to be stuck to him for three days?!"

"It is either that or limb removal friend Gamora," Drax finally spoke for the first time since they arrived.

Gamora stopped and for a moment seemed to be thinking. Peter really hoped she was not thinking what he thought she was. Soon she let out a sigh and muttered one word. "Fine."

Peter himself let out a sigh of relief. That quickly turned to dread as he looked at Gamora. Her clothes and skin were still covered in soot and ash. He was not in any better shape and it was about an hour and a half until the time they normally all went to their bunks for sleep.

Things were about to get a whole lot uglier.

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